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Some Thoughts on the Best Way to Destroy Pathological Ideologies: 3

In the previous post of this series, I pointed out that WW1 (and WW2) led to a marked reduction in the number of mediocre men in Europe who were willing or able to support the ideology of race-based colonialism. FYI- I am not implying that remainder of population in those countries experienced enlightenment and became liberal after 1945. It just so happened that the survivors finally realized they were just disposable tools who did not benefit from sustaining and working for the ideology in question which hen lost it critical mass of followers.

Also said something about discussing the effect of WW2 on continued viability of ideologies such as German Nazism, Japanese Nationalism and associated belief systems such as Eugenics. Well.. I am going to do that now. But before we go there, let us talk about how all or any of this relates to the world we live in right now. So let us start by asking ourselves with a few questions about why things in the world around us are the way they are.

Why did all the non-violent movements which began in response to the global financial crisis of 2008 (Occupy Wallstreet etc) not translate into anything beyond spicy memes and memorable slogans? Why have large public demonstrations against extra-judicial murder of black men by police in USA not reduced their incidence? Why does the debt load of students attending universities in USA keep on climbing every single year to even more ridiculous levels? Why do costs of mediocre healthcare in USA keep on rising every year?

Why do elected officials, bureaucrats and the ‘system’ in general act is if they can get way with anything they want? Why do working conditions for the average person keep on getting worse with each passing year? Why do large corporations feel so confident in their ability to abuse their customers without any real consequences? Why does the militarization of “law enforcement” apparatus in USA continue unabated? Why do petty bureaucrats, alt-right supporters and SJWs think they can harass and abuse others at will?

The very simplistic answer to those questions is that all those people, groups and entities firmly believe that they can get away with whatever they want because they will no repercussions or accountability for their actions. A significantly longer answer starts with acknowledging something that most people are unwilling to, namely that you cannot convert assholes, parasites and viruses into someone who is not noxious. People who build their existence around being an asshole, parasite, virus or an ardent supporter of noxious ideologies are never going to have an epiphany or willing give up being abusers.

Nazism did not decline into insignificance and become disreputable because its supporters saw the light of reason. Nazism became a disreputable and insignificant ideology because most of its ardent supporters were killed on the eastern front in WW2 or died in soviet ‘labor’ camps after WW2. Oh.. and most women in the eastern part of Germany were raped by Russian soldiers after WW2. To put it another way, even marginal supporters of Nazism had to pay a very heavy price for their previous support of that ideology.

Lets just say that it took a lot of effort to make sure that Nazism became a highly disreputable and marginal ideology. And you know something else.. there was realistically no other way to reach that endpoint. Do you really think that ardent believers in Nazism would have changed their ways if they had just been exposed to another viewpoint, received a better education, read more books or witnessed non-violent demonstrations against that ideology? Do you think they would have changed their viewpoints if they had interacted with more Jews or Russians?

The point I am trying to make is that supporters of ideologies which attract members through the promise of a license to inflict pain and death on innocent people cannot be reasoned or bargained with. The ultra-nationalists who flourished in Japan between 1919-1945 did have genuine grievances with international system of that era. They were also correct about Japan being short-changed after WW1. The Nazis too rose to public popularity based on genuine grievances such the highly unfair nature of Versailles treaty and the Great Depression which started in 1929.

But that does not excuse what Nazis did to millions of Eastern Europeans and Jews or Japanese did to millions more in China and Korea. But more importantly, a large part of the mass appeal of both ideologies was that they provided an opportunity and excuse for mediocre CONservative men in both countries to torture and kill millions in other countries. Let us not pretend that the vast majority of ardent supporters of Nazism and Japanese nationalism actually cared about the ideology they allegedly believed in, other than as justification for torture and murder.

Ideology, you see, is simply a self-justification for behavior. You cannot, therefore, destroy a noxious ideology by exposing its internal contradictions, hilarious irrationality and general emptiness. Ardent supporters of noxious ideologies use them as mental crutches to justify what they want to do while still being able to claim to themselves that they are “good”, “moral” and “law-abiding” persons. Noxious ideologies can only be destroyed once most of their ardent supporters are dead and the rest discredited as losers in conflicts.

