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The NRA is Finally Experiencing a Much Needed Membership Revolt

As regular readers know, I have long held the belief that trying to implement “gun control” or ban them is a stupid idea. It is also my opinion that democratic party has an unfortunate obsession with gun control, which will likely cost them the 2020 election. Curiously, I have also said that the NRA, in its current form, does not have a viable future in spite of internet activism against the NRA being counterproductive. At this point, some of you might be confused about what I am trying to say. So let me quickly restate the obvious. Firstly, any attempt at “serious gun control” is unlikely to have any significant effect on incidence of homicide by firearms, largely because violence in any given society is a factor of massive inequality and (often racial) polarization. That is why countries such as Mexico and Brazil have far higher numbers and rates of homicide by guns than USA, while its is very low in others such as Vietnam and India.

Secondly, even though successful suicide attempts accounts for the majority of firearm deaths in USA, banning guns is unlikely to change its incidence. Indeed countries such as Japan and South Korea have far higher rates of suicide than USA, even though both have ridiculously stringent laws against civilian gun ownership. Having said that, the NRA is a dying organization (for more than one reason) and is increasingly at odds with the views of most gun owners in USA today. That organisation, as it exists today, is stuck in the political landscape of 1980s-2000s. But what does that mean? What was so different about those 2-3 decades. Time for a quick history lesson.. the ‘gun control’ movement in USA as we know it today started in the late 1960s in coastal cities and was racist. It reached its peak in the late 1980 and early 1990s and started dying out after the electoral disaster caused by that infamous 1994 bill about “assault weapons”.

The NRA, as we know it today, can be best understood as manufactured opposition to stop anti-gun laws aimed at non-white people from accidentally infringing on the rights of white people. That is also why it supported many “gun control” laws which preferentially disenfranchised non-whites and went along with cosmetic laws that allowed politicians to claim that they were “doing something about guns”. In other words, the NRA was never meant to be an effective organization for defending 2nd amendment rights. And their scam worked for almost three decades, allowing that organisation to grow by increasing its membership. Then a confluence of trends exposed their impotence and growing irrelevance. The first one was decline of the democratic party in non-coastal parts of the country. Once democrats became irrelevant in many non-coastal states, the coastal hardline “gun control” types became far more prominent in that organization.

To make a long story short, the NRA appeared strong for 2-3 decades only because it colluded with both parties. Beginning in the mid-2000s, the national political landscape changed to the point it could get by with republican party support. And ya.. the much diminished democratic party increasingly became the extreme anti-gun rights party. Some of you might have noticed that, during the last decade, NRA increasingly became a mouthpiece for all sorts of economic right-wing bullshit which had little (if anything) to do with gun rights. It also became a bloated organization full of incompetent parasites who used its financial resources to live a cushy lifestyle- not unlike NGOs, most “non-profits”, charities, universities and political parties. This went on for a decade or so and then November 8, 2016 happened.

The election of Trump and the nature of those in the so-called “resistance” (coastal establishment types) caused a renewed push to ban guns among democrats. A few large mass-shootings in the first two years of his presidency did not help things. To make another long story short, a number of events driven by coastal elites and SJWs such as deplatforming gun-rights people on social media, denying them certain banking services, getting chain stores to stop selling ‘scary looking’ guns, banning novelty items such as bump stocks etc exposed the impotence of NRA. While this would have no consequence if the affected people were black or brown, they were not. Add to this internal fights over monetary issues between Wayne LaPierre vs Oliver North and their cronies. It all came at around the same time and made that organization look corrupt and impotent to its membership and many other gun owners.

As a consequence of this, the NRA has been experiencing a pretty serious membership revolt and disengagement over past few months. But coastal liberal idiots should not rejoice. The gun-right organisations which will replace it are going to be much more demanding than the NRA. Even a rebooted NRA will be far more ideologically rigid and unwilling/ unable to compromise than its predecessor. Furthermore, the proliferation of liberal post-modern bullshitters, SJWs and other assorted ‘virtue display’ peddlers in large corporations has actually hardened the resolve of people to defend their gun rights. And all of this is going to play out during 2020 election season, which promises to be quite the shitshow.

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What do you think? Comments?

  1. Jack Donovan
    July 2, 2019 at 9:59 pm

    They should, uh, let us white felons have real guns….

  2. MikeCA
    July 3, 2019 at 3:46 pm

    The NRA use to get a lot of money from gun manufactures. It seemed an important part of the NRA mission was using scare tactics to get its members to buy more guns. In that regard the election of Trump was a disaster. Gun sales have gone down under Trump. Remington was briefly in chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2018.

    It a bit more complicated than that. Lets just say that gun makers were not its principal source of revenue.

    It has become apparent that there was all kinds of graft going on in the NRA when the money was flowing. NRATV is gone, but is anyone going to miss it? I watched a little of it on the web and it looked ridiculous. Someone must have been overcharging the NRA to produce those programs.

    Nobody cared at that time because the status quo was being maintained. The membership revolt started once it became obvious they were unable to maintain it.

    The fundamental problem is fewer and fewer people own guns. Gun sales have continued to grow because the people who do own guns have been buying more and more guns. Since Trump was elected that seems to have slowed down. The NRA is finding it harder to scare people to buy more guns.

    Repeat after me.. the rest of USA is not CA, NY, NJ and MA. I don’t think you appreciate how much gun laws have been relaxed in all those flyover and mid-western states since the early 2000s. Also, the gun-making business has always been cyclic and unstable.

    There recently was a shooting in my local town that never made the national news. A 60 year old man was fired from his job, came back with a gun. He shot and killed his boss and another worker, then committed suicide. According to police reports he owned 12 guns. The man was not working a high paying job. What reason did he have for owning so many guns. Of course he only needed one gun for the shooting.

    Guns in USA = proxy for personal agency. Coastal liberals ignore this at their peril.

  3. Rum
    July 4, 2019 at 5:51 am

    Mike Ca,
    Dude, no offense, but you are not from around here. 12 guns in ones home is not something that would raise an eye-brow where I live. Look on U tube for “Guns in Wyoming” to get a sense of what I mean.
    When BHO was in office and made gun control noises after some atrocity, here is what always happened:
    People stood in line to buy sacthels full of standard (30 round) mags for their AR 15s. They cost ~ 10 USDs each and last forever.
    People bought CM machines for milling crucial parts around which to build untrace-able guns.
    Purchase of primers for reloading was limited to 500 per day per customer.
    Bulk ammo was packaged at the maximum weight an average person could carry out of the store. 9mm – 1000 rds, 5.56mm – 420 rds.

    I assume you get the drift here. The emotions behind this are pretty basic. BTW, it is not just old white guys doing this.
    This really slowed down after DJT won the great meme war. Plus, a lot of people already have more gear than they need for weeks of “use.” But the reasons they gun-up have not gone anywhere.
    The elites are not trusted. The elites are not trusted.

    • ant
      July 5, 2019 at 12:18 pm

      Never too much

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