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Why Allegedly ‘Progressive’ Political Parties Keep Losing Elections: 3

December 28, 2019 29 comments

In the previous post of this series, I wrote about why “woke” performative agendas which are so popular among the incestuous classes in charge of LIEbral and “progressive” parties throughout the west have driven the working class vote away from them, and towards right-wing parties. It does not help that these parties, once in power, either continue the right-wing policies of previous administrations or try to “compromise” with them. To make matters worse, leadership of LIEbral and “progressive” parties desperately want bourgeois social respectability and therefore lack the spine or balls to stand up for their beliefs. I also wrote that all their talk about “environment” and “climate change” also ends up alienating working-class voters. Here is why..

Some of you might remember that I had posted a (still to be completed) series about why belief in anthropogenic climate change was a form of secular apocalypticism. The very short version is as follows: belief in man-made climate change is a secular version of Catholicism and like every other religion is about controlling other people to benefit and enrich a few. So why is belief in this secular religion so toxic for the future of LIEbral and “progressive” political parties? More than a few of you must have heard about the Yellow vests movement in France, which is over a year old and has transformed into an anti-neoliberal movement. Do you know what started it? Well.. the neoliberal leaders of France decided to raise taxes on gasoline and diesel to make up for losses from corporate handouts and fulfill “environmental” mandates written by un-elected bureaucrats.

Turns out, that this was the last straw for people living in rural and other non-urban areas of France who had already suffered a multi-decade hollowing of their local economy through “free trade” and other neoliberal scams. This combination of neglect and exploitation of non-urban working class in France is the reason why parties such as the National Front (now National Rally) have a growing electoral presence in that country. Curiously, this is the same dynamic which has bolstered popular support for parties such as AfD in Germany, Freedom Party in Austria, Law and Justice Part in Poland etc. Meanwhile the increasingly impoverished and increasingly non-white urban working class in west European countries face this same problem by turning to ethnic and religious identitarianism in addition to occasional mass car-burnings and other acts of arson.

While corporate “media” in USA does not cover “inconvenient” news from outside USA, a few of you might have heard about recent protests by farmers in Germany, Netherlands, France, Ireland etc. While the list of grievances driving each of these protests is slightly different, the common thread running through these protests is being subject to new capricious laws and regulations written by faceless bureaucrats who have never worked with their hands for a single day in their life. So why are these protests becoming more frequent and larger? Shouldn’t the mechanisms of democracy reduce such conflicts over time? So why isn’t it happening? I am guessing you know the answer, don’t you. Now tell me, why would you expect people who live in rural and non-urban areas whose livelihoods are threatened by “environmental” and other regulations to vote for the very parties pushing for them. Would you vote for somebody bent on destroying your livelihood?

Many LIEbrals try to convince themselves that Trump’s rants against LED light-bulbs, low-flow toilets, windmill farms, EPA regulations for automobiles etc don’t have traction among voters. Anybody who has talked with people without blue-tick marks on Twitter or part of the incestuous circle of establishment LIEbrals will tell you that LEB light-bulbs are far less cost-effectiveness than they promise, low-flow toilets are functionally worse than their predecessors and wind-mill farms are not a reliable source of electricity. They will also tell you that the surge of crossovers in american automobile market has to do with how they are classified by unelected bureaucrats. Or have a look at the level of knowledge about firearms displayed by politicians exposing “anti-gun” policies. Why would you vote for people who are trying to immiserate you, talk down to you and generally make your life harder and worse? Did I mention that they have shown themselves to be not knowledgeable about the topics on which they make decisions.

Do these LIEbrals and “progressive” idiots understand the consequences of people working in coal mining and oil and gas extraction-processing not having a job or livelihood? Why should they trust these incestuous losers who look and talk down to then help them transition to “better” jobs? How has that worked for all those people who lost their livelihoods after their factory was moved to Mexico and China? Hasn’t the impoverishment of flyover states in the past 2-3 decades taught LIEbrals nothing? Haven’t they figured out that the electoral success of the republican party (and right-wing parties in other western countries) in such areas has far more to with the voters feeling abandoned by all those supposedly center-left parties? Do these LIEbral dumbfucks comprehend how much they are hated by people not living the few islands of relative prosperity? Are they even capable? You know that is a rhetorical question.. right?

