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Aftermath of COVID-19 Shutdown will Deepen Political Divisions in USA

Here is another prediction I am willing to make.. ready? I predict that the COVID-19 shutdown, specifically its aftermath, will greatly deepen existing political divisions in this country. To better understand what I am talking about, and get an appreciation of how far things have deteriorated, let me take you back to November 1984. In the presidential election of that year, Ronald Reagan won the electoral college in 49/50 states and got almost 60% of the popular vote. Interestingly, despite such a landslide victory for the republican candidate in presidential elections, democrats held their majority in the house and even gained a few states in the senate. If I told anyone who is not old enough to have remembered this particular election, perhaps someone born after the late 1970s, they would find this particular result to be highly implausible. But why was this the case in 1984 and more importantly.. what changed between 1984 and 2020 (or even 2000).

To understand what changed between 1984 and 2000, we have talk about the peculiar political environment prevalent in this country between 1945 and the late 1980s. To make a long story short, during those four decades there wasn’t much difference in the public and private positions of members from both parties. You could find tons of CONservative racist democrat legislators (even after 1968) as easily as you could find socially LIEbral republicans who were not especially racist. Even when attitudes changed (such as embrace of neoliberalism after late 1970s) there wasn’t much light between the positions of democrats and republicans. This is why republican presidents such as Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan got along well with democratic legislators and JFK and LBJ got along pretty OK with republicans. When some living fossils such as Pelosi and McConnell bemoan the lack of “bipartisanship”, they are referring to this era.

Of course, the flip side of this bonhomie was that both political parties developed a knack for repeatedly screwing over the majority of their constituents, to benefit their donors, under the guise of bipartisanship. To make matters more interesting, the realignment of late-1960s also resulted in both parties gradually cultivating different voter bases. There is a reason why the republican party is today associated with the white working class in non-coastal states, while democrats are the party of affluent white coastal professional types + inner city minorities. 1984 was pretty much the last major national-level election where the majority of voters still saw themselves as part of a larger group. We can argue about which party abandoned which group or vice-versa but it is clear that by the late 1980s, the emerging divisions between political parties (and their bases) were ideological rather than socio-economic. But what does any of this have to do with future political divisions and how is any of this related to aftermath of this pandemic?

Sometime ago, I tweeted about something which can be summarized as follows: Trump’s electoral success was largely due to his realization that american politics was about providing empty reality-show theater, rather than competent governing. In other words, he figured out that most people had lost all hope in the system actually working for them and were only in for the stupid drama and dumb pet peeves indulged in by both parties since early 1980s. Since that time, politicians from both parties have been busy pushing for ever increasing levels of job outsourcing, de-industrialization while simultaneously defunding social safety nets, destroying job security, increasing costs of higher education, making housing less affordable and much more. Electoral turnout in this country is so low because people correctly assume that elections have no effect on public policies. The only way either party can get anyone to vote for them, nowadays, involves empty posturing on meaningless or minor cultural issues such as gun control, abortion or vague and equally meaningless ideological position such as ‘diversity’, ‘patriotism’ or support/disbelief in one set of charlatans.. I mean.. “experts” vs another.

Basically, this country and most other western countries are run by two (or three) “teams” of D-grade actors on the payroll of same corporate masters. This might sound cynical but just have a look at how poorly the political systems of most western countries have dealt with major systemic crisis for the past 2-3 decades. Now.. it is much easier to go slowly go downhill if you you start at a higher point than others. But ultimately the course of events throws up challenges which expose the decrepitude and incompetence of the underlying system. In the past two decades, we had at least three major events (9/11 and its aftermath, GFC 2008 and its aftermath and COVID-19 and its aftermath) that have exposed the allegedly competent western systems for their reality. But what does any of this have to with ever deepening political divisions in this country?

Well.. it comes down to how politics in this country has evolved. Long story short, it has become a meaningless team sport played by an increasingly geriatric and dumb group of elected leaders posturing against each other to win applause from their own crowd of partisan morons (such as Mike CA) rather than come up with even a half-decent solution to a problem- especially if such a solution angered their corporate masters. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, but more so in its aftermath, this has taken the following forms..

1] Neither political party in this country has a clear exit plan from the lockdown and its massive associated job loss, some of which will be long-term. On one side, the ‘scientism’ worshiping democratic morons are working themselves up into a frenzy every time somebody suggests that the broader economy has to reopened soon or the disease is nowhere as lethal as they want to believe. On the other side, republican idiots believe that simply opening the economy after such an unprecedented shutdown will miraculously restore the economy to its previous (and let us be honest.. pretty shitty) state- because of “free market” and “american capitalism” pixie dust. But more importantly, neither party has demonstrated any clue as to how to reopen the economy and keep it open while simultaneously fixing the very real human misery (a good part of it medium term or longer) caused by this shutdown.

