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Damage Due to COVID-19 Restrictions Will Cause a Huge Backlash- 2

In previous part of this series, I wrote about how the hugely botched response to COVID-19 pandemic by Western governments and public health “experts” is almost certain to cause an unimaginably large backlash in 2021. What makes this incredibly incompetent response even more remarkable is that things have gotten worse with every passing month. Don’t believe me? Well.. have a look at the late Autumn spike in “diagnosed” cases which occurred all over the western world irrespective of whether the leader of that country was Trump or somebody else. At the time of writing this post, the per capita incidence in almost every West-european country (at peak) is either close to, or more than, USA. In fact, the rates in many supposedly “responsible” countries such as Germany have now surpassed USA.

But why does this matter and what is it’s connection to the topic of this post? As some of you might remember, a lot of the public health measures floated by “experts” and enthusiastically promoted by politicians, main stream media and social media monopolies were supposed to prevent this exact outcome. Except that they did nothing of that sort! Feel free to compare the per capita incidence of PCR-positive cases in states that have implemented tons of society- and business- killing restrictions to neighboring states which didn’t implement them. It is as if all this bullshit about everybody wearing masks in public places, not re-opening schools and universities, closing restaurants and other small businesses or all that social-distancing lies had zero effect on the autumn rise in number of positive tests. In other words, all of that personal sacrifice (performed by those ‘little’ people) was in vain.

Do you really think that most people haven’t noticed that all of their largely uncompensated personal sacrifice had zero effect on the autumn wave of this disease? Maybe.. some losers with sinecured or otherwise stable jobs don’t mind the disruption to their lives, but a much larger percentage and number of people are now both very angry and in dire poverty due to those disruptions. Needless to say, they will find scapegoats among politicians, public health “experts”, MSM cocksuckers and SJWs in social media companies. But their hunt won’t stop with these obvious targets. It is no secret that many other sections of Western society have beclowned themselves during the botched response to this pandemic. Let us start by talking about how schools and universities have handled themselves.

1] As some of you might now, the death rate for COVID-19 infection in those younger than 25 is less than 1, in 10,000 and if you eliminate deaths in those who were already quite ill, it is likely less than 1 in 100,000. In spite of these figures being very consistent across many states and countries for past few months, a large percentage of schools in USA are still closed for in-person learning. While we can go into the reasons behind the decision of many teaching unions to beclown themselves, which include offering token #resistance to Trump, it goes without saying that even a scenario where every person below 25 in USA gets COVID-19, the excess mortality would be in the few hundreds or low thousands. Moreover most of this mortality could be avoided by keeping those susceptible to severe outcomes (cancer survivors, severely ill kids) at home for a few months. But what about the teachers, you might say.

Well..for starters, most teachers in USA and many other Western countries are women and under 50 and also have a really low death rate from to this disease. To put it bluntly, it was perfectly possible to reopen schools and run them like normal by having the chronically ill children and teachers over 50 stay at home. Even a 100% infection rate among teachers and students would result in no more than a couple thousand extra deaths in USA. You might not like what I am saying, but it is hard to argue with my reasoning. However this is only a small part of why backlash against teachers and their unions will be especially severe in USA. The first major reason comes down to the fact that public schooling in West is glorified babysitting which allows both parents to work 9-to-5 jobs. Keeping schools closed hurts the working class far more than numerically much smaller upper-middle class.

To make matters worse, a large percentage of the working class sees teachers as pampered, overpaid, incompetent and elitist assholes who owe their cushy jobs to unions- something that is not possible for most people in USA. Let me remind you that most working class people had to keep working during the pandemic at same time when all these teachers were sitting on their collective behinds at home while still receiving full pay. I predict that the backlash will take form of voters supporting right-wing politicians who want to cut school funding- either directly or indirectly. And given the significant shortfall in tax revenues for local and state governments in aftermath of this crisis, this outcome is almost inevitable. And to be honest, most teachers deserve it for how they have handled themselves during this crisis.

2] If you thought that teachers and schools had shot themselves badly in the foot by refusing to reopen during COVID-19 pandemic or did so with bizarre pre-conditions, think again.. because universities have outdone them by a mile. But before we go there, let us talk about the single biggest difference between schools and universities in USA. See.. while the vast majority of schools are pre-paid for by taxes and therefore free to attend, obtaining a university degree requires the median student to spend many tens of thousands of dollars in fees- and we haven’t even started talking about living costs in certain coastal cities. Did I mention that you cannot discharge student loans during a bankruptcy? To make a long story short, attending university in USA is a very expensive proposition with very onerous loan repayment conditions. So why do students keep attending them?

While part of the reason comes down to societal and employer pressure to obtain a university degree of some sort, a far bigger reason (for many) is that university is a place to network for future job and career opportunities. Of course, you can’t do that unless you physically attend university. To make matters worse, the online learning experience is inferior for those old CD-ROM courses offered by distance learning for-profit universities offered in the late 1990s. Did I mention that vast majority of universities have not reduced their fees since going online? To make another long story short, universities have decided to throw their student body (aka customers in USA) under the proverbial bus without considering long term consequences of such actions. Given the conditions and factors mentioned earlier in this paragraph, the medium- to long- term effect on their reputation and ability to attract paying customers (I mean.. students) is unlikely to be positive.

