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Very Quick Thoughts on Trump’s Latest Idiotic Move in the Middle-East

Trump is finally on his way to becoming the most disastrous president in contemporary american history. In case you are wondering, until yesterday Trump hadn’t done the one thing which would make him a bigger fuckup than Bush43 aka starting a new war in the Middle-East. It seems that he has crossed that barrier, in a manner that basically guarantees that outcome. I, for one, am happy that Trump has chosen his true destiny- as the dummy who presides over the implosion of a slowly dying empire. While I have much more to say on this topic, here a few older posts to tide you over till tomorrow. Also, things could change a lot between now and tomorrow.

Some Thoughts on How a War Between Iran and ‘USA’ Might Unfold

The ideal situation, as far as Iran is concerned, is for USA to attack it without significant preparation (troops on ground) and not expect a serious response. But once they do attack Iran, expect it to systematically target and destroy Saudi and UAE ports, oil storage installations, pipelines, desalination plants, brine-pumping plants etc. Iran wants to cause enough damage to shut down the oil output of those countries for at least a few months. And they have enough cruise and ballistic missiles with the requisite range and accuracy to pull that off.

It goes without saying that such a large-scale but unconventional attack across neighboring countries would cause mass panic and result in the abrupt departure of many ruling families- in addition to yet another refugee crisis. The perceived inability of USA to protect the interests of their local stooges will further damage whatever residual credibility it still has in that region. To summarize, given available options and capabilities, Iran is likely to rapidly exacerbate war with USA, by going after its oil-producing client states in that region.

On the Inevitability of Iran Acquiring Nuclear Weapons Within 5 Years

The thing is.. one faction in the Iranian government was extra-greedy and thought it could make tons of money by using the nuclear program as a bargaining chip. And that was the case- at least in the short run. Of course, they did not anticipate a weak, greedy and stupid man such as Trump to be elected in 2016. And mark my words, Trump will be the reason why Iran finally ends up developing, testing and deploying nukes. The orange buffoon with a Zionist son-in-law and Bush43 administration rejects such as Pompeo and Bolton, thought that he could do what Bush43 also thought he could but failed miserably.

DPRK, under KJU, has demonstrated the inexorable impotence of the dying west. He has also shown that negotiating from a position of open and obvious strength is the only realistic way to deal with the senile west and its delusions of past grandeur. Until 2016, Iran had (for reasons largely linked to monetary gains) played by the decrepit West’s rules- which did not ultimately get them what they wanted. Now their leaders can no longer pretend it was a good deal. Regardless of whether there is any military action against Iran in near future, it is now almost inevitable that Iran will develop, test and deploy nukes within next five years.

2019 and 2020 Will be Much Bigger Shitshows than 2015 and 2016

Let us start by talking about Iran or more precisely how his stupid policy towards that country has the potential to backfire in a spectacularly disastrous manner. It is no secret that idiots such as Pompeo and Bolton, urged on by Zionists and Saudis, are trying to start a war. What they don’t understand, or are willing to understand, is that any war with Iran in addition being unwinnable would make the Iraq misadventure look like quaint in comparison. The outcome of such a war would include Iran finally developing nuclear weapons (perhaps with Chinese assistance), prolonged and massive oil shortages with resultant price hikes and many other bad long-term effects (on USA).

Moving on.. Kim Jon-un has repeatedly conveyed to USA that unless economic sanctions are at least partially removed by end of 2019, he will restart testing ICBMs. My guess is that DPRK will demonstrate an entirely solid-fueled ICBM in early 2020, unless Trump and the idiots running “foreign policy” in USA openly abandon the idea of DPRK giving up its nukes and ICBMS- because the later ain’t going to happen. Which means that sometime in 2020, Trump will have to decide on how to respond to new ICBM and perhaps even nuclear tests by DPRK. To make matters even more interesting, this escalation will likely occur around the same time as Iran is likely to finally leave the JCPOA and restart its uranium enrichment program at maximum capacity.