And here is why this will matter. In Chapter 17 of the ‘Prince’ by Niccolò Machiavelli, he wrote “Men sooner forget the death of their father than the loss of their patrimony”. Let me explain that in terms of the COVID-19 crisis.. in the end, most people care far more about the effect of this pandemic and ensuing shutdown on their own financial status than the possible demise of their 81-year old parents or grandparents who have been warehoused in some nursing home. As many of you might have figured out by now, the aftermath of this crisis will cause a large sustained increase in unemployment in sectors of economy that have a lot young people- such as tourism, hospitality, retail and many part-time/ seasonal gigs (concerts, festivals etc). This will occur even if the lock down is lifted today. To make matters worse, there will be an unprecedented number of small-business bankruptcies which, once again will, occur even if the lockdown is lifted today. The point I am trying to make is you will sustained unemployment rates of over 30% in people under 40 and millions of small business owners whose whole sense of self-worth and livelihood will be destroyed for no fault of theirs. As you will soon see, this has an interesting historical precedent- specifically continental Europe in the decade after end of WW1.

Have you ever wondered why so many fascists came to power in continental Europe between 1920 and 1932? Well.. in each case (and this include countries in Eastern Europe) there was a massive increase in unemployment among young men, old and sometimes new political systems that were unable to adapt to new reality, tons of small-business owners who has experienced business failure due to finance-based consolidation and.. oh.. a party that appealed to these disaffected groups- often led by some charismatic individual. Italy had Mussolini, Poland had Pilsudski, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania had their own dictators, Hungary had Gyula Gombos, Austria had Engelbert Dollfuss, USSR had Stalin, Spain had Franco and Germany had Hitler. While each took a slightly different manner to power, the overall circumstances and forces which let to those outcomes were remarkably similar.

2] And this brings us to why the existing political system or establishment in those nations was unable to stop the rise of all these strongmen to power. The simple answer is.. the pre-existing political class of those countries was largely insulated and disconnected from the dire struggles of their fellow citizens during that era. They simply could not care, did not want to care and thought they could get away with it while still retaining their old positions in those societies. Today we are seeing something similar, among members of both political parties- but especially democrats. You might have many instances of members of the sinecured LIEbral classes lecturing to and scolding white working class and small-business types who are desperately looking for any sign of the economy reopening and things getting back to normal. These LIEbral shitheads, holed up in their nice suburban houses and condos while being paid via various secure streams of money for their useless jobs have the temerity to confidently tell everyone else that the economy is not going to reopen for 12-18 months while vehemently denying every bit of information that points to a different outcome truly deserve the Guillotine.

But the underlying problem is worse.. if that is possible. These LIEBrals (mostly of the democratic party persuasion) spend time fantasizing about the imminent death of working class people just because they want to get a regular paycheck. Did I mention that USA has a deliberately shitty social safety net and that the number of people without their regular income is closer to 50-60 million, instead of the 30-something million official number) right now. But wait, it gets better. These dumfucks, who decry the desire of working class and petit bourgeois for a return to ‘normal’ have no plan of helping them through measures such as cancelling rent, mortgages, auto and health insurance payments.. let alone give them some sort of universal basic income until the economy returns to some level of normalcy. AS I mentioned in one of my previous post, it would not be surprising if these LIEbral attitudes led to an electoral defeat for the democratic party in 2020 inspite of running against orange man and a bunch of assholes.

I will wrap up this post by giving you one more example of how clueless and disconnected these LIEbals are from reality. You might have heard about how some meat-packing plants have been temporarily closed because of local outbreaks of COVID-19. While I do not support the way these plants are run, especially the working conditions within them, I understand why keeping them open and running at this time is necessary to prevent food shortages, more panic buying and social disorder. But what do LIEbrals think? Well.. these retards are busy lecturing to poor people about their “excessive” meat consumption. I even saw a few urging people to adopt a vegan diet! Yes.. even in the midst of such a massive crisis, rich LIEbrals are busy performing virtue displays. If you still believe that political divisions in this country wont intensify in aftermath of COVID-19 crisis, I have a bridge in London to sell you.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Jack Donovan
    May 1, 2020 at 5:16 pm

    I am triggered…


    This is how a homophobe like Big Daddy Trump reacts when a fine specimen of neo-liberal cuck ass with his 80 year old beard, er, mommy wife makes a move?

    The republican party ain’t what it was when you would walk into the bathroom and boom chicka wa wa…

  2. David H F*cktrelle
    May 1, 2020 at 5:21 pm

    Those stupid MRA’s need to get back to work so supply chains don’t break down. I NEED my burger King and McDonalds…

    BTW, this little stay at home thingy has been good for my blog. I make fun of low status men and all the cry bullies with work at home jobs comment on my blog and send “donations” for my “activism.”

