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Comparing the Performance Styles of Hope Sandoval and Lana Del Rey

Most “popular” entertainment is highly recycled. While this phenomena is very blatant, nowadays, with terminal late-capitalism providing the impetus to make endless movie and TV show reboots, it has always been a feature of the entertainment industry. While properly done movie and TV show remakes (Scarface 1932 and 1983, The Mummy 1932 and 1999, It 1990 and 2017, Original Star Trek vs Star Trek NG etc) can be quite good- most are highly forgettable even when they are somewhat financially successful. One might think that music is somewhat less likely to use remakes given that musical tastes change far more over the years than movies or TV shows- and that is sorta true. For example- Only old white people and a few hipsters care about Jazz today.

There are however two other forms of remaking and rebooting which are much more common in music than the movie or TV industry. I am talking about cover versions of especially popular music and songs- which then go on to eclipse their previous versions. Sampling older song tunes and their hooks into remixed version is another version of this behavior. The other form of this remake involves artists copying the persona and styles of somebody from a previous generation. For example- the persona of Lady Gaga is basically a reboot of Madonna from a generation ago. Now let me show you a less obvious one- largely because the original version of this persona was about a decade or more too early to be that successful.

Hope Sandoval was the lead singer in an alt-rock band known as Mazzy Star. They were sorta well-known during the early to mid 1990s. Here.. look at this live performance from 1994 of one of their more popular songs. Doesn’t Hope Sandoval remind you of someone?

In case you have not figured it out yet.. here is a YT clip of a live performance by Lana del Rey in 2014. Aren’t their musical styles and public persona oddly similar to each other?

What do you think? Comments?

  1. April 12, 2019 at 6:46 pm

    haha, Lana Del Taco even stole the song name from an olschool thrash band…

    and, uh, I think they stole it from the Clockwork Orange movie…


  2. April 17, 2019 at 9:22 am

    Music murderers control music and what we are allowed to hear.

    The music industry is so thoroughly overrun with parasites desperate to leech off of the fruits of talent that any real talent or original creativity is virtually drowned in its cesspool of greed and power mongering. The “music” oligarchs are so desperate to completely control the music industry that they are literally attempting to create music itself. But they cannot, they do not have the talent or the passion or the fundamental insight to create the expression. They have literally attempted to take control of the genesis of music. The artist is replaced with the fool and the slave. But this capture of natural human expression is impossible because the genesis of music is organic, it is born from individual passion and appears in unpredictable places with unpredictable persons at unpredictable times. The music industry tyrants are trying to fabricate and synthesize creativity itself for their own greedy purposes. But such natural organic phenomena can never be fabricated as such.

    Consequently, they borrow from the past to fabricate cheesy crappy copy cat audible sewage of highly reprocessed perversions of what was once enjoyed in the past. Take for example most of what “Country Music” has become. Most of it is fabricated (partially plagiarized) from two or more sources that the past produced… impotent versions of western swing mixed with pathetically weak simulations of rap is a common brew. How many new “popular” C&W “songs” sound like a strangely odd perverse mix of 1990s rap and 1970s C&W. The artists cavort around like uncoordinated stiff monkeys to a primal beat while barking out off key fake western twang nasal sounding bad lyrics trying to imitate a bad collusion of authentic rap and traditional C&W artists from the past. They are an insult to both and the industry tries to sell it with feigned excitement as if it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.The wizards of music Oz simply force mixed impotent quazi simulated versions of the two and push the resulting garbage on the market with a rapidly changing stream of lousy “artists” that would never have been well received in the past. The attrition rate among these current pop crappy superficial “artists” is phenomenal and increasing at an alarming rate as corporate “music” oligarchs continue to marketeer their audible sewage at an ever more frenetic rate to support their profitaholic addictions. Original Rap, C&W, and others like the Blues, Rock, Metal, and Classical were authentic in their origin and passion. They are all organic expressions of human experience and emotion. The commercialization of music has virtually extinguished this phenomena of natural expression by attempting to capture and totally control it for greed. They extinguished a flame by trying to capture it.

    This is why, for example, George Strait at the age of 66 is drawing crowds of 100 thousand or more of all ages, creeds, races and backgrounds. Strait is aging and his voice reflects it, but he is still better than anything else the post modern millennial greedy cesspool of corporate “music” oligarchy can produce. Classical music has suffered this phenomena longer than the others simply because it has been around longer. About every generation or so, at least one great new genre emerged in the past that people enjoy…. until about 15 or so years ago. Consider the big band era, blues, rap, disco, C&W, rock, Motown, metal, classical, and subgenres such as southern rock, all these grew naturally from ancient versions and emerged at different times in various places with “unlikely” persons some of who are iconic… Hendrix, Beethoven, Strait, Sinatra, Tina Turner, Queen, and numerous others who are all great regardless of whether everyone likes all of them all or not. But the most recent generation is permanently marked with nothing but a lot of cheesy wannabes who come and go like cock roaches acting out moves and blurting scripts of synthesized garbage orchestrated by the greedy superficial bastards and bitches who hijacked and murdered this natural and vital from of human expression.

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