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Impeaching Trump, for the Second Time, is an Even Stupider Idea

In my previous post, I listed the major reasons why banning Trump from Twitter (and other american-owned social media platforms) was an incredibly stupid and short-sighted idea. In this one, I will go into the many reasons why trying to impeach Trump for the second time is an even stupider idea. Having said that.. I am not surprised that the delusional losers aka democrats would come up with such a brain fart. Just look at what they have been doing for the past thirty years, but especially the past five. Anyway, here are the reasons..

1] Trump received over 74 million votes in 2020 (8 million more than 2016) in spite of a huge and sustained propaganda effort by MSM over past four years which included making up many dozens of nonexistent “scandals” in addition to his highly incompetent managing of response to COVID-19 pandemic. Even after he “officially” lost the election, Trump had no problems getting tens of thousands of enthusiastic supporters to attend his rallies. Anyone who believes that this guy does not have a massive base or that his supporters will desert him in aftermath of that over-hyped January 6 riot in DC is highly delusional aka a democrat.

As I also mentioned in my previous post, it is worth noting that Trump has a far larger base of support among people who work in (or have worked in) the armed services, police and other paramilitary services. If you think that trying to impeach him a second time won’t further piss off and rile up those sorts of people, I have a bridge to sell you. When (not if) push comes to shove, I would bet on the trained guys with guns prevailing over lanyard wearing pencil-dick aspie dweebs from Northern California. Banning him from american-owned social media outlets has only helped Trump further by making him look like a martyr. Don’t be surprised if parts of this post seem similar to the previous one, because the stuff they are talking about are being driven by very similar underlying factors.

It does not help that democratic party and its associated public personalities such as MSM presstitutes, incompetent but credentialed “experts” etc have vociferously supported useless ‘lockdowns’ and school closures which have ruined the lives of many millions of younger people. Does anybody thinks that this will somehow increase the vote-share of democrats in 2022 and 2024 elections? Far more likely, democrats are going to get wiped out in 2022 elections to levels that are unthinkable to most people right now. Trying to impeach Trump, a second time, is only going to make him more popular than he is right now. And the guy who comes after Orange Man is going to be far more competent and systematic than him.

2] Trying to impeach Trump, for a second time, shows how incompetent, desperate and scared the democratic party has become. It is no secret that attempts at presidential impeachment have lost their power due to their frequent use in recent decades. Remember when they tried to impeach Clinton in late 1990s.. how did that turn out? Did it crimp his ability to make money or hurt his popularity after leaving office in early-2001? And did the first attempt to impeach Trump hurt his ability to get the republican nomination or receive a record number of votes in 2020 elections? Why would any sane person think that a second attempt at impeachment would achieve more? And it is not different this time around..

The socio-economic conditions which caused the rise of Trump have become more dominant in past four years. Trump was, if anything, a trailer for the sort of person who is going to rise to power in the next few years. If you think that more ineffectual impeachments and attempts to harass Trump by starting bogus investigations via the NY state attorney’s office is going to stop a future american Caesar, you are probably a democrat moron. Yes.. you read that right. The person who will inherit Trump’s coalition and use it to successfully grab power is not going to play by the rules of credentialed sissy-boys aka democrats. More ineffectual exercises of their imaginary powers will only speed up the appearance of an american Caesar.

To make matters worse, if that is possible, democrats have no plan or desire to address the socio-economic factors which caused the rise of Trump. Instead they are focusing on identity politic issues and virtue display bullshit which will results in them antagonizing even more voters in non-coastal states. They are just like the decrepit European royal families which were destroyed in aftermath of WW1. Also, trying to prevent Trump from running for election again will have no effect on the now almost inevitable rise of an american Caesar. In fact, Trump was accidentally the best chance of blocking an american Caesar because though he was a incompetent moron Trump had enough popular support to compete with and stop the rise of a competent fascist. Funny how these things work..

3] In the aftermath of that January 6 riot in DC, the dumbfucks (aka democrats) are trying to start another ‘War on Terror 2.0’ combined with a Patriot Act 2.0- which is darkly comic since this country lost the ‘War on Terror 1.0’. If you think otherwise, just look at how the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan turned into a spectacular and costly defeat. The same “geniuses” who cheerlead the failed ‘war on Terror 1.0’ in middle-eastern countries are now clamoring for a domestic ‘War and Terror 2.0’. Given that they seem hell-bent on persecuting over 40% of the people in this country (and over 95% of those with military experience and guns), this cannot end well for democrats. It is almost like these delusional dummies aka establishment democrats are trying to accidentally kickstart a second civil war, but one which takes the form of a decentralized insurgency. This cannot end well..

