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Banning Trump from Twitter is a Very Stupid and Short-Sighted Idea

As all of you know by now, Trump being banned from multiple american corporate-owned social-media networks such as Twatter, FakeBook, ThotGram etc. You must also be aware that many LIEbral retards are celebrating this short-sighted decision. In any case, here is a post, written without flowery language and obscure analogies, to show you why this was an very stupid and dangerous decision with huge potential for ‘unintended consequences’.

1] Trump got almost 75 million votes in 2020 election in spite of a four-year long campaign of demonization by the MSM, Liberals and despite his inept handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. That is a pretty significant number of voters in this country and going somebody who could get than many votes in a presidential election at a time of massive political polarization is a really bad idea, because you have just created enemies out of tens of millions who did not have to pissed off any more than they already are. And let us be realistic.. Trump is, and has been, an entertaining clown or troll without the balls or mental ability to put together even a simple Munich beer-hall putsch. He almost exclusively implemented milquetoast republican policies (endless tax cuts, appointing conservative judges, trying to cut medicare/medicaid and supporting “law enforcement”) than anything which was even vaguely radical.

Banning this entertaining clown from Twitter and other american-owned social media networks makes him appear far more capable and important than he is in reality. Also, banning him provides support very strong support for his opt-repeated contention that he was the victim of a systemic deep-state and corporate LIEbral conspiracy. In my opinion, the incestous and incompetent LIEBral idiots in deep-state should have just ignored him or treated him like the entertaining troll he was. But now they have provided extensive conformation and validation to many of his more outlandish claims. Do you really think that Trump will have less credibility if you ban him from american-owned social media sites? If you do think like that, read some history and have your head examined. These actions achieve the exact opposite of the goal.

2] Trump’s followers and supporters are heavily represented in the military and law enforcement, both as ex- or current members. They are also heavily represented in people who work with their hands rather than the effeminnate keyboard jockeys, impotent code-writers in Bay Area, suburban white moms working office jobs and other diphits who don’t posses the means, background, experience or physical ability to perpetrate real violence. There is a reason why all successful revolutions in human history have been backed by men who knew how to use weapons and were not shy about killing. To put it blunty, the vast majority of people capable and willing to commit actual violence do-er types are not on the side of Democrats and LIEbrals. And this not the 1990s or early-2000s when most white conservatives believed that the government was on their side.

To make matters worse, the systemic socio-economic factors which led to rise of Trump have not gone way. In fact, the conditions of many have gotten worse, largely due to thoughtless lockdowns and school closures led by LIEbral politicians and democratic party associated unions and PMCs. In other words, things are about to get a whole lot crazier because the movement which catapulted Trump to presidency in 2016 is still there and in many ways stronger than it was in the past. Now combine that with the the fact that this group has a virtual monopoly on capability and ability for real violence. While Trump does not have the brain or balls to use his popular support and current situation, a future american Caesar will almost certainly do that very effectively and with zero qualms.

3] I have said, above and, in more than one previous post- the next person to use Trump’s coalition to seize power won’t be as stupid and incompetent as Trump. And there is a history for this dynamic throughout human history where the first attempts to overthrow a dying regime are often headed by incompetent people who fail but then they get replaced by smart and competent people who actually know how to use strategy and violence. Caesar was not the first roman consul with vision of becoming an emperor or who tried to become one. Napoleon was not the first french military general with visions of becoming emperor in aftermath of French Revolution. Mussolini and Hitler failed more than once before succeeding. I predict the next few years will see the rise a competent american Caesar- and it won’t be pretty. And make no mistake, a significant minority of american population (who have the majority of weapons and weapon training) are going to rally behind such a guy. The current democratic coalition of old black people and credentialed white paper-pushers living in a few urban and suburban areas have no real chance of prevailing against a competent american Caesar who commands the loyalty of his armed followers.

