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Thoughts on Recent Developments in the 2020 Democratic Primaries: 2

In the previous post of this series, I wrote about the ongoing shitshow of Iowa’s 2020 democratic primary caucus and the better-run New Hampshire primary. I also wrote a bit about the future- specifically how only Bernie, Biden and Bloomberg have any future prospects after Nevada and South Carolina. Since then, a few things have happened. Firstly, the Iowa’s shitshow still hasn’t been resolved. Yes, you is correct- it is still going on. Many of you might also know that Bernie won a resounding victory in the Nevada Caucus and ended up getting almost twice the number of votes as his nearest opponent- as well as the majority of delegates from that state. We also had the pleasure of watching mini-Mike Bloomberg implode in front of a large national audience in his first appearance at a debate. And he did not show any signs of improvement in his more recent second appearance. Of course, he is still spending dozens of million dollars per day on TV and web advertisements- which I guess is good news for the people he is currently employing.

So let us begin by talking about Bloomberg. In my opinion, he has no realistic chance of winning the presidential election against Trump. Here is why.. For starters, he has zero public presence and he just cannot help coming across as an out of touch elitist billionaire with serious personal insecurities. Even the character of Mr. Burns in ‘The Simpsons’ is far more likable that Bloomberg. In contrast, even though Trump might be worth only a couple of billion, he has a much better understanding of how average people, live, think and most importantly- want to see. It does not help that Mike Bloomberg has as many skeletons in his closet as Trump, and nowhere near the charm of Trump to let potential voters ignore them. Here is an example to help you understand what I am getting at. Ever wonder why Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby ended up in jail for what they did to women over these years, but equally lecherous but handsome or otherwise desirable male actors and musicians almost always get a free pass.

Yes, the public will accept and forgive people who are assholes if they are charming and open about their behavior. Many of you might remember how democrat idiots thought that the release of that “pussy grab” tape would sink Trump’s 2016 campaign. But it did not and was pretty easy to understand why- if you were not a credentialed incestuous circle-jerker. But in case a few of you don’t, let me explain. See.. the personal morality of politicians was an issue only as long as most people had a prosperous and stable life. That is why the Monica Lewinsky scandal could have only become a big issue in the late 1990s- and even then it did not hurt Bill Clinton’s image to any appreciable extent. More importantly, people stop caring about that sort of bullshit once socio-economic conditions start deteriorating. I bet you that people would have looked the other way had Obama openly cheated on his wife with multiple white women, IF he had delivered on economically populist policies. Most people care far more about outcomes than image.

Don’t believe me? Obama got 69.5 million votes in 2008, but only 65.9 million in 2012- in spite of the population of USA increasing by a few million during that time-span. And you know why.. because he failed to deliver on the populist stuff he vaguely hinted at during the 2008 electoral campaign. Even though MikeCA won’t like to hear this, the rise of Trump is best understood as the logical consequence of the unwillingness and inability of Obama to deliver on his pre-election populist promises. In fact, Obama would have lost the 2012 election if Republicans had fielded even a moderately populist candidate instead of a smug corporate asshole aka Mitt Romney. To make a long story short, corporatist candidates such as Bloomberg and even Biden (let alone Warren and Buttboy) will lose to a fake populist such as Trump in the general election.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped the incompetent democratic establishment from hatching ever more hilarious plans to stop Sanders via procedural bullshit. And mark my words, they will try to pull of such a stupid scheme even if Sanders wins over 50% of the delegates. Yes.. I am serious about that scenario and to understand why, please read the linked article above to see the incredible amount of magical thinking these idiots are capable of. One noteworthy example include recruiting Obama’s wife and some no-name senator who did not even participate in this primary as the unity nominees. At this stage, I would not be surprised if they tried to rope in Hillary Clinton and her forgettable VP candidate from 2016 as the nominees. To put it another way, they would rather have four more years of Trump than a democratic nominee who is not “centrist”, in spite of the failure of candidates such as Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton in the past few presidential elections.

I am sure that MikeCA will jump in to tell us how this is all wrong and that the democratic establishment actually cares about the plight of average voters. Newsflash- it does not, and has not given a fuck about non-professional class voters since the mid 1970s. Since we are already close to a thousand words, I will wrap this post now. In the next part, I will talk about the results of the South Caroline primary, Joe Biden’s cognitive status and why Bernie towing the line of democratic establishment on cultural issues is such a bad idea.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Gern Blandersong
    February 28, 2020 at 10:24 am

    Bernie Sanders is a classic left-wing elitist and nobody in the Democratic field is calling him out on it. Look at his idea to forgive student loans. That is a direct give-away of tax money to college educated people, who are already in the elite status of society anyway. How does that help the working class? At least Trump is giving away billions to the farmers in middle America and not to the college educated. Another thing is the climate change new deal proposals. Those proposals will hurt the working class to. Just look at how badly France has botched their climate change rollout and spawned yellow jacket protests. The climate change new deals will end up requiring larger costs that the working class can not bear. It is depressing to see the Democrats are have not learned anything the last 3 years and truly put forth a working class populist as a candidate. Instead they are putting their “hope” in the billionaire Bloomber, or some other out-of-touch elitists. Sheesh…