There are Two Pathways for Trump’s Presidency to Implode in Real-Life

Let us, now, talk about the consequences of new wars. As many of you know, Saudi Barbaria and that Zionist state want Uncle Sam to fight full-scale wars against Iran and Syria. Of course, they don’t care about consequences and outcomes of such wars or the monetary costs of these misadventures- or maybe, they have not thought through these issues carefully. Regardless, both potential conflicts are highly problematic- albeit for different reasons. Iran is far larger, much more united and way more populous than Iraq. Imagine invading a country that makes most of its own weapons, is about 1/5 th the size of USA and about 1/4 th the population. Did I mention that they fought a pretty long war with heavy casualties for eight years?

But.. but.. wouldn’t “superior” american airpower decimate their air-force or something like that? Well.. have a look at the location of that country and the major route for global oil transport. Do you really think that USA can keep the strait of Hormuz open- even if they had three aircraft carrier groups stationed next to that bottleneck? Did I mention they have tons of good anti-ship missiles, not to mention other means of disrupting oil transport directly. Then there is the issue of what their less-official forces might do with missiles to oil storage hubs on coast of Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries. Remember that they do not have to be especially effective to disrupt global flow of oil and send prices through the roof. Who wants to pay 300-400$ per barrel of oil?

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Uri Katsav
    January 2, 2020 at 10:28 pm

    Iranians are very cold and intelligent players. They will give Mr MAGA a response he didn’t expect it.

  2. orson
    January 3, 2020 at 12:08 am

    I dont think there will be any significant repercussions for the US. It can sustain a war of attrition from distance with very little military personel involved for decades. Iran basically would have to fight a ghost enemy who operates from another continent and strikes targets at will.
    I agree thought it will fuck up the region, raise oil prices and create new wave of refugees towards europe.

  3. Cheers
    January 3, 2020 at 6:16 am

    Where & when does Israel (nuclear capable) take preemptive military action against Iran in your analysis?

    It seems inevitable.

    A few years before they themselves cease to exist..

    • doldrom
      January 3, 2020 at 8:20 am

      Never, if they think it through. Any sympathy for the Holocaust narrative and the Jews as eternal victims would vanish with the mushroom cloud, not to mention the possibility of global nuclear exchange. The call of Muslims to nuke Israel would remain for generations. How large is the areal of Israel? It would be suicide sooner or later.

      I know, but they are delusional enough to think they are ‘clever’ enough to get away with it. That is what makes this possibility so darkly comic.

      • January 5, 2020 at 4:49 pm

        The Jewish eternal victim narrative itself is their eternal call to their own destruction. It is like a wounded rabbit call in the wilderness attracting all predators and scavengers. It draws attention to them which becomes ultimately very negative. Anyone studying their history has to wonder why they have been persecuted through out it and wonder why they have been kicked out of every country on earth. Yet they continue to project victimhood as their badge of honor, even going to the extent to explicitly tell you they are superior in intelligence because their persecution has distilled out the best of them and their pool of genes is therefore superior to all others. “White supremacy” is in fact a projection of theirs on to any person who does not agree with their agendas and Jewish supremist mentality. There are far more Jewish supremists than “white supremists”.

  4. Shlomo Goldsteinberg
    January 3, 2020 at 11:35 am

    Iran and its terrorist regime is a threat to the United States and it people, Trump needs to crush the evil terrorists before they attack again

    • January 5, 2020 at 4:57 pm

      Explain to everyone how USA devolved from a nation formed to allow the most amount of freedom possible for its citizens into a nation committing murder for Jewish interests? Did it begin about 100 years after the declaration of US independence when the statue of liberty was defaced with Jewish graffiti inviting all parasites on the globe to come to USA? Is USA the newest sucker nation for a 5000 year old neurotic bullshit superstitious regime?

  1. January 3, 2020 at 6:08 pm
  2. January 12, 2020 at 7:13 pm
  3. January 16, 2020 at 6:40 pm

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