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Interesting Plotholes with Comic Potential in ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker

In the past, I have written a couple of posts about the novel ‘Dracula’- specifically concerning location of Poenari Castle and how HBO or Netflix should make a miniseries consisting of a faithful adaption of the original material. This post is about something a bit different- specifically, all the plotholes within that novel which have potential for comedy or an alternative retelling. As you will see, there is much in that story which could be spun either way..

1] The book does not contain any reference to the presence of a washroom or receptacles for that purpose. In the 1890s (when it was set) such facilities or receptacles were maintained and cleaned by servants. So what was going on at Castle Dracula? Was the Count also cleaning and emptying Harker’s chamber pots? Does anybody see the comic potential in this plothole?

2] How does the Count get his hands on fresh food, especially meat, to cook for Harker? This is especially relevant since the novel is set in an era when domestic refrigeration was basically nonexistent, especially in a remote corner of what is present-day Romania. So did he have to trade with people in surrounding villages or did he just take whatever he needed?

3] In the novel, there is a period between 31st May and 17th June, when the Count seems to to have taken away Harker’s diary and other writing material. So, did Harker ever ask Dracula about that incident. Also, was there more writing material in the castle library? And on what material did he write the entry for 31st May? An interesting plothole.. isn’t it?

4] How did Dracula get the idea of moving to London in the late 1890s? What stopped him from doing so at a previous date? Also, why did he choose London rather than another large European city such as Vienna or Paris? And why stop at Europe. why did he not choose New York or some other large city in the Americas? Would make an interesting alternative storyline.

5] If Dracula has to interact with humans to get food for Harker, books, magazines, newspapers etc.. why didn’t he get somebody to periodically clean and repair his castle. The guy certainly had more than enough money and self-control to not kill the help. Or even better.. why not do it himself or get his three useless vampire-wives to do it for him? Has comedy potential..

6] What did Dracula do for all the centuries before he decided to move to London? Did he not get bored of going through the same dammed routine every single day? Given that Dracula, even in the novel, is not a mindless killer.. how did he entertain himself? Yes, I am aware that he had a library, but wouldn’t a man of action (even if he was undead) feel cooped up in that old castle?

7] Given that the three female vampires in the novel are just insufferable as living women, what was the dynamics of the relationship between them and Dracula? Why didn’t Dracula just get rid of them and pay for female sexual company. Face it, there were lot of poor and attractive living women in the nearby town and villages who would have sex with a vampire for the right price.

Can you think of any more potential plotholes in that novel?

What do you think? Comments?

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  2. January 22, 2020 at 5:29 pm

    Would the Gypsies and the Slovaks mentioned in the novel, who do other tasks for the Count, fill in plot holes #1 and #2 ?

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