4] One of the most clever scenes from an early season of TV adaptation of “Game of Thrones” goes as follows: the much-hated juvenile idiot king aka Joffrey Lannister is shouting “I am the King” towards his uncle. At this point his grandfather (the true power behind throne) calmly tells him that “any man who must say I am the king is no true king”. The point is that anyone who has to justify their power by invoking external factors such as credentials, lineage, job-title etc has no real power. Similarly any person or entity who has to justify their power by appeals to external factors or the status-quo rather than actual control has only an illusory and tenuous grasp on power. It is no secret that current status of LIEbrals and Professional Managerial Class (PMCs) owes everything to others willing to go along with the charade.

Let me explain how this applies to the topic of our discussion. When the Chinese government censors people, ideas or opinions it does not like- it simply does it. That is possible because, unlike the corporate class in the west, it has real power and wields it appropriately. But that is only part of the story. The real reason why they have both this power and support from its population is that unlike their western counterparts, the Chinese government has been able to deliver almost magical improvements in the quality of life for its citizens in past four decades. In compassion, the past few decades in western countries (especially USA) have been marked by economic stagnation and reversal of fortunes for over 90% of their populations. To put it another way, people go along with some high-handedness only as long as the system can deliver a good lifestyle and hope of a better future.

The Chinese system also has far more internal accountability and constant fine-tuning than the american corporatist system. There is a reason why so many people have come to hate Amazon, FaceBook, Google and other software-based tech companies (Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Yelp etc) over the past decade. While the reason for their hatred varies from loss of their small business, loss of stable jobs, high-handed behavior etc, it does not take a genius to figure out that any rising Caesar will use the growing hatred of average people for these tech monopolies and oligopolies to either nationalize them or break them up- and we are already seeing early signs of this trend on the republican side among younger legislators. Ironically, the Chinese government pursues corporate anti-monopoly practices to prevent this outcome than their impotent and corrupted western counterparts.

5] It is also worth pointing out that the poorly though lockdowns and shutdown in response to COVOD-19 pandemic have caused large long-term job losses in addition to massive damage to small- and medium- sized business. Given that these lockdowns and shutdowns were mostly championed by Democrats, LIEbrals, certain unions and the PMCs- you can bet that the rapidly building public anger will cause a lot of damage to Democratic part’s electoral prospects in 2022. If you don’t believe, just read a bit about how Democrats went from their 2008 win to an almost total complete rout in 2010. Inability to deliver on needs of voters is not a winning strategy regardless of how many non-white and female faces you put on the ballot. Trump lost in 2020 because he could not deliver on his 2016 promises and Obama barely scraped through in 2012 because the Republicans managed to nominate someone (Romney) who was even more repulsive than him.

Given the inability of Democrats to learn from history, You can bet that they will try to push highly unpopular polices ranging from criminalizing domestic dissent, new gun control laws, climate change scams, shoring up the wreck known as Obamacare and a lot of other stuff which will piss off too many people. Those idiots will also push their “diversity” and “trans-rights” bullshit scaring off even more white voters living in non-coastal areas. And they will try to do all of this without providing any serious economic relief or compensation to the tens of millions whose entire lives have been destroyed by their stupid and bad policies they had championed. If you think that non-white and non-black voters are a captive democratic constituency, you are about to have a rude awakening. You do know that the vast majority of Hispanics in this country do not see themselves as People of Color (POC).. right?

To summarize, the LIEBral corporatist establishments idea to ban Trump from major social media outlets (especially before his term ran out) was an incredibly stupid and short-sighted decision which transforms that troll clown into a legitimate political martyr who was the victim of a conspiracy to steal the election from him. These idiots have thus given Trump what he, by himself, could never have achieved- real legitimacy for his claims. In addition to this , they have accidentally cleared the pathway for the rise of a real and competent american Caesar who will end up crushing their proverbial necks when he gains power. Way to go.. dumbfucks!

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Jack Donovan
    January 9, 2021 at 7:02 pm

    if only our white goy bath house parties were this much fun, Dickie Spencer and Gavin McInnes would never leave.

    Did you see Mittens getting heckled by some good goys?

    If only he walked by the wolves of vineland, we’d throw our used condoms at him, but oh, wait, us white guys don’t use condoms…

    BTW, AD, thanks for the advice n the hydrocloroxine, injecting it into my dick reich now to fight off that horrid kung flu!

