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Trump is Still the Favorite for Winning the 2020 Presidential Election: 2

I wanted to start writing a new series about why there have been no worthwhile advances in the field of computers, software, IT etc for the past 10-20 years and how the current crop of geeks is busy pretending that this is not the case. Then I got a bit lazy and decided that a follow on to my previous post about why Trump is still the favorite to win in 2020 would take far less effort and generate more clicks and “buzz”. Sad.. isn’t it. With that in mind, let us talk about the many other reasons why Trumps is still by far the favorite to win in 2020. But before we go there, here is a quick recap of that previous post. In it, I pointed out that the factors which led to the rise of Trump in 2016 and his victory are still there and in many cases have become more dire. This is analogous to how the socio-economic consequences of WW1 and the Great Depression ensured the rise of fascism and similar ideologies in Europe. If it wasn’t Hitler, Mussolini, Franco etc.. there would have been someone else very similar to them.

I went on to show how the democratic party, since late-1970s, gradually became the party of Professional Managerial Class (PMC), a transformation which was complete by 1992. Democrats like to bemoan how the white working class left them, when it is they who abandoned that group to the vagaries of deindustrialization, job outsourcing, credentialism while supporting the growth of a shitty and expensive “health care” system, over-policing of minorities and poor people, high levels of income equality etc. In other words, establishment democrats have not only lost a good portion of their previous base but have managed to piss off a good portion of the voters who allegedly have no option but to vote for them. HRC lost all those mid-western states because the white working class went for Trump while the black working class (especially those below 45) could not be bothered to show up on election day. It does not help that establishment democrats haven’t learnt a single thing from the humiliation by Trump in 2016.

1] In the previous post, I wrote about how all that incessant talk about RussiaGate, UkraineGate, Mueller Report etc by democrats and their allies in the dying corporate media have not had any measurable effect on Trumps’ popularity or lack thereof. But have you wondered why democrats keep trying to pull off crap like that, even when they know it is ineffective at best, and more likely counterproductive? The naive (willingly or otherwise) among you might think that this has something to do with democrats being interested in promoting civility, order or some other lie. Based on my observations over the years, I think otherwise. It is my opinion that democrats are actually intellectually bankrupt and unable to think beyond whatever they have learned from participating in incestuous circle jerks at “prestigious” universities and isolated social bubbles. To be fair, so are their republican counterparts- but it is easier to conceal intellectual bankruptcy when one is also in power. Now some of you might say.. what is the proof?

Well.. in addition to their utter inability to get Trump impeached or entangled in any legal scandal that would result in reliable criminal prosecution, democrats spend almost every waking moment of the day trying to find a way to “diss” Trump. These idiots keep doing all this while Trump (and his cronies) are busy electing right-wing federal judges, passing large tax breaks and bailouts for corporations, weakening laws related to voting etc, rescinding regulations on corporations and a whole lot more. Here is the most recent example.. yesterday, Trump had a campaign rally at Tulsa, Oklahoma with about 40% of the number of supporters he expected. Instead of seeing this in the correct context of it being first large campaign gathering since mid-March in USA and under the shadow of riots across country, I woke to see talentless “celebrities” such as Amy Schumer try to “diss” Trump over number of people at his first rally since COVID-19 shutdown was lifted.

Here are my thoughts, 6,200 is much more than than 100- which is the maximum size of crowds at Biden’s rallies- if you can call them that. If I were an establishment democrat, the thought that a moron who has screwed up so much could still get thousands to attend his first campaign rally in some city in a flyover state under the shadow of COVID-19 and race riots, while Biden cannot get 100 people (non-paid) even if his life depended on it would scare me about the outcome of 2020 presidential election.It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is only going to make Trump redouble his efforts and successfully arrange much larger political rallies. To make matters worse, these liberal shitheads have once gain succeeded in making the orange buffoon look like a sympathetic person under constant attack from the very class most american hate with a passion. And guess what, I bet they can’t see this because their head is so far up their ass.

2] Talking about people with heads up their rears.. let us move on Joe Biden aka Dementia Joe. As many of you know, I have written more than a couple of posts about his senile dementia (link 1, link 2, link 3). Some of you might also remember his very poor performance in the very tame democratic debates. It does not take much of imagination to see how bad he would perform in even a single debate against Trump, let alone three. You might have also realized by now that Biden’s cognitive status (or the lack thereof) has already been one of the main pillars of attack ads against him. These very effective line of attacks against Dementia Joe are only going to to get far more harsher, frequent and overt once the incestuous dummies aka establishment Democrats officially select him as their presidential candidate in the next few weeks. So what is the democrat plan to defend Dementia Joe from such attacks? Well.. I don’t think they have a plan, because if they had any brains they would replaced him with someone without dementia.

