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COVID-19 Face Masks are Modern Day Talismans of Liberal Scientism

September 28, 2020 18 comments

As regular readers know, I have written many posts about the hilariously ineffectual and visibly incompetent response of western governments to the COVID-19 pandemic. Continuing in that general direction, let us talk about another stupid intervention cooked up by all the credentialed dummies advising morons occupying elected office in these allegedly developed countries. Yes.. I am talking about the enthusiasm displayed by many countries in recent months to make people wear face masks that are incapable of stopping viral transmission. But as you will soon see, my issues with making people wearing ordinary face masks are about much more than them being generally ineffective at preventing infection by airborne viruses.

So let us start by talking about the efficacy of various types of face masks at preventing viral infections. Long story short.. only masks rated N95 or higher have been shown to reduce the transmission of viruses. And there is a very good reason for why that is the case. It comes down to the maximum size of particles which can pass through them. N95 or better masks can reliably filter out particles that are in size range of common larger viruses. Your normal surgical mask or cloth face mask cannot stop particles in the size range of most bacteria and viruses. At best, they are effective at reducing formation of aerosols created by wearer when speaking or breathing.

Remember that surgeons wear surgical masks to reduce the chance of bacteria from their nose and mouth from ending up on open wounds or during procedures. All of this is another way of saying that normal cloth face masks and surgical masks are basically useless at filtering out particles in size range of respiratory viruses. Sure they might reduce the size of inoculum by trapping larger droplets and aerosols, but let us not pretend that they do much for viruses such as influenza, rhinoviruses or COVID-19. Now some of you might say.. “isn’t a bit of protection better than no protection?”. Well.. sure, but only as long as you are being honest about their limited effectiveness. Pretending they are far more effective than they are is malpractice.

So why are LIEbrals, especially those found on social media site such as Twitter, Reddit etc so enthusiastic about forcing people to wear ineffectual face masks? To understand this, you have first accept that LIEbrals are as stupid as their CONservative equivalents. They just happen to believe in different religions. See.. while CONservatives believe in traditional religion with all its trappings, LIEbrals believe in the church of Scientism. So instead of blindly believing in the word of priests in white garb, LIEbrals choose to blindly believe the words of “credentialed” dummies who represent the church of Scientism. It is about blind faith, not rational and critical belief.

The LIEbral obsession with making people wear ineffective facemasks is better understood when you understand what they represent to believers in the church of Scientism. To make another long story short, ineffective facemasks promoted by the priests of Scientism are best seen as Talismans. In case you don’t want to click on the link, a talisman is an object that someone believes holds magical properties that provide particular power, energy, and specific benefits to the possessor. Note that Talismans or ‘good luck charms’ have a long history of use in pre-modern medicine and the cynical might say, even modern medicine. Some of you might say.. “but what is the harm of letting people believe in such bullshit if it makes them feel better?” Don’t many people keep their own lucky shirts, coats, dresses, shoes, baseball caps etc?

Well.. here is why. If you promote something as a highly effective for prevention of COVID-19 infection, people might actually believe you in the beginning. But what happens after it becomes increasingly obvious that normal face masks are almost ineffective at preventing COVID-19 or Influenza? While devout believers in church of Scientism might continue to believe in ordinary face masks irrespective of evidence, others won’t be so ideologically invested. Another long story short.. the loss of credibility caused by failure of such face masks will blow back on those most involved in promoting them and destroy whatever residual credibility they might still command.

If you thought people weren’t believing in the pronouncements of attention-hungry losers such as Fauci etc and institutions such as CDC and FDA now, imagine how bad things could get once it becomes once it is obvious that these face masks don’t work. To reiterate, while N95 and better face masks work quite well, the cloth and surgical ones promoted by western governments barely work.. if at all. Pretending that they do won’t change reality.

What do you think? Comments?

When Life Starts Imitating Art: The Sep 2020 Movie Edition

September 26, 2020 Leave a comment

Since I am feeling a bit lazy today again.. here is a spur of the moment post that was in my draft folder for past few weeks. As some of you remember, about three months ago, I had published another post with a similar title that highlighted the similarities between ongoing riots and some interesting clips from movies in recent past. In it there was a clip from the 2005 movie adaptation of the Alana Moore graphic comic ‘V for Vendetta‘. Over the next couple of weeks I noticed yet another interesting similarity between that movie and the world of 2020.