  2. doldrom
    January 10, 2021 at 6:24 am

    1. There will be no election reform. To the contrary, even broaching the need for election integrity will automatically be cast as unpatriotic doubts about the sacred voting rituals, etc. Expect more of the same in 2024.
    2. American government is in the hands of a private party/corporation. America has no political culture whatsoever, democracy is defunct, and there is no path to some sort of political dynamic that puts any issues on the policy table. The idea that two stale entities such as Republicans/Democrats can ever lead to any political dynamic or rejuvenation is delusional.
    3. Despite all talk about unity, American social life is in for a period of purges and cultural revolution type developments. At the same time, a period of unprecedented social and economic dislocation will take place. It is completely unpredictable what may emerge, but it could be quite radical.
    4. All the talk about racial reparations and equality and racism simply serves to mask the real conflict, which is the attack on the poor and the former middle class. All of these deplorables are only good for being gardeners or maids or waiters or what have you. For the rest they should just disappear, be it by overdosing or overeating or shooting each other, whatever. America has always hated the poor, those down on their luck, losers, whatever. Expect genoicidal attitudes and greater social exclusion than ever.
    5. The ‘elite’ will double down on controlling the narrative through more powerful tools than ever, melding the MSM, Big Tech, Police, bureaucracy, and intelligence agencies together. Whether they succeed in keeping the upper hand or whether they will lose control will also mark the difference between the US becoming a failed state/society or continuing as a totalitarian empire. In either case, all the bull about rule of law, democracy, freedom, etc., will become quaint platitudes that nobody takes seriously, just as in late communist states nobody believed in any of the public narrative.

  3. P Ray
    January 10, 2021 at 11:31 am

    There has got to be a more nuanced idea that “the Chinese system is simply better” …
    because while there is a very romantic idea of “people don’t rise up against that Communist government because they helped them rise up economically” … there are also a bunch of other (fear) factors:
    1)as seen in the 6 January 2021 Washington DC meetup, if you are employed and turn up to a riot, you can become UNemployed
    2)there is no social safety net in China
    3)the social credit system ensures that any disobedience to the regime will affect you and your family
    4)if it was so perfect why are some officials caught and sentenced for massive corruption?
    5)if it was so perfect why do so many Chinese want to run overseas?
    6)Chinese anti-monopoly actions towards corporates have more to do with preserving the regime image overseas of having full control, viz. Jack Ma’s Ant group IPO getting cancelled because he got mouthy against them – if he (son of 2 famous Communist party entertainers AND a member himself who denied it until outed) gets the whack, many people will get the message.
    That principle is called “Kill the chicken to scare the monkey”

    Don’t forget the extensive Chinese brainwashing and history-whitening that all their citizens routinely go through.

    It’s very easy for their citizens to support a regime, when they’re lied to about what happens everywhere else.

    Not saying the US is fantastically better but the attraction of lower (not none) state-sponsored violence against citizens is a plus point.

  4. NickSwift
    January 10, 2021 at 4:01 pm

    This post is more a litany of your hottest, steamiest revenge fantasies than a sober analysis of likely future developments. You will be very disappointed.

    Nearly all of your assumptions are seriously flawed, and you are making the same errors which led you to get almost all of 2020 wrong. Perhaps, it’d be worth getting into the particular points, but, suffice it to say. there will be no “American Caesar”. If you want a real picture of the future, think Ukraine or Yeltsin’s Russia.

    Actually, America will eventually degrade so far that those places will seem to be Shangri-La in comparison. Of course, we won’t get there all at once; there’s still quite a long runway left, but it’s shrinking every year.

    What I really wonder is, what do you have against “LIEberal” suburban secretaries?

    Who hurt you?

    • Pooh Pooh CaCa
      January 10, 2021 at 10:17 pm

      “What I really wonder is, what do you have against “LIEberal” suburban secretaries?”

      A careful reading of this blog will show that AD is obsessed with white womyn…

      He went all neo-liberal screeching about how awful Harvey Weinstein was when the truth is likely that he engaged in a quasi prostitution relationship with “actresses” like that bald wannabe sigrny weaver, what’s her name, mcpoop or something or that trash heap who bullied the weak willed chef into suicide…

      (yeah, run on sentence but whatever….)

      wouldn’t a “player”, or is it “customer” who brags about paying for pu$$y say something along the lines of do not hate the player, hate the game.