    • doldrom
      February 29, 2020 at 4:34 am

      The Yellow Vests’ animus has little to do with climate change — it’s an aggregate of 30 years of being told “There Is No Alternative”, of being declared officially irrelevant, and of seeing their subsistence increasingly hollowed out. They are not working class, but largely rural non-elites. Their targets say a lot. Those are especially the banks and the media. The banks b/c financialisation and neo-Liberalist globalism is at the heart of their penury. And the media b/c all the coverage is absent or slanted. Western media is full of very well behaved Hong Kong police showing utmost restraint in the face of violence and tumult, while the yellow vests demonstrating peacefully for over a year merit no mention. The popularity of the vests in France is also much higher than the protesters in Hong Kong. Hong Kong never had democratic governance; the vests are showing what a farce Western democracy has actually become.

  2. Yusef
    February 29, 2020 at 10:19 am

    “Obama got 69.5 million votes in 2008, but only 65.9 million in 2012- in spite of the population of USA increasing by a few million during that time-span. And you know why.. because he failed to deliver on the populist stuff he vaguely hinted at during the 2008 electoral campaign. Even though MikeCA won’t like to hear this, the rise of Trump is best understood as the logical consequence of the unwillingness and inability of Obama to deliver on his pre-election populist promises.”

    100% agreement. “Change we can believe in” a slogan which appeared to reflect the necessity of change accompanied by good common sense and responsibility, had a very solid populist resonance. When “change we can believe in” turned out to mean we either don’t believe in change or at most only the most minute,almost undetectable change, the populist appeal vanished and the ability of the Democrats to wrap “we care” and “we feel your pain” rhetoric around people-crunching neoliberalist policies was severely damaged.

    I would even go so far as to say Obama’s 2008 success had very little to do with identity politics, but by 2012, he had nothing but that and the advantages of incumbency, which are considerable.

    Voters, especially white male voters, are disaffiliating from both parties. It is not really true the Republicans draw on white male identity politics. In fact, that is a stupid interpretation. The disaffiliation of white male voters from both parties but especially from the Republicans is reflected in the following numbers:

    1. From 1994 to 2017, the number of white male voters identifying as independent increased from 34% to 42%. (8% increase.) This graphs as a slow but steady unvarying positive-sloped line.

    2. During the same period, the number of white male voters identifying as Republican decreased, from 35% to 28%. (7% decrease.)

    3. For the same group over the same time, the numbers identifying as Democrat decreased from 28% to 26%. (2% decrease.)

    There are now barely more white male Republicans than Democrats, and significantly more white male Independent than either white male Republicans or Democrats.

    People are aware they are not served or represented by what’s on typically been on offer, and have responded the only way they can. They thought Obama might be offering something genuinely new, but discovered he was just another lying politician lying his way into office. That did allow Trump to feign populism more easily and credibly, even though Trump was obviously lying nearly every time he opened his mouth. I mean why even worry about open lies any more when you’re swindled to poverty by so many suave and subtle? It probably is going to be hard for Sanders to convince voters he’s not just another fake progressive, especially when he doesn’t have “the Democrats” covering his back. He’ll make compromises or lose and the compromises will appear to this electorate as lies.

    • Gern Blanderson
      March 1, 2020 at 7:48 am

      I agree with Yusef and he has summarized my thoughts for the last 12 years succinctly… That the public has lost confidence in our government and elites. I was shocked at the amount of financial collapse and destruction from the 2008 financial crisis and Obama offered a hope that things would change. I saw The occupy Wall Street movements and tea party movements as reactions to this also and was hoping that politicians would get “the hint” and really do something, for example like jailing many of the bankers and ratings agencies and credit agencies for allowing so many Americans to get into financial ruin. But, it was not to happen. Instead, the Obama’s are now wealthy and the Obama daughters are well on their way to the elitist paths in society. Trump offered a populist message, but instead his nepotism will make his family rich. The one thing I like about Trump is ridicule of the mainstream media and I am hoping this will help continue our path toward dismantling the current elite structures. Only hoping…

  3. Jack Sparrow
    March 2, 2020 at 9:49 pm

    I hate the establishment democrats. But one thing you don’t realize that if Bernie is the nominee, he would lose so horribly to Trump. First off, Bernie is an 80 year old man with an already happened heart attack. Next, he is really a socialist with some absurd policies on how to tackle the rot that is prevalent in our political system. Lastly, voters in majority are not going to vote for him. Hate the establishment democrats all you want, but one thing they are right about is knowing that Bernie has absolutely no chance against Trump. The DNC knows that, and they are scared out of their minds if Bernie wins the nominee because they know it’s over if Bernie goes against Trump. Heck, they may even lose the House in congress. So don’t act all confident thinking Bernie is going to mop the floor with Trump.

  1. March 3, 2020 at 10:44 am

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