In the next part, I will write more on how the mental crutch provided by ideologies such as Nazism and Japanese nationalism allowed its supporters to perform truly horrible acts in the 20th century. I will also compare that to how belief in race-based colonialism was used by mediocre CONservative men from European countries to justify equally horrific acts in the 19th century.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. July 25, 2018 at 11:25 am

    “Why do working conditions for the average person keep on getting worse with each passing year? Why do large corporations feel so confident in their ability to abuse their customers without any real consequences?”

    I could tell you the travails of working for a third party company that contracts to the richest man in the world but I also realize that 1 click shopping is more addictive than crack cocaine.

    It is bit more complicated on that, and I plan to write something about why offline retail is going down the tubes. Hint: It is a far bigger problem that Amazon.

    Of course, Bezos is bad in his own bargain-basement Lex Luthor way.

    • July 25, 2018 at 4:15 pm


      I’ve read your blog. Piss Bottel Blues is hilarious, really enjoyed it. It hit home. It hit home because it vividly brought back memories of my days working for a very wealthy private home builder who donated more money to CONservativers than any in history during the election cycle of Bush 2…..I’m talking Swift Boat to be specific. Here’s the deal. I was certainly earning a lot more than an Amazon delivery driver, but the conditions were much the same in that I and everyone else working for this sociopath were treated like nothing but ependable slaves. The money I made was good, but nothing compared to the millions my efforts funneled into this psychopaths back pockets. The hours were insane, 12 to 16 a day just to keep up, not including commute time. Anyone who “complained” was accused of poor “time management” and told they could find employment somewhere else. I worked in this insane meat grinder for 16 years and literally took only 3 sick days the entire time. I never took all vacation time, couldn’t. After I left my wife asked me if I realized the last time I took a whole week off was for our honeymoon, we had been married 14 years. I was one of those idiots who kept chasing the psychopaths carrot. Let me tell you, the money I earned for myself was NOT worth the loss of quality life. Death is better than a life of constant stress for someone else’s benefit. And, I think at least half that benefit was not monetary, it was sadistic pleasure derived by enslaving others and over working them. The money I helped funnel into that psychopaths wallet was likely nothing more to him than a fringe benefit derived by his sadistic con job of seducing and overworking the naive. The jackass was eventually sued for labor law violations and settled out of court for $9 million, which was a drop in the bucket filled by his sadistic schemes. Rumor has it that he was financing orphanages in Mexico and using them as a cover to entrap harems of young Mexican girls for himself. Corners were cut everywhere to meet company goals, there was no other way to meet the goals. Laborers were treated dogs and paid barely enough to afford rent in a one bedroom slum apartment shared by 2 or 3 just like them… imported illegal labor being exploited beyond belief and everyone knows it. Anyway, Piss Bottle Blues reflects the symptoms of the sociopathy / psychopathy corporate plantation shit I experienced. The pay was better, but it is all realtive, same misery, same kind of pressure, same bullshit.

      • July 28, 2018 at 8:37 pm

        Hey man!

        I hope you were able to attain at least some freedom and independence from the rat race.

  2. P Ray
    July 25, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Ideology, you see, is simply a self-justification for behavior. You cannot, therefore, destroy a noxious ideology by exposing its internal contradictions, hilarious irrationality and general emptiness. Ardent supporters of noxious ideologies use them as mental crutches to justify what they want to do while still being able to claim to themselves that they are “good”, “moral” and “law-abiding” persons. Noxious ideologies can only be destroyed once most of their ardent supporters are dead and the rest discredited as actual losers.

    That’s why feminism is very careful to highlight only successful women as “angry at the patriarchy” eventhough their very existence proves that “the patriarchy” is a very limp excuse that “holds women back”.

    However all the “hidden outcomes”, the “cat ladies”, talentless “influencers” and leeching “divorcees” only come to light very rarely.

  3. plus d'un cafard
    July 25, 2018 at 1:38 pm

    Eerily similar themes, from a rather far-right viewpoint ironically: http://www.anus.com/zine/dispatches/0004.html .

