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Antifa Idiots are Ignorant of History and Lack Strategic Thinking

June 30, 2019 15 comments

I usually ignore worthless drama driven by attention-whores, and that is why you won’t see me writing yet another ‘hot take’ on something as insipid as the 1st debate between those all those 20 democratic candidates. Events like that pathetic clown show are less that meaningless, unless one or more of the candidates drops dead on stage. This is also why I also rarely write about the latest trends in ‘culture wars’ and other click-baity crap of no long-term significance. Having said that, I do occasionally write about such topics if their impact is potentially larger than yet another manufactured storm in a teacup. With that in mind, let us talk about antifa movement or more precisely the latest incident which has gotten them into the spotlight.

As some of you might have heard, a journalist known as Andy Ngo was violently assaulted while covering a clash between far-right and antifa demonstrators in Portland. Ironically, the link from sputniknews contains the most objective account of what went down. Also, I would rather not link to anything on breitbart, dailycaller, pjmedia etc. While you can easily find multiple clips of that incident on YouTube, it is worth pointing out that all of them show a guy with camera gear (Andy Ngo) being swarmed, sprayed and then assaulted by a bunch of guys sporting antifa gear. More importantly, there are no clips which show the guy in question assaulting antifa protesters. Here is a very short YT clip which captures the gist of what happened.

Now let me be clear about something.. Andy Ngo is a slimy grifter who is using his race to fleece aging white CONservative supporters of right-wing news outlets. He is basically an Asian version of Candace Owens or any of those forgettable and stereotypical black CONservative YouTubers whose act is predicated on them being non-white and pandering to idiots. Having said that, what he is doing is no different from what Rachael Maddow, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo etc do nightly for much more money. In other words, we cannot pretend that Any Ngo is any less of a journalist than the famous talking heads that appear on cable TV news or write in NYT or WP. And don’t pretend that such a story would have stayed small if the situation was reversed.

About two years ago, I posted a link to a clip which suggested that the alt-right in USA are much closer to the Sturmabteilung (SA) than NSDAP aka Nazis of Weimar-era Germany. The relevant point is that the antifa most closely resemble the ‘communist-type’ groups who engaged in street battles with the SA and NSDAP. The key word being ‘communist-type’ since these groups were driven less by ideology than a desire to oppose the SA and NSDAP. And yes.. I am aware that this assertion simplifies a lot of complex history. Nevertheless, it was SA and NSDAP who eventually won power for two important reasons. Firstly, the capitalist class in Germany preferred fascism since it allowed them to maintain the old hierarchy.

The second reason is, in my opinion, equally if not more important. While fascists had a relatively clear (if mediocre) set of promises for the general public and a leadership cadre, communist-types had neither. To make matters worse, they were defined by their opposition to fascists and being ‘soviet-sympathizers’ rather than as a viable option to fascists who promised to make Germany great again. The lack of sufficient public support in early-1930s allowed the fascists, with generous help from German capitalists and centrists, to seize power. The rest, as they say, is history. It is ironic that antifa types have not learned the most important lesson from history about how to confront fascists- if that is what they are.

Let me now say something that is heresy among the twitter-left and other “respectable” and “credentialed” intellectuals. The people who they identify as fascists and Nazis are in reality nothing more than pathetic grifters, disillusioned lumpenproletariat and drama queens. In other words, these alleged american fascists and Nazis are the equivalent of high-school cover bands playing some shitty music to get pussy. This is not to say that they could not one day end up becoming real fascists and Nazis. But lets be real, that is very unlikely to happen without some serious support by rich people and extenuating circumstances such as economic collapse.

Which is why the response of antifa to these morons is both comical and well as problematic. You probably guessed why its comical, now let me tell you why it is problematic. See.. a lot of people outside the twitter-left and careerists who live in a few coastal cities are not happy with liberalism in USA. To be more precise, they correctly associate liberalism with many highly problematic trends such as de-industrialization, precarity of livelihood, rent seeking through credentialization, rapidly growing inequality and the general disconnect between top 10% and everyone else.