In the next part of this series, I will go into more detail about how the various tactics used to sell bullshit scams such as “man-made climate change” and other parts of the secular religion known as environmentalism has ended up creating far more skeptics and non-believers than would otherwise be the case. Then again, the credentialed incestuous bunch of losers known as LIEbrals and “progressives” have never shown much ability to empathize with people who do not believe in their bullshit cults. Of course, they increasingly cannot win national elections either..

What do you think? Comments?

NSFW Links: Dec 25, 2019

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These links are NSFW. Will post something more intellectual tomorrow.

Amateur Xmas Cuties: Dec 24, 2019 – Amateur cuties posing with Xmas trees.

Amateur Bedroom Selfies: Dec 25, 2019 – Amateurs talking selfies in their bedrooms.

2D Spanking Art: Dec 25, 2019 – Colored toon art of cuties getting spanked.

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Why Allegedly ‘Progressive’ Political Parties Keep Losing Elections: 2

December 23, 2019 22 comments

In the previous part of this series, I wrote about how the weird focus of ‘leftist’ parties throughout the west has caused their electoral downfall over the past two, and in some cases more, decades. You will be aware that their focus on issues such as gender pronouns, contemporary feminism, identity politics, political correctness, gun control, environmentalism and other issues which most people either don’t care about or actively despise are a significant part of why they keep losing elections. As I also mentioned in that post, LIEbral and other leftist parties stopped caring about the real concerns of the working class many decades ago. But what caused supposedly leftist parties throughout the west to embrace performative ‘wokeness’ decades before that particular term entered our popular lexicon. In other words, why did that trend start?

In my opinion, this shift occurred at around the same time that credentialism became the latest excuse to sustain the lie known as meritocracy. Confused.. see, prior to the 1970s, the cadre of leftist or left-leaning parties came from the real ‘working class’ aka people who actually worked with their hands for a living and had no illusions about being petit bourgeoisie. However most of the cadre of these parties after the 1970s and especially after 1980s came from the credentialed “professional” class. Unlike their working class predecessors who harbored no illusions about the nature of class struggle, most of these credentialed weasels harbored delusions of being just a few steps away from becoming rich or at least petit bourgeoisie. It should be noted that this shift did not occur in just Anglo countries. Indeed, the magnitude of this particular change was larger (if less visible) in other west-European countries such as Scandinavian and Germanic countries

It is therefore not surprising to see that formerly socialist, LIEbral and other left-wing parties in the west are run by people who look the same, talk the same and act the same- irrespective of the countries they claim to represent. But why does any of this matter? After all, don’t these ‘leftist’ parties win elections once in a while and allegedly provide vocal opposition to right-wing parties. Well.. as it turns out in real life, LIEbral and supposedly left-leaning parties in power almost never try to reverse the negative effects of previous right-wing rule. In fact, more often than not they reach an accommodation with right-wing parties to further immiserate the working classes.. all in the name of “pragmatism”. And why wouldn’t they? The top cadre of these LIEbral and left-wing parties don’t perceive themselves as working class. Instead, they see themselves as part of the same “meritocracy” which created extreme socio-economic inequality. But if they are no better than right-wing political parties, why do they lose elections more frequently than them.

It comes down to something the ‘left’ does which the right’ does not- at least when compared to the ‘left’. To put it bluntly, the “enlightened left” in addition to screwing over the working class in cooperation with the ‘right’ repeatedly tries to display its moral superiority to the proles- whose interest it claims to represent. That is why those in LIEbral circles are always chasing the latest opportunity for overt virtue display- whether it is adopting children from Africa, supporting the transgender ideology, pretending to care about intersectional feminism, lecturing about the ‘sins’ of consumption while living large houses, often staffed by desperate immigrant servants and travelling around the world in private airplanes to exclusive resorts. There is a reason why slurs like ‘limousine liberal’ were so effective in 1980s. This is why all those ‘celebrity’ endorsements have virtually no effect on voting patterns and why Trump defeated HRC in 2016.

To make matters worse, if that is even possible, these “enlightened” idiots have managed to antagonize the working class in another way. Ever heard of plastic straw bans in certain cities, trying to ban incandescent lightbulbs, trying to force people to buy often shoddily made and expensive LED bulbs which last for far fewer hours than advertised, forcing people to buy poorly made “environmentally friendly” low-flow toilets, legislating fuel-economy standards that often have the opposite effect, trying to destroy reasonably well-paying jobs in the natural gas and oil industry, trying to destroy what are often the only half-decent jobs in poor coal-mining regions. I could go on and on.. but you get the picture. LIEbrals and left-wing types are busy trying to destroy whatever little joy there is left in lives of working class people- and all of this so they can circle-jerk with their ilk about their “moral superiority” via acts of performative “wokeness”.

