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Brouhaha over Kavanaugh as an Accidental Genius Move by Democrats

Over previous 2-3 days, CONservative media outlets have been masturbating with the pretense of joy over the Kavanaugh confirmation. Even usually non-mainstream CONservative alt-right losers are trying to portray it as some great “victory” for Trump. It is amusing to watch their hilarious Gollum death dance, largely because my understanding of history is large enough to know how this will all end. To understand what I am talking about, let me ask a simple question.. Why are there many policies and regulations, especially in USA, about sexual harassment?

Have you ever wondered if this was always the case? Surely, there must have been a time after women entered the workplace in large numbers when policies and regulations about sexual harassment were largely non-existent. Also, why is the issue of sexual harassment a much bigger deal in North America (especially USA) compared to West-Europe, to say nothing about parts of the world. And what does any of this have to do with moribund establishment Democrats making, what I consider to be, an accidentally genius move by opposing Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

A couple of weeks before Y2K, I was an unusually young M.Sc student at one of those pre-Xmas departmental parties. After mixing among the crowd for a while, I ended up sitting down with two professors. After talking about a variety of topics, we came to the issue of sexual harassment because some well-known professor had been recently disciplined by the university for that infraction. Both told me that things used to be quite different even a decade ago, and one was happily married to a woman he started dating when she was his summer student.

When I asked them about their theories as to why things had changed so much and so fast, they were almost unanimous in blaming it on fallout from the ‘Anita Hill controversy’. At this time, I was vaguely aware that a woman named Anita Hill had accused a nominee to the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas, of sexual harassment. I was also aware that her attempt to stop his nomination was not successful and republicans had tried to get her fired from a university.

I could not however, at that time, make a connection between the fallout of that controversy and the slew of policies and regulations concerning sexual harassment which were rolled out by large corporations as well as governmental institutions in the 1990s. Almost a couple of years passed. Then one Saturday night, I came across an administrative assistant (and her girlfriends?) whose office used to be along the route to my lab as a student. We briefly exchanged pleasantries and I introduced her to my companion as the secretary whose office was two doors away from the office that dealt with sexual harassment claims etc.

We had a quick laugh about it and then I asked her if that office was always there. She replied that they only came into being around 1993 or 1994 and something about Anita Hill. She also said that prior to this, women either did not complain or went through internal departmental channels if the harassment was especially persistent and severe. After a couple of more minutes during which I told her about my new job in a different part of that building complex, we went our own way. Though a bit drunk, something in my mind immediately made the connection between this incident and the one mentioned a couple of paragraphs above.

But I still could not understand how an incident which had occurred a decade ago and on other end of the continent had such a profound and widespread impact. And let us not forget that this was before everybody and their dog was on the internet and social media. Anyway.. the next morning after a cup of tea and with nothing else to do, I decided to spend some time on Google to find out when policies and regulations surrounding sexual harassment (as we know them today) came into being.This was in an era (1999-2011) when Google search was at it peak.

After searching for about an hour, I noticed a few persistent patterns. Firstly, most modern policies and offices to deal with sexual harassment in universities seem to have started in the early to mid 1990s. There were, of course, some outliers which had something like that as early as late 1980s. But the bulk of them came into existence with four to five years of the Anita Hill controversy. The same held true for large corporations. I briefly considered the possibility that this might be an artifact of the modern internet becoming public in 1994, but the clustering of dates was just too tight (and just before 1994).

After that, I decided to go out and get something to eat and walk around the more fashionable parts of that city. By the time I returned, this topic was nowhere in my conscious mind. Without much to do a Sunday night, I ordered a pizza and went about finishing the remaining two beers in my fridge. Because this was in the pre- YouTube era, I decided to watch some documentary on the Vietnam war on TLC\A&E\ History Channel (back when they broadcast stuff other than fake “reality shows” about pawn shops, truck drivers, naked survivalists and similar crap). Anyway.. this one was part of a series about why USA lost the Vietnam war.

One of the talking heads in that documentary was saying something about how USA never paid attention to how the Vietnamese perceived their presence in their country and then he said something to the effect of “we won every battle, but lost the war”. And this when I had my epiphany about how the Anita Hill controversy unintentionally gave rise to the policies and regulations surrounding sexual harassment as we know them today- at least in North America. Republican CONServatives (with the help of Democrats like Joe Biden) did win one battle by confirming that ugly toad, aka Clarence Thomas, to the Supreme Court- but they lost the war.