A major part of the reason why grifters such as Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, Milo Yiannopoulos etc have been able to become far more famous, than they otherwise would have, comes down to them being able to articulate half-truths about issues which have been banished from mainstream public discourse. Many people see antifa as just another extension of the hated (neo)liberal elite and their status quo. You cannot, for example, pretend that allowing large-scale immigration from Mexico and other latin-american countries has no effect on wages in USA. But try saying anything to that effect in a speech at a coastal university and tons of SJWs, “woke” activists and antifa types will try to run you out of town. The same is true for issues such as wanting due process for adjudicating accusations of sexual harassment and assault or not wanting to pretend that a man with a beard who claims to a woman is one.

And this brings us to the other reason why assaulting grifters such as Andy Ngo is such a bad idea. To put it succinctly- it converts them into them deserving victims and validates their claims of systemic persecution. While credentialed losers who spent too much time on left-twitter or within their own incestuous social bubbles in coastal cities might believe otherwise, such attempts to shut down right-wing grifters is highly counterproductive. In case you are wondering, this is why I said that antifa idiots lack the ability to think strategically.

If you want to properly disrupt people like Andy Ngo, pay a mariachi band to follow him near the protests he is covering. It achieves the objective of making him look ridiculous without allowing him to claim victim-hood and expand his grifting operation. Assaulting him in public and in front of multiple smartphone cameras, on the other hand, makes him the victim and plays into his scam. Then again, antifa-types tend to be myopic idiots obsessed with ‘virtue display’.

What do you think? Comments?

Unanswered Question about Cretaceous–Tertiary Extinction Event: 2

June 29, 2019 1 comment

In the previous part of this series, I wrote about how our current understanding of K-T extinction event and its immediate aftermath is rather incomplete. For starters, the most popular theory about what caused it is highly inadequate. We also do not understand why certain vertebrates such as “modern” birds aka Neornithes survived, but other sibling groups such as Hesperornithes, Ichthyornithes and Enantiornithes became extinct. This pattern of disappearance is especially odd since Enantiornithes were significantly more successful prior to the K-T event. Moreover, they were almost identical in general appearance, size range, flight characteristics and likely even possessed similar patterns of coloration and markings to birds that are still around.

Yes.. some had teeth within their beaks and many possessed vestigial claws within their wings. But otherwise, they were functionally identical to modern birds and their global distribution in the late-cretaceous strongly suggests that some could fly across oceans. They also occupied a far more diverse range of habitats than the ancestors of modern birds. So how did a group which was significantly more numerous, occupied a larger range of habitats and likely better at flying (at least then) become extinct while the less numerous group occupying a narrower range of habitats and not better at flying survive? This becomes even more relevant once you understand that the most popular “explanation” for who survived the K-T extinction revolves around adult body size, with those below 10-20 kg being more likely to survive than larger ones (YT video).

Since Neornithes and Enantiornithes had a very similar range of body sizes, something else was at work. And it gets better. Consider groups such as Ichthyornithes and Hesperornithes whose members were basically the late-cretaceous versions of seagulls and diving birds. How do pretty successful aquatic bird-like creatures become extinct when that extinction was more devastating to species living on land? Members of these two groups had access to a better, if still diminished, supply of food than their land-dwelling cousins. And as the discovery of the Qinornis fossil in early Paleocene shows, some non-Neornithes birds did survive. Are you starting to appreciate the inadequacy of currently explanations for why certain groups survived, while other didn’t?

Let us move on to the oceans, or more precisely who survived and who didn’t. While Mosasaurs disappeared after K-T extinction, others such as crocodiles, turtles and sharks survived. While some of you might believe that every Mosasaur species in the late Cretaceous was a 40-60 feet long beast, they came in a range of sizes and some such as Carinodens were about the size of alligators. Moreover, they occupied a range of ecological niches, had global distribution and some displayed specialized dentition. To out it another way, they were more numerous and diverse than crocodilians and were successful in many more environments ranging from the deep-water to shallow coastal areas and estuaries.And yet, it is the crocodilians (well.. some of them) who survived while all Mosasaur species went extinct.

