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Thoughts on the Economic and Cultural Factors Behind Instagram Girls

This is one of those posts which I first started writing years ago, but never got around to finishing until now. In previous incarnations of the draft, I considered title such as “Instagram is the latest platform for mediocre women to find simpletons”, “Existence of Instagram girls shows that most men are sad losers” and “Instagram allows mediocre white chicks to pretend they are beautiful”. You can kinda see where this post is headed.. right? Now I am not claiming that Instagram girls are the biggest scourge on that particular social media platform. Spammers trying to sell designer handbag knockoffs or dubious supplements, idiots posting “inspirational quotes”, losers updating the world about their latest restaurant outings are probably more annoying than Instagram girls.

There are, however, are two major differences between these self-anointed “models” and other scammers peddling junk. Firstly, the former have an organic followers unlike the later. Secondly, it is not immediately obvious what product these women are selling. As you will see, exploring these differences casts some interesting light on how white men in anglo countries behave when opposed to their counterparts in other parts of world. A few years ago, I remember writing a post or tweeting that men in anglo countries leave too many overtly complimentary and otherwise pathetic comments to every non-obese chick posting photos of herself on Instagram and other picture and video-centric social media sites. This was especially obvious when you started making comparing social media accounts of non-ugly chicks in USA vs say.. Brazil, Italy or Germany.

So.. what is going on? What makes white men in anglo countries far more likely to be simps than their counterparts in countries such as Brazil, Italy, France and Germany. One simple explanation is that countries and cultures with legalized or free availability of prostitution as a sexual outlet have far fewer simps than countries that do not have such readily available outlets. But 4 out of 5 anglo countries (Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand) have far significantly higher availability of prostitution than the USA.. and yet, men from these countries are only slightly behind USA in terms of posting pathetic and cringeworthy comments to Instagram girls. But why am I am still calling them ‘Instagram girls’ rather than ‘Instagram whores’ or ‘Instagram sluts’? As you will see soon, there is a good reason for that decision.

Some of you might think that my greater familiarity with English could explain preferentially noticing cringeworthy comments by men from anglo countries. Well.. I considered that too and made extensive use of online translating tools to read the comments section of posts by girls from Brazil, Italy, France, Germany etc. The thing is.. whichever way you look it, comments left by men from anglo countries display far more pedestalling and pathetic thirsty behavior than those from other European or Latin countries. And then I noticed something else. See.. a lot of these Instagram models from anglo countries or with predominantly anglo followers (even those with pretty small number of followers) seemed to be living pretty OK lifestyles that were.. should we say.. hard to reconcile with their real-life occupations and money-earning prospects.

It was hard to ignore that many “Instagram models” (even very minor ones) had no problems obtaining tons of new sexy outfits, going on vacation to expensive resorts and hotels, living in pretty nice apartments and houses.. not to mention finding somebody willing to professionally photograph them all the time. Now some of you might say- but.. but.. quality digital cameras have become quite inexpensive, nice new clothes are also not as expensive as they used to be, maybe they got some really good package deal for airfare and posh hotels. Perhaps.. maybe they get good deals on clothes, travel etc because they are seen as social media influences. But here is the problem with that line of thinking. Thing is.. this can certainly explain why the top 5% or maybe 10% of these chicks get some of the stuff and services they flaunt. But it is hard to explain how chicks with less than 2-5k followers can get such largess.

To make matters more interesting.. the conspicuous consumption patterns of chicks with less than 2k followers are often as ostentatious as those with more than 100k. Clearly, something else is at work. Some of you might now say.. maybe they are turning tricks on the side, maybe they have a sugar daddy etc. Well.. based on what I know about escorts, the last thing many of them want is to be recognized as such in real life. Sure.. some of them might have one or more sugar daddies. But I think something else is at work. Many years ago, I knew more than one chick who used their looks and sweet talking to get men to repeatedly pay for stuff such as fancy dinners, vacations, clothes etc without giving them sex in return.