The attempts by Republicans and some Democrats to publicly humiliate Anita Hill to push through the nomination of that uncle Tom.. I mean Clarence Thomas, made her into an unintentional martyr for the cause of a certain ascendant brand of feminism. It also helped that the guy accused of sexual harassment was seriously lacking in the looks and personality department. Subsequent Googling revealed that women (especially white educated women) saw those hearings very differently from men. It did not help that her subsequent harassment by republicans and attempts to kick her out a university job made Anita Hill into a bonafide martyr for white educated professional women- the same ones who came to populate administrative positions in universities and large corporations.

It then occurred to me that the course of the movement against sexual harassment in North America might have been different if those myopic idiots had spiked the nomination of Clarence Thomas in favor of a less revolting corporate cock-sucker. But no.. those idiots had to “win” that battle. And this is how they lost the war and that is why we now have so many policies, regulations and all the other stuff surrounding sexual harassment. I cannot resist pointing out that “victory” of putting that Uncle Tom on the Supreme Court ended up costing many hundreds of thousands men their jobs, careers and promotions- not to mention social status.

Clarence Thomas was only accused of sexual harassment and most of this occurred before the internet and social media age (at least in their full-blown form). Kavanaugh has been credibly accused of sexual assault and worse. His looks, history, personality and demeanor have not helped sell his case to most women. FYI- most women do not constantly post on social media about supporting CONservative causes with their styled bleached hair or tits hanging half-out. Mark my words, this is going to get much uglier and far more consequential than what happened after Clarence Thomas was pushed through to the Court. And yes, this has very serious potential of helping Democrats in future elections- because face it, women universally and viscerally hate mediocre men trying to force them to into uncompensated sex.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Neo
    October 8, 2018 at 11:40 pm

    I see your point, and I believe you have made a good case for it. But as I see it, you may have missed something important.

    You said that Anita Hill became “a bonafide (sic) martyr for white educated professional women- the same ones who came to populate administrative positions in universities and large corporations.” I agree that she was probably an inspiration for the rules and regulations most of us now work under. But why didn’t the same thing happen in the regulatory sectors of the government? Why will Kavanaugh not inspire any action now?

    Corporations (and I include educational facilities as such in this definition) want to see problems solved and their interference in the operation eliminated. Therefore, the rules are strict and unequivocal. You break them, and it could very well mean your career is ended. Have a nice life – if you can.

    But the government is not a corporation, despite the boasts of a certain asshole occupying a position he isn’t in the slightest qualified for. Corporate shareholders have a difficult time influencing the operation of a business no matter how many shares they hold, because the laws are designed to prevent that kind of interference from being an easy option. To be more blunt about this, corporate CEOs and other top officials are already incredibly well-paid and not open to bribery as elected officials are.

    Because this condition serves the purposes of certain very wealthy individuals, this isn’t going to change any time soon. Few of these very wealthy individuals happen to be female, and women are seen as a perquisite of power by those who have it. Having women around gives the powerful someone to dominate in an immediate setting. I understand that Kavanaugh has staffed his office with women, for example.

    Such people need to express their dominance without restriction, something the deliberately slow pace of governance inhibits. As government has become the last unrestricted bastion for the Old Boys network, those with access aren’t about to subject themselves to the same rules which keep the rest of us in line. And they will also do everything they can to ensure that We the People (the actual “shareholders” of the United States of America) cannot interfere with their environment.

    The abuse of power has reached a point where adverse effects are inevitable. Selfish greed justifies continuance despite these pending problems, for as long as they get theirs, they haven’t a care in the world about anyone else. There is no one to stop them, for they already either own such power, or have neutralized any rivals. And that especially includes “white educated professional women- the same ones who came to populate administrative positions in universities and large corporations.”

    There will be blood.

    • October 9, 2018 at 12:19 am

      Actually many big CEOs now are women. And they are using their wealth to persecute men. Women CEOs are buying lobbyists for congress to make more laws against rape, and paying celebrities to endorse campaigns like MeToo.
      The only way to end this condition is if powerful and educated women are toppled from power.

  2. October 9, 2018 at 12:10 am

    Sexual assault should be legal. That way an “allegation” becomes a meaningless concept. If it were legal and socially acceptable (percieved as RIGHT not wrong) for men to rape women, there would be no allegations because allegation implies soneone did something wrong.

    As for this ascendant brand of feminism you alluded to, it should be eliminated from society. Women should not be allowed to possess wealth or education in the form they have today. Women should be purged from all universities and corporate boards, by military force if necessary. Society should be structured so that women are strictly forbidden to have any authority over men. Men should be regarded as entitled to sex with young attractive women regardless of his looks, personality or financial status, health or age.