Right-wing assholes, with all their malice towards the working class, are not delusional enough to fuck over their voters via such effeminate and passive-aggressive means. And to add insult to injury, let us focus on what these LIEbrals and left-wing types done to improve the lives of the most vulnerable among the working class? Have they been able to reduce the extremely high incarceration rates in USA to any significant degree? Have they been able to resists the growing police-surveillance state in this country? Have they been able to actually improve the lives of undocumented immigrants they claim to love? Have they been able to do anything about the massive de-industrialization of this country over past four decades? Have they done anything substantive to end all those foreign ‘interventions’ aka wars that are costly and unwinnable?

While this critique largely focuses on the numerous public failings of the LIEbral and left-wing political parties and class in USA it is, with some modifications, applicable to similar parties throughout the west. In the next part, I will finally go into why the obsession of LIEbrals and left-wing types with “environmentalism” and “climate change” is likely to further alienate the working class. Then again, LIEbral types are heavily into performative “wokeism” rather than seizing and wielding power for those who elect them. Will also go into how LIEbrals have deliberately ignored the negative effects of corporate consolidation, monopolies and oligopolies on the working class.

What do you think? Comments?

Best Comedy Sketch about Spinsterhood: ‘Cooking For One’ on MadTV

December 21, 2019 1 comment

I have always believed that MadTV was a far better comedy sketch show than SNL, at least in the living memory of most people. Here is one sketch that is both brilliant as well as very politically incorrect. I am willing to bet that this particular sketch would never have been written, let alone aired, nowadays. It is about the on-air breakdown of a chronically single female cooking show host. It is brilliant for many reasons, but especially for how deep it goes into the psyche of single women who are past their prime. Will post something more intellectual tomorrow.

What do you think? Comments?

Why Allegedly ‘Progressive’ Political Parties Keep Losing Elections: 1

December 15, 2019 38 comments

Over the past few days, you might have heard that the Labor party in UK suffered a particularly humiliating electoral defeat in the most recent election in that country. Those who listen to dying lamestream news outlets might try to tell you that this something to do with Jeremy Corbyn and his ‘socialist’ policies. Other paid losers, might want to push the laughably bullshit narrative that this has something to do with the labor party being ‘anti-semitic’ which is now a code word for not giving carte blanche to Zionists. I plan to write, in another post, about the unpleasant blow-back brewing in most countries in response to this particular conflation. But for the moment, let us focus on why Labor lost in this election, but also why it did so well in first post-Brexit election of 2017. That is right.. Labor under Jeremy Corbyn did very well in 2017, but really bad in 2019.

The delusional losers, who constitute a rather large percentage of what passes for left-wing public intellectuals, want to pin the defeat down to anti-Corbyn propaganda by the establishment and its media lapdogs. Except that this was as big an issue in 2017 as in 2019. The few rational types among what now passes for the left have correctly pointed out that in 2019, Labor tried to go “normcore” by promising to hold a second vote which, for all practical purposes, was an attempt to negate the original Brexit vote. In contrast, the 2017 platform of Labor explicitly accepted the will of the people (in England, at least) and simply promised to negotiate withdrawal from the EU on terms which would cause the least disruption to the lives of most people. It is therefore no surprise that they gained votes during 2017 election in traditionally de-industrialized and poorer areas which had voted for Brexit, but then lost those same areas and more in 2019.

But the problems with Labor, and equivalent parties in other western countries go much deeper. The original attraction of people like Corbyn (and Bernie) was that they, unlike the credentialed neoliberal leadership class before them, could relate to the needs and aspirations of common people. Their focus on the problems of class, critiques of economic policies and understanding the needs of average people is what endeared them to their supporters. But that is not the focus of contemporary ‘left- leaning’ parties in the west. Instead, they and their cadre of advisers.. I mean credentialed circle-jerkers, spent most of time addressing “social” issues and taking ideological positions that are either irrelevant to most people or now frequently antagonistic. Confused.. let me explain. Let us start by talking about the support of the credentialed elite of these political parties for the transexual agenda, fake “wokeness” and politically-correct speech.