So here is some background for understanding what I am going to talk about.. In the graphical comic book version of that story, the rise of the ulra-religious, right-wing and fascistic ‘Norsefire’ political party comes about in the aftermath of a limited nuclear war which devastated USA, USSR and a few other countries. The movie in contrast, traces the rise of that party to the aftermath of a deliberately engineered virus pandemic. To make a long story short, some rich members of that party fund the creation and release of a virus that kills almost 100k people in UK to create fear, chaos and panic among public which allows them to win the upcoming election.

After the election of that party, a company owned by some ‘Norsefire’ member suddenly finds a cure and within a few months they frame, arrest and execute a few people for allegedly doing what they themselves did to the people of their own country. If you think that all of this is a bit too similar to what we are seeing in 2020, you are not alone. Feel free to open to open the clips in another window and read recent YouTube to them. It is amazing how accurate the movie was at predicting how all the FUD created by pandemic would be used to curtail or eliminate civil liberties, while simultaneously increase the power of a clearly ineffectual government full of corrupt, sadistic and self-righteous control freaks.

Clip # 1

Clip #2

What do you think? Comments?

NSFW Links: Sep 25, 2020

September 25, 2020 4 comments

These links are NSFW. Will post something more intellectual tomorrow.

Spanking Line Art: Sep 11, 2020 – Drawings of cuties getting spanked.

Spanking Line Art: Sep 14, 2020 – More drawings of spanked cuties.

Spanking Line Art: Sep 20, 2020 – Drawings of caned cuties.

Enjoy! Comments?

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Interesting Take on Ongoing Crapification of Internet User Experience

September 19, 2020 11 comments

While reading a recent Slashdot post which in turn linked to an article about how 5G wireless was not better than 4G LTE in majority of situations, I came across what some might consider to be a spammy reply- one which I had seen a number of times in past. The very short version of that reply is that the Internet has become progressively less usable and useful since 1999. It also correctly identifies the factors behind this shift (financialization, monopolization, promotion of incompetent managerial types into decision making positions etc). Since I am considering writing a series on why technological progress in past two decades have made things worse and inferior, thought this rant might interest some of you. I have also decided to cut and paste the text of that reply in full for you to read and archival purposes.

In the year 1999, you went to a site, clicked “register”, filled in basic info, and then you had an account. No CAPTCHAs. No e-mail verification in most cases. Absolutely no “phone verification”. No fake error messages based on your IP address/”reputation score”. No underhanded “oh, wait, you cannot have the account after all” messages after you’ve already registered. No evil “shadowbans”/bubbles. No photo IDs had to be scanned in and sent to the owners of the site. Nothing like that whatsoever. Those days are long gone…

* The local auction site was bought by eBay a few years ago. I then tried to sell an item using my account created in 2003… only to be spat in the face with yet another “upload government photo ID to continue” message — after I had spent hours upon hours creating and perfecting the description, photos, etc. For an account that was 10+ years old. With nothing but positive feedback on every transaction. I immediately ceased using it forever.

* I keep getting locked out of accounts when companies start using Google’s reCAPTCHA even for logging in. All attempts to contact the companies in question in order for them to have my account “whitelisted” from having to jump through these hoops have been unsuccessful. Google must track every single mouse click, and blocking it means you can’t even attempt to get past their harassments…

* I once (in recent years) actually managed to successfully create a Facebook account, with a lot of trickery and swearing. In no time, they locked me out, forcing me to upload a face photo “for my protection”. I naturally sent them a fake photo and that’s the last time I ever saw that account.

* I tried numerous times to create an account on Plenty of Fish (dating site). Every single time, no matter what information I inputted into the registration form, it would give fake error messages about how the “username is already taken” (even when trying impossible, ridiculous ones full of random alphanumeric characters).

* I registered an account at Reddit and started posting. After a while, it seemed like it was eerily, suspiciously dead. I tried copying the URLs into a new browser instance (with a different set of cookies) and all of the links returned “not found” errors. I e-mailed the site owners about this and they flat-out admitted to me that my account had been silently put in a “bubble” immediately upon registration due to the IP address being owned by a VPN/proxy service. Needless to say, I immediately stopped using the site forever.

* To my horror, I discovered one day in 2019 that “anonymous” posting has been disabled on Slashdot. (As if the constant insult of being called a “coward” wasn’t already bad enough…) Registering an account involves a massive form of information, e-mail verification with an annoying forced “password reset”, and of course a Google reCANCER blob. In other words, it’s no longer possible to properly comment on articles. It was the last place where I could in any way make my little voice heard to a couple of other people.

