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Thoughts on Recent Developments in the 2020 Democratic Primaries: 3

In the previous post of this series, I promised to write about how the results of South Carolina’s democrat primary would be used by the party establishment to try and push the candidacy of an old guy with vascular dementia aka Joe Biden. Yes, you heard that right- it is my opinion that Joe Biden displays symptoms consistent with cerebrovascular dementia. In case you didn’t know, this is a sub-type of senile dementia in which neuronal dysfunction and death is largely caused by micro- and macro- vascular dysfunction in the brain, rather than pathological changes associated with Alzheimer’s Disease. It should be noted that most patients with senile dementia have some combination of cerebrovascular dysfunction and pathological changes seen in Alzheimer’s disease. So what makes me think that Joe Biden’s obvious dementia is of the vascular type?

Well.. due to his medical history. Patients with the more classical version of Alzheimer’s tend to be female and in their late 70s or older. Vascular dementia type pathology, on the other hand, is more common in men- especially those with a history of previous vascular dysfunction, a history of previous traumatic brain injury or prior neurosurgery. As some of you might know, Biden had a couple of surgeries in the late 1980s to repair two particularly nasty aneurysms in his brain. While those surgeries saved his life, it should be noted that somebody with multiple aneurysms (even after repair) is far more likely to develop other cerebrovascular issues later on in their life than somebody who never had them. To quickly summarize, Biden rapid and obvious cognitive decline since 2012-2015 is most likely the result of (predominantly) vascular dementia.

But why does this matter and what does it have to do with future of democratic primary? As it turns out a lot. Let me explain. See.. Biden has gone down in the polls since his entry into the race for two main reasons. Firstly, the Bernie’s campaign cleverly dug up his long record of support for cuts to Social Security and Medicare. But even more importantly, because Biden’s staff kept his media or public appearances to a bare minimum because they rightly understood that he was displaying too many symptoms of dementia for potential voters to look the other way. This is also why rich donors were willing to put far more money behind other turncoat candidates such as McKinsey Buttboy and Lying Liz. This is why DNC’s original plan to deny Bernie the nomination- which was based on flooding the field with many candidates who were expected to take votes away from Bernie- but not Biden backfired, spectacularly.

To be fair, Bloomberg’s unanticipated entry into the race and his spending over 500 million on advertising to project himself as the centrist alternative was the killer blow for Biden- which is ironic since Bloomberg was trying to stop Bernie, not Biden. I could write multiple posts on why McKinsey Buttboy and Amy Binderthrower got steamrolled in the primaries, but they are no longer relevant. The very short version is that the number of partisan democrats who want 90s-style centrists is declining as more babyboomers keep dying. You might have seen the grifting piece of shit aka Barack Obama was able to get Buttboy and Binderthrower to drop out yesterday and endorse Biden. As I have written in the past Obama is the political equivalent of Bill Cosby and his presidency was a disaster for establishment democrats, which makes their continued worship of him even more pathetic. I am sure MikeCA will disagree with this assessment.

Since we cannot change the past, so let us talk about the future- specifically my predictions about how the democratic primary will evolve. FYI- I am not concerned about the results of Super Tuesday voting since Obama’s last minute scam does not change the overall direction of this contest. Having said that it changes something further down the line. Let me explain..

1] Any person who is not an establishment democrat or partisan worshiper (MikeCA?) will tell you that the party has experienced a pretty steep decline in many parts of the country within the past decade. To be fair it has been on a generally downward path for the past twenty years, but it is undeniable that this slow-motion collapse sped up after Obama took office in early-2009. But why? Well.. the short answer is that Obama got elected by pretending to a populist reformer, but ended up continuing and intensifying neoliberal policies once in office. There is a reason why it took the incredible ineptitude of Trump for democrats, in 2018, to even partially reverse their decade-long streak of losses. However, thus far, no political figure of any fame has openly said that Obama was a shitty president and the proximal cause of Trump’s rise.