And why did marine Turtles and some shark species make it through the K-T extinction? Why were bony fish the least affected by that extinction? Why did nautiloids, octopodes, squids and cuttlefish survive while the equally numerous belemnoids and ammonoids became extinct? Why did Choristodera (e.g Champsosaurus) survive the K-T extinction only to become extinct in the middle-to-late Eocene? If the direct and indirect effects of that comet/asteroid impact caused so much immediate worldwide damage to terrestrial plants (including flowering plants) how did bees survive? Things don’t look so straightforward and easy to explain now, do they? My point is that there are patterns in what survived and didn’t, but let us stop pretending they coalesce into a coherent theory to explain whatever happened at the time.

And why did most mammalian lineages survive the K-T event, but weren’t able to quickly occupy the niches left behind by all those extinct large animals? Why did it take almost 10-15 million years for mammals to finally reach the size we today associate with deer and pigs. And why were the large flightless birds such as Phorusrhacidae and Bathornithidae among the largest terrestrial carnivores in aftermath of that extinction. What accounts for the absence of large terrestrial mammalian predators in the first 15 million years after the K-T event? And ya.. I have a partial explanation for that, which I might write up in a future post. This become more unusual once you realize that the Earth was densely forested, very green and climatically pleasant place to live for about 15 million years after quickly recovering (within a million years) from the K-T extinction.

What do you think? Comments?

Unanswered Question about Cretaceous–Tertiary Extinction Event: 1

June 26, 2019 7 comments

As many readers know, I often don’t subscribe to widely-held and regurgitated explanations for phenomena, especially if they are obviously incomplete and not internally self-consistent. In my opinion, any theory or hypothesis which requires you to believe it based on the authority of some alleged experts is no different from religion. Let us now turn our attention to the topic of this post, namely why conventional explanations for what happened during the Cretaceous–Tertiary (K-T) extinction event are incomplete, misleading and often based on dubious reasoning. But before we go there, let us restate what we know for certain about that topic.

First, the extinction event in question did occur and resulted in the extinction of all non-avian dinosaurs, many large marine reptiles, pterosaurs and also a significant number of mammals and birds species. Second, it is almost certain that a comet or asteroid did hit the earth around that time. Some of you might ask, where is the controversy? Isn’t this the conventional explanation for the K-T extinctiont.. you know.. a comet/asteroid hits earth and kills all dinosaurs, pterosaurs, large marine reptiles but not all mammals and birds, who then took over ecological niches left open by those extinct groups. As it turns out, a lot more was occurring on earth at that time.

1] While the most popular current explanation revolves around an comet/asteroid impact being the cause of that extinction- it is not without problems. For starters, there is a peculiar gap between the youngest dinosaur fossils found and the impact. To put it another way, dinosaur fossils disappear from fossil record about 100 to 200 thousand years before the asteroid impact. While a few fragmentary dinosaur fossils found in one single location are a bit closer to the asteroid impact layer, one such instance is not enough to definitively claim that the impact was the cause of K-T extinction. It also does not help that the four major extinctions before it were caused by extremely massive and prolonged volcanic events.

As luck would have it, one of largest events of that type in last 100 million years was going on at around the same time. The Deccan traps, a large igneous province in south-west India, started forming about 200-300 thousand years before the asteroid impact. It goes without saying that a volcanic outpouring which can cover over a million square km with a layer of lava about 2 km thick (original extent) would also pump out a shitload of gasses such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, rock dust and other types of particulate matters into the atmosphere. The pretense that such a large geological event did not contribute to the K-T extinction is, in my opinion, largely due to latent racism within the scientific community.

This become more obvious once you realize that the timing of this flood basalt deposition (which began 200-300k years before impact) coincides with the loss of dinosaur from the fossil record in most parts of the world. And yes.. I am aware of more recent theories about how the impact could have caused or sped up the massive volcanic outpourings which formed Deccan traps. In any case, we cannot keep on pretending that the impact event (as defined by the iridium layer at end of K-T boundary) was the major, let alone only, cause of that extinction. The evidence simply does not back the impactor-only hypothesis and we are going to talk more about it now.

