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COVID-19 Pandemic has Bared Intellectual Bankruptcy of LIEbrals: 1

Most of you will have read my previous posts in which I predict that the disastrous response to COVID-19 pandemic will ultimately destroy residual credibility of mainstream corporate media in this country, increase political divisions, have a large effect on the 2020 elections and very likely hurt the democratic party’s prospects in that election and the one in 2022. While writing those posts, and reading them later, I noticed an interesting thread which ran through all those posts and even a prior series I had written. To make a long story short, the horrifyingly inept response of western countries (and to fair, even many east-Asian ones such as China) represent a failure of the ideology of LIEbralism and its institutions. But before we go further, let us talk about what LIEbralism is and is not. This will allow us to get a better grasp of the ideology rather than talk about it by invoking totally wrong stereotypes as done by most idiots in this country.

Firstly, LIEbralism is NOT Socialism, Communism or any combination of them. In fact, LIEbralism does not require democracy, as 18th and 19th century England was a LIEbral society without having anything close to universal suffrage. Similarly openly slave-owning societies such as pre-1865 USA were LIEbral societies. Pre-1945 France, Netherlands, Portugal with their colonies in Asia and Africa were also LIEbral societies. So how do we define LIEbralism? How can LIEbralism exist without democracy and alongside slavery and racism? LIEbralism is best understood as the successor ideology to CONservatism which in turn succeeded Feudalism. The biggest difference between CONservatism and LIEbralism has to do with the rationale given by those in power to justify their position. Under CONservatism, elites justify their existence by invoking tradition and history. Under LIEbralism, elites justify their position and ill gotten gains by claiming that they are somehow “better” and “more deserving”.

To bolster those claims, they support lots of token causes which sound nice such as individual rights, rule of law, meritocracy, religious tolerance and equality. Of course, none of this means that they actually give a shit about making the world a better place- though they frequently claim this to be their goal. A better understanding of LIEbralism can be gained by examining what it actually supports in the economic realm. LIEbrals are strong believers in limited government, “free trade” and “free markets”. This is why, for example, it is was possible for wretched parasitic and highly unequal societies such as as 18th and 19th century UK to correctly call themselves LIEbral. Similarly, the founders of USA could write a nice sounding constitution and still be perfectly OK with slavery. Countries such as Belgium could claim to be civilized and LIEbral societies while simultaneously exploiting and killing millions of people in west Africa. LIEbralism is best understood as a worse form of CONservatism, but with secular humanistic facade and tons of double-think to justify its existence.

With that out of the way, let us focus on why the response to current COVID-19 pandemic will be incredibly damaging for LIEbralism in the west- including its most current incarnation aka neo-LIEbralism. So who are most prominent supporters of LIEbralism in the west? Well.. the most prominent and ardent supporters of that ideology fall into two groups- the very rich and those in sinecured professions and jobs. Let me expand on that a bit. When I am talking about the very rich, I am talking about those who will be bailed out of any financial loss by the government. So, that includes billionaires, multi-millionaires in certain sectors, top management of most large corporations.. basically anyone who personally call up elected politicians to bail them out- directly or indirectly. Somebody like Bill Gates, your average CEO of a multinational, large shareholders in Disney etc. Notably, it does not include the vast majority of people who operate small- and medium- sized business and we shall see why that matters later on.

The other group which supports LIEbralism most vocally is the PMC (professional managerial class). This group is defined by being credentialed at “prestigious” educational institutions, inhabiting the ‘right’ social circles and being employed in secure professions or positions with a highly subjective and elitist entry barrier. Fauci is a good example of such a creature, since he has been effectively a senior bureaucrat (and not a scientist) for the past four decades. Other examples of such critters include the vast majority of upper-level management-types in corporations, universities, hospitals etc throughout this country. While they lack the same type of access to government largess at billionaires and other really rich people, they make up for that by being far more numerous than the very rich. Members of this group are defined by a carefully cultivated image of competence alongside a simultaneous and shocking lack of even minimal competence in their supposed areas of expertise.

So why do I think that the ongoing botched response to COVID-19 pandemic will expose the intellectual bankruptcy of LIEbrals to an hitherto unthinkable extent? To understand that, we have to first understand why CONservatism lost the battle to LIEbralism, Communism and Fascism a century ago. You might remember that me saying that the people making decisions about public health measures during this pandemic remind me of the horribly incompetent generals who led armies during WW1. As it turns out, the vast majority of incompetent generals, political leaders and all the others who led the world into that disastrous war were outspoken supporters of CONservatism. This was especially the case in countries which suffered tons of casualties during WW1 (France, German Empire, Austria-Hungary, Russian Empire, Ottoman Empire, Italy). Consequently, CONservatism lost the battle for public relations in those countries and the old regimes were replaced by ones who subscribed to other ideologies.

Since we are at almost a thousand words, I will continue this discussion in the next part of this series- which I hope to post within next couple of days. In it, I will show you how LIEbral mental pathologies and shortcomings can explain their disastrous response to this pandemic. You will, for example, see how the desire of LIEbrals to continue lock-downs has a lot to do with them trying to avoid looking incompetent rather than any real objective measure of efficacy. You wills also see how the mental pathologies and double-think inherent in LIEbralism can explain why its most vocal exponents avoid talking about the need to temporarily cancel rent collections of all types. I will also show you how their unwillingness to honestly and objectively assess risks has a lot to do with their real-life incompetence. And we also talk about the various strains of secular apocalypticism which pervades the mind of LIEbrals under late-capitalism in the declining west.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. MikeCA
    May 14, 2020 at 4:22 pm

    As I said, you are just a one trick pony. A faux leftist who spends all his time attacking and mocking the only political party that has done anything for ordinary Americans.