* Have you noticed how insanely unhelpful error messages have become in recent years? It seems to be a disgusting new practice to actively and consciously make every error message as useless as possible, frequently downright lying, and to only show these at the very last step, to maximize the amount of time and energy you steal from the person trying to register. The excuse given (if any) is to “stop bots”, but since I’m not a bot yet keep getting these BS messages everywhere, they clearly very much affect humans trying to use these trashy services. It’s beyond insulting to get some worthless gibberish about “username is already taken” when the real “error” is “you are not using your home connection directly so that we can track you uniquely and know you by name and address and see exactly which pages you load from us even if you filled in zero personal information”.

* A couple of years ago, I needed a basic website for my software project. Not just every single server host, but even “webhost” (called “web hotel” in some languages) demanded that I sent a scanned copy of my (nonexistent) government-issued photo ID and Visa debit card for the privilege of getting to pay them money. None of them of course mention this prior to wasting my time and energy filling out their endless forms…

* I’ve long since lost count of the number of times when a registration form has claimed that “an e-mail containing a verification link has been sent” but I never actually received any e-mail. (No, it’s not “in the spam folder”…)

* As with countless other “decentralized” things, I looked into The Federation / Fediverse. From their site: “we expect sites we list to have a humane code of conduct in place. Should sites who fail to ban content that can be found generally harmful, that node will be blocked from listing here.” That makes no sense grammatically, but it continues: “Harmful content can be, but not limited to, malware, graphical material of minors, abusive images, hateful content, racist content and climate denialism.” In other words, the whole thing is controlled by the exact same truth-suffocating, hateful scumbags as the centralized giants, rendering it utterly pointless.

* Recently, after Microsoft had bought GitHub, I tried to log in to an account of mine in order to reply to a reply on an issue thread. I was only mildly shocked to learn that they had locked me out with a message about having sent a “verification code” to the throwaway e-mail address I used when registering, obviously long since abandoned and inaccessible. Apparently, having the right password is no longer enough to prove that you control an account. (I could never get back into it, resulting in a dead end for the issue.)

And yes, this is on-topic no matter which news article discussion field it is posted in, because it fundamentally affects us all.

What do you think? Comments?

Here is the Best and Most Realistic Review of “Cuties” (2020)

September 16, 2020 32 comments

Yesterday, I came across what is probably the best and most realistic review of the now infamous film on NetFlix aka “Cuties”. Here is the link to that post. The very short version of review, which you should read in full, is as follows: Far from being an Epstein-friendly film, it is actually a pretty good and realistic (if disturbing) portrayal of the world of pubescent girls with minimal parental supervision who are immersed in a world saturated by social media and full of female influencers whose only currency is their sexuality.

Amy’s cohort mainlines the validation they receive on Instagram. Their only currency is their budding sexuality, so they exploit it even though they’re mostly unaware of the effect it has. They twerk, shimmy, and pout because that’s what the adults do and it gets them the attention they crave. The girls’ dance troupe is preparing for a competition and Amy earns their respect by introducing even more provocative moves that she sees in, while not exactly a porn movie, the kind of pornified hip-hop video that has catapulted Cardi B to fame.

And let us be realistic.. Kim Kardashian became super-rich and a celebrity only after deliberately “leaking” a tape of her having sex with her then BF, Ray J, in 2007. And before her, that is also Paris Hilton became famous in 2004, in spite of already being the heiress of a large fortune. Or just look at Instagram, Twitch or even YouTube. Sex appeal sells.. the more blatant, the better. Do you really think that kids and adolescents don’t notice this as they grow up? Seriously?

What you see in “Cuties” or any of the numerous talent shows in this country featuring scantily clad clad girls is a natural consequence of two convergent trends seen in neoliberalism. Firstly, traditional stable but boring jobs and careers are rapidly disappearing. Secondly, being a celebrity can bring you a lot of fame and fortune in a very short time. Almost everybody wants a hit of that sweet.. sweet.. celebrity status and for young girls there is one easy way to achieve that end.

The film correctly points out that the current western model of “female empowerment” and “girl power”, in practice, is just as exploitative as the traditional patriarchal societies. It just pretends to be different and more “humanistic” than the later. I do agree that it didn’t help that NetFlix promoted this movie in a way guaranteed to get some free publicity by stoking public outrage. Anyway.. here is the director of “Cuties” saying something similar.