2] Another problem with the impact-only hypothesis is that it doesn’t explain certain peculiarities of the extinction pattern. Why did some birds survive the extinction, while non-avian dinosaurs did not? This question is far more complicated than it appears at first glance. Let me explain, most of you know that modern birds (descended from survivors of K-T event) evolved from theropod dinosaurs. But the relationship between the two is even closer than most realize. Tell me if the the following extinct dinosaurs look like birds or dinosaurs.. Eosinopteryx, Aurornis, Jinfengopteryx and Byronosaurus. Long story short, there are entire genera of dinosaur fossils which display features intermediate between classical dinosaurs and modern birds. The first three are from late Jurassic, while the fourth is from late Cretaceous. Dinosaurs with significant bird-like characteristics existed alongside archaic and, later modern, birds for millions of years.

More importantly, many of them were in the same size and weight range as modern birds. To make matters more complicated there is the category of what are popularly known as ‘archaic’ birds which were closer to modern birds than dinosaurs, but did not survive the K-T extinction. And then are groups such as the Enantiornithes, who also did not survive that extinction. Or maybe some semi-birds, such as Qinornis, did. The point I am trying to make is as follows: the degree of shared genetics, physiology, size and habitat overlap of bird-like dinosaurs and “true” birds makes it very hard to explain why one group survived but the others did not. And guess what.. there were tons of small to medium-sized dinosaurs with beaks (and no teeth) similar in size to emus, ostriches and even large pheasants. Some of you might attribute this to the ability of true birds to fly better than bird-like dinosaurs.

Well.. in that case, how do you explain the simultaneous extinction of pterosaurs who were even more accomplished flyers than modern birds. While some of the late cretaceous species, such as Quetzalcoatlus and Hatzegopteryx were truly massive creatures capable of intercontinental flight, many others were of a size we today associate with large seabirds. They were an immensely successful order of flying “reptiles” which originated sometime during middle-to-late Triassic (over 200 million years ago) and kept going until the K-T extinction event. They even shared the skies with what we would today call “true” birds for over 30 million years. If the ability to fly was what supposedly saved birds, it clearly did not work for pterosaurs who were much better flyers. Also, even the late cretaceous had pterosaurs not much bigger than large ducks or geese.

In the next part, I will go into why it is so odd that crocodilians survived the K-T event but Mosasaurs did not. And let us be clear about something else, not all of them were the 50-60 foot long creatures prominently displayed in documentaries about extinct species from the late cretaceous. Then there is the issue of why a decent number of mammalian species survived. While conventional explanations posit that they survived by being small, burrowing and being omnivorous- why do those factors not apply for small (chicken to dog-sized) omnivorous dinosaurs. And why did birds, who were far more exposed to the elements than either survive?

As you can see, our current understanding of the K-T extinction event is rather incomplete. We still don’t have a proper understanding of what combination of factors caused it and why it is noticeably bigger than the previous Triasic-Jurrasic extinction. We also do not fully understand why mammals and “modern” birds survived (at least some of them) it, but small bird-like dinosaurs and so-called “archaic” birds did not.. well, most of them- at least. In the upcoming part, I hope to tackle the issue of how body weight may have affected survival. Spoiler.. it still does not explain why small dinosaurs, archaic birds and small ornithurans became extinct while crocodilians did not. While I do not have any magical answers, we could start by acknowledging that a good portion of our current theories and hypothesis about that event are inadequate.

What do you think? Comments?

Some Thoughts on How a War Between Iran and ‘USA’ Might Unfold

June 24, 2019 9 comments

In a fresh round of escalation today, the orange buffoon unveiled another bunch of meaningless “sanctions” against Iran. While it is still not certain that the buffoon-in-chief is delusional enough to actually start a war with Iran, pressure from people who have promised him tons of money etc after his term is over (such as that idiot in SA and his equivalent in UAE), pleadings of Zionists (including his son-in-law) in combination with chicken-hawks such as Bolt-on and Pompous-Idiot is likely to result in a war with Iran in the near future. While it is far more desirable, for everyone, that such a war does not start in the first place- it increasingly looks like we will get there, one way or the other. Notice that I said ‘war’ rather than ‘conflict’, ‘skirmish’. You will soon see why.