    I can get all my doritos from those slimy instacart guys. I never tip because they might be MRA’s. Neo-liberalism!!! The most useless get the most and then tell the hard working they need to bust their asses in unsafe conditions for pennies on the dollar.

    BTW, you sound like a perf bigot because you don’t visit tranny escorts like I do…


    Don’t you have anything better to do than sockpuppet?

  3. doldrom
    May 1, 2020 at 9:48 pm

    Whether the democrats will lose?
    • The current election math makes it almost impossible for Trump to win.
    • I am afraid nobody will be actually voting for the democrats or Biden, it will be a simple pro-Trump/anti-Trump affair.

    I do agree that the Dems are committing suicide. The situation does resemble the WWI era and its aftermath:
    • The lethal stupidity, venality, and especially incompetence of WWI generals is legendary
    • Upswing of populism, reaction to of out-of-touch and clueless elites
    • Massive economic dislocation
    • Irresponsible aggravation of international tensions.

  4. bonzo
    May 2, 2020 at 1:02 am

    Regarding WWI, there was media-fueled hysteria then very similar in craziness to what we see with covid19. For example, burning down the houses of people in the United States who dared question why the USA should get involved in this distant European war. Many German-Americans even changed their name to avoid persecution. And yet to this day, it isn’t clear that the Germans did anything more abusive to countries it attacked than what the USA was routinely doing to Latin America or British to India and other colonies at that time. Germans just wanted to better access to colonial markets controlled by the French and British, secure access to natural resources, etc. Whole war boiled down to a commercial dispute over markets, which really should have been fought by small numbers of mercenaries hired by corporations with a stake in the dispute. Instead, whole populations whipped themselves into a righteous fury on both sides and God help anyone who tried to talk reason.

    Big difference between aftermath of covid19 mass hysteria and aftermath of WWI mass hysteria, is that armed revolution was actually possible after WWI, especially in the United States. And revolution did occur in Russia. Modern surveillance technology means no possibility of armed revolution now.

    As long as there is no inflation, doesn’t matter how much unemployment, how much poverty, since as long as police and military and essential workers get paid in valuable currency, they will continue to do their jobs. Real shit hits the fan if and when that is no longer possible.

    What could cause inflation is a real pandemic, another lab virus cooked up by terrorists that actually did have high mortality rate, as well as highly contagious and asymptomatic transmission like covid19. This would eventually lead to supply shortages, at which point everyone starts to cash in their fiat currency at once for hard assets. Resulting inflation would incentive police, military and essential workers to go rogue and steal food and hard assets instead of doing their jobs. That’s when the whole system collapses.

  5. HarshCritic
    May 2, 2020 at 5:50 am

    The return to normality sounds even more depressive for low income/low mid class precariats.
    The crisis will offer an alibi and pretext for more financial/psychological abuse on workers from those owning businesses that resisted bankruptcy. I hope for some large scale collapse and then then hopefully the introduction of basic income or reduction of working hours to 6-4 hours/day.

  6. Gp
    May 2, 2020 at 8:39 am

    What are ur thoughts on India? The govt will most probably extend the lockdown

    They are idiots to blindly follow the west without factoring in their own vulnerabilities and capabilities.

  7. MikeCA
    May 3, 2020 at 2:11 pm

    The Republican party is a conservative party in the sense they want to preserve the current hierarchy with a small group of wealthy white men at the top of the pyramid and everyone else underneath them. It is hard to win elections with only wealthy white men as your base, so Republicans have broadened their appeal by promising to keep non-white people below the white people in the pyramid.

    As long as the white working class believes that cutting the safety net is hurting non-white people and don’t realize it hurts them just as much or more, they will continue to vote for leaders that are pushing them down and enriching the people at the very top of the pyramid.

    While some Democrats have gone along with some of this (like Clinton’s welfare reform) many Democrats have opposed this. It was the Democratic party that took small steps to extend health care to all Americans. It was the Republican party that promised to take that health care away and failed by only a few votes in the Senate. Even today the Trump administration is arguing to the Supreme court that since Republicans were able to repeal the tax penalty for not buying health insurance, that effectively repealed the whole health care reform law. That’s right. In the middle of a pandemic the Trump administration is asking the Supreme court to take health insurance away from millions of Americans.

    Your whole blog lately is just obvious Russian/Republican propaganda, devoid of any original thought.

    • This blog has gone down in quality as of late...
      May 3, 2020 at 2:29 pm

      There is a very simple way that Trump wins 2020, no conspiracy theory needed…

      …all the covidiots who are running out to protest shutdowns run out and vote for Trump. All the people being told to vote for Biden stay home for a multitude of reasons. The 2020 turnout has a record low turnout and Trump wins by a landslide. I know you don’t like that possibility.

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