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Do Establishment Democrat FanBoys, Such as MikeCA, Have a ‘Plan B’?

August 15, 2018 6 comments

I have noticed that a few commentators, especially MikeCA, seem to just love the establishment- especially its democratic party version. From defending the “right” of cops to murder innocent black men, defending the darkly comic “RussiaGate” as gospel truth (too many to link), defending the latest idiocy of foreign “policy” establishment in USA (too many to link) and worshiping the newest brain-fart emanating from the mouth of failed “credentialed” elite in USA.

So here are a few questions, all of which center around the title of this post.

1] Do democratic party establishment worshipers such as MikeCA have a ‘Plan B’ if the Mueller investigation cannot show any direct collusion or serious illegal behavior between Trump and “Putin” or “Russia”? Do they have any ‘Plan B’ for the inevitable backlash, both from republicans and over-enthusiastic partisan democrats, when they realize that it was all a big failed farce?

2] Do establishment democratic party worshipers such as MikeCA have a ‘Plan B’ if the they do not win back the house in November 2018 mid-terms? Alternatively, what if the margin of victory (seats) is in single digit range and therefore functionally useless to start impeaching Trump? Are you going to keep on shouting “Russia, Russia” or “Putin, Putin” for next two years?

3] Do establishment democratic party worshipers such as MikeCA have any plan to deal with the eventuality that Trump will outlast and survive any ongoing investigation or future ones to run as the republican candidate in 2020? Do you have any other lines than “Trump is a bad.. bad man” or “Trump! Putin! Russia!”? Can people like you even think about such eventualities?

4] Do establishment democratic party worshipers such as MikeCA have a ‘Plan B’ if they lose in 2018 and 2020? And don’t tell me that it cannot happen. The democratic party lost over 1,000 state-level seats, control of most state legislatures and most governorships since 2008. So far, they have not shown the ability to consistently win against republican opponents who are not racist idiots chasing 12-13 year old girls.

So.. MikeCA, do you and others like yourself have a well-thought out ‘Plan B’ that does not depend on magical thinking for even a single one of these contingencies? And I am deliberately ignoring even more problematic issues such as possible wars with Iran, DPRK, Russia or a disastrous trade war with China.

What do you think? Comments?