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New Investigation of Jeffrey Epstein is More Problematic for Democrats

July 8, 2019 7 comments

Over the past few days, many media sites have suddenly started to post long and turgid articles about a reclusive american billionaire known as Jeffrey Epstein. Most focus on two aspects of his life, namely his ‘history’ with underage teen girls and the nature of his fortune. While Epstein’s sexual interest in, and encounters, with teenage girls have been public knowledge since 2008, most of what we knew was based in rumor and hearsay because the non-prosecution agreement his lawyers made with Alexander Acosta, who was district attorney for southern district of Florida in 2008, also sealed the evidence files about that investigation. Consequently, for over a decade mainstream media seldom (if ever) mentioned this case, let alone discuss it in any detail.

It also helped, that Jeffrey Epstein like Harvey Weinstein, had teams of excellent lawyers and knew a lot of powerful and influential people. The list of people who he hung out with reads like a who’s who of american and international political and media figures- such as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz, Charlie Rose, Mike Wallace, Ralph Fiennes, Alec Baldwin, David Blaine, Jimmy Buffett, Ehud Barak, Tony Blair, David Koch and many more. Even more oddly, we still do not understand why so many rich and famous people wanted to party with such a reclusive billionaire, especially since we still don’t understand how he made all that money. And this brings us to the biggest mysteries about Jeffrey did he make all that money?

Epstein was not born into wealth, dropped out of university twice and never finished his degree. According to a recent Bloomberg piece, he initially worked as a tutor at a fancy school, then got a job at Bear Stearns where he rose from entry-level to partner within four years and then left to startup his own wealth management business. And yet he somehow managed to snag a number of long-term billionaire clients. Even though we do not know his exact worth, Epstein owns the most expensive mansion in Manhattan, multiple luxury properties all over USA and Europe, a small island in the Caribbean, a bunch of executive jets and one 727. What makes all of this even stranger is that Epstein’s businesses have almost no public paper trail and it is unlikely he invests in the stock and financial markets like most other rich people or their wealth managers.

Which brings us the next question.. why did so many rich and powerful people hang around and party with him for decades? Was Epstein such a great conversationalist, party host or did he offer them something else in return? While it is tempting to believe that he had enough money to bribe multiple presidents, prime-ministers, famous media figures etc, that is unlikely. Investing money for them or procuring underage teen girls for sex are far better explanations for his popularity with the rich and famous. Maybe a combination of the two? This would also explain why Acosta ended up giving him such a sweet deal in 2008. It is almost certain that somebody as crafty and systematic as Epstein probably has enough photographic and video evidence to put many rich and famous behind bars if they did not exert influence on his behalf.

Also, Epstein (and his acquaintances) were interested in teenage girls, not children. What they were doing wasn’t considered abnormal as late as the 1990s. Lets us now talk the real reason why establishment media is covering something that they largely ignored for over a decade. The short answer is.. Trump. While Acosta might be presented as the target of this expose, you would have be retarded to believe that all this smoke and noise is directed at anyone other than Trump. As many of you know, establishment democrats have gone through over half-a-dozen stupid schemes to get Trump out of office. These range from the ‘Mueller Report’, Stormy Daniels saga, multiple rape accusations to targeting people who work in administration via pressure from other elites. As many of you also know, they have failed and Trump is still in office.

Reopening the case against Epstein is yet another establishment democrat brain-fart which they believe will magically result in impeachment or utter humiliation of Trump. The major problem with this belief is that democrat-leaning coastal elite are very over-represented in Epstein’s black book. To put it another way, people like Bill Clinton and big political honchos from coastal ‘blue’ states are going to in trouble way before the trail of evidence reaches Trump. Furthermore, the effete ivy-league educated leaders of that party have not displayed sufficient ruthlessness and strategic thinking to pull off something like this. Let us not forget that Epstein is a pragmatic person without party loyalties who will throw tons of democrats under the bus if necessary.

To summarize, reopening the case against Jeffrey Epstein was a really dumb move that is far more likely to hurt the political careers of prominent establishment democrats than Trump. Then again, democrats have perfected the art of scoring self goals and shooting themselves in the foot.

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