  4. July 25, 2018 at 4:33 pm

    Got all that, appreciate the insight and knowledge, as always. Look forward to the next post in this series. Wondering where you are ultimately taking this. Who are the noxious ideologists this time, LIEberals or CONservatives or are those and their war a cover, a distraction for something else, somthing worse, something like the emerging power of a new aristocracy. Are CONservatives like Nazis and will LIEberals eventually kill enough of them or is that thought planted as a propaganda stunt via collusion designed to hide somthing far worse being orchestrated by the psychopaths who now control almost everything. Maybe a correction is needed, somthing similar to the French Revolution.

  5. (((They))) Live
    July 26, 2018 at 5:37 pm

    I think you misunderstand what happened in Germany/Europe after WW2, the Germans along with the rest of Europe have been brain washed by the winners of WW2, its so bad the Brits still think the were on the winning side, by 1956 the reality that they had actually lost should have come clear, but even today they still think they won

    The victors of WW2 were the US, the USSR and the tribe

    It was the (((media))) that was the main instrument in changing people opinions, most of the people who strongly supported Hitler in the 30s didn’t die in the war and many if not the majority still would have agreed with many Nazi policies but since they were living in an occupied country, where everything was controlled by a foreign power. they did what they had to do to survive. While the (((Morgenthau))) plan was not implemented in the long term (((They))) are slowly getting what (((they))) wanted all along, the destruction of Europe and Germany, today only the Russians stand in the way. which is why the (((media))) hate Putin and keep pushing all kinds of BS about Russia

    Perhaps, you (like many others) grossly overestimate “their” power. If they were so powerful, how come many European countries and USA were able to enforce university quotas against them until after WW2? If they were so powerful, how come the vast majority of them in western and central Europe did not survive WW2? If they were so powerful, why were the ones in USA unable to prevent the wholesale genocide of their relatives during WW2? How come Israel has not won a major land war since 1982?

    People like you mistake bluster and empty talk for real life capability.

    • plus d'un cafard
      July 30, 2018 at 10:33 am

      AD, what are *your* thoughts on TEH JUICE? As you say, Jews haven’t managed to conspire very well given their lack of progress in the world, but Jewish intellectuals have a very noticeable tendency to converge on subversive leftism, from the bolcheviks/US communists/60ies terrorist Left, Derrida, Franz Boas, … Soros is a big one today.

      In general, there seems to be a Jewish desire for any host society (if not the whole world) to become rather tame and merchant-like (cultural nostalgia for Babylon?), and forced multiculturalism seems only to be one tactic to achieve that aim. Any bit of pride or strength in whites makes them very uneasy since Hitler. If you’re a zero-sum player in life, that works well for you, but if you like your society to have a higher goal than just existing, you will not welcome that influence.

      At the other end of the Jewish spectrum, there’s also of course the power of Israel over America, with the USS Liberty “accident”, the amazingly lopsided relationship between the US and Israel since Lyndon Johnson, Mossad being probably the contractor for 9/11 demolition work (very pro though!)…

      I make the distinction between being Jewish and being a Zionist. I have no problems whatsoever with those in first category and have known many in real life.

      • plus d'un cafard
        July 30, 2018 at 10:37 am

        And how could I forget the Frankfurt School! They certainly managed to do some damage advocating for destruction of anything traditional in the West, from their very safe, capitalist daddy-paid refuge.

  6. (((They))) Live
    July 27, 2018 at 4:51 am

    Israel defeated Iraq/Saddam in 2003, but yeah they failed to defeat Hizbollah in 2006, and (((ISIS))) got smashed by Russia, this is why (((they))) hate Russia

    (((They))) are powerful because (((They))) work as a team while everyone else works as individuals, all it takes is for a small % of white people to wake up and most of (((their))) power will fade, this seems to be happening, so IMO we have reached peak Jew, Trump will probably be the last pro Israel president, and once the US become less than 50% white Israel is in serious trouble, of course (((they))) can’t see that yet

  7. lalit
    December 2, 2018 at 7:15 pm

    Care to extend your reasoning to a certain 7th century middle eastern ideology?

    The world would not be a worse place if that happened..

  1. August 1, 2018 at 5:31 pm

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