What do you think? Comments?

Will “Winner” of 2020 Presidential Election be Seen as Legitimate?

September 13, 2020 8 comments

As many of you know, 2020 has been a very interesting year. But what if I told you that it could get even more.. “interesting”. As some of you might remember, about two weeks ago I wrote a post about what might occur in case neither Trump nor Biden concedes after the 2020 election. I also wrote a post about the lack of realistic plans by Democrats if the election has uncertain or disputed results. Then there is my recent series about how the american elites, of both political parties, have lost touch with reality. Let us take all those thought experiments to the next step. Have you ever wondered what will occur if “winner” of 2020 election, assuming there is one, will be seen as legitimate. Now some of you, such as MikeCA, might say that the situation will resolve itself like it did in aftermath of the infamous 2000 election. I am not be sure about such a benign outcome and here are a few reasons for that belief.

1] People often forget that the America of 2000 was a very different place from the one we live in today. Sure.. this might not be evident by looking at photographs of downtown skylines, suburbs or even the underwear styles and pubic hair grooming of young women- we might as well be in a different country. 2000 was the peak of public acceptance of neoliberalism. That election had one of the lowest electoral turnouts in this country since WW2, and remember that the 90s had the lowest average turnout since 1940s. It also occurred at the peak of prosperity and well-being that occurred in later half of 1990s. All of this is a long winded way of saying the country was far less politically polarized, the mood was far more optimistic and people were generally much better off during at that time than they are in 2020. This is why most people did not care about GW Bush stealing the election from a lackluster neoliberal and conservative democrat such as Al Gore.

Let me remind you that Clinton42 won states in both 1992 and 1996 (LA, TN, WV, KY, AR, AZ, GA etc) which Democrats have not won for almost two decades. My point, once again, is that the public mood and degree of political polarization in late-1990s was very different from what we have today. Today things are.. much weirder than in 2000, and not in a good way. If the Bush vs Gore farce had occurred in the current political environment we would have major and prolonged riots in many cities- much worse than what we saw in past few months. And we are still talking about conventional mediocre political candidates with zero charisma or dedicated followers. In other words, a repeat of even the 2000 scenario with Trump vs Biden would make the craziness we saw in past few months look tame in comparison.

2] Let us move on the next question, namely whether partisan Republican voters will accept a “win” in a tight contest by Biden- especially if it is almost exclusively built on mail-in ballots? This is not a trivial question, since that scenario is far more likely than anybody wants to admit. What happens if Trump “wins” on election night and appears to be in the lead for a few days only to fall behind Dementia Joe after more mail-in ballots are suddenly discovered in certain swing states? Do you think Trump supporters (especially the ones with guns) are going to take this scenario lying down- especially given the unusually high levels of political polarization on top of all the disruption caused by COVID-19 shutdowns? Do you really think there won’t be street fights all over the country between Democrat supporters and armed MAGA-types? Do people such as MikeCA comprehend the significance and full consequences of this type of civil strife?

And it gets worse. Let us assume, for a moment, that Dementia Joe ends up being declared the “winner”. What are his plans to get the economy back in gear after all the job losses caused by COVID-19 shutdown? Are Democrats stupid enough to think that they can do a 180 and open everything within next week or month after inauguration? Do they think people will forget how much they were in favor of perpetual lockdowns, endless testing and all that other bullshit? Do they have the willingness and ability to pass trillions of dollars in assistance to make the 99% whole again? Do they have any plans for compensating the millions of small business which have either closed down or will do so soon? Do they have any plans to govern other than passing more “gun control” laws and endlessly talking about a “return to normality and civility”? And do they think there will be no resistance from armed MAGA fanatics?

3] Things don’t look better if Trump wins, either. For starters, he is almost guaranteed to lose the popular vote, even if he wins the electoral college. What happens if his “wins” in swing states are due to massive rejections and legal challenges of mail-in ballots? Do you think they will see him as a legitimate president, especially if he “wins” the electoral college under such circumstances? To be fair, many never saw him as a legitimate president in first place- even if they grudgingly accepted his electoral college victory in 2016. What happens if even that becomes controversial in 2020? What happens if Trump is declared as the “winner” under very shady conditions? What recourse do Democrats have? Will there be even more street protest, widespread and prolonged rioting, possible armed encounters between them and armed MAGA types? What about all those people who have become chronically unemployed or lost their small businesses due to COVID-19 shutdowns? Whose side will they take under such conditions?