But before we go there, a quick geography and history lesson. Iran isn’t a small country. It has about 1/5th the area of lower 48 and about 1/4th the population of USA. To make matters more interesting, it is one the only three long-standing nation states in Middle-East, the others being Turkey and Egypt. There has been a Persian state of some sort covering most of modern-day Iran for over 2,500 years. Compare that to modern cockatrice states such as Iraq, SA, other Gulf Sunni emirates and even modern-day Syria. Did I mention that Persians and are not Arabs. Oh.. and also Iran was able to withstand the 8-year war with Iraq (and all states which supported the former) during the 1980s. Also unlike arab neighboring countries they make almost every single weapon system they use. Sounds a bit like DPRK, doesn’t it?

So let us start with the predictions..

1] Iran is not going to wait for Trump to change his mind or finish his presidential term. It will keep ratcheting up the tension, because they have nothing to gain by playing the waiting game. Expect more mysterious fires, explosions and mishaps at petroleum and petrochemical facilities in SA and other gulf Sunni emirates. They understand that west-European countries are spineless decaying entities who will not openly defy the also terminally declining USA. The best way to separate west-Europeans and other american catamites from USA is to cut off the former from being able access all middle-eastern oil. Iranians fully expect the USA to attack it, sooner than later- and they want prefer it sooner than later.

2] The ideal situation, as far as Iran is concerned, is for USA to attack it without significant preparation (troops on ground) and not expect a serious response. But once they do attack Iran, expect it to systematically target and destroy Saudi and UAE ports, oil storage installations, pipelines, desalination plants, brine-pumping plants etc. Iran wants to cause enough damage to shut down the oil output of those countries for at least a few months. And they have enough cruise and ballistic missiles with the requisite range and accuracy to pull that off. To be clear, I expect them to primarily use anti-shipping missiles (boat and land launched) to target structures on or near the shore. Have a look at a map of the area and compare it to the range of various short and medium range missiles possessed by Iran, in abundance.

3] To make matters more interesting, they will also send large number of irregular soldiers and militias into Iraq and Afghanistan to attack american military facilities, but also civilians and spread chaos in those countries. Expect Iranian irregulars to conduct a lot of bombings of oil infrastructure, assassinations of local american-stooges and create general mayhem in those countries. They might go especially hard on the Kurds parts of Iraq (who they see as american collaborators) and engineer a refugee crisis. The motives here are two-fold. Disrupt oil production and export from Iraq. Secondly, greatly increase the size and complexity of battlefield for USA.

4] Doing 2 and 3, almost simultaneously is possible for Iran and achieves a few synergistic objectives. Wrecking petroleum production and transport facilities all across the middle-east quickly cuts the world’s supply of crude oil etc by about 30-40%. More importantly it delivers an especially nasty blow to west-European countries, Japan, South Korea, India and other wannabe american catamites. Do you think countries like France, Germany, Japan and India can keep running properly if 60-80% of their oil supplies just disappear for at least a few months? Furthermore, USA is now faced with the prospect of fighting locals and militias in at least three countries in addition to dealing with a massive exodus of expat workers from those countries and more refugees from Iraq. And it gets even better.

5] Imagine what will happen to global trade, commerce and the stock market of many countries if such a large percentage of oil supply suddenly vanishes and the price for remaining supplies go up by 400-800 %? Oh.. and you cannot normalize the supply unless Iran is defeated (very hard, if not outright impossible) or peace is reestablished in that region. Do you think Trump and the Zionists will remain popular in USA if oil cost 20-30 bucks per gallon? Some of you might say- doesn’t USA have enough military might to prevent this outcome? Won’t they be able to blow Iranian boats out of the water or something like that? Well.. have a look at distances involved. Iran could do most of this by using nothing more fancy than civilian vehicles to transport most of the troops and missiles necessary.

6] It goes without saying that such a large-scale but unconventional attack across neighboring countries would cause mass panic and result in the abrupt departure of many ruling families- in addition to yet another refugee crisis. The perceived inability of USA to protect the interests of their local stooges will further damage whatever residual credibility it still has in that region. To summarize, given available options and capabilities, Iran is likely to rapidly exacerbate war with USA, by going after its oil-producing client states in that region.