Even Bernie Sanders, whose private critique of Obama is well known, has so far not criticized the later openly. However the dumb meddling that Obama pulled off yesterday is almost certain to make Bernie’s campaign reconsider their previous reticence to criticize him. This is especially likely since they now understand that older black voters in the south are not going to vote for a Jew under any condition. Also, after Super Tuesday there are no big states full of older black voters coming up for some time- if at all. So expect the Bernie campaign, especially surrogates to start going after the many problematic legacies of Obama’s presidency. While Bernie would have had to do this at a later stage anyway, Obama’s meddling in the primary removes the one reason they had not done so till now.

2] While Lying Liz has pretended to be a progressive, nobody with half-a-brain and even a brief overview of her career believed that lie. However, Bernie foolishly refrained from criticizing her once the election campaign began. Given her actions since then, especially in the past month- I am guessing that many in his campaign were eager to tear her a new one. Now that she has publicly admitted her role as a DNC-appointed spoiler for progressive voters- expect the Bernie campaign to go after her. And they will have to, because there is no realistic option to that course of action. Of course, Bernie could be stupid (or cynical) enough to not challenge her bullshit- but realistically we are all going to gothere, whether he likes it or not.

3] Bernie has also refrained from any attacks on Joe Biden’s cognitive ability or talking about how the Biden family enriched themselves because of the various political offices he held. While this was kinda acceptable when Biden was slowly sinking in the polls and the centrist vote was split, they just cannot afford to do this now. While it is far more likely that most of the attacking on these issues will be done by Bernie surrogates, sooner or later things will reach a point when Biden’s obvious dementia will be an issue for open public discussion. Once again, even if Bernie does not want to there- he has no recourse. More importantly, his second-order surrogates are already going after Biden’s cognitive status. And you can bet that Trump is going to push those two narratives on a massive scale, even if Bernie does not. One way or the other, both issues will enter the domain of political campaigning in a big way. The general direction, as they say, is set.

It is of course possible that Bernie does not do any of this and ends up losing like he did in 2016. However doing so in 2020 carries very different implications from doing it four years ago. In the first campaign, he was the relatively unknown newcomer who was talking about ideas that were popular but almost never mentioned by other politicians. 2020 is likely the last time he will run for the nomination and presidency. To put it another way, if he is not seen as putting everything in this campaign, he will lose the following he has built and have no legacy- at least of the type he seems to crave. He has no option but to go on the offensive now..

I am curious to see how Bloomberg performs in the Super Tuesday states today. Will he keep sucking votes from Biden? Will he stay in the race after tomorrow. Who knows? Will write about my analysis of today’s primaries in the next part.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Yusef
    March 4, 2020 at 10:04 am

    What’s happened is what always happens: the outsider, in this case Sanders, makes impressive showings in the earlier primaries and “caucuses” but then falls behind the “centrist” candidate on Super Tuesday. It is all set up that way. The system is rigged from start to finish.

    Sanders “hung in there” especially with the big win in California, but he’s significantly behind Biden now and all the momentum has shifted over to Biden, too.

    Bloomberg finished third or fourth in the primaries I looked at. This is a fairly impressive result given who and what Bloomberg is, how he entered the race, and the other circumstances surrounding the campaigns. If you are right Bloomberg took votes from Biden, Sanders would have been crushed yesterday without Bloomberg in the race.

    As it gets closer and closer to being decided, more and more emphasis is going to be on who can win against Trump and the conventional wisdom is Biden is more likely to do so. I could even imagine people being comfortable with the idea of Biden being elected in spite of any impairment he’s suffering…It doesn’t matter. It didn’t matter with Wilson, FDR, or Reagan, and it won’t matter with Biden, either, most likely. (Maybe I could add Eisenhower to the list. He had serious heart attacks while in office.) The American President is an empty suit, a false front, and a puppet. A puppeteer’s dummy. The words come from a ventriloquist. That’s all. We all know this. We all know these people operate on a level far below what’s average.

    • doldrom
      March 4, 2020 at 11:52 am

      Well yes. For all the woke people, the progressives, and the democratic herd, it would be a comfort to know that the President is basically incapacitated and will thus be yielding to the Intelligence Community, the deep State and its corporate sponsorship, and the policy establishment and bought & paid for “democratic” media. Maybe they’ll even get us into an all out war with the Russians about something important, like the status of gays in Lesotho. And they’re sure to sponsor a gigantic migrant pressure wave on the wages of the bottom 50% of the populace.