But even if Trump did not go after Joe Biden’s obvious dementia (which is highly unlikely), he still has tons of ammo against Biden- given that the later has been involved in everything from militarization of police, increase in mass incarceration, preventing discharge of student loans during bankruptcy, making bankruptcy difficult, PNTR with China, NAFTA and a host of things that are super unpopular with the democratic electorate in 2020. It is very revealing that most (2/3rds) of people who claim they will vote for Joe Biden list not liking Trump as their main reason. In my opinion, this implies he has very soft and easily destructible support. In contrast to this, the majority who say they will vote for Trump will do it because they want him to win the election. That is why any pretend poll which shows Dementia Joe with a 10% lead over Trump almost 5 months from election day under such an unusual and rapidly evolving situation is not worth the paper on which it was printed. I have a feeling that MikeCA might think differently.

In the next part of this series, I will go further into why Joe Biden is an especially bad candidate for this moment in history. Will also discuss possibility of economic conditions and second wave of COVID-19 depressing or altering long-held patterns of electoral turnout.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Sloppy Joe
    June 22, 2020 at 10:23 pm

  2. MikeCaCa
    June 23, 2020 at 10:03 am

    I figured I would accuse you of being a russian agent before the usual suspect gets here…

    as far as the usuals suspect…

    I initially thought he shilled for the democratic party because he considered them the “lesser of two evils…”

    I now think it is because they will allow him to retain power. That’s the simple answer as to why someone votes for a specific party. As someone who has been shut out of the *power structure* neither voting democratic or rethuglican will allow me into the *power structure*

  3. P Ray
    June 23, 2020 at 7:07 pm

    It’s nice to see the liberals repeating their previous mistakes (confusing online opinion for offline votes), because it really does prove that they can’t change anything, and are afraid of the consequences if they do.

    It takes an especially dense kind of person to think that statements of “hope and prayers” along with “if you suppport Trump you are a horrible person” are going to convince his supporters to change their vote.

    And funnily enough, for all the LIEberals say, how many of their women are willing to offer up sex to Trump voters to change their minds?

    • P Ray
      June 25, 2020 at 12:46 pm

      You can always count on liberals not to deal with the issue, go off on a tangent, and claim credit in a victory they did nothing in.

    • etc
      June 25, 2020 at 3:34 pm

      Idk why you brought up sex in exchange for an anti-Trump vote (other than the fact that you have some obsession with degrading women even in topics that don’t involve them) but just from a very basic logical standpoint nobody would do that because there’s nothing preventing the prospective Trump voter from going back on their word.

      We get it you hate women. Just find some chicks to pump and dump and give it a rest already. Nobody is forcing you to get married to a golddigger. If the “thots” wouldn’t give you the time of day, why do you spend so much bandwidth on hating them?

      • P Ray
        June 25, 2020 at 8:52 pm

        The talk isn’t for men like you … it’s for guys to realise that the system doesn’t care for them, and to let it collapse.

        I am an accelerationist … you can call me blackpilled.

        Maybe it brought back some sour memories for you, but the lesson needs to be taught over and over.

        Good thing you can’t ban people just because you don’t like what they have to say, right?

  4. etc
    June 25, 2020 at 3:52 pm

    @AD Will you still write about the “tech” industry? I have definitely observed that no one has made any significant “innovations” in at least a decade as far as I can see. “Software Engineers” are basically assembly line workers that glue a bunch of APIs together at this point. Some machine learning I would consider to be an “advancement” (albeit most real-world implementations involve selling more fucking ads, hyper-optimized rent seeking, and accelerating the delivery of vapid bullshit to people on the internet) although most of the field consists of 20-40 year old techniques with progressively more clever hacks on top to squeeze out the last bit of performance boost.

    More broadly, I feel that stagnation is the norm for most scientific or engineering fields today… Nobody is really discovering or inventing anything new but papers continue to be published by people who are really good at gaming the system to get grants based on “hot” research topics

    Yes.. I plan to, but keep getting derailed by having to write about latest developments in the Trump’s mega reality show.

