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Yet Another YT Spoof Which Turned Out to be Eerily Prophetic in 2020

I am sure more that more than a few of you have seen the 2006 movie ‘Idiocracy‘. In fact, when Trump was elected in 2016, more than a few ‘blue checks’ on Twitter pointed out the functional similarity between the character of President Camacho from that movie and Trump. Anyway, the actor who played that character (Terry Crews) did a few more YouTube spoof clips. One of them, from about a year and half ago, is proving to be scarily (in unintentionally) accurate.

In this clip, the character of President Camacho promises to end poverty and inequality in USA by printing money and giving a million dollars to each person- since (paraphrasing it) “people don’t need jobs, they need money”. His plan involves making the federal reserve print money and give it directly to people rather than pass it through banks or businesses. While both LIEbrals and CONservatives might find this idea horrifying, it makes total sense (Modern Monetary Theory) and might be the only way to save the economy in aftermath of shutdown due to COVID-19.

Enjoy! Comments?

  1. doldrom
    April 25, 2020 at 12:14 am

    MMT ??!!

  2. P Ray
    April 25, 2020 at 1:13 am

    The other thing to remember is the modern monetary reality:

    “Countries don’t go bankrupt by themselves – other countries have to band together and agree that country is bankrupt, before that country is declared bankrupt.”

    There is a reason why Greece took so long to be considered bankrupt.

    It will take even longer for America to go that route, since they have nuclear weapons and army bases in many other countries on Earth.

    Actually, a war is more likely than bankruptcy, and I predicted one within 5 years of 2017 … only 2 more years to go hee hee!

  3. Yusef
    April 25, 2020 at 8:45 am

    “…and give it directly to people rather than pass it through banks or businesses. “

    Precisely what the plutocrats will never allow to happen. No, saving the economy or adequately assisting the little guy who they’ve trampled down is not what interests them. Plus, there’s a lot of plutocratic pleasure to be had watching the masses bleed out.

  4. Joe Watson
    April 25, 2020 at 10:53 am

    You’ve precisely shown how you’re an economic illiterate idiot. Yeah, just print money. Like that will make things better. Seriously, what kind of incompetent moron are you? Do you know what hyper-inflation is or devaluation of the currency? Did you not see what happened in Germany pre World War 1 where printing money destroyed the currency that wheelbarrows of money were needed to buy a loaf of bread? Seriously, stop writing things that you’re not an expert on. Go stick your socialist dogma somewhere else. It’s bad enough the stupid Fed got involved printing money out to bail Corporations which will cause irreparable damage long term, but pushing MMT nonsense to just give everyone helicopter money is moronic by someone who claims to have a graduate degree. Fuck off!

    Your ass-kissing of bankers and other rich assholes will be sadly unrewarded. Then again.. people such as yourself are incapable of independent rational thinking.

    • Yusef
      April 25, 2020 at 11:19 am

      Inflation is too many dollars chasing too few goods. We are not in a situation where there are too few goods (yet). There are goods to be had, sometimes at saturation or surplus levels, as in the case of oil, and people who have needs, hunger among them, who would demand the these needs be met and would buy if they had money. There wouldn’t be hyperinflation and the situation is seriously incomparable to the situation in Germany. Just mentioning the different positions of the US now and Germany in post-WWI global economies should be enough for you to see that.

      It also can’t be true the gov’t printing of huge amounts of money ruins everything. The gov’t has been printing money on massive scales for over a decade. They don’t even report M3 data to the public anymore. How long has that been going on? And now the gov’t has just printed trillions under the guise of “stimulus”. That’s alright with you? (Oh, I see you think it will cause irreparable damage “in the long run”.) That money will not be effective as a stimulus to the economy because it will not reach the hungry or soon-to-be hungry little guy because the banks will not pass it on to him through largesse. They won’t pass it on to him in the form of earned wages for a hard day’s work, either. Did you notice the little guy doesn’t have a good paying job any more? Did you notice he hasn’t been able to get one because it has been sent overseas to a little country called China? So what is he supposed to do? Did you not notice the little guy was required–locked down– to be idle, unable to earn! How long has this been now, a month? How long will it go on? Three months?

