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Interesting YouTube Channel: Atlas Pro

October 27, 2020 5 comments

Here is another interesting YouTube channel which I came across a year or two ago. As some of you might know, my interests extend in many fields beyond the ones which I have studied and worked. While not every video of this particular channel is of the same quality, the ones about geology are usually good and quite detailed.

Link to YouTube Channel: Atlas Pro

Clip #1: What Did Pangaea Look like?

This clip is interesting because I haven’t seen any serious efforts, beyond specialized geology textbooks and research talks, about modeling the climatic conditions in Pangea. FYI- Pangea was the most recent super-continent. And yes, there is something called the super-continent cycle of land which operates alongside (but not always in synch) with the Wilson cycle for oceans. Long story short, for a super-continent that we know a lot about, climatic conditions in different parts of Pangea are rarely shown in any detail on most introductory resources to paleogeology and paleoecology.

Clip #2: Earth’s REAL Lost Landmasses

This one is about the many micro-continents and large islands which are today submerged under water, but which in the past were either above water (for periods between millions to tens of thousands of years) or have the potential to do so in distant future. This video is especially interesting since a few substantial islands were above water as late as 16-11 k years ago during last ice age. And some were near coasts of existing inhabited islands or continents making it likely that modern humans might have visited or lived on some of them. Examples include the Mascarene Plateau and Chagos Archipelago.

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