At that time I found it fascinating how so many white men in anglo countries were willing to keep on repeatedly paying for small to medium sized gifts etc for girls who never gave them sex. So here is my theory about how even mediocre chicks on Instagram often seem to live lifestyles far beyond their ability to earn such money. Long story short, I have a very strong feeling and a decent amount of proof that these mediocrities get far more gifts (solicited and unsolicited) from sad and pathetic beta white men (aka the majority) than most of you would believe. Social media platforms make this parasitic behavior far more easier and lucrative than in previous eras because it is far easier to get 2-5k followers on Instagram than it is to meet and flirt with the same number of people in real life.

As to why this is far more common for such simps to be white men.. the short answer is that most of them are thoroughly beta. Also there is a peculiar correlation between colonial racism beliefs and pedestalling white (also Asian or light-skinned Hispanic) women. The funny thing is that the vast majority of those spending money on these parasites gets nothing substantive in return- unlike those who pay for OnlyFans type stuff. There.. I said it, even OnlyFans patrons are less pathetic than those who spend money on Instagram girls. And yes, that is why I said in earlier part of the post, that most were neither whores (sex for money) nor sluts (sex for free)- though in my opinion, being a parasite is far worse than either.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. P Ray
    June 21, 2020 at 3:26 am

    The other thing is a lot of white men like “defending” white women from falling under any kind of reciprocation with a non-white man.

    Which explains why a lot of girls in porn who go inter-racial (but mostly only with black men), are considered race-traitors and have the worst prospects for a return to a normal life after porn ends.

    Apparently, judging from the simping, a lot of white guys can accept a white woman who was having lots of sex (and if you don’t you are incel) … but if she had sex with a single black guy she is “tainted” …

    Even Siri who said she was retiring in Jan 2015 … returned in Jan 2020.

    Defending white women’s honour is something that has led to a lot of deaths for men of colour.

  2. Jack Donovan
    June 21, 2020 at 8:10 am


    Yeah, white guys will fuck anything. ANYTHING.

    They will say how str8 they are but after a few shots, the righty whites drop and it’s time for the mighty whites to wreck some rectum!

    “Straight” guys–>liquor–>gay sex—>white nationalism…

    surprised the SWPL, uh, I mean SPLC, but SWPL too hasn’t figured out this formula, but so many are on the download too. You don’t think I don’t have a liberal with their Joe Bidden sticker on their prius giving me a little loving like only another white man can…

  3. June 21, 2020 at 1:55 pm

    Only EXTREMELY FEW men on social media get to meet these women in real life, let alone fuck them. I know because I do fall in that number of the EXTREMELY FEW men (even though I have had extremely few of them flake on me for whatever reason – you can’t win ALL of your battles). Those extremely few men aren’t the ones nagging her, over-hyping how “beautiful” she is, begging them to “add me”, etc…

    Alpha males who are winners with women live for themselves and their extremely small circle, even if they are labelled as “rebels”, “assholes”, “disrespectful” or “narcissists”.

    Like Alan Roger Currie said in a Blog Talk Radio episode about White Knight Captain Save-a-Hoes, “Beta males contribute to the economy!” – and just like beta males don’t want women to know what their rights and choices are in life, women do not want people talking down on beta males. Because who else is going to give them free clothes and shoes and food and compliments and flattering compliments?! Who else is going to act like their subordinate (dogs, pets, slaves and elementary school children)?

  4. June 21, 2020 at 2:00 pm

    Also… AD, I know you mention Latin and European countries, but I’m unsure why you fail to mention Southeast Asian countries (maybe you don’t like Asian women in general???).

    But even in Southeast Asian countries where women are very sexual and “hypergamous” (even though they prey on white guys and use them as “sponsors” and “providers”, etc…), women play beta males like dummies also. I know foreign men don’t sweat their women like American men do. Even for Southeast Asian women who use social media, most of the thirsty comments left are by beta white guys and even a handful of beta black guys (those who stupidly assume non-black women don’t engage in the same sexuality they attack black women for… the same losers who listen to all this YouTube, Negro Manosphere bullshit ran by guys who hate women and attack George Floyd).