      Ultimately, you’re going to require the little guy to starve. It is not his fault he’s where he is. But he’s going to take the consequences for where he is. It is not desirable we’re in this situation. It is not desirable to print money just to hand it out, but as the gov’t is printing money AND HANDING IT OUT mainly to the banks, who are hoarding it, it isn’t that radical to bypass the banks and give it directly to people. It would work better in this detestable situation we’ve been backed into. Fuck off!

    • doldrom
      April 26, 2020 at 1:22 am

      You are the economic illiterate.
      [1] You think MMT means Magic Money Tree, like all the other nitwits; MMT does not teach that you can print as money as you like, it teaches that money running out is not an argument in a policy discussion. Did the Fed just tell Wall Street the money ran out? Do they ever say the money ran out when it is time to fight a war? When two halves of a country reunite? No, the money always magically appears, if it is in the interests of the ruling class. It only runs out when the question is if anybody else should get any. MMT does not teach that you don’t need taxation. It says that taxation is the means by which fiat currency stays in demand and becomes currency. Too much or too little money is not a policy argument. Arguments are about (idle) resources and what is doable. Otherwise MMT would tell Mozambique to just spend their way to prosperity. Policy is about choices and priorities, among them what are good investments to increase productivity. Financialization is not a good candidate.
      [2] Hyperinflation does not come about because too much money is being printed. It always comes about in situations where the money is losing value because of a foreign exchange problem. As the money starts losing value, there is no longer enough in circulation to complete transactions. In an effort to avoid collapse, they print more in an effort to keep transactions going. The causality is the reverse, despite how many economic guru’s have the causality arrow pointing the wrong way.
      In the West in general, hyperinflation is not the problem, because the velocity of money is at historic lows. The problem is that everything is insolvent, and liquidity is injected in an attempt to delay a final reckoning, in which all assets deflate and the financial structure collapses. The current Covid crisis will lead to food prices getting beyond the reaches of many people, many will be turned out on the street, but beyond grinding poverty and perhaps deflation, it is hard to see how the US will be in a situation where the exchange rate starts to drop in an unlimited way.

      • bonzo
        April 26, 2020 at 9:51 am

        If MMT doesn’t teach that we can print our way to prosperity, then it teaches nothing new, because the older theory already says we can print more money, though not an infinitely more money. MMT is this just a way for smarty pants progressives to impress everyone that they are smarter. Just like the idea that gender and sexuality are two different things. Yes, everyone always knew that a small minority of prople with make bodies were feminine in personality, so that they wanted a sex change. But past generations didn’t let the freakish exceptions overturn the rule, which is that people with XY chromosomes are the masculine people.

        The dollar will collapse in the next world war or natural disaster bigger that covid19 (doesn’t matter who the participants in this war or disaster are, as long as they have dollars), when foreigners suddenly need to buy real things with their accumulated dollar hoards, and they discover the US doesn’t have that much to sell relative to all the dollars in circulation. So they will all try to cash their dollars in at once for something the US can sell (weapons, bulk agricultural products, agricultural land, other commodities) and the dollar will fall by about 50% relative to other currencies. This will finally end the US trade deficits, and cause strong inflationary pressures in the US. As the Fed raises interest rates to control the collapse of the dollar and the inflation, various asset bubbles will collapse.

    • Joe Watson
      April 28, 2020 at 9:21 pm

      “Your ass-kissing of bankers and other rich assholes will be sadly unrewarded. Then again.. people such as yourself are incapable of independent rational thinking.”

      My ass-kissing of bankers? Excuse me? Who do you think MMT supports you incompetent idiot? Who do you think the Fed is working for? Jack and Jill? No you dumb fuck–they’re working for the banks! And idiots like you who hide under the cloud of “progressivenism” are basically supporting the big banks to wreck destruction.

  5. Jack Donovan
    April 26, 2020 at 10:56 am

    Oh, you have Terry Crews, that hom-o-phobic hindu muffin who cried “me too” when one of my buddies tried to playfully touch his pee pee. You fucking bigots, if I say jump you say how high. If I say hump you say should I wipe my but first?

    Next I’m gonna hear you shave your legs with gillette razors. Not to make yourself more attractive to a queer like me but to swim through the water more easily…

    …yeah, reich…

    Okay biches…

    …if Terry Crews snuck into the wolves of vineland with some white face, well, ideologies aside..

    Boom Chicka Wa Wah…


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