Tell me something.. in a country where more than half the people are struggling to survive from paycheck to paycheck (both USA and UK), how is supporting thetransexual agenda going to get the majority to support them. This is especially relevant since many people rightly see promotion of that agenda as an attempt to interfere in their personal lives and make them say ‘2+2=5’. How is blind support of the most delusionary parts of white woman feminism a winning strategy when a lot of men (white and non-white) have shitty jobs or often nothing going for them? How is a white guy who has worked in a slew of precarious and poorly paid jobs for his entire working life supposed to be privileged? How many times can you tell men who have lost their house in a divorce that they deserved that fate? How often can you tell men that they are irredeemable sexist pigs? And just how do you expect those who you sneer at, look down and belittle on a daily basis to vote for you come election day?

And it does not get any better when dealing with the ‘working class’. How many of the politicians in the Labor of 2019 (or democrats) actually have a working-class background or some real-life exposure to the realities of that lifestyle? More importantly, how many trace their roots to the petite bourgeoisie and professional types. Do they understand why these “working class’ types are opposed to immigrants who compete for jobs involving manual labor? Calling people racist, stupid and xenophobic because they are not gung-ho about polish or mexican immigrants, without credibly addressing the dismal states of many areas which aren’t parts of a few select prosperous cities is not a recipe for electoral success. Similarly, dismissing ‘working class’ cultural mores as cis-normative patriarchal or the latest “woke” epithet is not likely to win their votes.

To make matters worse, look how easily these parties crumble in the face of fake criticism from elite circle-jerkers. Did Corbyn stand up for all the politicians who had to resign because of clearly fake ‘antisemitism’ charges? Did he ever tell the elite circle-jerkers pushing those lies to just stuff it? Did he ever take a stand against the pushing the trans agenda, even though it is based on lies and will result in the mental scarring and physical mutilation of tens of thousands of kids? Did Labor pay back CONservative propaganda ads and bullshit in the same currency? Why should people trust you to represent their best interests against the rich and multi-national corporations if you can’t event stand up to a few vocal peddlers of the trans ideology? Why should voters trust political parties that do not really like them, cannot stand up for themselves and fight with one hand tied behind their back- all of which they are allegedly doing to restore the system.

See.. the thing is, the vast majority of people understand that the current system is shitty and incapable of substantive reform. They just want to burn down the whole thing and will go along with whoever promises that particular course of action. That is why Trump won in 2016 here and CONservatives in 2019 in UK. The problem with people like Corbyn and Sanders is that, though they understand public sentiments, they still want to save the system. Which is why both enter into compromises with people and vocal minorities who should instead should be subject to public ridicule. Treating political opponents with kids gloves, trying to maintain civility, bowing to whims of SJWs and worrying about your ideological legacy is how you lose to people such as Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. In the next part, I will go into why all that progressive talk about the “environment” and “climate change” is further alienating them from most voters.

What do you think? Comments?

NSFW Links: Dec 12, 2019

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These links are NSFW. Will post something more intellectual tomorrow.

Amateur Pierced Selfies: Nov 27, 2019 – Amateur cuties with piercings taking selfies.

Amateur Cuties on the Bed: Nov 30, 2019 – Slim amateur cuties posing assup on the bed.

Busty Amateur Selfies: Dec 7, 2019 – Busty amateur cuties taking selfies.

2D Spanking Toons: Dec 12, 2019 – 2D art of spanked cuties.

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Future of One Ethno-Religious Group in USA is Not Looking Bright: 2

December 11, 2019 26 comments

In the previous part of this series, I made an observation that the general public perception of a certain ethno-religious minority in this country has gone down rather considerably over the past decade. More troublingly, this trend shows no sign of stopping, let alone reversing. While some of the reasons for this trend are secular (connection to neoliberalism and performative “wokeism”), other reasons are.. should we say.. a bit more self-inflicted. Ok.. more than a few of reasons are self-inflicted. And yes, some are intimately associated with the historical trajectory of this group. Isn’t this going to be an interesting series..

3] Obsession with control of public image, over longer timespans, is counterproductive. While it is perfectly understandable that organisations such as the ADL etc arose in 20th century, especially given the very real social discrimination against said group- we no longer live in 1913, 1933, 1945 or even 1979. Unless you are talking about some very isolated parts of flyover states, discrimination against this group in any manner is virtually nonexistent throughout this country. Now this does not imply that everyone loves them, but they are not actively hated, shunned and despised like they often used to be prior to end of WW2. In other words, they are no more hated or disliked than anybody who openly profess their Italian, Irish, Greek or another ethnic European ancestry. In fact, lilly-white Mormons are seen as more weirder than this group.

