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How the Democratic Party Could Lose in 2020 Elections and Beyond: 4

In the previous part of this series, I wrote about how politicians who dutifully recite their allegedly traditional beliefs and pieties can no longer compete with those willing to push beyond previous boundaries of what was considered “routine”, “polite” or “acceptable”. We have reached this point because, over the past four decades, living standards for the vast majority of people have either stagnated or deteriorated. The majority, therefore, no longer feel that a better future is possible. This is why the stale and canned pseudo-populist antics of people such as Reagan40, Clinton42, Bush43, Obama44 and their ilk are no longer sufficient to win elections. Now, we will go into why the current democrat party obsession with “gun control”, “LGTBTQ issues” and other supposedly “woke issues” fashionable with the incestuous and effete “elite” of modern day america.

A couple of years ago, I first wrote about how “wokeness” is largely driven by neoliberals trying to show that they are morally superior to the rest. Since then, we have seen a concerted push by the effete managerial class and every politician who wants to pretend that they too are somehow morally superior to push “solutions” for problems which do not exist. Even worse, in almost all cases their “solutions” either make things worse, cause public backlash and provide ammunition to their equally despicable opponents in the so-called ‘culture wars’. There is a reason why almost everyone in this country, other than those who live in a few exclusive zip codes, see ideas such a “plastic straw ban” or unrealistic fuel consumption guidelines for cars as bad and stupid. And in case you are wondering, the recent proliferation of crossovers in USA has a lot to do with how such automobiles are classified for the purpose of fuel economy standards.

So what does any of this have to with the promotion of electorally disastrous issues such as “gun control”, LGBTQ issues and environmentalism by the democratic party? Well.. a lot. But before we go there, let me clear about a couple of things. While republicans screw their voter-base as much as democrats, they do so without insulting them like the later. Secondly, seemingly unconnected issues promoted by many democrats such as “gun control, LGBTQ issues and environmentalism are closely related, but not for the reasons most of you might have guessed. This is not to say that virtue display has no role in the promotion of such bullshit policies. But while virtue display can explain behaviors such as adopting non-white children, being vegetarian or vegan, driving a Prius and donating to certain charities, it cannot explain the deep obsession of core democrat constituencies with issues such as “gun control” and promotion of LGBTQ.

But what is the difference between adopting a non-white child or going vegetarian and pushing for “gun control” and promoting LGBTQ. Well.. it comes down to doing something yourself versus trying to manipulate of force others to do things your way. For example, almost nobody who has adopted an African child or driven a Prius is forcing you to do the same. But those who allegedly believe in “gun control” and “gender fluidity” want to take away the guns of other people and castrate their children, all in the name of “social progress”. Most of the enduring, and unpopular, hobbyhorses of the democratic party center around top-down control of the lives and behaviors of those “other” people. That is right.. most issues animating the core white constituency of democratic party are about credentialed types and managers trying to control other people.

But to what end? And why are establishment democrats so tone deaf to the unpopularity of their hobby horses. Sure.. focusing on such cultural issues also allows them to ignore real issues such as the desperate need for affordable healthcare, post-secondary education, housing stock etc. Having said that, it mostly comes down to the need to exert power (for its own sake) over other people, not unlike what is presented in George Orwell’s’ 1984. Promoting issues such as “gun control”, “gender fluidity” and environmentalism is about using the framework of a traditional religion to push for its secular equivalent. Did I mention that all religions are about making other people go along with lies and bullshit fairytales to further your control over them.

Religions have another feature that is relevant to this discussion. All the “truths” and “causes” espoused by any given religion cannot be disproved or questioned. This is why establishment democrats who cannot tell the difference between a semi-automatic and select-fire rifle will never change their mind on that subject. It was never about “facts”, “truth” or anything approaching reality. Belief in the righteousness of “gun control” is part of the gospel of coastal american liberalism. Similarly, belief in the validity of “wokeness”, “gender fluidity” and other similar new sacraments of american liberalism has nothing to do with acting in the best interest of other people or children. Do you really think they care if tens of thousands of gender-atypical children get wrongfully castrated and suffer permanent psychological damage because of their beliefs?

Some of you might remember that I recently posted a series about how belief in anthropogenic climate change is a form of secular apocalyptism. In it, I also made the case that the belief in man-made climate change has massive parallels to Catholicism. The part relevant to this post is who benefited from religions such as Catholicism. To make a long story short, the only groups and institutions who really benefit from Catholicism (or any other religion) are the clergy, church, contemporary ruling elites and their stooges. Everyone else suffers necessary deprivation and immiseration. But this, you see, is a central feature of all organized religions- not a bug.

