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Thoughts on Latest Accusations of Child Abuse Against Michael Jackson

March 5, 2019 7 comments

Most of you must have heard, watched or have some opinion about the recent HBO documentary about long-standing child sexual abuse charges against Michael Jackson. While I am sure that most readers have strong opinions about whether all those accusations against Michael Jackson (as alleged in ‘Leaving Neverland‘) are true or false, there is another way to look at this whole sordid affair. While my take on this topic is unlikely to make most people happy, regardless of where they stand, it is by far the most objective one- even if it is cynical and misanthropic.

So let us start by talking a bit about the history of Michael Jackson’s (MJ) peculiar relationship with children, specifically prepubescent boys. To say that MJ was an odd person, from almost the day he came into public view as a member of ‘The Jackson 5‘ to the day he died in 2009, is an understatement. From his particular phobias, obsession with plastic surgery, building a personal entertainment part aka Neverland, having a pet chimpanzee and a whole list of other bizarre behaviors and public appearances too long to list. MJ might have been a musical genius, but he was a truly screwed up-person and he made no attempts to hide this side of himself.

1] MJs obsession with spending time around and interacting with prepubescent boys (as opposed to boys and girls) has been public knowledge since the mid- to late- 1980s. I clearly remember people talking about it as far back as 1987-1988. Moreover, his lack of normal sexuality was a comedy punch-line even earlier. It is highly disingenuous to pretend that people who listened to his music were unaware of his.. well.. behavioral peculiarities. Short of publicly declaring his sexual interest in prepubescent boys or hanging a sign around his neck with that claim, it is hard to see how he could have been more open about this obsession.

2] MJ had a very screwed-up childhood, thanks in large part due to his greedy asshole of a father. However, some of his behavioral oddities clearly went beyond those caused by serious childhood abuse. His interest in prepubescent boys, and almost total lack of sexual interest in adult women or men, falls squarely into that category. While having a fucked-up childhood can explain his obsession with plastic surgery, obsessive-compulsive behavior and even severe anxiety and insomnia- it just cannot explain such a specific sexual orientation.

3] This is why I find it odd that few people have publicly talked about culpability of the parents of those boys in enabling such behavior. Face it.. MJ did not kidnap their children or threaten them with dire consequences if they did not allow him to spend time with him. Indeed, the parents (especially mothers) of those boys were more than willing to enable MJ to do what he wanted with their boys. And why not.. he gave them lavish gifts of money, cars, houses etc in return. Unless the mothers of those boys are willing to plead mental retardation or severe mental illness, it is obvious they knew what was going on and they did not care.

4] While the idea of pimping your own children might horrify most people, or at least make them pretend to be, this type of behavior is surprisingly common. There is a reason we have terms such as “stage mom”, “pagent mom”, “model mom”, “dance mom” and “sports dad”. Note that it usually the mother who will pimp out her children, especially her daughters. One of the more infamous example of a “stage mom” and how far they can go involves Teri Shields, better known as the mother of Brooke Shields. Search for images of ‘Brooke Shields by Gary Gross’ on or Those photos of a prepubescent Shields were commissioned by her mother who also approved her on-screen nude scenes in Pretty Baby when she was 12.

5] Some of you might remember the recent trial and conviction of Larry Nassar for molesting hundreds of barely pubescent girls for over a decade when he was team doctor for the USA national gymnastics team. Do you really believe that nobody else suspected or knew what was going on over all those years and hundreds of girls? Ever considered the possibility that too many parents and officials did not care about care enough? Do you really think that people around Jerry Sandusky did not know what he was doing to all those boys he was allegedly “mentoring”. But how is any of this relevant in the case of MJ and his accusers?

6] Well.. why are we pretending that the parents (especially mothers) of those boys had no role or agency in enabling what MJ allegedly did? Were the parents of those boys so naive, retarded or poorly informed to have never heard all those rumors about MJs attraction for prepubescent boys? Let us for a moment assume that they did not believe any of those rumors, but how could they have ignore how screwed-up he was in many other respects. And let us be honest about one thing, MJ never tried to hide or deny his weird behaviors. In fact, he celebrated them

The point I am trying to make is that we should not keep on pretending that the parents of those boys did not play a very active role in encouraging and enabling MJs behavior in addition to help him cover it up. Even the two boys, James Safechuck and Wade Robson, who now accuse him of molesting them testified in court that he did no such thing in 2005, when they were in their early- to mid- 20s. It also does not help that MJ died almost a decade ago, on May 25th 2009. So what I do think about this sordid saga. Well.. he likely molested those two kids and more. Their parents almost certainly knew what was going on- but the gifts, money and attention more than made up for what MJ was doing. And ya.. all of this was, and is, about money and fame not justice.

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