The vastly improved public acceptance of said group in this country after WW2 has, however, not translated into them being more comfortable in their skin. So what do I mean by that? Well.. even though membership of the Mafia never accounted for than a tiny percentage of Italian-Americans, there is no shortage of movies and TV shows in which they are depicted as mobsters. Curiously, the vast majority of modern Italian-Americans are not especially offended by such movies or TV shows. How many movies or TV shows have you seen in which a stereotypically Jewish person is depicted in a less-than-favorable manner, you know.. like Italian-Americans being depicted as mobsters. Some might say that it has to do with history.

Well.. let us talk about history. Aforementioned group cannot claim that it was the only group subject to genocide in modern times. Apart from what happened to the native inhabitants of the Americas and Australia, a number of other groups such as Armenians, Assyrian and Romani can make almost identical claims. And let us not forget that Generalplan Ost, if successful, would have resulted in the deaths of tens of millions (more) in Slavic countries. Did I mention that they too were targeted because of racial and ethic considerations. My point is that, in this day and age, the attempts of one group to keep claiming monopoly over past suffering due to racial or ethnic considerations is a bit odd- especially when most of its members have done pretty well for themselves. Doing so, ends up making one look like an imposter.

4] Religion, and Nationalism, is a bad mix. The other 800-pound gorilla in the room is how this religion has mixed with nationalism in a certain part of the Middle-East. After WW2, a part of this group decided to go all out and claim a piece of land in that region based on their scriptures. In hindsight, we can understand why so many did not want to be in continental Europe after what occurred there between 1993-1945. It just so happened that the borders in that region as drawn by western colonial powers after 1918 were a recipe for perpetual conflict. In any case, the state for the “chosen” people got itself off the ground and for the first 2-3 decades (of its existence) it seemed as if that country would end up resembling another European country- albeit in an unusual geographical location. But reality has a mind of its own..

Since the 1980s, this country has increasingly come to resemble its geographical neighbors. What started out as a quasi-socialist liberal state has now become a garrison reactionary state run by people who sound a lot like the very people their ancestors escaped from. As Nietzsche wrote.. “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” I am NOT saying they have finally become exactly what their ancestors feared. For example- the Nazis clearly had way more photogenic uniforms and were very open about their plans for lebensraum. But the train of history is clearly moving in that general direction. But why does this matter to us?

Well.. because the past two decades have also seen very vigorous attempts in this country to conflate the religion (Judaism) with the nationalist ideology (Zionism). What makes this especially problematic is that the country in question is also trying to start numerous wars in that region and somehow suck this country into them. It does not take a genius to figure out that a large war in the Middle-East (say.. with Iran) which cannot be won in a decisive manner, in addition to causing a large bunch of undesirable global downstream effects, will be rather unpopular in this country. While the politicians in this country are beholden to organisations such as AIPAC and many pro-Israel billionaires, it remains to be seem how they will behave once those positions become unsustainable with their constituents. And this situation might be reached much sooner than any of us would prefer.

In the upcoming part of this series, I will write more about why conflating religio-cultural identity with nationalism has a tendency to end badly and why the secondary and tertiary downstream effects of such a disaster are much bigger than most people realize or want to believe.

What do you think? Comments?

Future of One Ethno-Religious Group in USA is Not Looking Bright: 1

December 8, 2019 12 comments

Let me begin by saying that I have a feeling this post is going to get more than its fair share of comments. With that out of the way, let me state an observation I made a few years ago. The general public perception of, and good-will towards, a certain ethno-religious group in USA has really gone down over the past decade. More worryingly, for them, this decline shows no sign of slowing down- nor does it appear to have reached even a temporary floor. Just so that all of you know, I was not born into any monotheistic religion nor do I believe in any other religion, be it traditional or secular. Furthermore, I have worked with many people belonging to this specific ethno-religious group throughout my career and don’t have an especially negative or positive opinion about them. In other words, I have no dog in this fight.

