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On Establishment Democrat Hypocrisy and the Ralph Northam Scandal

While I prefer to write on topics which are more intellectually satisfying than some stupid piece of current news, there are times when the later have some relevance to former. Most of you must have heard that the current governor (as of the time of writing), Ralph Northam, posed as either a blackface character or KKK klan member for some photo taken at some party in his mid-20s. It does not help that he selected that photo as one of four to appear on his personal page in 1984 yearbook of his class. And let us be clear about something.. wearing either blackface or KKK klan garb at any public occasion in USA was a bad idea, even in 1984. Having said that, let us look at this mini-scandal from a different angle- especially at establishment democrats feigning outrage.

But before we go there, let us quickly talk a bit about why wearing either of those two costumes is a bad idea. To make a very long story short, the history of reprehensible institutional racism in USA make any attempt to celebrate or glorify that period highly unpopular in the contemporary era. That is why, for example, we saw all those recent agitations against continued public display of confederate statues in certain southern states. That is also why people see the confederate flag and other symbols of the “old south” as racist. The confederacy and its symbols occupy the same space in post-1965 american history as Nazis and their symbols in post-ww2 Germany. Everyone knows what happened, but only idiots wish to glorify and celebrate the worst part of their history.

Which brings us to Ralph Northam and his lack of judgement in playing racist dress-up in 1984. The very recent leak of those photos appears to have been timed to hurt him because of his pro-choice stance, however the reaction of establishment democrats says a lot more about their own hypocrisy than this poor cosplay choice in 1984. Let me explain that point in some detail. A lot of establishment democrats from Bill Clinton and Joe Biden to Kamala Harris have done far more to perpetuate the inequities and suffering caused by racism than putting on a highly racist costume for drunken cosplay. Bill Clinton, as many of you know, was instrumental in passing laws which perpetuated structural racism such as Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act aka the 1994 crime bill and Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act aka welfare “reform”.

Did I mention how he gave an important campaign speech in 1992 using the background of a few hundred incarcerated black men at Stone Mountain, Georgia? Or remember how he showboated the execution of a mentally retarded black man to increase his support among potential white voters in 1992 presidential election? Meanwhile the 1994 crime bill, which he strongly supported and signed, caused the largest sustained increase in number of jailed black men in american history. And yet somehow he was the first “black” president according to some cock-sucking loser in the mainstream media. Moving on.. did you know that Joe Biden was the leading proponent of the 1994 crime bill and he spent a lot of effort making it as punitive as possible for black people?

But we are supposed to believe than an idiot wearing a racist cosplay costume in 1984 is far more worthy of public damnation than two people who have screwed over the lives of millions of black people. What about Kamala Harris, who spent her whole career enthusiastically prosecuting tons of poor and usually nonwhite people for minor “crimes” and then laughing about it? Of course, her alleged zeal for fighting crime did not extend to rich white criminals especially those who donated to her political campaigns. And somehow, the democratic establishment sees her as a viable presidential candidate. My point is that establishment democrats have perpetuated structural inequities of racism almost as much their republican counterparts in post-1965 era.

But that idiot wearing blackface/ KKK outfit in 1984 is the source of all our problems *sarcasm*.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. February 2, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    While I (((publicly))) supported Trump to appear tough, I secretly wanted Hillary to win because the Democratic party is the official party of the KKK (read a history book you hindu muffins…)

    BTW, I know that homeless creep stonerwithboner looks up to you…

    Just play the man card and tell him to stop spreading these horrid memes…

    It’s getting harder and harder for us to recruit young white guys to the Wolves of Vineland…

  2. February 2, 2019 at 2:22 pm

    You know, Toni Morrison’s silly ass said that Bill Clinton was the “first black president”. Why? I guess, because he flirted with black women, smoked weed and played a goddamned saxophone. How idiotic. Bernie Sanders also said the same thing…

  3. February 2, 2019 at 3:54 pm
  4. doldrom
    February 2, 2019 at 6:03 pm

    Why is Kamala still a public figure? Willie Brown has revealed that he helped launch her political career as compensation for sexual favors. As AG she refused to prosecute the back-dating of deposits (fraud) at IndyMac and WaMu before they blew up. She failed to prosecute Noguez (out on bail since 2012, for rigging property valuations for politically-connected persons). A person could hardly be more compromised. If anybody expects she is on the right side of anything, they are either forgetful or not paying any attention.

  5. Atlanta Man
    February 3, 2019 at 1:41 pm

    As a black dude I could give less of a fuck about this , but it would take effort. America put a former KKK member on the Supreme Court , he subsequently ruled in favor of many laws supporting black Americans- People change.

