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Some More Thoughts on Upcoming and Intentional Demise of Tumblr

In the previous post on this topic, I mentioned that Tumblr had been going downhill for at least four years before the recent idiotic decision by its “credentialed” leadershit. To put it another way, the fact that Tumblr had not yet become another Friendster, MySpace or Google+ was by itself somewhat of a minor miracle. And let us be honest about something else.. Yahoo did try destroy it- mostly via benign neglect (like Flickr) but by also being actively hostile towards its users. As I mentioned in the previous post, the Tumblr of 2018 is a paraplegic wheelchair-bound shadow of its vigorous former self from 2013. In my opinion, it was nostalgia for this pre-Yahoo era Tumblr which allowed it retained enough users to be remain alive. I also said something about how this action will further worsen public perception of internet monopolies and oligopolies- and why this matters now in ways that it did not as late as 2015.

But before we go there, let us talk about some recent news that supports my theory about what caused Verizon leadershit to make that decision. It seems that Verizon critters are in the mist of another mass layoff to ostensibly ‘keep the corporation profitable’. Now this excuse might be accepted by uncritical worshipers of corporatism (perhaps MikeCA), but let us get real. A large corporation which is part of a very small and closed oligopoly in addition to “providing” something as important as telecommunications in a large country should be quite profitable under normal conditions. But in spite of considerable crapification of their level of customer service and many previous rounds of layoffs, their leadershit seems to think otherwise. Also, it turns out that their recent $ 9 billion media and internet acquisition is now officially considered to be almost worthless. So, why wasn’t it obvious when they bought Yahoo in 2017?

Did I mention that those who made these bad decisions were, and are being, paid tens to hundreds of millions of dollars. But it all “legal”.. right? Then again, slavery was legal in USA till 1865 and treating blacks as third-class humans was law of the land till 1965. As I have also mentioned in many previous posts, this level of poor judgment and decision-making by CEO and leadershit of corporations in USA is normal- and they are always richly rewarded for making bad decisions. And this is not surprising in a country where leadershit of political parties don’t face any consequences for their failures, fuckups and incompetence. Let me remind you that a person who lost as many elections as Nancy Pelosi will still be speaker of house come January 2019. I could go on about others such as Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden and others- but you get the point.

Let us now get back to the topic of Tumblr and its imminent demise. As I hinted in the previous post, public opinion about internet monopolies and oligopolies has changed a lot within the past 3-4 years. Barely two years ago expressing your doubts about the intent of IT corporations or their business model would have got you severely down-voted and banned from forums such as ycombinator. But within the last year, you can see a ton of such alleged negativity on that forum- which is even more peculiar once you know that it largely populated by losers who will grovel and kiss corporate ass at every single opportunity. The very fact that so many people on the official forum of enthusiastic pederasts for Silly Valley corporations are expressing serious doubts about the system tells you how far public perception of that sector has fallen.

And the general public image and perception of IT and Tech monopolies has worsened far more outside the Bay Area. Whether it is the spyware like nature of Windoze 10, propensity to delete user files while “updating” or the tendency of its “cloud-based” Office365 to lock out users for hours– it clear that a rapidly increasing number of people have unfavorable opinions about IT monopolies and oligopolies. But.. you might say.. MicroSoft’s fuckups and predatory behavior should not be used as a benchmark for other IT corporations such as Apple or Google. Well.. let us talk about them. As many of you might have heard, Apple (nowadays) seems unable to design and make decent keyboards for their laptops. Nor does it care about putting proper vent filters in their desktops and laptops. Did I mention the generally decreasing quality of their devices or their attempts to extract the maximum repair fees from their users?

I could write a few more posts about the other fuckups made Apple since Steve Jobs died in 2011, but let us move on to Google and other IT companies which are more service based- starting with ‘do no evil’ Google. Since there is a lot of material to cover, we have to begin with something familiar- gmail. As many of you its web and app interfaces has been a ever-changing shit-show for the past 3-4 years. For example, their most recent Android version of Gmail has some serious design issues. Did I mention that complaint was about the Android version of their Gmail app? Moving on, they have recently managed to make the web interface of gmail even crappier and slower than it was- which is quite an achievement, if you think about it. They have also made almost every new version of Google Maps suck harder than the last since 2013.

Their flagship search engine is now a shadow of what it was as recently as 2012. And I am not even talking about all the issues related to deranking articles which express non-mainstream views. Did I also mention that Google news has gotten progressively worse and corporate echo-chambery in past three years? Then there is issue of Google demonetizing YouTube videos based on the political views of its leadershit who live in the Bay Area. And that is just a sampling of the many more self-inflicted problems of YouTube. At this stage, I am experiencing Google fuckup fatigue so let us move on to the FakeBook.. I mean FaceBook ecosystem. To say that its ecosystem of social media (remember FB also owns Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp etc) is criminally abusive to its users would be an understatement. Here is a very short list and here is another. If you wait a couple of weeks more, there will likely be a couple more new scandals.

And all of this adds up in public perception. In fact one of the most poorly covered issue concerning the IT industry concerns how many people have started to hate that industry and those who work in it. Then again, covering such negative news is bad for the career of emerging as well as established presstitutes. And don’t even get me started about all the security issues and dangers that come with more people using the Internet of Shit.. I mean Internet of Things. To make a long story short, the general public increasingly sees tech companies and their employees as unaccountable tyrants and their flunkies respectively. Sure.. not all Nazis were truly despicable people and more than a few joined the party to further their careers- but the association stuck when the tides turned against them.