With that in mind, let us finally get into this rather controversial topic. But before going there, it is important to understand that the vast majority of this group aren’t rich or powerful- with most being somewhere between middle-class and upper-middle class. But for reasons, historical and contemporary, the majority of this group ends up being seen as no different from their own rich and increasingly disliked minority. My point is that this association is now increasingly having negative consequences for their overall public image and this will, sooner or later, find its way into real life- especially if the average quality of life in countries such as USA keeps going down. To understand what I am talking about, you might want to brush up on your European history, and not just the part between 1933-1945. Moreover, the causes behind this current trend are multi-factorial and have a lot with do with how things worked out after 1945, especially in USA.

1] The public has lost faith in neoliberalism and its institutions. Oddly enough, the most important reason for the increasingly negative public perception of this group is accidental. As I have often hinted in many of my previous posts, the past twenty years have become the two “lost”decades for most people in this country. And yes, there are many culprits- ranging from deindustrialization, loss of stable jobs and careers, negative effects of unchecked corporate monopolization. However the top 10-20% (not just the top 1%) have done OK during this period. It just so happens that the top 10-20% have a noticeably higher percentage of aforementioned group. Now this was not a problem during the period between 1945-2001.. you know, when the economy was kinda working for most people. But it becomes rather hard to ignore when the economy has not worked for most people for past twenty years.

To make matters worse, the managerial class of this country (both middle and upper) who are most closely associated with laying off people, closing factories, running hostile HR departments also contain a noticeably high percentage of this group. The occupations and professions which people most closely associate with their immiseration often unfortunately have a hard to ignore percentage of said group. Furthermore, professions which have preserved their income via cartel formation (doctors, dentists etc) or through closed-off private ‘clubs’ (large law firms, investment banking etc) also have a rather noticeable percentage of this group. Once again, none of this would have mattered if the economy was working for most people- but it isn’t! And it gets worse..

The academic defense of neoliberal economic policies in USA, is conducted by paid credentialed “academics”, “scholars”, “experts” and other assorted intellectuals. Once again, a rather large percentage of the more famous intellectual defenders of neoliberalism unfortunately belong to this group. To be clear, I am not suggesting that the majority of people from this group subscribe to neoliberalism. Indeed, there is good evidence that a fair number of them do actively oppose neoliberalism. However, in the minds of the public, the imposition and defense of neoliberal economic policies (aka their immiseration) is now associated with this group- significantly more so than others. This was not always the case. In fact, during a good part of the last century this group produced many famous people who preached in defense of socialism, justice and equality.

2] Greatly increased insularity and living in social, cultural bubbles is not helpful. One of the many effects of the neoliberal transformation of USA in past forty years has been the vastly increased levels of intellectual and political and polarization. We all know that people living in affluent areas and suburbs of coastal cities have vastly different views on a number of topics from their counterparts living in less affluent parts of the same state. It only gets worse when you start comparing the social and cultural bubbles of those living in affluent coastal zip-codes with their counterparts in some city or large town in the ‘flyover’ states. I have made this point in a number of recent posts such as link 1, link 2 and link 3. The educational and geographical concentration of aforementioned group result in them taking stances on many issues (gun control, SJW-ism and other “woke” performative behavior etc) which are at odds with most people in this country.

To make matters worse, supporting fashionable “woke” fads, trends and behaviors while also been seen as the human face of neoliberal immiseration makes one look especially hypocritical, fake and well.. despicable. Once again, other affluent whites of various European ancestries who are credentialed in the same institutions and living in same zip-codes also inhabit the same social bubble. However the lack of a distinctive last name or ancestry shields them from being subject to the same degree of public contempt. There is a reason why the alt-right has been so successful at labeling the coastal elite as rootless cosmopolitans with no real connection to this country. And there is a reason that this trend gathered steam after 2010. In future posts of this series, I will go into how connecting one’s religious identity to a particular country and embracing a strident version of race-based nationalism is not a good idea as well as being deeply ironic.

What do you think? Comments?

Assorted Joe Rogan Show Clips: Jeffrey Epstein Did Not Kill Himself..

December 6, 2019 Leave a comment

By now, most of you have heard some version of the “Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself” meme. I myself recently posted a video showing a Senator making that point at Judiciary Committee oversight hearing. Over the past few weeks, I noticed that Joe Rogan is repeatedly bringing up this topic with multiple guests on his show. Here are a couple of clips..

Clip # 1: from JRE #1386 w/Matt Taibbi

Clip # 2: from JRE #1394 w/Matt Farah

and here are a couple more

Clip # 3: from JRE #1390 w/Tim Dillon

Clip # 4: from JRE MMA SHOW #82 w/Israel Adesanya

What do you think? Comments?

