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Democrat Attempts to Impeach Trump Will Help Him Get Re-Elected

Today, I came across a couple of news items that increase the likelihood of Trump winning the 2020 presidential election. The first was a ‘leaked’ poll which allegedly showed that more than a few democrats could defeat Trump. The second was a speech by Biden in which he used this poll to promise that he would beat Trump, not only in mid-western states which Hillary lost in 2016 but also, in others such as Georgia, Texas and South Carolina. So why do I think that these two apparently positive bits of news for democrats are harbingers of a likely Trump victory in 2020? Well.. because I remember 2016, or more precisely how polls done as late at October of that year strongly suggested Hillary would won states such as Georgia and South Carolina. We all know how that turned out. But why do I think 2020 could be like 2016?

Let me start by restating the obvious. Establishment democrats haven’t learnt anything from their defeat in the 2016 election. Even worse, they seem to to have interpreted their meager gains in the 2018 election as evidence of an electorate which now hates Trump, rather than a reaction to his comically inept attempts at destroying Obamacare in addition to being unable to deliver on his election promises about reversing outsourcing etc. They seem to believe that promising a return to “norms”, throwing a bit more money at Obamacare and making some noises about education and job training will guarantee a win in 2020. In other words, they are still desperately clinging to the idea that Trump is an aberration and things will magically go back to the way ‘they used to be’ before the fateful midnight of November 8, 2016.

As many of you know, I do not think Trump is an aberration (link 1, link 2). In fact, I blame the deliberate failure of the previous neoliberal grifter-in-chief aka Obama to deliver real substantive reform in aftermath of 2008 global financial crisis as the most important reason for rise of Trump. Think about it.. would a character like that orange buffoon have gotten any traction in national politics, let alone won the presidency against all odds, if the majority of people still had any faith in the establishment and institutions of this country? Trump is therefore best understood as the crazy clown who appeared viable to a majority only because the vision and choices offered by the establishment were rotten. Some of you might remember that Hillary’s unfavorability ratings during the 2016 electoral season were often higher than Trump.

Now let us talk about how the establishment democrat obsession with Trump getting impeached will likely help him to win the 2020 election. As many of you know, establishment democrats and their supporters in media, hollywood etc spent about two years hallucinating about a future where the “Mueller Report” would magically implicate Trump in some high crime that would lead to his immediate impeachment and arrest. Well.. the report has been out for almost two months and it was unable to find evidence that Trump or his gang of idiots colluded with Russia or indeed “obstructed” justice in a manner which would stand in a court of law. The report, on which establishment democrats and public LIEbrals put so much hope, turned out to be damp squib. Of course, this did not change the narrative of establishment democrats and their MSM cronies.

To make matters worse, partisan democrat voters (who are over-represented in primaries) have become even more convinced and vocal about the need to impeach Trump despite the lack of evidence that he is anything more than a greedy and lecherous troll who used to be real-estate developer. We are now seeing a rapidly increasing amount of pressure on Pelosi and other democrat leaders to ‘do something’ and impeach Trump, or at least start the pre-impeachment investigation. While the wheels on that shitshow have not started moving yet, it is becoming increasingly likely that we will see some action on that front by the end of this year. But why is demanding the impeachment of Trump, or even starting the pre-impeachment farce.. I mean ‘investigation’.. such a bad idea? What could go wrong?

Well.. how about the fact that a non-stop barrage of intentional negative reporting by MSM on Trump has not moved his poll numbers much- either way. Such reporting has, if anything, destroyed whatever residual credibility they used to have prior to his election. It is telling that the MSM has remained focused on “collusion”. “Putin” and “Russia” (and now “obstruction of justice”) while ignoring all the other shady and outright illegal stuff which Trump had done- and it is one long list. From making up false valuations for his properties to either get loans or dodge taxes, promoting his DC hotel to earn extra income from foreign countries, having a son-in-law with really shady business dealings, being bought off by MBS and that guy who currently rules UAE to bend all sorts of rules for them and a whole lot more.

My point is that Trump has done enough shady and illegal things to get himself impeached and locked up- but colluding with Russia and Putin is not one of them. It is therefore incredibly stupid for democrats to focus on the one crime of which he is not guilty. Then again, they may be doing so because they are out of ideas and live in a “ivy-league” bubble full of other disconnected and incompetent elites. Either way, these dumbfucks don’t seem to understand or care that the vast majority of voters are far more concerned about whether they can afford whatever passes for healthcare in USA, have a job that pays and is stable enough to keep them going for the next year, whether they can ever afford a half-decent house or car etc. Only a section of primary voters (mostly baby-boomers) give a fuck about the whole Russia-Putin fairytale.

Unfortunately, these accursed boomers are over-represented in democratic primaries. We can therefore expect all the presidential candidates to make increasingly shrill and comic promises about impeaching Trump for “collusion” and “obstruction of justice”- in spite of there being no legally sound evidence for either. This stupid competition to out-hawk each other on this issue is going to eclipse the discussion of other more relevant issues. Eventually, we will reach a point when the public platform for most democratic candidates is centered around Trump- whether it is impeaching him, repeatedly telling us that “he is a bad bad man” and invoking the “norms fairy” aka how things will go back to normal once he is gone. While this might win somebody the primary, it is unlikely to ensure a high turnout in the general election.. like 2016.