    • Jack Sparrow
      March 5, 2020 at 7:25 pm

      The system isn’t “rigged”. Stop with this conspiracy nonsense. It’s the same system that got an incompetent buffoon like Trump elected. Bernie just didn’t have a strong following as you would think. Twitter is not representative of real life.

      • P Ray
        March 5, 2020 at 11:09 pm

        When I hear “Twitter isn’t real life”, this is a good article to read:

        Indeed, as New York magazine’s Eric Levitz pointed out last year, while Twitter may not be real life, neither is what shapes most electoral politics.

        “Major parties’ governing agendas aren’t set by their rank-and-file voters in popular referenda,” he wrote.

        “Rather, each party’s priorities are shaped primarily by its political elites — which is to say, by its most influential elected officials, activists, donors, policy intellectuals, and interest-group leaders. Such partisan elites have never been representative of their ‘normie’ allies.”

        Vox’s Ezra Klein recently put it similarly. “Political elites have an outsized effect on what actually happens in politics, and they’re constantly on Twitter,” he said.

        “And they (we!) create a politics that looks more like Twitter even if that’s not what the country wants.”

        One way to read my “Twitter is real life” argument, then, is that elites’ opinions aren’t in step with America, but it doesn’t matter because they’re more influential. That Twitter is dominated by political and media elites who have outsize power and that the narratives they write 280 characters at a time dictate our political reality. There’s a slice of that argument that’s true. The conversation that takes place on Twitter often programs the media; that commandeering of broad voter attention sets political agendas and grants certain candidates outsize power.

  2. Yusef
    March 4, 2020 at 10:20 am

    Note the extreme stupidity of our election system.

    We allow the campaigns to be conducted over a number of years– they often start about two and a half years before the date of the election. The incumbent also appears to start thinking about reelection at around then, which strikes me as twisted. These long, expensive campaigns favor the well-funded candidate. They have nothing to do with informing or educating the electorate, especially not about the issues or the state of nation, but even about bare-boned facts about the kind of person hoping to win office. (We elect people to the Presidency without knowing a damned thing about them, really.) It is about making high office unavailable to anyone who doesn’t have the moolah.

    Then during the primaries, we condense most of them into a very short time which we have allowed to become institutionalized as Super Tuesday. It is as if we’re suddenly in a big hurry to get it over. We’re in a rush. What’s actually driving this, though, is that again the process favors the well-funded candidate. In the earlier two and a half period of campaigning now and then there’s someone who actually manages to get lots of small donations from large numbers of people and who can then get some sort of foothold and make some kind of presence. It is as if they’ve made it over the first nearly insuperable hurdle. Then they hit this second, larger hurdle, and get knocked out. That second hurdle really is insuperable.

    We could insist on reforms of this ridiculous process, but actually, we can’t. It is our brain which is diseased and we have only our brain to cure our brain disease. We’ve got a serious problem and what’s likely to happen is some catastrophic failure tearing the building down bloodily and destructively.

    • doldrom
      March 4, 2020 at 12:00 pm

      The American system is etched in stone. The fact that abortion is regulated entirely by the judicial branch (the legislative branch can’t handle it) and foreign policy by the foreign policy establishment — vestigial organs of the cold war — shows how completely dysfunctional the system is. If the Bush/Gore gaffe could not lead to some type of reform, nothing will. The American system is fossilized, sclerotic. There’s virtually no other modern democracy where they do not tune their constitution from time to time and use actual debate & legislation to adapt. The American system is an authoritarian (most people jailed anywhere), oligarchical (the most capital concentration anywhere) cloaked by the grandest most sophisticated PR psyOp in the history of the world.

      • Another Observer
        March 4, 2020 at 6:47 pm

        > reform

        In the early days of the USA electoral problems did lead to constitutional changes.

