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Two Funny and Very Topical YouTube Comedy Skits from Ryan Long

A few months ago, I posted a link to a funny YouTube clip about all the similarities between ‘woke’ losers and plain old racists. Here are a couple more clips from the same channel.

The first clip, from about 5 months ago, is about how liberal internet personalities (such as pro-establishment bloggers, podcasters, influencers etc) will struggle to make content about anything else once in the aftermath of a Trump defeat. This one proved to be prophetic.

The second one is about how most corporations, but especially in Silicon Valley, promote superficial and meaninglessness “diversity” which is actually a form of conformism. Says a lot about the current state of corporations involved in producing entertainment that they cannot even match output quality of moderately well-known YouTube channels.

Enjoy! Comments?

  1. steyraug96
    January 22, 2021 at 11:14 am

    Not allowed to say where I work, but it’s a top 5 investment bank in Bean town.
    Same disease there: “You’re a different sex, sexuality, color, and think the right way? (Same way we do.) You’re hired!”
    “You want to get the job done instead of following our process?”
    “The process there doesn’t work, which is why you hired me. Yes, that process needs to go. We need to focus on getting the job done, correctly and timely.”
    “You’re fired.”


    • P Ray
      January 22, 2021 at 4:56 pm

      Don’t forget having a proper qualification in a company – so that they can bid for tenders – your name and qualification are just there to lend weight and credibility to the company, you are not actually there to improve the processes or software, because that is the pride of the Boss … who doesn’t have the qualifications they demand of their employees

      A lot of these bosses like to talk about how they “want to be able to hire the best and the brightest” and “I walk into the room telling everyone how I’m dumb and they need to explain things to me” … but proceed to ignore the proper analysis and always look for shortcuts or ways to spend as little as possible.

      Almost like they’re grifters and shysters.

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