The upcoming and intentional demise of Tumblr is therefore another (and pretty large) nail in the coffin of the image of IT corporations. As I mentioned in some previous posts, the change of public opinion for or against an idea (or cause) does not proceed linearly. Instead, it appears to first have little traction and then things start accelerating suddenly. Think about how fast the sexual revolution occurred, how quickly laws changed to allow gay marriage or how marijuana legalization went from a pipe dream to what appears to be an inevitability. Alternatively let me remind you how quickly Trump’s bid for presidency went from a joke to a sad reality. A lot of the heavy users of Tumblr, who also posted NSFW content, are also far more willing to defend what they consider to be their rights than what many normies imagine.

To summarize, the short-sighted idiocy of Verizon’s leadershit has just sped up the process of open public disenchantment with unaccountable, centralized and oligopolic internet platforms. The real question now is what form this increasing public disenchantment with IT companies will take, specifically collective actions within bounds of current setup or beyond it. Who knows..

What do you think? Comments?

  1. P Ray
    December 16, 2018 at 10:24 pm

    One of the fun things that the Tumblr thots should have figured out – if they had brains – as soon as word of such thinking came to light …
    they should have secretly offered to fuck the executives of Tumblr and Verizon …

    but no, given the previous indoctrination of pussyhats and Femen, they decided to double down on “muh rights” and “women in danger because of men”.

    Looks like they would do anything to not touch the guys that hold the keys to their continued future and prosperity. Now that’s idiotic …

  2. Conscience Constituent
    • P Ray
      December 17, 2018 at 9:06 am

      On the flip side, in Jalisco, Mexico … you can have sex in public and the police have been ordered NOT to arrest such people so that it stops police corruption, and allows them to focus on violent crime.

      Poorer countries have a very good grasp of what makes sense.

  3. Jit
    December 17, 2018 at 1:02 pm

    Verizon fired American workers and contracted those jobs to an Indian In-Sourcing company that brings in low tier cheap foreign labor through H-1B visas from India. Verizon’s IT is about to go down the shitters.

    Are you implying that it was not already crap?

    • P Ray
      December 17, 2018 at 8:41 pm

      Verizon is doing what’s best for their shareholders, since it is a private company that generates dividends.
      If you’d like it to “be fairer”, try to convince the Verizon shareholders who are people after a profit, just like you.

      • IhateTHOTS
        December 18, 2018 at 1:30 am

        With your type of reasoning, I guess the “fairer” thing is to bring slavery back then. After all, to increase “profits”, why go as far as having cheap labor, when you can have “free” labor.

      • P Ray
        December 18, 2018 at 4:45 am

        That’s not my reasoning, that’s the reasoning of capitalism.
        If I had that much power to bend people to my will, I wouldn’t choose to be around presumptive idiots.

      • Jit
        December 18, 2018 at 6:02 pm

        Well, you can see why “socialism” is such a huge rise with the young generation. Keep throwing American citizens over for cheap foreign labor and see where it gets you. But a pompous prick like you is more concerned about profits. Well, we can see what’s going on in France right now. You’re pretty much the neoliberal globalist shill that people hate.

      • P Ray
        December 18, 2018 at 8:10 pm

        Thanks for calling me an American, I don’t live there. Good to know my fluency in English is so good … that you even think I’m one of you.

        Got my properties squared away, got European PR … so eh … I’m just shitposting between my work and laughing at social justice warriors (they never seem to do anything about real issues, like people “looking for a purpose” … they invent asinine causes)

  4. MikeCA
    December 18, 2018 at 9:53 pm

    Verizon was a wired and wireless phone company. I believe they sold off their wired phone business to concentrate on wireless. The US wireless market is pretty much saturated. Everybody already has a wireless phone, so while Verizon is very profitable, their profits are not growing very rapidly. They spent $9 billion to buy AOL and Yahoo, both of which were dying internet companies well past their prime. They apparently hoped that by combining them they could leverage them to boost online ad revenue and add a new growing revenue stream. This has not worked out. Online ad spending has shifted to social media sites like Facebook that allow companies to target their ads more precisely than sites like AOL or Yahoo can. (Although given the latest revelation about Facebook, I suspect they are on their way down.)

    Frankly I don’t think Verizon management understood what they were buying. That actually happens a lot when company buy other companies in a different business. Verizon screwed up and its shareholders will pay some price, but $9 billion is a small sum to a company the size of Verizon. ATT has spent way more to buy Time-Warner and seems to be well on its way to screwing up the profitable parts of that business. ATT spend way more than $9 billion for that purchase.

    Both Verizon and ATT now have to raise capital to deploy 5G networks. The lay-offs Verizon is making is to cut expense in the money losing AOL/Yahoo operations so they can invest in 5G.

    Lay-offs are always painful, even for the people who don’t get laid off. I lived through a number of big lay-offs and managed to never get laid off myself, but it is hard. Yahoo and AOL were dying companies when Verizon bought them. If someone had not bought them, there would have been lay-offs sooner. I always got out of companies when I realized they were not going to make it and managed to get into a medium size, profitable, well managed company before the 2008 disaster. The company I was in made it through 2008-2010 with no lay-offs, but that is because they had a strong business, a billion dollars in cash and no debt at all. When the credit markets froze up, they had no need to borrow money to make payroll.

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