Since we are at almost 1000 words, I will wrap up this post. In the next part, I will go into why support for these liberal causes is going to backfire on democrats during the 2020 elections. Yes.. I am aware that it was supposed to be in this part.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Jack Donova
    September 21, 2019 at 9:08 am

    Looks like the king of soi boise could be one of us:

    He hates you hindu muffins as much as I do. And, if he could get away from those icky wimminz, he could have a great time at the wolves of vineland getting his mangina cleansed if y a know what I mean…

    • P Ray
      September 22, 2019 at 7:06 am

      I like that being a teacher at a private school, he didn’t realise that how he presented himself marked him as a racist.
      (School) teachers are among the dumbest people you can find, and that’s reflected in the graduation rolls, there are certainly more of them qualifying than engineers.

      A handy rule of thumb about whether a society is racist is how many males of your ethnicity are with a local woman – or if even that pairing shows up in advertisements. If it’s a very small percentage, there’s a very good case the society is racist.

  2. Jack Donovan
    September 21, 2019 at 9:17 am

    BTW, could you hindu muffins PLEASE STOP with these racist memes:

    You are hurting’ our recruitment efforts…

  3. doldrom
    September 21, 2019 at 10:34 am

    It is true in general of left wing causes (almost axiomatic) that they are about abstractions and never about the people involved. Since Apartheid was defeated in S Africa, does anybody give a crap about how S Africans are faring? When everybody is up in arms about Vietnamese boat refugees stuck in China or Hong Kong or whatever, does anybody care for the millions of other refugees stuck in camps around the world? Left wing causes never extend to concern for actual people. Up in arms about Assad, but nobody cares that Western sanctions and active interdiction of oil imports are making it impossible for ordinary people to reconstruct their lives, dominated by the need for housing, food, water, and fuel, and not by geo-political checker boards.

  4. doldrom
    September 21, 2019 at 10:36 am

    Problem with your Marxist religion critique (always on the side of self-dealing and the elite) is that their vitality comes from the poor and disenfranchised, who are often quite aware of who is screwing who socially-economically, but apparently too obtuse to extend their perception to the religions they engage in.

  5. bonzo
    September 22, 2019 at 12:19 am

    The masses don’t “believe” in religion. They listen to religion to make themselves feel better (immediate relief) and to learn to accept their fate (long term relief), which is the best people can typically do, since resistance is almost always futile. The fate of the masses today is one of declining standards of living and increasing scarcity.

    Environmentalism, minimalism, feminism, globohomoism, etc are all ways of adapting to the inevitable lean future while feeling virtuous. In this sense they are indeed similiar to Talmudic Judaism (but not old Testament Judaism), medieval Christianity (but not post reformation Catholicism or Protestantism), Islam, post-Vedic Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. The fact that leaders of these religions benefit is incidental, same as benefit to authors and publishers of self-help books is incidental. If religion or self-help books didn’t provide some value to end users, end users wouldn’t consume them. Ruling class is going to benefit one way or another. If the masses meekly obey, as religion and self help books suggest, rulers benefit. Otherwise, rulers have to kill and torture a lot of people to enforce their will and thereby benefit. Easier for everyone the first way, but final result is always the same: rulers get most of the pie and everyone else is at bare subsistence level.

    There are also religions for periods of conquest, plunder and abundance of resources, including for rank and file soldiers among the victors, such as Vedic Hiduism, paganism of the Norse peoples, Greeks and Romans, Old Testament Judaism, Protestantism, post reformation Catholicism. Europeans were expanding from 1492 to sometime in the 1970’s, and masses often did well. Partly expanding from colonialism, partly from industrial revolution. Despair of white masses is because they have not yet adapted to the new age of scarcity. Trump is their last hurrah. Democrats may lose in 2020, but their ideas (all those “ism”s listed above) will eventually triumph.

    • plus d'un cafard
      September 22, 2019 at 7:34 am

      Colonialism cost also a lot to the colonist (logistics, it’s not free). Less than it provides? Maybe. I’d defer to historians to find out, except the humanities have been corrupted long ago. (10 million dead in the Congo! Derp.)

      What value colonialism must definitely have had, though, is as a pressure valve for the adventurous or undesirable to go destabilise other parts of the world. Just that could be worth a lot to a thriving state, that has much to lose.

      No such valve today for whites. Let’s see if the religion of leftism keeps them contained.

  6. plus d'un cafard
    September 22, 2019 at 7:46 am

    Your identification of today’s leftism as a religion is a bit neo-reactionary, which is funny.