    • October 9, 2018 at 12:21 am

      And you do not ever refer to ANY man as an ugly toad.

    • October 9, 2018 at 12:26 am

      Keep in mind that women like to get groped and catcalled and even fully penetrated with force by men. That’s why rape should be regarded as a good deed. Kavanaugh should not only admit but brag that he raped Blasey Ford and that she enjoyed the experience.

    • The Watcher
      October 9, 2018 at 6:02 am

      Here I thought Turd Flinging Monkey was extreme.

    • October 12, 2018 at 9:18 am

      This is some of the most idiotic trash I’ve ever heard in life. Straight up!

  3. MikeCA
    October 9, 2018 at 10:16 am

    The real reason that Republicans all voted for Kavanaugh in spite of Ford’s very credible testimony is because these incidents all happened when Kavanaugh was a teenager or in his early twenties. While sexual assault at any age is not good behaviour, the Republican Senators all know that standards were different in 1970s and 1980s. If these incidents had been reported at the time, the young men and women involved would have been talked to and warned. They were all engaging in underage drinking, including Ford.

    No, “centrist” dummy.. this had nothing to do with alleged social standards in 70s and 80s. This had everything to do with putting a highly compromised and loyal partisan puppet on the Supreme Court. The guy could have fucked 10-year olds in the 1990s and Republicans would have still pushed him through. As I have said before, there are many far better reasons for Democrats to oppose him- but they themselves are highly compromised.

    Republicans know that Ford’s account is probably true, and Kavanaugh’s claim to not remember Ford is probably true too. Kavanaugh was drunk and might not have been able to remember the incident the next day, much less 35 years later.

    He was probably too drunk to remember it. But you are missing the real and unexpected effect of this shitshow. His own behavior made him look like the rich rapey guy with mediocre looks whom women viscerally hate.

    Republicans just think incidents like this as a teen or in early twenties don’t matter, if the person has lived a good life since. However Republicans are afraid to say that out loud. Instead they have to give angry speeches about how it is a dirty trick by evil Democrats. The “dirty trick” was forcing the Republicans (who were in complete control of the process) to hold a hearing about accusations that Republicans thought didn’t matter. This just put on full display how out of touch Republicans are with younger women.

    Making Republicans look like rape enablers, to women below a certain age, is what the Democrats were accidentally able to achieve. As I said, it was accidental and unintentional genius.

    • October 11, 2018 at 10:27 am

      The standards back then vs the standards now. Tomorrow the standards need to be different again. Men should be entitled to women. Women should be removed from any authority over any man. Marriage of young girls age 8 or 9 to adult men should become legal and standard practice in this society.

  4. Eduardo the Magnificent
    October 9, 2018 at 11:07 am

    I enjoy your salty tears, Mr. Diaboli. Trying to turn defeat into victory like the Secret King™ you are. The ego is one hell of a drug.

    I expected him to be confirmed because Republicans were desperate to get him on the Supreme Court. That is why I said that winning some battles can make you lose the war. It is the medium to long term effects for men like you that will be fun to watch..

  5. SupremeCOUP
    October 9, 2018 at 5:00 pm

    The Supreme Catholic Coup is complete. Roberts (Catholic), Thomas (Catholic), Alito (Catholic), Sotomayor (Catholic), Gorsuch (raised Catholic/Episcopal), and now Kavanaugh (Catholic). Many such as Kavanaugh went to Jesuit schools and often mention the Jesuits. Notice how Trump never mentions any Jesuit conspiracy theories or catholic collusion or religious right collusion or christianity collusion or any Catholic conspiracy theories. The Supreme Court now has a Catholic biased majority. It is no longer the U.S. Supreme Court. It is now the Catholic Supreme Court. The U.S. was not founded as a Catholic Theocracy. The U.S. never was and is NOT a Catholic country (as of 2018 23% of the population maximum, and most of those are nominal catholics who do not agree with the Catholic church on personal social issues). The Supreme Court no longer has credibility for a variety of reasons and now it has this extreme Catholic bias.

    We finally have our first anti-papist. FYI, I hate all religions equally.

