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Why the El Paso Shooter’s Manifesto is Relevant to Elections in 2020

By now, most of you must have heard that the guy (Patrick Crusius) who shot up a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas posted his short manifesto on multiple social media sites. As regular readers will know, I like to read manifestos of mass killers since they provide an insight into their mind and the society they used to inhabit. For example, Elliot Rodger manifesto and videos gave us a view into the world of hapa male children as well as the social mores of rich white people in SoCal. Anders Breivik’s manifesto gave us an insight into how a rapidly increasing number of white men in some Nordic countries feel about the world around them. Some might want to dismiss these works of literature as the output of a deranged mind, and they are free to do so. But look at how well some manifestos anticipated changes in popular culture before they were obvious.

In the case of Elliot Rodgers aka ‘Supreme Gentleman’, his 2014 manifesto not only shone light on the unspoken racial hierarchy of sexuality in USA but also was the first instance of the general public becoming aware of a growing number of incels within western countries. Since then, many far more “respectable” outlets and “scholars” have repeatedly identified the same drop in sexual activity among young males without a corresponding drop in females of the same age group. Or take Anders Brevik’s manifesto. While he shot up those 69 children in 2011, many of his critiques about unrestricted immigration, mass influx of refugees and the publish backlash against them came true. If you don’t believe me, have a look at how many anti-immigration parties have either come to power or increased their vote share in west-European countries over past 5 years.

In other words, we should not ignore the manifestos of spree killers just because we find their actions icky. And this brings us to the contents of Patrick Crusius’s manifesto. Though short (4 pages long), that document verbalizes some ideas that are highly relevant to the 2020 elections. So what makes a guy who lived in Allen, Texas drive over a thousand km to El Paso for shooting up Hispanics. Also, here is an interesting fact about Allen, Texas.. it has more people of Asian than Hispanic ancestry. Anyway.. now let us talk about the main issues Crusius discusses in his manifesto. According to him, the current set of politicians (both republicans and democrats) want to import Hispanic immigrants in this country on a large scale for working in low-paid jobs and eventually changing the racial demographics of USA.

Democrats and their stooges in the corporate media are now calling it a conspiracy theory, even though they have repeatedly making the exact same claims for over a decade. Here is a book talking about that issue from 2004. The so-called ’emerging democratic majority’ or coalition of the ascendant’ has been masturbatory fantasy for democratic wonks for almost 15 years, which is especially ironic given how poorly they performed at the federal and state level during Obama’s presidency from 2009 to 2016. Despite what some would want to believe, the electoral setbacks suffered by republicans were largely due to fucking up on the ACA. All of which means that part of the ‘white replacement conspiracy’ is the official policy of the democratic, and to a lesser extent, republican party. And I, being non-white, am perfectly OK with that change.

He goes on to talk about issues such as job loss due to automation, outsourcing and competition from immigrants. Again.. his thoughts on these issues are pretty mainstream. He them moves to the issue of the educational credentialism race and how attaining more educational qualifications is becoming worthless as more people get them. He also mentions how corporations require ever more desperate immigrants to work at shitty and poorly paid jobs which american-born people won’t or cannot accept. Again.. most of this is pretty mainstream and also a significant part of the reason why a troll like Trump won against the establishment candidate, aka HRC, in 2016. He then goes off on a screed about how it is all damaging to the environment, which is a common “concern” among white people who want to be racist but cannot do so openly.

There is more in his manifesto such as how he chose guns and ammo, thoughts on race mixing, likely legacy etc. However, the thing which should really concern establishment politicians is how these sentiments, especially the more main-stream socioeconomic concerns are now so widespread that a young guy in some medium-sized city in Texas can effectively summarize them in a couple of pages. It is no secret that, for 90% of its population, life in this country has been a slow downward spiral since 2008. This is the reason Obama got fewer votes in 2012 than 2008 and why he would have lost in 2012 had the republicans selected someone less repulsive than Mitt Romney. Yet even today, establishment democrats spend more time and energy in chasing “RussiaGate” than even attempting to present a better vision of the future to potential voters.

To some extent, this is because the political establishment and elites are too incompetent and intellectually bankrupt to think creatively. But far too many of them also live in a social bubble where regurgitating self-validating bullshit and lies to each other is a way of life. That is why all their attacks on Trump have not decreased his approval ratings below 40-45%, which is where they were when he was elected in late-2016. And yet, after three years of consistent failure, these ivy-league credentialed losers are doubling down on strategies which don’t work. Perhaps, they might want to think a bit more about why the approval ratings for mainstream corporate media are now far lower than the orange troll they are trying to target.

