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Attempting to Impeach Trump Will be Disastrous for Democratic Party

By now, most of you must have heard about the latest drive by democrats to impeach Trump aka the orange troll. As Michael Tracey posted a few days ago, Ukraine-gate is the perfect extension of the failed ‘Russia’ narrative. In that article he wrote that “if Donald Trump were on the phone with the president of Angola or Singapore appearing to solicit foreign assistance, it would barely register on the outrage meter”. The point being that Ukraine-gate is an inferior surrogate for the “Russia” and “Putin” narrative which democrats have tried to push for the past three years. It is telling that their replacement narrative is a hastily assembled and far shoddier version of “Russia-gate”. Then again, professional politicians in declining post-industrial countries and their famously credentialed flunkies are not known for their ability, competence or imagination.

As many of you have also seen, establishment democrats and their ass-kissers in MSM are busy trying to concoct news of Trump’s imminent impeachment. They seem to under the impression that their repeated and failed attempts to unseat Trump using similar techniques have remained unnoticed by the general public. Or maybe they never heard the famous children’s tale about the boy who cried wolf. I cannot resist pointing out that their attempts to impeach the orange troll using made-up bullshit about his alleged attempts to collude with the current president of Ukraine are especially pathetic, given that there are far more legitimate reasons to impeach him. We can start with how Trump uses his post to increase occupancy at his hotels, his continued support for failing Saudi war against Yemen, using extra-legal means to stop legal immigration etc.

But democrats, in their infinite stupidity, have decided that trying to impeach orange troll based on gossip and hearsay is the hill on which they want to die. So here are some my thoughts and predictions on this topic. I have a feeling that certain readers (MikeCA?) are going to really dislike my take on this doomed venture. And yes.. I think that attempts to impeach Trump based on the manufactured scandal of Ukraine-gate is likely to backfire on democrats during the 2020 election season. But why do I think it is a disastrous idea? Haven’t all the talking heads on cable news told you that Trump will fall, just like Nixon. Then again.. they also told everybody, stupid enough to believe them, that the Mueller report was guaranteed to put Trump behind bars. We all know how that worked out.. don’t we? So without further ado, here are the main reasons why attempts by democrats to impeach Trump is a bad idea.

1] Trump is not Nixon and 2019 is not 1974. You must have come across extensive instances of comparison between Trump and Nixon on cable TV “news” and a couple of national newspapers, for the past three years. Yes.. that is right, many mainstream presstitutes are under the delusion that repeating Trump’s and Nixon’s name in the same sentence will conjure up the legislative and popular will to impeach the former. So let us quickly talk about why Nixon resigned under the threat of impeachment. The main reasons for his resignation were as follows: a] Nixon was widely disliked among his own party because of how many others he had run over to attain power; b] The political establishment needed a fall guy for the humiliating defeat in Vietnam, exposure of secret bombing campaign in Indochina, contemporaneous exposure of many illegal government programs and stagflation; c] But most importantly, Nixon was a creature of the political establishment and lacked significant independent support from voters.

2] Trying to impeach Trump makes him look like victim. In their boneheaded pursuit to avenge the loss of the 2016 presidential election, democrats have achieved the almost impossible feat of making Trump look like the victim to a large percentage of the electorate. Contrary to what ivy-league educated idiots believe, most people aren’t stupid enough to believe politicians. Few believe that Hunter Biden getting 50k per month to serve on a Ukrainian companies board of directors in an area in which he had no previous experience was kosher. The same applies for all the high-paying jobs held by Chelsea Clinton. Nor do they believe that Trump or his progeny are paragons of entrepreneurship and competence. Furthermore, it is common knowledge that american presidents have (especially over past 30-40 years) used their office to push for all sorts of personal favors and gains from domestic corporations and foreign governments. Trump’s behavior is widely seen as the rule, not the exception.

