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American Political ‘Elites’ Have Lost, Almost, All Touch with Reality: 2

In the previous post of this series, I wrote about how the pathetic response by american political (and other) elites to the COVID-19 crisis is yet another example of their disconnect with reality. As I also mentioned, their rapidly growing disconnect from reality was first obvious almost two decades ago, but it took a number of subsequent developments such as their inept response to 2008 GFC and election of Trump in 2016 etc for this phenomenon to become unignorable. The ongoing and incredibly dysfunctional response by american political elites to COVID-19 pandemic should therefore be seen, in it its right context, as the latest obvious sign of their loss of touch with reality. To be fair the political elites of other western countries have not done much better than their american counterparts, so this isn’t strictly an american thing.

As some of you might know, I recently wrote a series about how the COVID-19 crisis exposes the intellectual bankruptcy of LIEbrals (aka most american elites) and another about how their inept response will result in a public backlash. Let us take the points made in those posts and pursue them further. As many of you might have noticed the “response” (if you can call it that) to the COVID-19 pandemic and its sequelae fall along partisan lines. Establishment Democrats and their brain-dead LIEbral supporters are all in for stupid and ineffectual measures such as indefinite lockdowns, closing down schools and universities, mandatory face masks and other pandemic theater without grounding in reality. The “other side” aka Establishment Republicans and their delusional CONservative supporters want to open everything without any plan to mitigate the possible negative consequences of doing so.

Did you notice a few big fucking problems with both courses of action, apart from the fact that they are both bonkers. In case you haven’t.. let me spell it out for you. Firstly, neither Democrats nor Republicans have any worthwhile plan to make the tens of millions who have lost financially during the shutdowns whole again. Now people such as MikeCA might mutter something about financial help contained in some bill that is being held up by the Republican-dominated senate. To which my answer is.. bullshit! Democrats passed some bills in the house to convince dumb folks that they are “doing something”. They did it with full knowledge that those bills would never be passed by senate and become law. You might remember the Republican equivalent of this being their many attempts to rescind Obamacare during 2012-2016 even though they knew that those bills would never pass and become law. It is all Kayfabe, a feature of politics in dying empires.

And this brings up the inevitable followup question- namely, why are the political elites of both parties so clueless about the massive negative impact of lockdowns due to COVID-19 panic on the already precarious financial situation for tens of millions of their fellow citizens and millions of small business? I mean.. hadn’t things already become pretty bad for the younger age-groups over past decade manifested by decreases in house + auto sales and opioid epidemic? Also note that this apparent cluelessness is not just restricted to their lack of understanding effect of shutdowns on tens of millions. It extends to many other areas such as the lack of realistic plans to limit mortality due to pandemic, reboot the economy and much much more.

In fact, the types of speeches you are seeing at the hilariously bad Democrat convention simply bolster my claim. Have you noticed how these D-rate actors aka political elites are spouting all that bullshit about “decency and norms”, “democracy is under threat”, “our international image”, “what will the children think” and “identity politics”, while almost totally ignoring the horrible socio-economic effects of this shutdown on average voters? How can they continue spouting policy- and governance- free drivel about how people should vote for them because Trump is a bad.. bad.. man. It is as if they learnt nothing from 2016, or maybe they do not want to learn anything from that humiliation because even the act of acknowledging that it happened makes them look totally incompetent. How do you lose to a reality show clown who was constantly mocked by corporate media and had less than half the funds as your candidate?

But it gets worse.. much worse. Have you noticed that Establishment Democrats have no realistic plan about how to reopen schools, universities and the rest of economy. If you ask them about their plan, those pathetic circle-jerkers will say something about “follow the science”, “wear masks all the time”, “e-learning for all”, “constant testing” and tons of other bullshit that is not practical in real-life. They have no plan about the hundreds of millions of people who depend on public schools for what is essentially baby-sitting their kids. They have no feasible plans about how to reopen universities, many of which are already in a pretty precarious financial situation. How many universities, even many state ones, can survive a year of being basically closed for undergraduate teaching- which is essentially their main source of income.