What do you think? Comments?

Why Risk of Autism is Such a Strong Driver for Anti-Vaxxer Movement

June 22, 2019 9 comments

As regular readers know, I have written posts about why the modern anti-vaccination movement exists in the first place. It seems that most people, especially those indulge in gratuitous virtue display on social-media, want to attribute it all to parental ignorance, gullibility or stupidity. These dummies are intent on doing so even though the socio-economic and educational profile of those involved in the movement clearly suggests that is not the case. As I mentioned in my previous posts, the anti-vaccination movement is one outcome of a medical system driven by profits.. and let us not pretend that physicians are altruistic people solely driven by a burning need to help others. Also, let us stop pretending that the medical profession still retains the kind of public trust it used to enjoy 2-4 decades ago. It doesn’t and for good reason.

A few months ago, I started writing a short series on why persecution of anti-vaxxers will backfire on believers of scientism. While I intend to, hopefully soon, write more parts for that series- I am going to digress a bit in this post and talk about the twin concerns which seem to be driving the modern anti-vaccination movement. Ana as you will soon see, there is a specific reason behind my decision to not roll this post into the second part of that series. A couple of days ago, I came across a long-form journalism piece in Jezebel (of all places) about the anti-vaxxer movement. In that piece, and in responses to it on social media sites, I noticed a pattern which many (including the author of that piece) were unable or unwilling to notice. To make a long story short, many hip and trendy virtue posers seems to be oblivious to why the risk of autism and auto-immune illnesses is such a potent driver behind the anti-vaxxer movement- especially in USA.

To be clear, I am not suggesting that vaccines causes autism. What I am talking about is much more nuanced and it is recommended that you read the post completely before commenting. So let us begin by talking about Autism or more precisely the history of that diagnosis. In previous eras, children and adults who display symptoms or behavior which are today considered to be part of Autism Spectrum Disorder were considered as “retarded”, “special”,”different,”feeble-minded”, “quirky” etc depending on the nature and degree of their condition. For almost all of human history, such kids and adults were generally treated with varying degrees of compassion and patience. It also helped that prior to age of capitalism, extended social safety nets were able to accommodate and take care of such people. Large-scale institutionalization of such people began only after the mid-1800s and even then only in the allegedly civilized “west”.

My point is that, for almost all of human history, people with what we today lump under the label of autism were not seen as ill or suffering from a disease. They were merely seen as a bit to somewhat different from normal people. I cannot resist the irony of pointing out that people from previous eras actually had a far more humane outlook towards people with such conditions. So how did the label of ASD and rapid increase in its reported incidence come about? Well.. after 1960s, it became basically impossible in the west to institutionalize people with mental conditions or psychiatric diseases. However, unlike serious depression or schizophrenia etc, what we today classify under rubric of ASD wasn’t an illnesses in the traditional sense of that word. To put it another way, there is no consistent neuro-chemical or neuro-anatomical abnormality in everyone (or most people) diagnosed with ASD. Also, you cannot treat it with drugs- at least consistently.

So why does any of this matter? Well.. see, once you classify something as a disease, it has to have a cause. In other words, people started trying to find the cause of what we today know as ASD only after it was reclassified as a disease. It certainly did not help that ASD covers a range of conditions from borderline aspyness to full-blown inability to learn and interact with people. To make another long story short, we still have not been able to develop a robust hypothesis for why some people end up being diagnosed with ASD. While there is is clearly a hereditary competent to these conditions, only 15-20 % of the siblings (at most) of such people also display signs of ASD. In other words, even your hair or eye color exhibits far greater levels of inheritability than ASD. The subtext here is that ASD appears to more developmental than inherited.