If democrats had any brains, they would have treated the January 6 riot in DC as if it was just another poorly organized riot by a bunch of incompetent bozos- which is exactly what it was! But the dumbfucks think that pretending this poorly organized riot was some serious threat to the republic will allow them to seize power, spite Trump and persecute his supporters. The numbnuts are doing this despite the fact that a majority of republicans did not see that riot as unjustified or a “threat to democracy”. As I mentioned earlier in this post, over 74 million people voted for Trump barely two months ago and they did that in spite of a 5-year long MSM campaign against him. If the dummies in democrat party think that persecuting his supporters (aka majority of registered republican voters) does not carry the inevitable risk 0f serious blowback, they are hallucinating.

It should also be pointed that trying to impeach Trump for a second time and/or trying to persecute him through spurious legal cases filed by prosecutors in democrat-run states such as NY will almost inevitably destroy whatever little credibility those institutions have in rest of country. To put it bluntly, any path taken by democrats other than ignoring Orange Man AND addressing the broader socio-economic factors behind his rise will result in a very large-scale backlash which that decrepit party and its stooges won’t be able to handle. Based on the way things are going, it is obvious that the dumbfucks have made their choice. The next four years might be even more ‘interesting’ than the past four.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. MikeCA
    January 17, 2021 at 11:35 am

    Impeaching Trump for the 2nd time only a week after the riot puts down a strong marker that this kind of behavior is completely out of bounds. I find it unlikely that enough Republicans in the Senate will vote to convict, but the impeachment still serves a powerful purpose. Trump knows that if he tries to do something crazy in his last week in office, he is more likely to be convicted by the Senate. Yeah, he is still going to pardon everybody on the 19th or the morning of the 20th, but it forces him to give up trying to overturn the election. Some Trumps followers are still out there saying Trump will be inaugurated for his 2nd term on the 20th and there is a lot of chatter about violent action to stop Biden’s inauguration.

    Is this your “insurrection”? Looks more like a bad comedy sketch..


    The impeachment forced Trump to put out another hostage video asking his supporters to be peaceful and saying the transition would now proceed. Ironically some of the Trump hard core base now believe that he has double crossed them and they are angry at him. It is surprising that it took till now for these supporters to realize that Trump will gladly throw any of his supporters under the bus to safe his own skin. Time will tell how badly this will splinter the Trump movement and the Republican party, but we are beginning to see the cracks opening caused by the last two months of relentless lying about the election results.

    • AD is so desperate he would stick it in Kimberly Guilfoyle
      January 17, 2021 at 8:52 pm

      wait, what, I thought all the trumptards were all blew live matter…

  2. MikeCA
    January 17, 2021 at 4:37 pm

    “Is this your “insurrection”? Looks more like a bad comedy sketch.”

    Well, it was an insurrection planned and organized by Trump. What do you expect? Planning and organizing are not Trump’s strong suits.

  3. AD is a mega cuck
    January 17, 2021 at 7:52 pm

    yer good buddy Aaron Clarey…

  4. if mikecaca could meme
    January 17, 2021 at 8:18 pm

    • P Ray
      January 18, 2021 at 1:56 am

      You missed an important bit:

      voted in massive numbers, and supported, by white women.

      But the CONservatives and LIEberals are not going to bring that up …

      • tenderloine spence
        January 18, 2021 at 12:49 pm

        are you suggesting white wimmenz are waycist…

        destroys yer favorite meme, mr. Pee (sp)Ray…

        or was it the one with the fat slobs worshipping the trashy hipster white whammenz…

      • P Ray
        January 18, 2021 at 9:19 pm

        A very good rule of thumb is: how easy is it to find (non-adult-entertainment) media with men of your ethnicity and attractive white women?

        If the answer is not easy, the society you are in is racist against men of your ethnicity.

        You can stop a lot of investment into racist countries with that simple observation, sending a lot of racist people into drugs, prostitution or welfare

        Remember, holding back resources is also a form of punishment.

        … and best of all, it doesn’t require active effort, just non-cooperation.

      • P Ray
        January 18, 2021 at 9:25 pm

        The picture above just shows what I’ve been saying … CONservatives and LIEberals are racist – whether male or female, just in different ways.

        I like being proven right, because it demonstrates that my decision-making process is correct.

      • Poopfayce mcGhee
        January 19, 2021 at 9:18 am

        Pee (sp)Ray,

        You sure you ain’t Yer Azn Tigermom!

        He said that WMAF couples produced mentally unhealthy baybeez but AMWF couples produced mentally healthy baybeez. If systematic waycizm i a thang as AD and Mike CA will attest, then wouldn’t all mixed race bvaybeez be fuct?