Do they think that students are going to keep paying tens of thousands for zoom lectures during the fall and especially winter sessions? Democrats want people to believe that electing Dementia Joe in November will somehow magically change everything. Do they think that people who have become very cynical over years in addition to being immiserated because of decisions by political class will forgive them? Don’t they remember what happened in 2016? Perhaps they think that keeping schools and universities closed for next few months will somehow create enough chaos to create a popular revolt against Trump? If so, this is a very stupid and short-sighted decision since most schools in Republican-controlled states are going to be kept open by September and it will quickly become obvious that risks to the young are essentially non-existent.

Ironically, this stupid Democrat-promoted policy to keep schools and universities closed for next few months is going to hurt the economy of ‘blue’ states far more than ‘red’ states. And that is just the tip of iceberg, since all the other stupid ‘social distancing’ and other bullshit policies are already destroying small to medium sized business in ‘blue’ states far more than ‘red’ ones. Do you think all the people whose livelihoods and business are getting destroyed are going to care about “following credentialed experts” and all that other bullshit to contain a disease which kills less than 1 in 2,000 people under 50 and about 1 in 500 of those between 50-70? Also don’t forget that Establishment Democrats are already talking about implementing economic austerity if they win in 2020. Talk about being more stupid and delusional than Trump..

And it gets even worse, if you can believe that. have you noticed that in addition to blathering about “values and decency”, “our international image” and other coastal bourgeoisie bullshit, they are promoting plans that no sane party which wants to election in the current environment would even dare to mention. You know.. things like referring to Hispanics as LatinX, talking incessantly about ‘gun control’, supporting bullshit causes such as transitioning children, killing oil and gas sector jobs and many other brainfarts which are not popular outside certain coastal zipcodes. Notice everything is missing from that list? What about plans for a comprehensive universal single-payer healthcare system, higher minimum wage, taxpayer funded higher education, less expensive childcare, changes to zoning codes to allow the construction of more affordable housing. But wait, there is more.. much more.

Establishment Democrats have still not put forth a feasible plan (one which does not involve hand-waving and invoking underpants gnomes) to reopen the economy completely. Think about it.. even after four months of the ongoing bullshit, they still don’t have a feasible plan to reopen the economy. But why not? Here is my theory.. because they are intellectually bankrupt. One of the most interesting and universal effects of a country adopting neoliberalism is that its ruling class gets increasingly filled with conartists, shysters, mountebanks, careerists and other creatures who are incapable of original and independent thought. This is why, for example, why Democrats could not use their electoral victory of 2008 to pass any major changes that would make them more popular. This is also why the recent DNC circle-jerk fest looked like a bad infomercial filmed in 1992. My point is that establishment Democrats are actually incapable of thinking in ways which have not been preapproved by the incestuous social bubbles they inhabit.

In the next part, I will tell you about how establishment Republicans are not that different from their Democrat counterparts- especially when it comes to privileging corporate interest over those of the vast majority of their voters.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. MikeCA
    August 21, 2020 at 4:31 pm

    Real people know why the USA has handled Covid-19 so badly, but thank you for the Russian propaganda.

    • August 21, 2020 at 8:39 pm

      Oh La La,

      Mike Ca is a man (trans man?) after my own heart.

      Some of the hideous misogynist from this very big attacked my blog by leaving comments calling the Great Joe Biden and ethnic slur-Jim Cow Joe.

      They also lefty horrid links slandering our favorite murder accomplice, um, I mean prison reformer Donna Hylton.

      Trigger Warning:


      But guess what, I say my dominatrix hard earned money from e-begging to touch my love worm the way the great Donna Hylton touched this “victim’s” pee pee.

      And then they trashed the most talented corner of our generation, perhaps all time, Cards B. They called her a “criminal” for ruffying trashy men and stealing their money. Heck, if she threw in some strap-on action, I’d consider waking up with a huge hangover and $500 less in my man-purse an investment.

      But the worst is when they questioned sweets pie Kamala’s prosecutorial record. Sure, a few innocent men are rotting in jail, but they are filthy men and men as a class are evilly except me because feminism!!!!!