Let us now talk about the incidence of diagnosed ASD in the west, specifically USA. According to the CDC, 1 in 59 kids end up being diagnosed with ASD. We can easily round up that number to 1 in 50 or 2%. To make matters worse, about 14% of kids have special educational requirements with almost a third of that being due to learning disabilities. Which is a nice way of saying that about 5% or 1 in 20 kids have learning disabilities severe enough to require intervention and special attention. Did I mention that most people who have children nowadays have only one or two. Are you now starting to see why people are so concerned about anything which might raise the risk of their getting ASD? But it gets worse, much worse, in USA.

Unlike all other developed countries with some form of universal healthcare and long-term illness/ disability support system- USA has nothing even remotely approaching universal healthcare let lone a social safety net for chronically ill or disabled people. To make yet another long (and sordid) story short, the considerable and artificially inflated expenses of caring for a child with moderate to severe ASD can ruin even solidly middle-class families. It is therefore not surprising that parents in USA (and other “western” countries with mediocre profit-driven healthcare systems) are especially vigilant about anything which might potentially increase their child’s risk of developing ASD. It does not help that the rapid increase in ASD coincided with the expansion of childhood vaccination schedule to Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Chickenpox etc.

It also does not help that usually transient neurological disorders are known to be associated with whole-cell pertussis vaccine. Are you beginning to understand why the anti-vaxxer movement has kept gaining strength, especially in USA? But.. but.. some of you might say “what about the common good” or “maintaining herd immunity”? My answer is as follows: you cannot expect people to care about the greater good of a society which, in turn, ignores (or worse, monetizes) the suffering of disabled or chronically-ill people. Does society in USA make sure that caring for a child with ASD does not pauperize his or her parents? If it doesn’t, don’t expect the affected parents or others around them to play ball. Pretending that their concerns are not genuine or they are stupid is also not likely to get them on your side.

One more thing, pretending that measles or chickenpox are life-threatening in otherwise healthy and incompetent children is not a smart idea and likely to reduce your credibility even further. While both illnesses can put a very small percentage of affected children in the hospital, death or permanent disability from either disease is pretty rare- easily less than 1 in 500 and usually far lower. More importantly, a lot of anti-vaxxer parents (especially in USA) would rather take their chances with a 1 in 500 to 1 in 4000 chance of death than feel guilty about their child developing Autism or learning disorders (2-5%) around the same time as being vaccinated. This is doubly so if they know anybody with a child who first started showing signs of ASD around the same time they were being vaccinated.

Yes.. I know that the first signs of ASD often appear at about the same time as kids getting their routine vaccinations- even if they are not getting vaccinated. But I am not a parent, nor have I been ever at risk of becoming bankrupt caring for a child with ASD. If you ever want to reach these people, you will have to start understanding that their risk assessments are as rational as your own. Bullying, mocking or patronizing them is just going to ensure that some greedy charlatans are going to take advantage of their vulnerability. Then again, most ardent pro-vaxxers are just in it for the virtue display and feeling superior. Here is a novel idea.. make sure that everyone has comprehensive universal healthcare and people with disabilities and chronic illness are well cared for and not exploited for financial gains.

What do you think? Comments?

Good Explanation of Physics Behind the Chernobyl Reactor Explosion

June 21, 2019 1 comment

A week ago, I came across this very good YouTube clip about the nuclear physics underlying that disaster. While I have seen dozens of reviews of the currently popular HBO miniseries about the Chernobyl disaster, this is one of the very few which goes into the physics of why things went so wrong. To make a long story short, the reactor design was less idiot-proof than should have been the case for something designed for routine power generation. FYI, Chernobyl-4 was the only one of the RBMK type to actually suffer such an accident. It might interest readers to know that all other reactors of this design type never experienced any major issue and ten are still completely operational and generating power as usual. The most important lesson of Chernobyl is that any product or service meant for mass use has to be way more idiot-proof than otherwise necessary.

What do you think? Comments?

NSFW Links: Jun 20, 2019

June 20, 2019 Leave a comment

These links are NSFW. Will post something more intellectual tomorrow.

Amateur POV BJs: June 16, 2019 – Amateur cuties licking the glans.

Amateur POV BJs: June 20, 2019 – Amateur cuties sucking on the glans.

More Amateur POV BJs: June 20, 2019 – Amateur cuties using some serious suction.

Enjoy! Comments?

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