But why do the consents of his manifesto matter for the 2020 elections. Well.. because it shows the depth and spread of hopelessness about the future and disenchantment with status quo. As some of you might remember, Trump was able to exploit these issues to win the presidency in 2016. The reaction to manifesto and shooting by establishment democrats highlights their lack of an alternate vision of the future. It is as if democrats have not learned a single useful thing from their humiliation in 2016. Everything they are doing in the wake of this shooting is a redux of what they have done in the past and failed at miserably (calls for banning guns, more useless and dangerous laws etc). And I am not even going to start talking about the clown car of mostly insipid and phony neoliberal candidates in the ongoing democratic presidential primary.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. P Ray
    August 7, 2019 at 9:21 am

    Reacting in any other way is basically agreeing that the shooter is right.
    And that’s why they won’t react in any other way.

    Politicians hate to admit that voters are right, because then it would mean the politician has spent too much time around the people who didn’t vote for them.

  2. August 7, 2019 at 2:28 pm

    “However, the thing which should really concern establishment politicians is how these sentiments, especially the more main-stream socioeconomic concerns are so widespread that a young guy in some medium-sized city in Texas can effectively summarize them in a couple of pages.”

    Lines like this are why I read this blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. doldrom
    August 7, 2019 at 9:33 pm

    One aspect of such mass killings, as well as the upsurge of terrorist actions, which rarely merits any attention, is the complicity of media attention. Of course the media is just “reporting”, but all such actions lack any goal without the anticipation of media attention. The airplane hijackings by the PLO in the seventies was the first large-scale manipulation of international media attention, enabled by the massive increase in the role of telecommunications in the sixties and seventies. (It was also the moment that the Israelis introduced the term “terrorist” to label Palestinians; before that such people were referred to as insurgents, rebels, freedom fighters, outlaws, whatever). Many people in Europe and even NAmerica did not get TV until the sixties or even later, let alone “third” world countries. In the early sixties airplane travel was for the wealthy; other people took a boat (now known as a cruise ship), because taking a boat for 14 days was a damn sight cheaper! Before the advent of TV-journalism, massacres, coups, and military developments were often reported days or weeks later, if at all. Getting the news out about massacres earlier in the 20th century was no foregone conclusion. Media-coverage is also what changed the Vietnam war, and is the reason barring and controlling journalists is now the first priority for any military actions. Hijackings could not have played out in real time in an earlier era, and were thus a senseless confrontation with overwhelming force from the state in which those take hostage would already have become victims before any stand-off could be reported.

    In other words, such events are in fact a form of public theater organized by the media and the viewing public. Without them, the event would not be happening! It would serve us well to ponder the incentives being put in place instead of the stewing over the ideological excuses offered up the the “perpetrators” who are in fact successfully manipulating our media society.

  4. Robert
    August 7, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    Allen, TX is primarily H-1B visa workers from India. It looks like a shithole based of the large importation of cheap labor from India.

    “He then goes off on a screed about how it is all damaging to the environment, which is a common “concern” among white people who want to be racist but cannot do so openly.”

    What’s exactly racist about that? When you keep importing third world into a country that prides itself about the environment and cleanliness, it’s going to become the elephant in the room.

    Furthermore, if you’re okay with the browning of America, just ask yourself why you don’t live in India, why you immigrated to this country, and what the neighborhoods of predominantly brown people look like…

    • jim
      August 8, 2019 at 1:59 am

      Yep. The browning of America isn’t going to make the place better, It’s a term used by the left hoping to establish a permanent majority made up mainly of low IQ voters easily manipulated and bribed to bring about total government control. My locale spends over $10,000 per a student and they’re shocked that minority students have the highest rates of failure in both math and reading in the entire state. And now claim that they have to change the curriculum to be more inclusive to the students of color. In other words what they’ll do is segregate people based on skin color because they can’t learn at the same rates.

      As far as whites and especially single white males are concerned, all it takes is another nation welcoming them in with incentives and a better culture and we might just witness a mass migration. The exact same thing that the elites are doing here in regards to illegals. After all if you’re all about open borders, you really should have no problem with others leaving for what they perceive for better lives. And this is the kicker, make sure the US can’t tax them overseas. Once that happens, expect the unexpected.

  5. August 8, 2019 at 10:11 am

    Christopher Dorner wrote his manifesto exposing police racism and police corruption – and even championing Bill Cosby’s bullshit “respectability” and “poundcake” speeches. Still, Cosby got his karma due and nobody gives a shit about fixing police corruption. The Democrats act like they have a solution, but it’s yet another horse and pony show.

    You do have a point about how people should pay attention to manifestos, even if you might not like said person and their actions. At the same time, people may mistake you for sympathizing with them. I know several women who had ZERO interest in reading Elliot Rodger’s manifesto and hell, I don’t blame them. They just automatically finalized that incident as someone with an entitlement/martyrdom complex and yet another incident of white sexual insecurity.

    BUT… they don’t take into consideration that he killed more guys than females – and he hated alpha males more than he hated women.

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