3] Attempts to impeach Trump will overshadow the democratic primary and the general election. As many others have previously pointed out, the shit-show of multiple impeachment hearings and proceedings are guaranteed to overshadow the democratic primary contest to the extent that any of Trump’s tweets is going to garner far more media attention than major electoral promises made by the candidates. Even worse, all candidates will have to join in this madness and spend a good percentage of their public appearances talking about impeachment rather than why they are the better candidate. To make things even more horrible, they will have to deal with a situation where the democrat-controlled house votes to impeach Trump but the senate chooses to keep him in office. Have democrats considered the inevitable fallout from a failed attempt to remove Trump from office and what it will do to the voter-base of both parties?

4] Trump will exploit a failed impeachment and its fallout to the maximum. See.. before the latest democratic brain-fart, Trump did not have much to show for the wild promises he made during the 2016 campaign. His trade war against China was going badly, he was unable to build the wall, the promised manufacturing jobs were not coming back, his policies were inconsistent and a mess, he almost ended up alienating gun owners and much more. In other words, his presidency had been a sad failure for everyone except a few charlatans in his administration. But with impeachment over a made-up controversy looming, the orange troll finally has something approaching a genuine reason as to why he was unable to deliver on his ridiculous promises. He can now credibly claim that he is the target of an “legal” coup perpetrated by establishment politicians and the deep-state. You can bet that he will promote that narrative at every chance.

Might write a followup post to this one, depending on reader responses.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Gern Blanderson
    October 4, 2019 at 9:35 am

    I think the media and the establishment elites need to “get a grip” and calm down. Think about the Trump presidency more rationally. Trump is on his 3rd year so far and the country is doing fine. He is not a disaster. Bill Clinton was a corrupt charlatan president and the country survived. We have been thru this before. The media and establishment are still suffering from PTSD from the 2016 election and can’t seem to get over it. The voters rejected the establishment and therefore they went into hysteria about Trump, and they are on their 3rd year of hysteria!!

    We are too close to the 2020 election and it is too late to spend time on impeaching Trump. The better thing to do would be to calm down and if Trump wins the 2020 elections, the establishment/media will need to accept the fact that American voters do not care about what they think and are irrelevant and that Trump is the real deal.

  2. Jasmyn
    October 4, 2019 at 10:52 am

    You think Trump should be impeached on his promise to what the voters wanted – to target legal immigration? In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Supreme Court agreed with all of Trump’s policies so far including the Travel Ban.
    Immigration is destroying this country both economically & culturally. No other Presidential Candidate is saying anything remotely to curb immigration. Even Bernie Sanders has fallen off that nationalistic angle, and a major reason why he’s not popular anymore – he’s becoming “woke”.

  3. P Ray
    October 4, 2019 at 12:03 pm

    With all the scandals surrounding Trump not succeeding, why don’t they accuse him of:
    1. gay sex
    2. pedophilia
    3. murder?

    You know, when the earlier accusations of rape and treason don’t work, just go with the heavier hitters.

    I mean, sometimes I hope the Terminator movies have that storyline, it is far easier and more efficient nowadays to send someone away or ruin their lives with those accusations.

    • Someone
      October 6, 2019 at 6:53 am

      Well, they did accuse him of paying a Russian prostitute to pea on him.

    • Jack Donovan
      October 10, 2019 at 5:11 pm

      y’know, you guise always ask how did us gay nazi’s get conflated with PUA and the whole man-0-sphere…

      that is quite easy, dude…

      we saw how hard you guise were striking out (or in this guise case, not so hard,teheheee…)

      and realized we could sell you PUgAy….

      See Hayle…

      14 88 …not str8

      Clam Chowder, err white power…

  4. MikeCA
    October 4, 2019 at 4:23 pm

    It is pretty clear at this point what Trump was doing in Ukraine. He was with holding up a military aid package approved by Congress and recommended by the Pentagon in order to extort the new Ukrainian government into starting an investigation of Joe Bidden and his son over charges that everyone knows are false. If the charges were at all credible, Trump could get the FBI to investigate them, but he is leaning on a vulnerable Ukrainian government to try to get them to generate some phony evidence to justify an investigation because the FBI will not (yet) fake evidence to incriminate Trump’s political opponents.