      I do hope the big tech companies get broken up. And there is historical legal precedent for it to be done. Go read about robber barons or the phone company getting broke up. Funny how libtards like Mike CaCa are silent on that one…

    • P Ray
      January 10, 2021 at 11:59 pm

      He raises a good point tho … a “civilised, democratic” society, can only exist when (mostly) all are willing to follow the rules.
      When the people who previously got rewarded for genuine hard work and/or intelligence are properly compensated or have opportunities for greater success and/or reproduction, the society continues its “civilised, democratic” way.

      When people are instead rewarded for how much cock, countenance or cash they have or pretend to have, and the honest and hardworking are punished, in the name of “muh liberalism” (the truth is it’s really just another bunch of cronies changing seats though) … the hard workers and/or the intelligent stop playing or try to get away with as much self-serving behaviour as possible.

      Mark my words, there will be (as soon as restrictions get lifted) an exodus of White people to the promised land of Asia, where they make many times more money, even with very little education, in the fields of education, management and sales (Notice all of those are presentation-based).

      • The Pee (sp)Ray (s)Exodus
        January 11, 2021 at 10:15 am

        nice little factoid for ya…

        Andrew Anglin was an ESL teacher in Asia…

      • P Ray
        January 11, 2021 at 10:43 am

        Most of these “right-wing” white men love them Asian meat.

        But like to talk about “purity” and “nationalism”.

        While people talk about yellow fever, they also miss the reality of white power.

        A lot of Asian women throw themselves at those guys, get a good pounding, and after getting dumped or pregnant remake themselves as “Asian allies”, looking for a good and stable man that they’re not willing to regularly have sex with.

        Both sets are users.

      • tenderloin spence
        January 12, 2021 at 2:52 pm


        Pee (sp)Ray,

        you shouldn’t a taken down your blog…

      • P Ray
        January 12, 2021 at 8:47 pm

        Sorry “tender”loin,
        never had a blog … also, didn’t go to university in the USA.
        also, not from Hong Kong.
        also, not longing for death … but do enjoy seeing others leave.
        Especially when they’re CONservative or LIEberal.

      • tenderloin spence
        January 13, 2021 at 2:25 pm

        Sorry, not sorry “tender” loin is the proper response Mizz Pee (sp)Ray

        I noticed you also link to Red (s)Pill comics, another give away of the Yer Azn Tigerbeatdown.

        maybe you are not the Eurasian Tiger, but like Batman, we need that fucker to save us because AD sure won’t…

        I mean AD would sell you out for a quickie with a transvestite whore…

      • P Ray
        January 14, 2021 at 2:48 am

        Well … one of the big giveaways that I’m not EurasianTiger is …
        I’m not interested in secondhand women, even if they’re white.
        Fresh 1st editions only for me, and at least I know where my leverage is.

        Things are going to get so much more interesting in this year for a lot of white people.

        Just because I link his drawings, doesn’t mean I’m him.

        Also, it’s so good that they’re out in the wild, so that women who react very negatively to them can be classified as worthless since that is a give-away.

      • Jack Donovan
        January 15, 2021 at 8:49 am

        “Things are going to get so much more interesting in this year for a lot of white people.”


        My honorary Aryan bootie boi, you are so reich about that…

        Looks hear at this here vidya that was sent to some wolf ov vineland bath house goys…

        I mean diarrhea is gr8 and all, y’know we eat taco bell before our bathhouse sessions, for, uh, lubrication reasons…

        But still..

      • P Ray
        January 15, 2021 at 9:09 am

        ^ They really hit the nail on the head for limited vocabulary on that one.

        Reminds me of the modern songs of today.

        Simple rhymes for simple minds.

      • Jack Donovan
        January 15, 2021 at 1:25 pm

        Pee (sp)Ray,

        “Reminds me of the modern songs of today.”

