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Initial Thoughts on Jeffrey Epstein’s Suicide While Under Suicide Watch

Just over a month ago the mysterious and reclusive billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested in NYC and charged with sex trafficking of minors in Florida and New York. At that time, I wrote a post about my thoughts on Epstein’s interactions with teenage girls. Anyway, there has been a lot of drama since he was re-arrested for something he was initially arrested, convicted in 2008 and released after 13 months of minimal jail time. Yes.. I am aware that it was in Florida, not NYC, but he was effectively charged with the same crime two times. Since then, a bunch of “moralistic” losers who thought his previous sentence was too light were trying to get him charged for those same ‘crimes’ for almost a decade. As you might also know, what Epstein was alleged to have done was no worse than what many famous rockstars did in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

Since Epstein was rearrested and some previously sealed documents were released, the internet speculation mill had been in high gear. The names of his many famous and powerful “friends” who allegedly participated in certain activities on his private island in the Caribbean and various cities in USA had been the subject of discussion in many parts of the internet. These include people such as Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz, Marvin Minsky, Bill Richardson, George Mitchell, Glenn Dubin and many more. One could go further and say that many super-rich people in USA from backgrounds as diverse as finance, business, politics and Hollywood have likely enjoyed the company of under-18 girls supplied by Epstein. And yes.. a rather high percentage belong to a certain minority ethno-religious group.

I was therefore not surprised when, earlier today, the news of Epstein’s suicide in jail while under suicide-watch started making the round on Twitter. It is very clear that too many famous and “powerful” people had a lot to lose if his case went to trial and resulted in the disclosure of even more evidence. In fact, this particular turn of events was predicted by many people on Twitter since the day he was re-arrested in NYC just over a month ago. I am sure many of you have heard theories about how Epstein was an intelligence asst for the Mossad or CIA. Frankly, this is unlikely for a number of reasons from the risk involved in such an operation to the sheer lack of creativity and competence in both those agencies. Yes.. you heard that right.

There is, however, a far more likely alternate explanation for why Epstein was “friends” with so many celebrities who shared his interests. Ever considered the possibility that Epstein operated an enterprise which procured under-18 teenage girls and over-18 but still young attractive girls for his rich and famous friends? These people in turn paid him by providing money for investing, which he likely did in safe and reliable index funds. Since such investments are very safe and perform as well as other targeted strategies over the long-term, his clients were perfectly fine with it. Moreover, their payments to him were perfectly legal and impossible to associate with the real services provided by his enterprise. In other words, Epstein was a pimp who provided a certain type of pussy for his rich “friends” in a manner that was discrete and not risky, for them.

So what do I make of his suicide in jail while on suicide watch? Was it really a suicide? While it is hard to rule out foul play, especially given the stakes for his and famous “friends” if they were exposed further, it still might still technically have been a suicide. Let me explain.. It is possible for his death to be due to suicide, even if the act was strongly encouraged and facilitated by his rich “friends” and their flunkies. Maybe they conveyed to him that he would be prosecuted to the full extent of law and end up in a nasty prison for the rest of his life. Maybe they told him that he would be imminently murdered in jail. So while they technically did not get him murdered to make it look like a suicide, it is still possible that he encouraged and facilitated the act.

What happens next? Nobody knows for sure, but is very likely that Epstein must have put plans to release incriminating information about his “friends” if something was to happen to him. you know.. a dead man’s switch. I would not be surprised if evidence of sexual encounters between under-18 girls and his famous “friends” starts being leaked at random on the internet. We have already seen his apparent suicide being tied to Bill and Hillary Clinton on Twitter. But this is just the beginning of this phase of the Epstein saga. It is going to get more interesting, to put it mildly. Finally let us talk about two stupid clowns associated with the Epstein saga, Alan Dershowitz and Mike Cernovich.

Given his unusually strident but most peculiar denials, Dershowitz almost certainly partook in the services provided by his friend and client. Sooner or later, we are very likely to see independent evidence implicating Dershowitz. As for Sternovich, his desire to be close to this case as well as previous history with PizzaGate, the alt-right, numerous dietary supplements scams and his own history with accusations of rape are very likely to catch up with him- regardless of whoever is paying him right now. His utility to foreign governments and intelligence agencies is over and Cernovich has now become a huge liability rather than an asset. I would not be surprised if some “mentally unstable” person goes after him in the upcoming months. It does not help that Cernovich cannot afford the type of personal security he could have, if he was really rich.