    Isn’t it ironic that it was Biden, not Trump who openly threatened Ukraine with withholding aid unless they fired an inconvenient prospector?

    From the call transcript Trump was also apparently trying to get Ukraine to investigate some crazy, incoherent theories that came out the 4chan swamp and were routed through Russian troll farms into far right news sites. The underlying theme seems to be that the Russians did not try to interfere with the 2016 elections, CrowdStrike faked a report to blame Russia. it was Ukraine that interfered in the 2016 elections to help Clinton!


    How is that any different from other recent presidents? Let us not pretend that Trump is the exception. At best, he is more uncouth and transparently bad than his predecessors.

    Why Trump is trying to extort Ukraine into endorsing wild conspiracy theories to discredit the Mueller report and absolve Russia of blame for interference in the 2016 election? Apparently because he can’t get the FBI to do it.

    And how is that illegal? Stupid.. sure, but illegal? Don’t you remember all the bullshit about WMDs and Saddam in 2002? Was Bush43 impeached for letting his flunkies manufacture evidence to make the case for failed occupation of Iraq?

    Once the news of the whistle-blower complaint started to leak out, Trump just adopted a sure I did all that and there is nothing wrong with it approach. Democrats did not want to impeach Trump. They would much rather see him lose in 2020, but Trump is just flaunting his corruption seemingly daring Democrats to impeach him. At this point Democrats either impeach Trump or the USA will just look like a corrupt banana republic.

    Trump is not the first shamelessly corrupt president. He is just uncouth about it.

    It is unclear to me how impeachment will play out politically. The situation is too dynamic. I do not expect the Republican Senators to break from Trump, so I don’t expect him to be removed. Democrats will get their best shot to showcase exactly how corrupt and incompetent Trump has been. Combined with a slowing economy caused by Trump’s trade war, that may pull Trump down.

    Let us hope so. Though knowing what democrats are capable of, I expect them to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • MikeCA
      October 4, 2019 at 5:56 pm

      “Isn’t it ironic that it was Biden, not Trump who openly threatened Ukraine with withholding aid unless they fired an inconvenient prospector?”

      The prosecutor was not “inconvenient”. He was corrupt and refusing to investigate the company that had put Biden’s son on the board. Biden openly threatened Ukraine because this was official US Government foreign policy as well as EU policy. Trump ordered the aid put on hold and would not explain to Congress or anyone else why, because he was doing it for a corrupt reason.

      “How is that any different from other recent presidents? Let us not pretend that Trump is the exception. At best, he is more uncouth and transparently bad than his predecessors.”

      Bush 43 faked the evidence of WMDs to justify his invasion of Iraq, but invading Iraq was a foreign policy choice, a monumentally stupid choice which shows how monumentally stupid Bush 43 was. This wild conspiracy theory looks a lot more like Russian propaganda.

      “And how is that illegal? Stupid.. sure, but illegal? Don’t you remember all the bullshit about WMDs and Saddam in 2002? Was Bush43 impeached for letting his flunkies manufacture evidence to make the case for failed occupation of Iraq?”

      It may not be illegal, but it strikes me as an abuse of power. Abuses of power are grounds for impeachment even if they are not illegal. The key point is these crazy theories benefit Russia, not the USA.

      “Trump is not the first shamelessly corrupt president. He is just uncouth about it.”

      Trump is by far the most amoral president in modern history. Nixon did lots of dirty stuff, but he knew it was dirty and had to be kept secret. Trump just doesn’t realize what he is doing is wrong.

      • A Texan
        October 6, 2019 at 6:55 am

        So MIke, you are ok with Bill the Rapist transferring missile technology to China? Obama’s many scandals like the Gun Walker where a federal agent was killed by an ATF gun running scam gone wrong?

        I like the fact Trump shoves the leftist crap back in their face.

  5. October 4, 2019 at 5:49 pm

    Both Trump and the Democrats are controlled opposition playing a fake fight to divert the public attention from much more systemic problems:


  6. Conscience Constituent
    October 7, 2019 at 1:19 am

    I miss when you wrote about women over 30 being old hags, now all we get is this garbage and pandering to racist subhumans.
    Never expect to see me again.