Overview on Inter-Racial Relationships Over the Past Twenty Years: 2

December 4, 2019 30 comments

In the previous post of this series, I pointed out that changes in the racial demography of western countries has had little effect on patterns of inter-racial dating and relationships. In many larger cities, the percentage of non-whites among the 25-and-under age group has already crossed the halfway mark. Yet, the percentage of inter-racial relationships (adjusted for population numbers) has hardly budged from levels seen twenty years ago. Also, the patterns of such relationships has not changed over the same timespan. While the comments section in my previous post is full of ‘explanations’ for this state of affairs, it is clear that too many are not willing to accept the most obvious and logical explanation aka majority of whites still deluding themselves into thinking they are somehow inherently special.

It is hard to teach new tricks to an old dog, especially when those old tricks have became part of its identity. So in this part, we will talk about how this behavior manifests itself in tragically comic ways. I am sure you must have heard about how data from dating apps and sites consistently shows that almost all women in the declining west want men who look like models. While I am not denying this fact, few of these studies talk about what women will settle for. This is a very important, but often ignored, issue since most women do not get their super-hot guy.. even for a one-night stand. So what kind of guy do these women end up with once they fail to get their model guy? More tellingly, a shlubby white guy is still far more likely to end up in a relationship with a women (white or Asian) than a non-white guy without major cosmetic issues.

Do you see what I am getting at? If patterns in interracial relationships had actually changed over past twenty years, we would have start to see as many average non-white men in interracial relationships as their female equivalents. However, this is not the case even in the so-called “LIEbral” coastal regions of this continent. A few (MikeCA?) might want you to believe that this has something to do with these men eschewing such relationships for some esoteric “cultural” reasons. But is that really so? Are men of any ethnicity and ancestry that different from each other? Men want pussy, preferably not ugly but are quite willing to overlook mediocrity in women. Most men will settle for a ‘5’ if they don’t have better options- unless she is a horrible person.

But what makes this lack of change in patterns of inter-racial dating even more hilarious is how all of this is brushed aside our age of fake “wokeness” and “diversity”. You are far more likely to hear, read and see some story of a “non-binary drag clown” reading LGBTQ-heavy stories to 6-year old children in a public library than about the lack of change in patterns of interracial dating over past two decades- though the later has a far larger sociological relevance than the former. Heck.. a male feminist (white, of course) who cuts his junk to stimulate bleeding like a woman and labels himself non-binary gets far more media coverage than an issue which has infinitely greater relevance to the future of that society. Why do non-issues represented by attention-whores (almost always white) get so much traction in the lamestream media and on internet.

While I have much more to say about this sub-topic in upcoming parts of this series, we will now move on another related issue. Have any of you wondered what will happen to societies which cannot address this problem? Once again, some of you (MikeCA?) might want to believe that lack of interracial dating and relationships will have no worthwhile effect on those societies. My opinions, as you all know, are rather different. Having read enough history, I have yet to come across examples of societies which had taboos against inter-ethnic and inter-group relationships and still remained functional over any significant period of time. In fact, I wrote a whole series about how the caste or jati system in India was so damaging to that society. To make another long story short, societies with seriously siloed patterns of marriage and relationships are highly fragmented and dysfunctional because of the complete lack of a shared identity.

Racial siloing of relationships “worked” in the west between the 1960-1990s because, during that period, non-whites in those countries were an absolute minority who could be ignored to bullied to accept the status quo. But as we know, the racial composition of people in younger age-groups is now rather different from what it was- even in the 1990s. Now tell me something, why would non-whites whose relationship and dating pool is restricted to their co-ethnics give a shit about the fate of the societies they lived in- even if they were born in them. And this is not a trivial question.. especially as idiots such as Trump are increasing the level of racial polarization.

To be clear, I am not predicting a series of increasingly violent confrontations- though that does remain a possibility. It is however very likely that such racial siloing will create increasingly dysfunctional societies centered around racial identity politics in which not much gets done and everybody pretends to be polite to each other while planning to screw other those who not part of their group. Think of how things work (or don’t work) In India and replace ‘jati’ with race. The funny thing is you are actually starting to see the beginnings of this phenomenon in places like coastal California and New York. Then again, people deserve what they get especially when they have worked so hard to (often unintentionally) ensure that outcome.

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