  5. doldrom
    June 21, 2020 at 7:40 pm

    Anglosaxon culture has a number of distinctive features that are poured into little boys at an early age:
    -Never fight with a girl/lady
    -Rough talk and swearing only in the company of men only
    -Girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice
    -Class (mainly England)
    Class consciousness has everything to do with bogus chivalry and gallantry traditions, trying to rationalize the “difference”. The British are also quite a bit more racist, even towards other Europeans, possessed of a misbegotten sense of superiority.
    All these elements are much stronger in AngloSaxon culture than that of other European nations. On top, the Commonwealth and all the colonies exerted far more influence on society and life, and colonials (and ex-Pats even today) always try to shelter their family and wives from grubby everyday existence, which in the case of the colonies, was extra full of grubbiness, malevolence, political and military intrique and violence. There was a lot more to (hide and) protect their women from, and a lot more reason to attempt to prove that they were a better grade of men who could consort with such dainty and cultivated damsels as their own.
    I know from girls in my own family that they earned 3× their salary waitressing from an array of admirers, cops, cooks, and regulars who were suckers for giving gifts and tips all to harvest a friendly hello and a smile and stoke their false hopes (even after having been told they didn’t stand a chance).

  6. Jay Fink
    June 22, 2020 at 12:35 am

    I am a regular Instagram user. It is one of my favorite things in life. I heart a lot of pictures but never leave complements and I certainly don’t send money or gifts.

    Instagram made me aware that I am most attracted to Italian women. I had no idea about this before Instagram. About 80% of the accounts I follow are Italian. I have a preference for girls with 2000ish followers over professional models. These seem like everyday Italian women to me and they are far superior to the everyday American women I see. So much more prettier, thinner, feminine, sensuous and fashionable. I like their dark features too.

    After seeing so many ugly, masculine white American women in real life seeing the Italian women on Instagram brightens up my day. Does that mean I am a loser? I guess so but I don’t really care. At least I’m not homeless, an opioid addict etc.

    • doldrom
      June 22, 2020 at 2:39 am

      What is Instagram anyways?

      • Jay Fink
        June 22, 2020 at 2:33 pm

        A social media site owned by Facebook where people post pictures. Other than celebrities the most popular profiles are pretty girls who use the platform to feed their narcissism.

        Most of them are not especially pretty.. just willing to pose.

  7. Jack
    June 26, 2020 at 6:10 am

    Dude, the largest simps on these Instagram accounts are brown dudes like you: Indians, Arabs, and Latinos. Where do you think “show bobs and vagene” came from? Just look at yourself – you post NSFW pics of young White chicks all the time as an Indian guy lusting for that White pussy that you have to get because you couldn’t score it organically, so you end bashing every White person for that.

    • RYU
      June 26, 2020 at 10:11 am

      I can tell by your comment that you love the white man as I do. Please visit our site for secret wn meetups…


      we are very discreet, and our leader Firepower is a genius.

    • P Ray
      July 3, 2020 at 10:16 am

      Well, time for some fightback by non-White guys, here you go.

      Hit the white women with accusations of racism.

      Time to weaponize that anti-racism.

      Let’s talk about sexual racism

      A guide for white people


      What is sexual racism?

      sexual racism:

      An individual’s inclination towards having sex with or dating someone based on that person’s perceived racial identity.

      It’s commonly used to describe the tendency for white people to exclude certain ethnic groups from their sexual and romantic life based on their ‘preferences’.

      And as you’re about to find out – yes – in a multicultural society this does count as a form of racism.

      Sorry not sorry!


      “it’s just a preference”

      Jam or marmalade is a preference.

      Deciding that you’re not into an entire ethnic group is not.