  7. October 16, 2019 at 1:20 pm

    Clinton vs Trump / “establishment” vs “outsider” / deep state vs the people / LIEberal vs CONservative narratives are all the same narrative. And…. that narrative has not changed for years. Any rational person with a little common sense can easily figure out that those in power could resolve the apparent conflict this narrative seems to precipitate from relatively quickly. A real power struggle between the apparently opposing “sides” would resolve itself in less time than the narrative has existed and been perpetuated and incessantly inflamed. Certainly, if Clinton had really committed the crimes that “alt right” presstitutes and their “experts” have been reporting, she would have been indicted. Certainly, if Trump had really colluded with the Russians or committed obstruction, he would have been indicted. If not, then why not? If either actually committed such crimes, prevention of their indictments or the issuance of them must be controlled by someone or something. Otherwise, they did not commit the crimes alluded to. But we do have the incessant allusion to both. Do we not? Why? What purpose does this ongoing allusion to, indignant gossip about, and compulsive inflammation of these implied crimes, corruption, and general unethical characteristics serve? Who does this narrative serve and how? If it serves no purpose, or it is nothing more than “politics as usual”, then why is it occurring? Who or whom makes the decision to keep it going, repeating month after month, year after year compulsively and incessantly in the MSM with no resolve? It is a blatant fact that a lot of money, people, time and energy is being used on this narrative, is it not?

    In considering these questions, the only thing available to examine is the mouth piece that incessantly spews the narrative itself; the MSM. The only source of this narrative is the MSM. We cannot be aware of everything behind the mouth piece, it is like what the wizard of Oz projected. We cannot see behind the curtain. Our knowledge of detail control and manipulation of power in this context is almost 100% at the mercy of the mouth piece and the mouth piece is directly connected to those who control power. Control of the MSM has coalesced into the hands of a very few over the past few decades. Although the MSM seems to have divided itself into two “opposing” voices; LIEberal vs CONservative, CNN & MSNBC vs FOX for example, we should examine deeper because things are never as they appear, especially concerning all politics and general social chicanery.

    Let us examine Fox news as one specific example. Before I proceed with this, understand that I am not a LIEberal by any means. I merely point out the following facts about Fox and the rational implications those facts lead us to. I watch all these “news” sources and consider CNN & MSNBC absolutely putridly delusional. However, Fox is no better, but in a different way. Fox for years has advertised itself as “fair” and “balanced”. This self proclamation is blatantly enough to alert any rational person exercising minimal commonsense to know that there is something very wrong with Fox as a “news” source. “Fair”? “balanced”? “Fair” to who, “balanced” between what? Forget the idea that Fox may or may not be “fair and balanced” to anyone. Why SHOULD they be? Think. What is the purpose of journalism? Isn’t journalism logically realistically rationally a process of finding facts and reporting facts? Why, from an HONESTLY journalistic perspective, would the finding or exposure of any fact be considered “fair” or not and “balanced” or not? What HONEST journalist would care? Fair to who? “Balanced” between what imperatives? Wouldn’t an honest journalist be most concerned about honestly reporting all the facts equally? Facts do not make judgements concerning whether the facts themselves are “fair” to anyone or another. They are simply the facts. Reality does not cower to anyone or another’s emotional reactions about reality itself. Reality does not alter itself because anyone gets upset about reality. So why does Fox advertise themselves as being a “fair” and “balanced” news source? If the news is real factual news, then why would anyone be concerned from a journalistic perspective that it may not be “fair” or “balanced” enough? Does Fox highlight some facts and not others because they think that is more “fair” and “balanced” than simply reporting all the facts in equal measure? Which facts does Fox consider more “fair” and “balanced” than other facts? If they are not manipulating their narrative as such, then why the hell are they advertising that they are? Who cares other than those running the news charade? Why and what do they really care about and why do they want us to think what they project? If they don’t care, then why are they projecting it?

  1. October 13, 2019 at 6:14 pm

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