    This “gotcha” shit both parties pull ( as well as shitty clickbait online media companies) is tiresome. QB wins Hiesman- in high school he tweeted about gay people, Nominated to Supreme court- grinded drunkenly “sexually assaulted ” a girl 30 years ago, Promoted to run a Fortune 500 company- made “inappropriate comments to a woman 20 years ago. I am over it.

    • Another Commenter
      February 3, 2019 at 4:18 pm

      If you mean Hugo Black, the Roosevelt administration was desperate to get him approved ASAP because they knew the Klan stuff could surface at any moment and that would be the end of his clahcnes.

  6. MikeCA
    February 4, 2019 at 6:29 pm

    Northam handling of this crises has been totally incompetent.

    “Bill Clinton, as many of you know, was instrumental in passing laws which perpetuated structural racism such as Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act aka the 1994 crime bill …”

    Between 1960 and 1990 the violent crime rate in the USA more then tripled. “Experts” were predicting that the violent crime would double again by 2010. It was in that environment the Bill Clinton supported the 1994 crime bill.

    That is not why he supported it and you know that too. He was a neoliberal triangulating his stand on issues based on what he thought voters wanted to hear.

    The violent crime increase was real. People were demanding action on crime. The 1994 crime bill is the kind of political over reaction you get under that kind of pressure. I don’t think this crime bill had much to do with the decline in the violent crime rate since the early 1990s.

    Tell me something.. why didn’t other developed countries experience a similar “crime wave” at that time in history? Could it have something to do with de-industrialization and outsourcing of blue collar jobs starting in the mid-1970s?

    “Kamala Harris, who spent her whole career enthusiastically prosecuting tons of poor and usually nonwhite people for minor “crimes” and then laughing about it?”

    Kamala Harris is far from a perfect politician. In 2004 she ran and was elected San Francisco DA. She ran on the promise to never seek the death penalty, which she was opposed to on many grounds including the inequality in the way it was applied. Shortly after she was elected a 21 year black man shot and killed a SF undercover police officer. Kamala Harris decided not to seek the death penalty as she had promised. SF police were furious and demanded the death penalty. Senator Diane Feinstein publicly criticized Kamala Harris’s decision at the police officers funeral. Kamala Harris refused to change her mind and did not seek the death penalty.

    This incident at the beginning of Kamala Harris’s DA career made police distrustful of her and much of the rest of her career as a DA was spent trying to make amends with police for refusing to seek the death penalty in that case.

    I am aware of that. However that does not explain her views of imprisoning black parents, putting more people in prison, covering up prosecutorial misconduct etc.

    Systemic racism in the American justice system is a major problem, but Bill Clinton and Kamala Harris are not the cause. They are actors that played a roll, but the core of the problem is the systemic racism of many Americans.

    I agree on that. However pretending that one did not act in a certain way in past is totally dishonest for a public figure who is seeking election.

  7. MikeCA
    February 5, 2019 at 10:56 am

    “Tell me something.. why didn’t other developed countries experience a similar “crime wave” at that time in history? Could it have something to do with de-industrialization and outsourcing of blue collar jobs starting in the mid-1970s?”

    Actually, many European countries saw similar increases in violent crime rates. You can see some of the data in this summary article on the Lead-Crime theory. There is a good correlation between when a country banned lead gasoline and when the violent crime rate started to fall delayed by about 20 years. It is lead exposure in young children that is causes the damage. Probably the banning of leaded gasoline in the USA was the main cause of the decline in the violent crime rate since the early 1990s in the USA.

    Agree about the effect of exposure to lead in gasoline and old paint on behavior. But the difference is still there and there is a pattern to it. See.. the rates of small and non-violent crimes in western Europe and pretty similar to USA. The real difference lies in violence and homicide linked to organized crime- specifically the buying and selling of drugs.

    Can you, for example, explain why a country with high endemic levels of corruption and organized crime such as Italy had (and has) a significantly lower rate of homicide related to organized crime than USA. It is not as if people in Italy don’t purchase drugs. In fact, the levels of drug use in many European countries after the 1960s was always pretty close to USA. But somehow this never translated into level of violence seen in USA.

    You might counter this by saying that this has something to do with easy availability of guns in USA. Well.. if that is so, why do countries such as Mexico and Brazil both of which have a pretty low legal gun ownership (around 5-8%) have even higher rates of homicide (by guns) than USA. Here is my theory.. it has to do with how societies handle victimless crimes (such as drug use).

    Most developed countries do not devote much resources to fighting “illegal” drugs and just police that sector enough to prevent things from going to hell. That is why buying drugs in most developed countries is fairly easy and intentionally ignored, as long as the involved parties do not attract public attention. In contrast to that, the drug trade in USA was associated with non-white minorities and therefore actively persecuted- thus removing the saner less violent dealers who get replaced by violent upstarts.

    BTW- that is also why killing the number 2 man of all those “terrorist” organisations has no effect on their viability.

  1. September 4, 2019 at 6:03 pm

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