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Black CONservatism is Now Performance Art for an Old White Audience

August 23, 2018 25 comments

Some of my regular readers might remember that, in the past, I have written many posts on issues such as what the response of many older whites to black victims of extrajudicial executions by police reveal about USA as a society, why killing of unarmed black men by cops in USA has not decreased inspite of protests, why older black people are unwilling to call white cops murderers and how smartphones exposed police brutality towards black men in USA. I have also written on how a whole crop of black neoliberal “celebrities” rose and faded during 2016 election season.

As many of you also know, I have long held the view that “gaining respectability and acceptance” from whites in USA and embracing the slave-owners religion and its institutions had profound negative effects on the quest for true equality for black people in USA. Having said that, I am optimistic about the future since most black people below a certain age (born after 1970s) seem to have given up the futile quest for “respectability” and “acceptance” by whites as a precondition to forcefully demanding complete and total equality with them– as it should have always been.

And this brings me to the new and much smaller, but widely promoted on certain news outlets, bunch of black CONservatives such as CJ Pearson, Candace Owens, David Clarke and Diamond and Silk or as I call them grifter-in-training, female grifter, pin-collecting grifter and female minstrel act. Some of you might wonder, how come there are so many diverse black CONservatives on corporate media outlets if almost nobody within the black community is listening to what they have to say, other than for its entertainment value.

Well.. the answer is simple. Black CONservatism is now performance art meant almost exclusively for an older white audience. Think of people like CJ Pearson and Candace Owens as the black CONservative equivalents of Anita Sarkeesian and Chanty Binx for identity LIEbrals or Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro are for closet white racists. They are basically hucksters who want to get famous and rich off the stupidity and vanity of their chosen section of population. Then again, people who think CJ Pearson and Candace Owens are “intellectuals” are also the same ones who believe David Clarke is a brave upholder of “law and order” or ‘Diamond and Silk’ are something other than a third rate minstrel act who profit from the stupidity of their older white audience.

On the bright side, we have finally reached the stage where older whites are only real audience for black CONservatives. I see that as real progress, in more ways than one.

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