    Trump selected Pence (raised Catholic/Evangelical). Mitchina McConnell (Baptist). The KochBrothers (funds to Catholic U., Focus on the Family, etc, and Citizens United paved the way for corporate and secretive money with hidden agendas to expand further into politics such as for Kavanaugh. A lot of dark money went into getting Gorsuch and Kavanaugh on the now Catholic Supreme Court. There was a lot of dark money put into their little pony Kavanaugh, and similar to with Trump, these wealthy christian extremists/conservatives/Republicans did not really care what Kavanaugh may have done because they have agendas they want to use Kavanaugh for. WellspringCommittee (Ann and Neil Corkery, Opus Dei, Catholic, extreme Conservatives, Wellspring had a $28.5 million hidden donor), Robin Arkley II (Conservative), and Wellspring funds the Judicial Crisis Network (extreme conservatives, spent $7 million to block Merrick Garland, received $17.9 million dark money, and they used their dark money by spending over $14 million backing Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, and was formerly called Judicial Confirmation Network and they help place Conservative Judges on many levels such as with Kavanaugh). The Judicial Crisis Network is connected with The Federalist Society (the unelected group with connections with Trump’s W.H. Counsel Don McGahn who went to Catholic schools) and The Federalist Society made the list of judges for Trump to pick Catholic Kavanaugh from, and the V.P. of The Federalist Society Leonard Leo is a militant Catholic literally who appears connected with BH Fund/BH Group (and it appears that it may have been BH Group that made around a $1 million dark money hidden donation to the Trump inaguration and if so maybe they were expecting favors in return such as choosing Gorsuch and Kavanaugh).
    There’s involvement with The National Organization for Marriage (connected with other fat ugly catholics, Corkery, and the Knights of Columbus catholic organization). Trump appointed Devos (christian extremists especially in education, and appear involved in the trafficking of children separated at the boarder into christian indoctrination schools)/Prince (christian fundamentalists, Family Research Council). The Family/The Fellowship (christian Republicans, National Prayer Breakfast, and hidden outreach). There is many Right Wing/Christian Right Conservative billionaires who give millions of dollars to religious/political agendas such as Mercer(s) backing Bannon, Philip Anschutz (WashingtonExaminer, conservative christian), and Murdoch (christiansFoxNews). The Heritage Foundation (Right Wing/Conservative, Feulner:Catholic, Falwell: extremists Christian, Coors: Conservative, Weyrich: Catholic). For some such as Weyrich and Falwell around 1979/1980 they used the issues of prayer in schools, so-called “religious liberty,” and Roe vs. Wade/abortion to rile up their base, but it appears the real reason they began was in reaction to racial issues such as desegregation.
    So, maybe it’s so much for The Reformation, The 30 Years War, The Enlightenment, The American Revolution, Italian Unification/Capture of Rome 20 September 1870, and the United States of America billions of dollars military as the 300’s AD Roman Empire created Roman Catholic Church on 10/8/2018 just took over the U.S. Supreme Court from within.
    The Kavanaugh Confirmation process was like a RepublicanPoliticalRape, the Republicans forced the Democrats and the American people onto the bed saying this confirmation of Kavanaugh is going to be completed now, the Republicans covered the mouth of the Democrats and the American people by silencing over 90 percent of Kavanaugh’s documents, and the Republicans forcefully rammed the Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court.
    God is often brought up such as in the confirmation hearings, but it is never explained how God (word) is from the 350’s AD Gothic Bible word Guth with the root GU meaning “to pour a libation,” as Guth was used instead of the Aesir (deities such as Odin), and as with oTHinn the Norse deity becoming oDin in English, it appears after the Great Vowel Shift the Gothic language word GuTH in modern English eventually became the word GoD, and God was used in place of the Latin/Roman word Deus, that was a translation of the Greek word Theos, that was the translation of the original Hebrew word Elohim that is the plural of El for “deities” as in (Canaanite religion/Babylonian/based on the Mesopotamian religion the Anunnaki). So, after Kavanaugh was confirmed many Republicans poured libations of alcohol and got Kavanaughed.
    The YT video clip, “Kavanaugh vs Pulp Fiction’s Jules.”