    • P Ray
      June 25, 2020 at 8:57 pm

      Proper software engineering still requires some brains, and something you should also know is that transistors that we’ve been seeing over the past decades … have a maximum speed of around 4+ GHz and no more.

      Plus programming languages, most are not parallelised, which is why even as the processor cores go up, speed stays the same. You can run lots of separate processes in parallel … but few programs really have multiple threads except the business ones that charge lots of money.

      Also the push towards different languages is also to keep software engineers from becoming to experienced and costing companies more. Bosses, and idiots, think that constantly refreshing the pool of workers is the way forward … when it will only produce people with shallow understanding AND software that keeps needing to be rewritten for every new language … but especially with more chances for bugs to develop if it wasn’t documented correctly for the initial iteration.

      So yeah, the plateau is coming. It’s going to be fun.

  5. MikeCA
    June 26, 2020 at 11:29 am

    Sometimes I think you and your sock puppet friends are only here for my entertainment.

    I mean seriously, the Trump campaign is a mess. Their message is the same old grievance based message they used in 2016. He’s been president for 3 1/2 years and hasn’t done anything but cut taxes for big business and the wealthy. He is losing his trade war with China, hurting his own base voters. He is pretending Covid-19 is just going to go away, putting his own voter base at risk. He just ordered the Justice Department to argue to the Supreme Court that they should now invalidate Obamacare, taking health insurance away from 20 million Americans in the middle of a pandemic!

    Ronald Reagan got 55% of the white vote in 1980 and won in a landslide. John McCain got 55% of the white vote in 2008 and lost. Mitt Romney got 59% of the white vote in 2012 and lost. Trump got 58% of the white vote in 2016, lost the popular vote but won in the electoral college by carrying several Midwestern states by small margins. The reason Trump won in 2016 was a decline in the non-white vote.

    The Trump campaign has made efforts to broaden his appeal to non-white groups, but Trump himself keeps stepping on the message. Meanwhile Trump is losing support from Rotary club Republicans who thought he was going to be good for business. Large numbers of small businesses will be in bankruptcy by election day. Small business people recognize the complete incompetence of the Trump administration. They thought Trump was a billionaire businessman, he must be able to run the government efficiently. Now they know better.

    Trump still has his white working class base, but you could tell from the Tulsa rally that the excitement is not there anymore. Trump needs big changes to his campaign if he is going to avoid a disastrous wipe out in November.

    • etc
      June 29, 2020 at 1:12 pm

      Hey dipshit, what makes you think non-whites are rushing to vote for Biden? Didn’t the whole “you ain’t black” fiasco teach you anything? You literally just said low turnout among non-whites was what sank Shillary. Not to mention covid killed a bunch of old would-be Biden-voting black people, and the rest of the young black and Latino people are out there as “essential workers” aka human sacrifices for the benefit of lazy white “WFH” douchebags who contribute nothing. You think they have time to vote for senile “Joe 30330”? Goddamn you white “liberals” are retarded Jesus titty fucking Christ

      • ...this blog has gone down in quality as of late...
        June 29, 2020 at 4:01 pm

        comment of the year!

  6. ...this blog has gone down in quality as of late...
    June 26, 2020 at 2:19 pm

    “The reason Trump won in 2016 was a decline in the non-white vote.”

    Not-racist-racist MikeCA,

    It’s quite excellent when you answer your own question. Yet when you talk down to non white and mixed race men, you try to shame them for not voting for your shitty party. Why don’t you talk to your “fellow” white people the same way you talk to us?

    I know you will conveniently ignore this post or accuse me of being controlled by Putin. Whatever, motherfucker…

  7. P Ray
    October 9, 2020 at 7:46 am

    Well … don’t know if people see the real situation, it’s really the choice between:
    President who is – Good for the USA, Bad for the World or Bad for the USA, Good for the World

    Has Biden said anything about what he’ll do to counter China?

    Relevant sections italicized:
    China also targets the families of politicians, keeping, for example, Democratic American politician Joe Biden in check by “elite capturing” his son, Hunter Biden, through infusions of capital into Biden-linked firms from the CCP-controlled Bank of China. (35-36) Joe Biden himself, Hamilton and Ohlberg report, has a “warm personal relationship with Xi Jinping” going back to the time when Xi was a rising star in the CCP establishment. (35)

    American President Donald J. Trump, by the same token, is surrounded by advisors with ties to China. Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross all have extensive business and personal relationships with the PRC. (38)

  1. June 26, 2020 at 4:01 pm

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