What happens if nothing improves for people whose livelihood has been destroyed by COVID-19 shutdowns after Trump’s “victory”? Will that cause even more civic unrest and prolonged rioting? What happens if we start seeing occasional mass shootings at protests and clashes between protesters from different factions? What happens if Democratic-governed states decide to not open schools and universities in Winter 2021 out of spite after losing the election? Do you realize how unpredictable things can get with tens of millions of desperate,poor and unemployed people in this country right now- a statistic which is unlikely to change in near future. Now add in the risk of Trump starting a disastrous war with Iran or Venezuela just before the election or doing some other stupid shit to improve his poll numbers before election day?

In summary, 2020 can get far more ‘interesting’ than it has been so far- and this is not a good thing, to put it mildly.

What do you think? Comments?

Interesting YouTube Channel About the Influence of Movies in Cartoons

September 10, 2020 1 comment

A few months ago, I came across a YouTube channel which highlights the influence of older and classic movies in later famous cartoon shows such as The Simpsons, Futurama, South Park etc.

Here is a link to that YouTube channel: Onikorp

Clip #1: The Simpsons Tribute to Cinema – Treehouse of Horror

Do check out all the other clips from that channel about the influence of older films in first twenty-something seasons of ‘The Simpsons’.

Clip #2: Futurama’s Tribute to Cinema: Part 1

Also check out clips about the influence of older films in ‘Futurama’ and ‘South Park’.

What do you think? Comments?

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The ‘Ancient Astronaut Theory’ is Least Noxious Religion in Existence

September 7, 2020 6 comments

If you have read my blog for long enough, you might know that I have an interest in the ‘Ancient Astronaut Theory’ and UFOs- specifically, why they seem to be popular. To be very clear, I don’t subscribe to the overripe nonsense depicted on shows such as ‘Ancient Aliens’ or the writings of Erich von Däniken, Zecharia Sitchin, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos etc. Having said that, I don’t discount the possibility that intelligent species from other star systems have visited earth in the past and perhaps even interacted with human beings to a very limited extent. And yes.. I should have written more posts in that series. It is also my opinion that a small minority of UFO sightings are likely to be unmanned probes from other stellar systems.

But let us, now, focus on something else which I have also written about- namely, why TV shows such as ‘Ancient Aliens’ and books making equally bombastic claims about the ‘ancient astronaut theory’ are more popular than they were 3-4 decades ago. So how is this sort of belief different from, say, merely accepting that extraterrestrials and unmanned probes have occasionally visited earth in the past or present. Well.. for starters, accepting these possibilities doesn’t require us to reimagine our worldview. As I have said in past, there is no reason to believe that circumstances and processes which created life on earth and facilitated biological evolution are somehow unique to Earth. Indeed, given our understanding of physics, chemistry etc it would be truly bizarre if earth was only planet among trillions in our own galaxy (not to mention others) to harbor life.

And this brings me to what I consider as the real reasons behind continued popularity of ‘ancient astronaut theory’- at least as it is presented in popular TV shows and books. As I have hinted in a previous post, deep belief in that theory- specifically the stuff about “energy fields”, advanced lost civilizations, trying to integrate old-world gods with the idea of visiting aliens and how they are a benevolent guiding force for human beings sounds a lot like traditional religion. Every major religion and cult which has ever existed, at their ideological core, is about providing a simplistic but optimistic explanation for the surrounding world. This is, for example, why every religion and cult spend so much time bullshitting about ‘life after death’ or ‘reincarnation’. It is also why these ideologies have tons of often mutually contradictory rules and pedantic regulations about what people should eat, drink, wear, fuck etc.

These belief systems are about providing an illusion of control and hope for its followers. Oh ya.. and also let a priestly class swindle them out of some money and resources. But as many of you might know, technological and social changes in past century have made it increasingly hard for even moderately literate people to keep maintain their belief in such bullshit. This is why it is much easier to find devout Christians in Africa rather than Europe or devout Muslims in Pakistan than in affluent and educated Muslims in West. Belief in every single major religion requires a bronze or iron age mindset combined with high levels of poverty and illiteracy. There is however an interesting exception to that rule- Buddhism. You might have noticed that over-socialized Hollywood types or many educated affluent westerners end up with a spiritual belief system that is either Buddhism or heavily inspired by it. Here is why..