        Whilst the wolves ov vineland wish we could have a song like WAP, we have to say that word Cardi B uses every other behind closed doors. The racism in murriKKKa is dat strong…

        but we do make big birdie noises when the “love gun” goes “in through the out door”

      • P Ray
        January 17, 2021 at 3:47 pm

        Fresh 1st editions only for me, and at least I know where my leverage is.

        … because, women lose the ability to love after 2 partners, they never forget their first love, even decades after the fucking … your sacrifices mean nothing to her and is expected, while any dissatisfaction from her is because she’s entitled to only the best … so, essentially, all the hoops you have to go through to win her, is the redemption price for a whore, that is more expensive and worth less / worthless in terms of value that you can get for hiring a stripper/runaway.

        I’m still waiting for the men who talk about “sexually experienced women being desirable” to stand out in public with a megaphone to proclaim “My wife is a slut and I support her, men do not own women”

  5. MikeCA
    January 10, 2021 at 11:23 pm

    Thank you for the Russian perspective and your Russian fantasies.

    • Mike is a mangina
      January 11, 2021 at 10:12 am

      so how come you libtards are awfully quite about tech companies?

      Don’t want people to “know” that all your coin was made as a hack engineer selling a fourth tier product?

  6. MikeCA
    January 11, 2021 at 12:10 pm

    “I do hope the big tech companies get broken up. And there is historical legal precedent for it to be done. Go read about robber barons or the phone company getting broke up. Funny how libtards like Mike CaCa are silent on that one…”

    Robert Bork, who as Solicitor General fired the Watergate Special Prosecutor in the 1973 “Saturday Night Massacre” for requesting the oval office tapes that would eventually bring Nixon down, also is responsible for the weak enforcement of antitrust law. Bork was rejected by the Senate for the Supreme Court in 1987, but Bork’s 1978 book “The Antitrust Paradox” was already responsible for changing the Supreme Court’s interpretation of antitrust law. Essentially Bork argued that as long as mergers will not raise prices to consumers, they should be allowed. That however allows companies to become big, lazy, and no longer worried about improving products to keep ahead of new competitors.

    Big tech is just one of many examples of the failure to enforce antitrust laws. I think big tech companies need to be broken up. I also think that Section 230 needs to be repealed and replaced with some new rules. Newspapers and book publishers can be held liable for defamation. Television and radio station owners can be also. Why shouldn’t you be able to hold Facebook, Google and Twitter liable for distributing slanderous content?

    By the way, repealing Section 230 will not reduce censorship, quite the opposite. It will lead to censorship on steroids.

  7. bonzo
    January 15, 2021 at 5:00 am

    Trump was our last chance to oust this horrifying international cabal of pedophile cannibals from power. The future looks grim. May God have mercy upon us!

    • AD is a megacuck, okay...
      January 16, 2021 at 10:22 am

      Nassim would saved us, not trump da chump…

  8. Jack Donovan
    January 16, 2021 at 8:46 pm

    looks like Enriqoue Tardick got himself arrested…


    well, uh, it just leaves more time for us white men to, uh, “strategize” if ya get my drift…

    if AD would stop being so uppity, we’d let him in the white guy bath house for some lessons in “masculinity.”

    Tardick sure took us up on that offer…

    wanna know why we call him “Tardick”?

  9. Indian Supremacists
    January 18, 2021 at 10:28 am

    Greasy Indian Supermacists with bad body odor on H1B visas in Silicon Valley, selected specifically because of their anti-American sentiments.

    • P Ray
      January 18, 2021 at 9:14 pm

      Actually, that’s a three-fer you are looking at:
      A woman with a university education
      Who is a foreigner from a “Third World” country
      That is not white

      … and surprise surprise, from the Humanities/Arts fields, where they are used to badgering people to adopt their point of view, rather than being objectively right.

      Anti-American sentiment? A huge lot of Asian women … believe that only White is right. Besides, I hear crackers and poppadoms are a good combo, if what we see in the media is correct.

    • P Ray
      January 18, 2021 at 9:21 pm

      So much um ah um ah … auditioning for a sex video perhaps.

      So many of these credentialed people can’t give a speech without it appearing as if they are either auditioning for a sex video, or got given their qualifications through liberal guilt.

  1. January 17, 2021 at 12:41 am

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