      • P Rau
        January 19, 2021 at 12:24 pm

        ^ The bigger question to be asking is why a “race-blind” society is so deeply against AMWF … but really loves WMAF.

        You can tell by seeing the thumbs-up / thumbs-down on porn videos.

        Just like advertising, porn tells the truth about what a society is really like, at least when it comes to representation and acceptance

      • P Ray
        January 19, 2021 at 12:27 pm

        A lot of “otherwise accepting” white society really show off their racist colours when a single Asian guy turns up wanting to poon …

        but the reverse, a single White guy going to Asia to poon is “just sowing his wild oats”.

        Again, the reactions people get vary … because the “model minority” is expected to be drones and die off … sorry, not appealing to me.

  5. P Ray
    January 18, 2021 at 5:08 am

    Was any LIEberal loser given the blame for setting up CHAZ/CHOP in 2020 though?

    I’m very sure that’s another question that will either go unanswered … or have an unsatisfying answer.

  6. doldrom
    January 18, 2021 at 7:40 am

    There is a large group of people who are convinced that there is a war being waged on them and their way of life by an elite of power/money that permeates all institutions of the USA. Trump was just a figurehead, a piece of dust to enable crystallization. These people have been told their traditional norms, aspirations, churches, the American way, and their jobs are just so much garbage, and, in fact, a toxic legacy from their parents and grandparents. Their view of an all out war on them by a coalition of capitalists/ politicians/ university credentialed assholes is reinforced by the degree to which life is falling apart around them. Adding a war against domestic terrorists only reinforces their view. Impeachment is seen as a purely vindictive partisan use of the levers of a corrupt “justice”, not as any kind of real trail. The more they are pushed into the white supremacist corner, the more likely they are to view all non-white people and other Dem constituencies as enemies and freaks.
    Further MSM lies and efforts to re-educate and eradicate them are sure to radicalize them and perpetuate a very destructive cultural revolution type social tempest. Actual civil war and secession remain rather unlikely. America is also sure to engage in more devastating foreign adventures and entanglements under the current regime (if only to compensate for civic decline), sure to further burnish the image of America as a rogue bully nation harboring the worst war criminals.
    Insurrection tourists staying within the velvet ropes:

  7. blackisobsolete
    January 18, 2021 at 9:39 am

    once democrats give 11 million illegal immigrants citizenship, the elites will begin the wholesale replacement of black workers with Mexican workers.

  8. Parker Bensen
    January 18, 2021 at 11:45 pm

    “Never Interrupt Your Enemy When He Is Making A Mistake.” – Sun Tzu.

    No wonder the GOP is full of such sackless losers. They don’t need balls. All they have to do is hide in the bushes and watch the Democrats render themselves unelectable for the next forty years.

  9. bonzo
    January 19, 2021 at 9:20 am

    >lanyard wearing pencil-dick aspie dweebs
    >credentialed sissy-boys

    Yikes! Someone must have really hurt you.

    I see such people as mini-eichmanns because evil in the modern world is done by desk-bound bureaucrats, admin-types, middle-management and other assorted human scum.

    .. Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil

    • ...this blog continues to go down in quality and surprised the "floor" hasn't benn hit yet...
      January 19, 2021 at 11:01 am

      Once you understand that AD is “in it” for the pu$$y, it all makes more sense. Why would a guy like AD whinge about Harvey Weinstein and his quasi prostitution relationships with hacks like Argento and Mcwhatisitsname? Now, he is being edgy alt-reich sympathizing mine in the hopes of getting some washed up trumptard lady (and is a thing like Anne Coulter and it’s adams apple even a lady or one of 365.92354 genders…)

      And on another note, whilst Advipoops talked about the PMC “class” he is absolutely ignorant of Trumptards most reverent “supporters” (who ain’t patriots but more like Mike CaCa, “I got mine.) They are independently wealthy/self employed/businesses owners. Who could not show up at work for a few days to go to their insurrection, err, riot, err, peaceful pwotest? They have the finances (or better) of the PMC class and the autonomy of the leisure class (ala Charlie Sheen.) After all, hasn’t AD pointed out many times that the average ‘murriKKKan would have difficulty paying for a $500 emergency? The insurrectionists, uh, I mean good white folkies who built this here cuntry ain’t living’ paycheck2 paycheck and they give not a fuck about you and me bawbee…

      Here’s the thing though…

      Whilst there would be laws on the books to get mighty prison time for those who “broke in…” Libtards don’t have the stomach for putting people who look like the in jail. What would be far more effective and less likely to cause “martyrs” would be civil lawsuits that tie them up for years and attempt to reduce their wealth. You heard it here first least the benevolent AD try to claim that idea for his”insightful”ANALysis….

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