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Interesting YouTube Channel: Scotty Kilmer

October 18, 2020 8 comments

Since I am still working on the first in a series about how the personal computing revolution of 1980s and beyond has not improved the quality of life or sped up technological progress, here is something to keep you going till then. And yes.. it is related to what I intend to talk about in that series. The overall point will be that personal computing revolution has actually worsened technological and socio-economic stagnation, in addition to amplifying the damaging effects of neoliberalism aka late-stage capitalism. The Youtube channel I am linking to, which some of you might have already come across, sorta touches on it- albeit in an indirect way.

So.. there is a guy, Scotty Kilmer, who has been a car mechanic for decades with a flair for TV and YouTube appearances. While his style of labeling videos is sorta clickbaity and kitschy- if you have watched more than a few of his videos- it becomes obvious that he actually knows what he is talking about. One of the jokes about his channel is that he will always recommend buying a used Toyota or Honda. In any case, given the horrible non-truck sales of american automobile manufacturers over past two decades, one cannot say he is wrong.

What makes his channel interesting, if you can get past the kitschiness of it, is that he is quite honest about who makes good engines (not just Japanese manufacturers), why the Ford F-150 is a much better pickup than its competitors, why most modern luxury cars are basically unsalvageable after even fairly minor accidents etc. In some of his videos he will also often go into how thoughtless outsourcing, fake “innovation” and bean-counters killed the quality (and ultimately the sales) of American and now increasingly European cars. So, ya.. if you find that sort of stuff interesting, you will like his materiel.

Here is a link to the YouTube channel: Scotty Kilmer

Clip #1 – Why Toyota Makes the Most Reliable Cars, Japanese vs American Culture

Clip #2 – Here’s Why You Need to Buy a Lexus

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