Unlike most major religion, certain interpretations of Buddhism don’t require belief in a god or only require an impersonal non-traditional god. To make a long story short, religions which don’t have a personal god deeply involved in day-to-day affairs of humans are far more plausible to believe in the 21st century than those with deities such as in old testament, new testament, Koran etc. It is also why non-traditional belief systems such as Wiccanism, nature worship and other ‘new age’ stuff are much more popular than, say, forty years ago. But what does any of this have to do with the ‘ancient astronaut theory’. Well.. a lot. For starters, popular interpretations of that theory allow many to reconcile their traditional belief systems with the age we live in. It is just easier, for many, to believe that all the ‘gods’ in traditional religion were visiting aliens.

Similarly it allows people to have personal gods who are not too involved in human lives. Even better, these ‘gods’ do not require sacrifices, temples, priests, food taboos and all that other bullshit found in traditional religions. The prophets of this religion aka people who appear on ‘Ancient Aliens’ or write those books do not lecture you on morality or demand money from you. At most they might request you to buy their books, watch the latest season of their TV show or pay ticket price for some lecture. Note that unlike their equivalents in every major religion, they do not influence the writing of laws, development of social custom etc. They are not going to excommunicate you or issue a fatwa on you for being an unbeliever. Most importantly, they still provide people with a plausible and hopeful explanation for the world around them.

In summary, the popular version of ‘ancient astronaut theory’ should be seen for what it really is- a new religion which, in many respects, is a substantial and humanistic improvement over older traditional religion and cults. It is my opinion that idiots who call themselves ‘skeptics’ and ‘atheists’ (when they are really credential-worshiping and over-socialized conformists) either don’t get this part or care. To each their own, I guess..

What do you think? Comments?

NSFW Links: Sep 4, 2020

September 4, 2020 3 comments

These links are NSFW. Will post something more intellectual tomorrow.

Beach Cuties with Sunglasses: Aug 3, 2020 – Beach cuties wearing only sunglasses.

Beach Cuties with Sunglasses: Aug 8, 2020 – More beach cuties wearing only sunglasses.

2D Spanking Toons: Aug 16, 2020 – 2D toons of cuties getting spanked.

Enjoy! Comments?

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What Happens if Neither Trump or Biden Concede the 2020 Election?

September 2, 2020 10 comments

In a previous post, I asked the question – do Democrats have a plan if election has an uncertain or disputed result? In that post, I also talked about a few scenarios including one where different political factions in swing states certify two different set of result certifications and vote counting in many states takes more than a few days. Since something like this has not occurred in living memory, especially in a highly polarized political environment, it is entirely possible that neither Trump or Biden will concede defeat leading to a very ‘interesting’ scenario where two people are claiming to have won the electoral college and thus the presidency. Turns out that I am not the only one who is seriously considering this possibility. See attached clip containing a discussion about how some of these things might go down.

The summary is that it is very likely for Trump to lead by a large margin of votes on election night, with said lead being slowly eroded and overcome once mail-in ballots are counted. But here is my question- will they be counted? What is there to stop Trump from declaring victory based on election night results and alleging massive mail-in ballot fraud? We know that his core base, which is enthusiastic and large (about 40% of voters) will go along with whatever he says. Now democrats such as MikeCA might say that their party has many high-powered lawyers, to which my counter is that Trump supporters have far more guns and willingness to wield them. It is very easy to imagine a scenario where a population that has grown to hate the COVID-19 shutdowns etc might just decide to take matters in their own hand, especially if Trump goads them on. In fact, they might do it even if Trump does not explicitly call for such action.

So what happens if neither Trump or Biden win decisively on election night and tons of mail-in ballots have yet to be counted? Or what if Trump wins decisively on election night but there are still many uncounted mail-in ballots? What happens if there are dozens or ,maybe, hundreds of parades by pro-Trump armed militias that converge on vote counting or storage locations? Do you think the local police forces will intervene? What happens if more than a few vote counting locations are set on fire or otherwise trashed by armed mobs of Trump supporters? What if they are met by mobs of Democratic party supporters? Remember that this is far more likely to occur in swing states such as FL, WI, MI ec than ‘blue states’ such as CA, NY or MA. At what point will either side relent and accept that they have lost? Or will they never admit? Will the person who ultimately takes office after inauguration day 2021 be seen as the legitimate president?

And we are not even talking about potential outbreaks of violence and intimidation by either side on and before election day. If you think that 2020 has been an exceptional year so far, it might be about to get a whole lot more ‘interesting’.

What do you think? Comments?