        The last really big electoral changes were votes for women and direct election of Senators, both a hundred years ago.

  3. MikeCA
    March 5, 2020 at 6:06 pm

    This whole post is nothing but Russian propaganda intended to get Democrats fighting with each other so that Trump wins.

    I think many of Bernie’s positions on the issues are probably the future of the Democratic party, but the Democrats today are not ready for something that radical. Bernie supports claimed he would attract lots of new young voters. It didn’t happen on Super Tuesday. Biden seemed to attract a lot of suburban first time Democratic primary voters who are probably refuges from the Trump party.

    Bernie supporters have hurt themselves by using the kind of language and talking points found in this post. You really need to learn to ignore the Russian propagandist that are supporting you.

    “What’s happened is what always happens: the outsider, in this case Sanders, makes impressive showings in the earlier primaries and “caucuses” but then falls behind the “centrist” candidate on Super Tuesday. It is all set up that way. The system is rigged from start to finish.”

    Sanders does well in caucuses because he has a big volunteer organization, but he has problems in primaries where more people vote. Even in California, which he won, he could only get about one third of the vote. That seems to be a cap on his support. A system which picks the candidate that the majority of people want is not rigged.

    • Jack Sparrow
      March 5, 2020 at 7:26 pm

      You truly are a loony bin. “Russia, Russia, Russia!”

    • doldrom
      March 6, 2020 at 3:58 am

      Mike, I couldn’t agree more. Clearly AD and everybody who comes here must be on the take for the Russians. No other explanation is even remotely possible.
      I confess. Putin doesn’t pick up all my expenses, but he does cover my vodka & gambling addictions.

    • Yusef
      March 6, 2020 at 8:40 am

      “Biden seemed to attract a lot of suburban first time Democratic primary voters who are probably refuges from the Trump party.”

      Biden’s campaign was on life support prior to Super Tuesday. Then suddenly he’s well established as the front runner and everything looks very dim for Sanders.

      If this wasn’t exactly the kind of Super Tuesday reversal of momentum from the outsider to the establishment candidate we’ve witnessed for decades–whether Republican or Democrat– I could almost credit you with being right.

      Sanders isn’t a fighter, but Trump is. All these defects and disadvantages Biden presents which Sanders refuses to exploit are going to be seized upon by Trump and TRUMPeted.

      The DNC can’t game the general election the way they can the primaries.

      Biden is not an exciting candidate and I find it very hard to believe he will attract new voters to the Democrats in 2020.

      On the other hand, I don’t find it at all hard to believe Sanders’ solid base of voters (one third of the Democratic vote, you say– as if that weren’t considerable) would rather stay home than help Biden. They are not motivated by this “defeat Trump at all costs” stuff which just so happens to be the only reason for supporting Biden I can see.

  4. Jack Sparrow
    March 5, 2020 at 7:29 pm

    Well, lets see– what has happened after this was post was published? Bernie Sanders releases an ad praising Obama, and telling a reporter that Joe Biden is a “nice guy and is not corrupt”. Enjoy your pathetic Beta male. Remember, this is the same Sanders who endorsed and supported Hillary Clinton after she rigged the primaries. Go get your boy!

    And I agree. That is why I wrote so little about him during the 2016 primary, as compared to Trump.

  5. Rosarita
  6. P Ray
    August 20, 2020 at 7:29 am

    Don’t forget that Bloomberg is on the (China) take … while I can appreciate an Asian resurgence, I have a real problem with people who think corruption is a good way to go forward, especially when it concentrates power and influence into personality cults and encourages non-thinking, nepotism and buck-passing (literally and figuratively)

    Bloomberg killed a story that was going to expose how Wang Jianlin (the Dalian Wanda guy, who also owns AMC in the US) was in cahoots with Xi Jinping and were enriching themselves beyond their regular salary.

    So ya, choose a headstrong idiot (Trump), or a possibly corrupt sex-offender (Biden).

    Since Bloomberg backs Biden, you can see where the “corrupt” label comes from.

    It seems that in its final form, the only people that lose in a democracy, are the people.

  1. March 7, 2020 at 10:03 pm

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