    While I agree with your low opinion of popular religion, I keep in mind the hypothesis that religion (or bullshit in general) is what allows civilisation in the first place. Beyond the 150-people tribe, people will stop caring, so you need another mechanism, such as religion. Groups with “civilisation-level” religion conquer the others, and over time the whole system selects for masses of people who surrender the power of their consciousness to religious memes, leaving people like you a bit lonely. Won’t get better I’m afraid.

  7. Mega
    September 22, 2019 at 8:16 pm

    To be more precise, today’s leftist libards aren’t engaging in a “Religion” as we typically know it. It is more precisely defined as a “Cult”, not a “Religion”. And thus the lines are drawn … you are either a member of the Cult or you are not. Trump obviously isn’t a member, which is why they hate him so much. Ditto for Pence, most republicans, most conservatives, and all Christians. If you believe in Christ … pretty hard to believe in the Cult. So all these groups are hated. And you can add Males to the list. Most males know the Cult is nothing but nonsense … so they are hated and persecuted like all the rest … they are not a member of the Cult.

    And this explains the obsession with “virtue signalling” too … they are telling everyone (social media) and demonstrating to everyone that they are … yes, indeed, a member of the Cult because otherwise they might be mis-interpreted as a normal human being and they don’t want that … because they’d be treated with the barrage of hate that they levy on all non-cultists. They know how the hate is dosed out and don’t want that being applied to them, so they draw the lines, make sure the lines include themselves inside the Cult line, and then join in on the hate-fest for everyone else. Typical Cult behavior …

    Defined this way, it starts to make sense. Why they hate you. You’re not a member of their Cult so are non-human and its open season for them to destroy your life and livelihood. And why they want to make sure … THEY are not a target for the same fate.

  8. Someone
    September 23, 2019 at 4:16 am

    For those of in America who actually have to work, what people need to remember that people did not vote for Trump as so much they voted against GOPe and the Democrats.

    At this point, unless Trump does something really stupid, all the he has to do is play back any of the candidates sound bits on guns, immigration, climate change, healthcare, or a number of other issues as a negative campaign ad if the he does any at all on TV. Every Democratic candidate running for president needs to be beaten and drowned in excrement along with the audience members cheering them.

  9. MikeCA
    September 23, 2019 at 10:43 am

    “Since we are at almost 1000 words, I will wrap up this post.”

    Lol. Your contract requires you post 800 words or more? No bonus for going over 1000 words?

    Nope.. most people space out after reading 1000 words.

    You have topped yourself yet again with the amount of total nonsense in this posts. This is just random stream of consciousness right wing nonsense talking points and you never even get to what was suppose to be your point.

    Because it is often important to talk about the context, before going into the subject.

    Instead of spending all your energy attacking Democrats, why don’t you take an honest look at how Trump is tearing the Republican party apart. There are lots of Republicans who realize that Trump is so totally unqualified to be president that he should be removed from office, but none of them dare say that out loud where anyone can hear. Many of them are leaving the Republican party, at least for now.

    Trump is the unfiltered face of the republican party.

    Trump’s great trade war is hitting farmers and rural areas hard. Farmers had spent decades creating export markets for their crops and Trump just wiped those out with his trade war. Where are all the manufacturing jobs the trade war was suppose to be bring back to the USA? Companies are moving manufacturing out of China, but it is going to Vietnam, India and other low cost Asian producers, not to the USA. So the trade war is failing to bring back manufacturing jobs, devastating farmers and big business Republicans are getting worried about how Trump’s erratic behavior, seemingly imposing tariffs on a whim, is disrupting global companies.

    They don’t care because democrats have also screwed them, repeatedly, over in past.

    Trump’s Iran policy is blowing up in his face. He wanted to cancel the Iran nuclear deal because it was Obama’s great foreign policy accomplishment. He canceled it, but has no idea what to do next. He placed crippling sanctions on Iran which are essentially an act or war. Iran responded by attacking Saudi oil production. Trump has no idea what to do now. The failure of his policy is so obvious, even a few Republicans are saying it out loud.

    Belligerent foreign policy, without connection to reality, is bipartisan in DC.

    Polling data also shows that Trump is losing support among white working class women. Trump never had the support of white college educated women, but white working class women voted for him in 2016. It looks like they will not in 2020.

    We still don’t know how things will change between now and election day. Also, remember all those polls done before election day 2016.

    The Trump train is running off the tracks and ripping up the Republican party in the process.

    Trump is not an aberration. He is the the logical culmination of path taken by the modern republican party.

  10. Gp
    September 24, 2019 at 10:02 pm

    Your prediction of Democrats going ahead with impeachment has come true AD. Wow!!

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  2. September 25, 2019 at 11:06 pm

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