    The last time democrats did anything useful for average Americans was in 1968, a full decade before I was born.

    The Republican party is a conservative party in the sense they want to preserve the current hierarchy with a small group of wealthy white men at the top of the pyramid and everyone else underneath them. It is hard to win elections with only wealthy white men as your base, so Republicans have broadened their appeal by promising to keep non-white people below the white people in the pyramid.

    Is that why the democratic party decided to emulate the republican party beginning in the early 1970s?

    The basic Republican pitch to the white working class is, yeah, you may not be doing very well, but we will make sure non-whites do even worse. Trump won in 2016 with faux populism and the promise to keep non-whites down. Trump threw in some populist magical thinking about bring manufacturing jobs back to America which has not happened.

    So why did democrats join republicans in passing every regressive law since 1980? Remember that Bill Clinton ad in 1992 when he posed in front of a large group of black prisoners to show he was “tough on crime”? who passed the crime bill of 1994, welfare “reform” bill of 1996, encouraged monopolistic consolidation in various sectors of economy, deregulated financial institutions, championed free trade agreements, facilitated job outsourcing via NAFTA and PNTR with China? I could go on..

    The one thing the COVID-19 Pandemic has exposed is the total incompetence of Trump and the Republican party. Trump and Republicans are the anti-science party so of course they reject and ignored advice from scientists until it was too late.

    Is that also why countries such as Italy, UK, France and Spain also did so poorly?

    Trump chose Robert Redfield to head the CDC in spite of his controversial past. The failure of the CDC to deliver tests rests with Redfield and Trump. Trump didn’t really want testing because then it would just find more cases. Trump did not mind that the CDC could not deliver tests. In fact he liked it. Even today Trump said “When you test, you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do any testing, we would have very few cases.”

    Obama (or rather his banker patrons) selected Tim Geithner to clean up the financial crisis of 2008. Do you have any idea how much damage his tenure caused to struggling homeowners after the bubble had burst?

    The early failure to have tests meant the USA completely lost the chance to contain or slow the pandemic. Even today we do not have enough tests to safely reopen and go back to work, but Trump doesn’t care. He just wants everyone to go back to work even though it is not safe.

    Right.. we should shut down the economy for a disease with an IFR below 0.1% for people under 50, about 0.2% for those between 50-60 and maybe 0.5% for those between 70-80 (and not in very bad general health). Here is a novel idea.. why not focus on the sections of society that we know are vulnerable to covid-19, rather than shut everything down. Also.. I don’t see democrats pushing for good unemployment benefits.

    The Republican party has refined anti-intellectualism and science denialism to justify environmental deregulation so the men at the top of the pyramid can make more money, but in so doing they have ended up beholden to a dangerous ignoramus. Trump’s core base will never desert him because they love his racism, ignorance and childish name calling. There are, however, Republicans that didn’t like his rhetoric, but figured he was a billionaire business man, so he must be competent to run the government. Sheltering in front of the TV to avoid dying in a pandemic, watching the president’s shit show press conferences, it is beginning to dawn on them that Trump is just a narcissistic ignoramus.

    They can do that because the democrats are no better for the average person in this country. It is the democrats who abandoned the working class, including the white working class- not the other way around.

    • doldrom
      May 15, 2020 at 4:43 am

      What a self-serving nonsensical narrative about the differences between the two teams. For what it’s worth (I completely agree that Trump is a moron), I doubt Trump personally had anything to do with the testing fiasco, and in your quote, is trying to insist that high American numbers are due to high numbers of people being tested. Neither is true, but there is no evidence for your point, that he want few tests.
      It was Democrats everywhere telling people to go out and carry on, to prove they weren’t racist or xenophobic. It is Democratic governors committing manslaughter by putting C19 infected into nursing homes.
      As for elections, do you really think all those evangelicals voting Republican are thinking of the wealthy white men on Wall Street? You could just as well say black communities are voting for Democrats to enable fiscal and regulatory largesse for money center banks. Or are they voting Biden because he was such a water boy for credit card (and insurance) companies headquartered in Delaware, the first state to get rid of usury restrictions?

      Election stories have nothing to do with the machinations behind the scenes, which are about power and influence. Electoral issues are simply a means to and end, nothing to be taken literally.

      • MikeCA
        May 15, 2020 at 10:51 am

        “What a self-serving nonsensical narrative about the differences between the two teams. For what it’s worth (I completely agree that Trump is a moron), I doubt Trump personally had anything to do with the testing fiasco, and in your quote, is trying to insist that high American numbers are due to high numbers of people being tested. Neither is true, but there is no evidence for your point, that he want few tests.”


        The original long Financial Times story is behind a firewall (I had a link on twitter that allowed me to read it but I can’t find it any more). This short highlight mentions Kushner warned Trump in January/February that testing more people would find more cases and cause the stock market to go down. Trump acted on that advice rather than his science adviser and went around bragging about how few cases there were in the USA. It is well known that Trump was more concerned about the threat of Covid-19 to the stock market rather than seeing it as a public health threat.

      • This blog has gone down in quality of late...
        May 15, 2020 at 9:42 pm

        Here’s MikeCaCa’s precious article in full…


        I don’t expect a thank you as his typical pattern is to ignore me. But I’m sure he will tell me I need to vote for creepy Joe in Nov even though his party along with the party he hates see’s a low status man such as myself as disposable…

        And BTW, AD how come you didn’t use that little ethnic slur you previously used to refer to Farting Fauci and Conartist Cuomo in this article? Was it an attempt to buddy up to some alt-right fruitcakes? A little dogwhistle? You saw how they treated pathetic Roost V when he tried too cozy up to them. Why are you playing that same game?

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