To make matters worse, if that is possible, universities in USA have largely gone through the large increase in student population between late-1990s and early- to mid-2010s caused by a wave of baby-boomer children. There just aren’t that many future local students for them in next decade, which is why so many of them are recruiting international students at record numbers since the early 2010s. These high-paying students (usually from China) have become an important source of income for many universities in past few years. It does not take a genius to figure out that shutting down physical university for a year is going to hurt ability of most universities to recruit rich overseas students. It does not help that many universities in this country are overloaded with useless administrative parasites and therefore barely getting by in spite of collecting record amounts of tuition from students.

Given the upcoming revenue shortfalls, I expect many of them to start cutting corners by laying of teaching staff rather than firing administrative types, thus entering a death spiral where loss of income leads to loss of reputation which leads to further loss of income. What makes this whole farce darkly comic is that the risk of death from COVID-19 among student aged people is also very low- less than 1 in 5,000 and most deaths occur in those with serious chronic conditions. I should also mention that majority of teaching duties in universities are already performed by junior teaching staff, contract and sessional instructors who are very likely to be under 50 and in good health. I mean.. we could just have had professors above 70 and those with serious chronic diseases stay at home for a few months.

In the next part of this series, I hope to go into the effects of these shutdowns and restictions on small and medium business who employ far more people than their revenues might suggest.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. P Ray
    December 26, 2020 at 9:39 pm

    Don’t forget another contributor to the backlash of CoViD-19 restrictions:
    “Allowing on TV, only people who can conduct themselves in a composed measure, who are as anodyne as possible, and who seem alien to the human experience, they might as well be a PR representative of a company”.

    In other words, the only people allowed to speak out in the media, show no real feelings and are completely dignified.

    It’s very similar to the girl (only, with no real follow up to prove their words) telling someone else “Let’s Just Be Friends.” … very few people can ignore that kind of veiled insult continuously.

  2. ...this blog has gone down in quality as of late...
    December 27, 2020 at 2:59 pm

    you continue with the condescending “know it all” tone…

    you are looking at this in very black and white terms….

    ie “very few young people will die.” There are long haulers who have symptoms way after they are “supposed” to have symptoms….

    In short, you don’t want to play the coronavirus lottery if you don’t have too…

    But again you get it wrong…

    You can’t shut down the economy without providing UBI AND REAL HAZZARD PAY to “eSSenTiAl WoRkerZ.”

    Take a look at CA and that asshat Gavin Newsom. He’s eating a $400 plate of food indoors and treats you like a criminal if your mask falls between your nose while delivering packages for $16 an hour. Fuck that guy. And why does Commiefornia with the strictest restrictions have the highest numbers?

    • doldrom
      December 27, 2020 at 9:55 pm

      Well yes, but that is also true of the flu — most people with a sniffle who say I have the flu don’t actually have influenza which can floor you for two weeks, in my case worse than Covid. Some people have longer term effects from the flu, as it is I have had effects from Corona for months, but nowhere near as bad as others.
      The point is that this is simply not such a unique and desperate and emergency as it is made out to be … and there has constantly been exaggerated propaganda, an agenda, and far more deaths than necessary if we had taken a sensible public health approach.

  3. Jay Fink
    December 28, 2020 at 4:11 am

    You mention the low Covid death rates for people under 50. This is true. Yet ironically from the surveys I have seen young people are generally supportive of the restrictions. It’s the 50+ crowd who is angry about it.

    Virtue signaling on social media can be a powerful drug.

    • AD is a cuck
      December 28, 2020 at 9:33 am

      “Virtue signaling on social media can be a powerful drug.”

      Here’s a simpler answer…

      Many “over 50” types own investment properties and don’t want to be holding the bag when there is a moratorium on rent.

      Many under 50’s work in fields that can’t be done remotely and the don’t want to be on the front lines with $2 hazard pay.

      Be honest now, AD, wouldn’t you rather sit home, play video games and get the $600 unemployment bonus they gave this summer?

      I bet you went all neo-libtard when Tom Cruse threw his hissy fit against his crew while filming and said “Hell Yeah.” How come you neo-libs always get super happy when a multi-millionaire berates his workers?

      • December 28, 2020 at 5:37 pm

        CONservatives are known for shitting on their employees as well!

      • AD is a megaCuck
        December 29, 2020 at 8:45 am

        “CONservatives are known for shitting on their employees as well!”

        Being an employee sucks! Get that 1099 from Uber so you can hire one of AD’s sloppy second “used to be a dude” “escorts.” But Gendar is a social Konstruct anywhoose…

        AD keeps pushing the “we wanna work for sh*t wages” narrative while he has his easy peasy “work” from home “cahrear.”

        I’d rather sit home and get UBI and wear a fucking mask and not go to bars or nightclubs even though I miss live music but nothing else because I hate people anyways.

      • P Ray
        December 29, 2020 at 11:50 am

        CONservatives and LIEberals are both sides of the same coin.

        One practices overt racism, the other one covert racism.

        Both use their own networks of who to promote or fire.

        Both like to tell you they are different.

        Both think they are completely right and try to cancel others.

        And of course, it’s right when they do it, and wrong when you do.

        And unless your escort/life-partner is at age of consent, near 100% you are getting “sloppy seconds”.

        And of course, both these CONservatives and LIEberals want to have that kind of sex, but will lie and try to hide that attraction, and have lawyers on the ready to conceal their scandals.

      • P Ray
        January 6, 2021 at 1:48 pm

        And in one picture for people to understand how CONservatives and LIEberals are both sides of the same coin:

      • Jack Donovan
        January 6, 2021 at 11:29 pm

        oh hai Pee (sp)Ray,

        I leek this one better…


        Too bad it is being wasted on an icky woman!

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