      Unlike preferences around gender, racial “preferences” in dating are usually considered a result of societal conditioning, rather than innate or biological.

      This means that your attraction or lack thereof to a particular race is not an innate preference, but a learned preference cultivated over a lifetime due to the way you were socialised.

      And you can unlearn it.


      the way I was socialised?


      You likely grew up in a world where white people were celebrated as the default – and only – type of attractive.

      White supremacy extends out to the media, fashion, and popular culture.

      You literally can’t escape it.

      Imagine how many times the idea that white = attractive was implicitly reinforced to you growing up.

      The models you saw in advertisements.

      The leading actors in Hollywood films.

      This gets compounded if you grew up in a predominantly white area.


      types of sexual racism

      Sexual racism, like any form of racism, is destructive and complex.

      Besides discounting certain ethnic groups from your dating pool, it also comes in other forms:


      Making sexual assumptions about someone based on stereotypes associated with their ethnic background.

      E.g. Asian women being submissive, Black men being dominant.


      Reducing someone down to racialised aspects of their appearance that you find attractive, in order to fulfil a sexual fantasy


      what do I do?


      Seek out books, podcasts & other media on racism and consider how else white supremacy may have seeped in and created unchecked biases in your life.

      Even places where you don’t expect it – like your dating life!


      If you hear white friends expressing that they’re “just not into black guys”, or similar, shut it down!

      Same with people expressing racial “preferences” on dating apps.

      Hold yourself and other white people to account on their behaviour so that black & brown people don’t have to.


    • July 10, 2020 at 6:47 pm

      Jack, what makes you think white pussy is superior to other pussy? Do you pedestalize white pussy above all other pussy? What makes you think brown dick can’t (shouldn’t) get white pussy? If you don’t think these things, then why do you write like you do?

  8. June 29, 2020 at 9:49 am

    You are 100% correct and I suspect you KNOW rather than suspect this truth. My father wasted over 5 years and at least 10s of thousands of dollars on one such female parasite (several during his life) when he was in his late 60s. Yes, we are white and yes this specific idiocy does seem to afflict “whitey” significantly worse than other skins. I do agree. However, I think it has more to do with subcultural influence and historical social paradigms of said subculture than individual men’s informed choices. If they knew what they were really doing they’d stop. Brain washing has its effects on more than not…..including the use of it as an excuse…

    But back to dear father and the feigned female(s) he fawned for. This particular one was before insta-whore and like all before now, she didn’t need the insta-whore digital media platform to “sell” her ass… no, the idea of her ass, which he never got a piece of got its power from him. Because as you undoubtedly well know that idea was already firmly programed in his mind… exactly where and only where it could have the power to help her leech him of thousands $. And you probably also know that the most effective strategy in her game to sustain the leeching was to withhold her ass. Once the ass is given up the carrot starts to be eaten and the carrot chaser must find a fresh one to properly tease HIMSELF and “chase the dragon”. Does he not? In fact, she, others operating like her (all of them), and even Instagram are not the “cause”. They are merely factors that contribute to the taking of what what Beta heroes (indistinguishable from losers) make available… thrust into the market place. The parasites are harvesting the “fruit” in a garden overgrown with weeds, not protected by any fences, where the gardener has left the gate open or let the gate rot. The garden has no gate, no protection, no gardener is tending it…. all the lights are on but no one is home. Come and take it!… all in the honor of shall we say Don Quixoti….

    • P Ray
      July 3, 2020 at 10:19 am

      Men who don’t get to stick it in by convincing themselves that they’re good and decent people …

      are ignoring another reality, that they are FOOLISH people for not getting any reciprocation for the SOLIDIFIED LIFE that is dollars.

      Always getting paid is a lot better than having to ignore that you are acting like a fool.

  9. Jack Donovan
    July 10, 2020 at 9:11 pm

    Uh, I should become a cop but those little arrest warrants for y’know grabbing little boise….

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