    • Jack Donovan
      August 24, 2020 at 9:37 am

      you boomer sucks make me sick…

      I bet you would like this unwired are like it was an hot fudge sunday…

  2. August 22, 2020 at 10:24 am

    I have an attorney friend who specializes in processing foreclosures. He recently told me that they are receiving HUNDREDS of foreclosures EVERY DAY and that now he is not only servicing bank loan foreclosures but that the government is sending him and requesting help to foreclose Fannie Mae and Freddy Mack loans. This shit is still in its beginning stages but past the point of no return. The turtle head has emerged and is likely the tip of a turd the size of an iceberg.

    • P Ray
      August 22, 2020 at 6:31 pm

      There will be a lot of “economic refugees” going into Asia for sure, but with a long history of “white worship” expect very little backlash or inquiry.

      As usual, “White Privilege” is propped up by “Non-white Burden” … but nobody wants to talk about that.

  3. Jack Sparrow
    August 24, 2020 at 12:04 am

    Few points that you could possibly expand upon:

    1. What do you think of those LIEberals that say that “Trump is the problem right now and needs to be removed, and then we can focus on Biden and holding him accountable to the Progressive agenda. But for now, Trump is the biggest problem and all focus should be on him.”? I mean, did you see when a reporter asked Bernie Sanders what he thought about the fact that Wall Street executives were happy about the Kamala Harris pick? Bernie’s response: “Right now the focus is Trump because he’s a bigger problem to our democracy.” What about AOC? She’s full in on Biden/Harris and her tweets about Kamala Harris make her seem like she joined the neoliberal dark side.

    2. What do you think of Republicans like Josh Hawley who have gone fiscally Left on economic issues? It was Hawley that wanted to mimic a Denmark plan of supporting unemployed Americans by giving them 80% of guaranteed income coming in.

    3. How can you support a single payer universal healthcare system in the US when as a country we are generally much more unhealthy, don’t have the culture to support a government healthcare system, and where government institutions are generally corrupt and run poor: examples like look at the USPS problem. If we can’t run the USPS and the DMV is such a joke, you think we can run healthcare? Not to mention, how can we fund healthcare when your so-called “progressives” want free healthcare for illegal aliens?

    4. “Higher minimum wage, free education, blah blah blah” – where’s the conversation on immigration and the damage it’s doing to wages? Your so-called “progressives” are open-borders nuts! Even your beloved Bernie Sanders changed his stance on immigration and taken a Koch brother’s stance: https://twitter.com/i/status/12256737991918182435.

    5. Do you think the Democrats and “Progressives” care about opioids victims and blue collar workers? Notice who those victims are? White Americans. They don’t care about White working class because those people are “privileged”.

    • Jack Donovan
      August 24, 2020 at 9:34 am


      you sound like one of our goys, after a few beers you, uh, wanna try being queer?

      So, I was trying to find a spot here in Portlandia for my white only bath house, but I found out chink investors bought everything up. How is this fair?

      Whilst we at the wolves of vineland are tryin’ to recruit racist white men, we got replacement white wimmons luring them away..


    • wty
      August 27, 2020 at 11:19 am

      Immigration is irrelevant to white people keeping their jobs because companies will just outsource the jobs to some other country anyway. They don’t have to live in America. With remote work being the new norm, plenty of companies are itching to pay some guy in India a quarter of the money to do the same job. But don’t let facts get in the way of you being a racist dumbass.

      As for the government being too incompetent to run DMV, USPS, etc: all that shit is by design. Whenever the new group of scam artists gets into office, they kneecap any of the previous group’s programs that provide anything remotely useful to regular people, by implementing all sorts of bureaucratic bullshit so they can’t function properly. Then they say some shit like “look how inefficient big government is!” so that they can systematically defund it and make it even more shitty while simultaneously using “big government” to funnel money to useless wars and other wasteful programs that help their rich donors. If this type of corruption were to be stopped first, then government programs like single-payer in the US could succeed. But personally I wouldn’t hold my breath anyway since single-payer American healthcare probably won’t happen for decades.

  1. August 27, 2020 at 2:52 pm

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