My prediction is that the Epstein saga is not over, and the next few months could be far more interesting than the past one. And ya.. and it is unlikely to end with Epstein’s death. And here is Michael Tracey’ take on Epstein’s “suicide”.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. doldrom
    August 10, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    I disagree. Co-opting politicians by collecting “dirt” is what the intelligence services are all about. Co-opting politicians and journalists. Acosta literally said he was intelligence. He has been so visible for so long, you need a lot of protection to get away with it. The provenance of his money is not as simple as you allege. He had first dibs on a lot of IPOs that made him a ton, meaning inside knowledge and access. I doubt his investment returns and expenses will balance.

    Epstein was too visible an asset, even in the 1980s and 1990s. Unlike what many people, intelligence agencies prefer assets who have a low profile and are largely absent from public view and notoriety.

    But the implication goes much further. Fundamentally it means that there is no such thing as the rule of law in the USA, all the bloviating and TV shows about how the system works to the contrary. Once you have agencies such as the CIA (who spend a lot of money controlling the press and journalists, as has been extensively documented publically and even before the Senate), there is no such thing as democracy. Card carrying politicians need some form of private corruption that makes them vulnerable to blackmail — only then to they get a leg up from the powers that be.

    Of course, there never has been rule of law in USA or any other western country who pretends to be “so much better than all those other countries”. It is just that citizens in certain countries are easier to flatter.

    Read my posts about propaganda..

    Epstein and similar screw ups (Venezuela, chemical attacks in Syria, Skripal) are just some examples of how the people in charge of managing public narratives have been stretching credulity too far, not to start on MH17 or 911. Way too many unbelievable things that could easily be debunked by authorities by providing evidence.

    These screwups have been caused by the proliferation of information to the point where the western establishment can no longer dominate the conversation. Also, it is experiencing an irreversible multi-factor decline.

  2. Shlomo Goldsteinberg
    August 10, 2019 at 6:23 pm

    It was Vladimir Putin that killed poor Jeffrey the Russians are well known anti semites

    People who claim Jeffrey was running a blackmail operation for Mossad are worse than Hitler

    None of this was Jeffrey’s fault, I blame it all on the dirty shiksas, they just can’t keep their hand off us

  3. MikeCA
    August 10, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    The only known client of Jeffrey Epstein’s investment company is Leslie Wexner. Wexner now claims Epstein stole vast sums of money and assets from him. Epstein managed Wener’s affairs for 15 years until his 2006 arrest in Florida. After that they parted ways. Wexner now claims he discovered the “misappropriations” in 2007, but apparently never complained to authorities about it.

    Wexner was his primary source of money until the mid-1990s. But it is clear he had other investors after that.

    Did Epstein ever have any other customers or did he steal all his wealth from Wexner? What does Epstein have on Wexner that he never complained about Epstein after 2007?

    As I said, he likely had other investors. Why else was this guy so popular and well known in the international elite circuit. Wexner, like many other of Epstein’s clients, probably had a taste for 14-16 year old girls.

    Given previous total BS about the Clintons, like the Clinton body count, it is no surprise that people are suggesting with no evidence at all that the Clintons had Epstein bumped off. Just total BS.

    Ya.. it is clear that many other rich people availed themselves of the non-financial services provided by Epstein. Infact, the real question now is which of Epstein’s close “friends” did not avail themselves of those services.

    • Yusef
      September 1, 2019 at 11:46 am

      I’m one of the people alleging the Clintons are involved. No evidence? I know– from how many years ago I can’t remember– hearing of and seeing pictures of Bill Clinton with Epstein. Epstein was considered a close friend and if I remember correctly, hosted Bill on his private island. Epstein was already rumored to be involved in child prostitution and so on, and Bill’s proclivities were well established, as far as I am concerned.