  6. SupremeCOUP
    October 9, 2018 at 7:02 pm

    Kavanaugh is now linked to the Republicans. Many women probably could identify with Kavanaugh’s wife who likely felt humiliation and she did not want to be there and was uncomfortable, so it’s as if many women have linked Kavanaugh (who is now closely linked with Republicans) with a gut level feeling of humiliation, lowered social status, and being uncomfortable.
    Old Republicans and Beta Conservatives do NOT turn women on, as they turn women OFF. Republican/Conservative/Religious women may say one thing in public (to maintain an image of higher social status), but then in private they are NOT conservative as they are “doing it” in every way. Women who say they are “conservative” is really just a form of ASD (AntiSlutDefense) that really means I’m naughty in private.
    The Republicans/Conservatives/Religious who want to use Gorsuch and Kavanaugh to overturn Roe vs Wade (to make abortion illegal in many states and to restrict abortion in many other states) should be careful what they wish for. Pastors daughters and wives, Republicans daughters and wives, Conservatives daughters and wives, Christians daughters and wives, colored people and poor people who can’t travel to other states where abortion was not made illegal, Conservative women, and Christian women once abortion is made illegal will then have to start having black babies, mulatto babies, brown babies, babies that years later don’t look like the Pastor/”father,” and then states will turn into Blackabama, Mulattohoma, Texmixedraceas, Coloredssippi, Tenniseethenonwhitepeople, and then the Republicans/Conservatives/Christians who were against other races will then by making abortion illegal have caused the creation of even more of the races that they were against to begin with.
    So, if the Republicans/Conservatives (beta/boring/turn women off)/Christians Supreme Court starts to pass even more repressive so-called “laws” (that are out of touch with the majority of the people), then these Republicans/Conservatives/Christians are even more so right now such as by manipulatively pushing through Kavanaugh sowing the seeds of Republicans/Conservatives/Christians in the near future becoming irrelevant.

  7. NF
    October 9, 2018 at 11:00 pm

    I’m surprised you’re applying a “great man theory” when economics, as always, is much better at explaining historical phenomena.

    Clarence Thomas was not the cause, but he certainly was the catalyst. Also, I am well aware about the reasons behind corporations and other large organisations implementing those rules- but remember, they could have done so a decade or two before that. So what made them do it almost simultaneously in the early 1990s? You guessed it..

    Yes Clarence Thomas was an event that made a mark in peoples collective concioussness, but companies and corporations and institutions began implementing policies “against” harassment not for moral reasons but for financial ones. Women have sued for sexual harassment over insane things an one. One women was insulted by a co-workers picture on his desk of his wife in a bikini…at a beach on a vacation. She won the suit and the company had to pay. To this day I have to listen to stories like this at an annual sexual harassment class that is mandatory for all employees to take (in order for the corporation that I work for to claim independence from me in the event i am involved in a claim.)

    The early 90s saw the beginning of this type of litigious behavior where women were able to accuse anyone for anything. Was Clarence Thomas the event that caused everyone to open their eyes to the possibilities or was his case an example of the broader trend beginning to reveal itself all over America? I think it was the latter.

    • NF
      October 9, 2018 at 11:05 pm

      Also let me add my thoughts on Kavanaugh. I agree with you he is a ridiculous “elite” piece of pathetic shit. He is a moron that has risen the ranks based solely on his ability to kiss ass and repeat institutionalized nonsense.

      That said…

      What Ford accused him of was bullshit. Even if he did what she claimed, it wasn’t anything close to assault. She’s a lying piece is shit on numerous counts and she also just happens to be a democrat.

      The idiots who would be swayed by any of these proceedings will side with the republicans bc the democrats look like total morons…and by the way they are.

      Also, this all should go to demonstrate how meaningless the Supreme Court really is.

    • October 11, 2018 at 10:24 am

      This is why women should be banned from most workplaces.

  8. goat
    October 10, 2018 at 8:31 am

    The USA has always been far “weirder” than Europe regarding sex. I was originally going to write “prudish” but that is somewhat misleading. Americans have always been like teenagers regarding sex, at once obsessed and afraid of it, whereas Europeans are more like adults, in being able to see it as a normal though often problematic part of life.

    India and the entire Muslim world is like the USA: very uptight about sex. Latin America, Africa, SE and East Asia are more like Europe (though Japan, as always, is even weirder about sex than the USA in it’s own unique way).

    • October 12, 2018 at 9:14 am

      Correctness! But India and Muslim cultures are worse than the USA and much bigger “sex prisons”. They throw acid in people’s faces for rejecting stupid “arranged marriage” (slavery) bullshit, or stone them to death. Parts of Africa has this problem also. USA just has a “hypergamy” issue, mixed in with religious nutcases and feminazis who want to padlock beta males in a permanent chastity belt. (LOL)

      I admit that while I have no problem dealing with USA chicks, most of my greatest sex partners came from SE Asia.

      • plus d'un cafard
        October 24, 2018 at 3:19 am

        “[…] mixed in with religious nutcases and feminazis who want to padlock beta males in a permanent chastity belt. (LOL)”

        I wonder if they realise that’s a time-honoured way to create a high-morale army.

        In a world with industrial age or better weapon technology, these things end badly- just ask Europeans.

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