More problematically, accusing Trump of the one or two crimes he did not commit (while ignoring the many others he did) makes him look like the victim of an establishment conspiracy. It is not secret than the MSM has no credibility beyond partisan democrats and a few affluent republicans. Harping on fictional crimes, without strong corroborative evidence, is going to further alienate their non-partisan audience and allow Trump to successfully spin his persecution by the MSM as martyrdom. Between this and selecting an establishment hack with little popular support beyond partisan democrats (Biden, McKinsey Buttboy, Harris, Warren), it seems increasingly likely that 2020 will be a replay of the 2016 shitshow- albeit on a much bigger scale.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Jack Donovan
    June 18, 2019 at 2:43 pm

    Hey, uh, guys, it’s not like you haven’t chubby chased yourselves…

    why y’all shaming’ me for those regrettable encounters with Matt Horney ????

  2. MikeCA
    June 18, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    It is possible that starting the impeachment process at least as far as holding hearings to review the evidence, would make Trump more popular, but I doubt it. The best it might do is motivate some part of his base that might forget to vote otherwise.

    Unfortunately, once the pre-impeachment wagon starts, they won’t be able to stop it. Too many partisan voters have been promised something which cannot be delivered.

    It is also possible that holding hearings will make people realize how corrupt Trump actually is. Remember even Steve Bannon described the Trump Tower meeting as treasonous, even though it does not meet the legal definition of treason. If you get all your news from watching FOX, you probably have no idea what the Mueller Report actually says. Holding hearings might get that information through to some people in the right wing media bubble.

    Once again, impeaching the orange buffoon for all his other crimes is very doable. But democrats sold it as as Russia-Putin show and have been doing that for over two years. I have long maintained that nailing the buffoon for his shady real estate deals, tax fraud and violating prohibitions against foreign emolument is straightforward if not sexy.

    It is not true that the Mueller Report found no evidence of “collusion with Russia”. Collusion is not a crime. The Mueller Report looked for evidence of a conspiracy with Russia and did not find enough evidence to bring criminal charges. That does not mean there was no evidence, just not enough. It is also a strong possibility that Trump dangling pardons for Paul Manafort and/or Mike Flynn caused them to lie to Mueller to protect Trump and his family.

    And this is what I am talking about.. you are still focused on something which cannot stand in a court of law. FYI, if it did- Mueller would have provided a detailed indictment by now- especially given how he prosecuted people like Manafort for stuff that is pretty common in DC- just ask the Podestas brothers. The trick is to prosecute the buffoon for charges which can stand in a court of law against somebody with good defense lawyers. And lets face it, there is likely tons of shady and illegal stuff he has done in past (within statute of limitations) and is probably doing right now.

    It is clear that many of Trump’s actions in office meet the definition of obstruction of justice and that alone is grounds to impeach him.

    Say they impeach him in the lower house.. what next? Will the senate plays along? You do realize that there will a long and public trial in the senate. This will translate into tons of free publicity for Trump. Even worse, what if they cannot get enough votes to find him guilty at end of this trial? You do realize that he cannot be tried for those charges again in addition to being found not guilty.

    • doldrom
      June 19, 2019 at 2:58 am

      What do you mean not enough evidence? There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that the Kremlin ever told anybody to fuck with American elections. Don’t start on the click-bait which didn’t target either party but just tried to foster “diviseness” etc. The real troll farms are run by various American agencies, and it is not secret, they have public tenders and ads to recruit people to write the software, etc. There is simply nothing there.
      As for obstruction, there has to be a charge and a legal process before you can start obstructing justice. Impeding investigations is not obstruction unless you tamper with evidence.
      Get over it. Do I support Trump. Absolutely not … the Greatest fool ever.

  3. MikeCA
    June 19, 2019 at 9:59 am

    “And this is what I am talking about.. you are still focused on something which cannot stand in a court of law. FYI, if it did- Mueller would have provided a detailed indictment by now- especially given how he prosecuted people like Manafort for stuff that is pretty common in DC- just ask the Podestas brothers.”

    You have not carefully read the Mueller report or listened to what Mueller said in his one public statement. In plain English what Mueller says is the Department of Justice (DOJ) internally has a policy that DOJ cannot indict a sitting president. If Trump was not protected by that policy we would have indicted him for at least 10 attempts to obstruct justice. The process outlined in the Constitution to deal with this is impeachment. It is up to Congress to look at the evidence in the report and decide whether it justifies impeachment and removal.

    Barr ruled that there was no obstruction apparently without even reading the Mueller report because he believes in extreme interpretations of the unitary executive theory which holds that the president can never obstruct justice because he is the chief law enforcement officer. This basically means the president is above the law.

    However Barr’s ruling is irrelevant to impeachment. Even if you believe the unitary executive and believe that because Trump is president his actions cannot obstruct justice, the constitution says the president can be impeached and removed for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” The authors of the constitution specifically chose this phrase because they were afraid the presidents would find ways of abusing their office that were not technically illegal because no one had thought of making it illegal yet. This phrase was well understood at the time to mean abuse of power.

    “Say they impeach him in the lower house.. what next? Will the senate plays along? You do realize that there will a long and public trial in the senate.”

    Actually, I don’t think there is anything in the constitution that requires the Senate to hold a trial. The Senate could simply ignore an impeachment resolution by the house or simply vote not guilty without hearing any evidence. I don’t think Republicans in the Senate would want a long trial where all the evidence is presented. They are desperately trying to bury the evidence.

    All I can say is.. keep believing whatever makes you happy. On a somewhat different note, here is a post I wrote almost a year ago..


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