      Actual involvement of Bill even in using Epstein for procurement are based on rumors, and as you might correctly note, rumors are not evidence. What I ask of you here, though, is whether you really believe what either of us might consider hard evidence will be forthcoming, ever, when we are dealing with someone of the enormous power and stature of a former POTUS and one as dirty and low as Bill Clinton. Unlikely, I say. Therefore, I allow myself considerable leniency in my speculations.

      (Clinton met privately with then attorney general Loretta Lynch on a rural airfield during the last P. election campaign and afterwards we learned LL would accept the FBI’s judgments without questioning them. Do we have evidence she was “influenced” by Bill’s “chance” encounter? No, but I allow myself leniency in speculating she was influenced.)

      Epstein was offed in NYC– of the state where nonresident HRC was able to obtain elected office to the US Senate as if a resident. In other words, a place where the Clintons have even more sway than everywhere else, where their sway is crushing already. Also, though, neither does this really count as evidence.

      My opinion is the Clintons had a hand in this, maybe even the leading hand, but Epstein had so many powerful enemies who would rather him dead than alive, we’ll never sort it out or really know in sufficient detail and once again I am confined to idle speculation. I’m still going to idly speculate as I see fit because that’s better than pretending I see and understand nothing at all. Who is really hurt, if it is B.S.? The Clinton’s?….You kidding?

  4. P Ray
    August 10, 2019 at 11:06 pm

    It’s always “an amazing coincidence” that someone who can find young girls willing to have sex with older men, has some kind of power that can bring them money.

    Almost as if sex is a kind of currency, but especially sex with young women is the most valuable.

    Looks like there aren’t a lot of “sapiosexuals” in that class of women … going by the men they didn’t have a problem being around, until those women lost their looks through age.

  5. bonzo
    August 13, 2019 at 8:46 am

    Assuming Epstein had evidence to blackmail powerful people, he would have been a fool not to set things up so that this evidence gets released in event of his untimely demise or overly harsh sentence once convicted. With what you call “dead man’s switch” set up, he just sits back and lets these powerful people figure out how to keep him safe and arrange for a light sentence. There was also the possibility of running to Russia if he had dirt on people in the government.

    I think Epstein did arrange a dead man’s switch, then got depressed in prison and decided to say “just fuck it, I’m out of here”. If the dead man’s switch is under someone’s control, a very well trusted friend, that someone can now engage in blackmail. Doubt Epstein had friends he could trust like that, but maybe.

    • Yusef
      September 1, 2019 at 12:15 pm

      We know about this trick of a Dead Man’s switch and so do the rich and powerful people Epstein might blackmail. It isn’t out of the question, therefore, for these people (or more precisely, the professional assassins commissioned for the job) to make sure they had the dead man’s switch neutralized and out of commission before the hit on Epstein. There’s no trick these pro’s would miss, and the “dead man’s switch” wouldn’t be an exception.

      This was a pro- job. All the elements of a pro- job are here. We don’t know: 1) who did it; 2) precisely how they did it; 3) patsies (the wardens purported to be sleeping, etc.) to take the blame and the fall, all set up in advance, and yet the public will accept they are responsible.

      Nobody with Epstein’s money and background would have been content with one or two dead man’s switches. He probably had multiple ones and over a period of at least 15 years.

      • Yusef
        September 2, 2019 at 9:53 am

        Nobody with Epstein’s money and background would have been content with one or two dead man’s switches. He probably had multiple ones and over a period of at least 15 years.”

        You are undoubtedly correct about this.

        What I am trying to point out is what went on here was a battle between people so unimaginably more powerful than we are it is difficult for us to gauge the fight in terms of what we find plausible or probable. Epstein would have enormous reach and expertise at his disposal, and he would use it skillfully. I simply believe, in the final analysis, the people who took him down– I simply reject suicide– had more power than he did. If it was the Clintons, they’d have access not only to the finest tools of organized crime, but to FBI, CIA, military and ex-military top guns unavailable to Epstein, most likely. It goes without saying NYPD and ancillary law enforcement of NYC is heinously corrupt, always has been, and we’re all crazy now to have forgotten. It’s support would ultimately go to the highest bidder, and Epstein never would have been in an NYC jail if he was the highest bidder at any point.

  1. November 21, 2019 at 6:01 pm

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