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Interesting YouTube Channel: Lindsay Ellis

A few years ago, I came across a YouTube channel about critical analysis of films and TV show. It is likely that some of you might have also heard about Lindsay Ellis or watched a clip or two on her channel. While I don’t agree with a significant minority of her views, she does a pretty good and through analysis of whatever she is talking about. One does not have to agree with every view of another person to appreciate their competence. In any case, she does a much better job than almost every film and TV show review site on YouTube.

Clip #1: The Last of the Game of Thrones Hot Takes is the second in a series of reviews she made about GOT. In my opinion, this one and its previous part are two of the best analysis about GOT and other similar large-budget HBO shows on YouTube. They go into a lot of detail why show like GOT and Westworld start so promisingly only to become sad clusterfucks.

Clip #2: The Hobbit: Battle of Five Studios (Part 2/2) is the second in a three part series about why the Hobbit “trilogy” was such an epic clusterfuck.. and ya, it was due to insatiable greed of, and short-sighted decisions made by beancounters at, big movie studios. I would also highly recommend watching Part I and Part III of this series.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. August 16, 2019 at 6:57 am

    Shit soup.

    The whole concern seems so frivolous, and yet this cluster fuck phenomenon in the entertainment industry may be a reflection, an echo, a metaphorical expression of the culture overall. Notice what an insane cluster fuck all the newest versions of Disney stories are? Disney has recently been telling the same stories as they did in their beginnings, all they have done is taken the old stories and added a lot of twisty turkey soup of insanity to the plots, apparently to make them seem worth re-indulging and resell them juiced up with so much shit. Star Wars is no different.

    The plots and themes of these entertainment stories have lost their “meanings” as they have been drowned and smothered in indignation for the sake of indignation, contest for the sake of contest, suspense for the sake of suspense, tragedy for the sake of tragedy…..etc…. all added in excessive portions piled in on top of each other with no regard to the effect. It is like making insanity soup, a fight between chefs all participating in the same preparation with no recipes and no vision. A confederation of counsel where all talk over each other with no consensus, each wanting only the hear himself or herself. They are compositions that tell no story. An orchestra that can no longer play music, each instrument making sounds bereft of any regard for origin, harmony, melody, or resolution. Noise has replaced melody in the name of profit. The music business is reeling with the same delirium. Profiteers have tried to hijack art and hold it hostage. Creativity itself is organic and cannot be manufactured and commodified. The fruits of creativity itself can be commodified, but not creativity itself. Passion cannot be engineered. Those obsessed with the balance sheet are the bottom feeders of the universe and they have risen to rule. Their stories are not stories at all and have no lessons, no morals, no goals. The profiteers are agents of the cancer of greed and they have invaded to host to consume it. There is nothing to be learned from them. They provide no hope, no lasting impetus. They are meaningless as the culture has “arrived” and now there is nothing more than emotional masturbation. Those selling the most current mediums of emotional masturbation are those currently making profit. The goal is now emotional experience with no vision. Solipsism rules the order, consequently there is no order. The end goal is masturbation with no accomplishments. It is all bullshit for the sake of bullshit. It is as if the culture has arrived in a cul-de-sac beside the sewage treatment plant and cannot find the way back out. The journey has ended and the culture has arrived at the end of the rainbow to discover it marks not a pot of gold but a cauldron of shit soup.

  2. John
    August 18, 2019 at 9:41 pm

    I think the video she did on the whole Nostalgia and why Hollywood keeps making re-makes was great at sort of something along your work:

    I agree.. but there are only so many videos one can embed in a post before it starts affecting loading speed for viewers.

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