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Indulging the Delusions of Mentally Ill People Always Ends Badly: 2

In the previous post of this series, I made the point that indulging delusions of people who are obviously not right in the head is a recipe for disaster. Trying to understand their delusions in order to appear “liberal” only ends up validating them and leads to a constant increase in their demands. This is how, for example, we went from “trans people are vulnerable” to “normalize medical and surgical intervention in vulnerable children” and “trans women are real women”. And as I write in future posts, this is not restricted to performative woke-ism since you can make the exact same case against christian evangelicals and fundamentalist muslims.

But what makes indulging mentally ill people with delusions far more problematic than say the passion of a guy who spends every spare dollar he has on expensive toy train sets or hotrod cars? Or what about a woman who is obsesses with plastic surgery? Isn’t that also a type of borderline mental illness? Well.. yes, many strong obsessions could be classified as borderline mental illness, but almost all of them lack what is (in my opinion) the most important feature of a mental illness. For something to be a mental illness, it has to seriously disrupt or harm the life of that person or those around him or her. Confused? Let me explain..

A guy obsessed with collecting toy train sets or building hotrod cars is not harming their lives or those of other around them. Sure.. their obsession can appear strange to those who are not into that sort of stuff, but it an eccentricity- at most. Similarly, a woman who is obsessed with plastic surgery might harm herself a bit, but it is no worse than cutting, dieting or bulimia. My point is that a lot of what some people might call borderline mental illness is closer to personal eccentricity or personality. They aren’t forcing you to buy toy train sets, start building hotrods or undergo plastic surgery. They might make you roll you eyes once in a while, but that is all.

To illustrate the previous point a bit better, let me give you another example. If you have read this blog long enough, you know that I am into spanking girls and other mild BDSM. So how does this affect the way I interact with women, especially escorts. Well.. my preferences do factor in while searching escort reviews and I am upfront about what I would like. However, I have never forced anyone who is not into that sort of stuff to participate in it. Also, I steer the session into a different direction if the girl is not that much into it. The point is, I understand that others often don’t have the same sexual tastes as myself and have no desire to change it.

Now compare this to the “trans” people and their “cis allies” trying to ‘cancel’ everyone who doesn’t agree with their delusions. And yes.. there is a reason somebody who pretends that chromosomes or genitalia don’t matter is delusional. It is the equivalent of saying that the sky is green because it can appear greenish under very specific and uncommon conditions or that ice is not cold because it warmer than liquid helium. The fact that sky can sometimes appear greenish before tornadoes does not mean that it’s default normal color is anything other blue. Similarly, ice being less colder than liquid helium is irrelevant to our use of ice to, say, cool a drink or it feeling cold to touch. Weasel wording, you see, has no effect on physical reality.

Some of you might say.. it is about their attempts to control others rather than holding onto their delusion of choice- and there is some truth to that. But let me ask you something- why are “trans” people and their “woke” allies so obsessed with something that over 98% of other people see as utterly ridiculous. Why aren’t they obsessed with for example, banning clothing of a certain color or fashion? Why aren’t they devoting their energies towards banning certain cuisines or foods? My point is that their ridiculous demands from other people are specifically aimed at validating their delusions. Their pathetic attempts to control the discourse is as best- secondary or tertiary to validating their delusions.

Which brings me to the topic of Munchausen syndrome and Munchausen by Proxy. In case you don’t know, Muchausen syndrome is a mental illness when someone tries to get attention and sympathy by falsifying, inducing, and/or exaggerating an illness. This includes lying about symptoms, sabotaging medical tests or harming themselves to get the desired symptoms. Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) is a mental health problem in which a caregiver makes up or causes an illness or injury in a person under his or her care, such as a child, an elderly adult, or a person who has a disability. Now tell me if a lot of “trans” culture and the actions of their “cis ally” enablers don’t remind you of these two mental conditions? And let me remind you that many others have said this exact same thing many years before today.

But why are so many people displaying symptoms of Munchausen syndrome and Munchausen by Proxy in 2021 as compared to .. say.. 2001 and 2011? And why is far more prevalent in certain western countries but not others? Also why is basically absent in all other countries around the world. My theory, which I will explain in the next post, is that this increase has everything to do with certain societies slowly decaying due to the effects of late-capitalism, neoliberalism and financialism. In other words, the rise of this social pathology (and many others) has everything to with the institutions of, and social dysfunction, created by a set of rapidly failing governing ideologies.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. P Ray
    March 22, 2021 at 4:15 am

    The other problem about “indulging mentally ill people” … is through their crusade, a qualified and capable person – but especially one that didn’t do anything wrong beyond “saying the wrong thing” is alienated from an organisation …

    thus causing more problems for the people served by that organisation.

    I wonder how many Social Justice Warriors it takes to get a capable doctor, mechanic, lecturer fired?

    And how many people will “benefit” from the loss of service that that person could have provided?

    Social Justice Warriors are quite quiet about that aspect of their crusade.

    • Arjun
      March 22, 2021 at 9:29 am

      P Ray,

      My sexless honorary aryan compadre, a brethren white nationalist has given us the way forward:

      “The point was not that hwytes are less likely to race-mix than non-hwhytes.
      The point was that hwyte women are less likely to racemix (compared to white men), than non-huwhyte women (compared to non-huwhite men).”

      We simply get “it” lopped of, throw on some make up and get us some white men. IDK ’bout you but I doubt I even need the estrogen, my manboobies are quite significant. No mental illness or delusion to get to move up in society, amirite?

  2. March 23, 2021 at 8:06 pm

    History would suggest that the stage is being set for a massive pendulum swing away from all the trans/woke degenerate stuff towards a new conservative era.

    It’s happened before with the Weimar Republic becoming Nazi Germany, the hippie civil strife 60s/disco & key party stagflation malaise 70s making way for the Reagan/Thatcher moral majority 80s.

    What specific to the trans movement will cause it? My guess is a high profile underage death as a result of a ‘botched’ gender reassignment surgery, with further investigation exposing how pretty much all instances of the procedure could be classed as ‘botched’, and that all of the psychological testing to determine whether someone was indeed born with the wrong bits is, to say the least, flawed. Anyone who’s read The Silence of the Lambs will know how laughable the testing is.

    On the matter of Munchausen syndrome and attention seeking, they are being purposely gaslit with all the gender bending garbage being cranked out across all nu media. There is also the fact that woke society operates as a sort of victim olympics pyramid scheme, in that you can only rise through the ranks according to how oppressed you supposedly are.

    Let’s have it right, living in woke society is miserable, I can guarantee the vast majority of normal people hate it and the only thing keeping a gun barrel out of their mouths is the hope that something better will come along. However, the new society will be very much a CON-servative one, with all the nonsense woke rules replaced by another set of more aesthetically pleasing yet similarly rigid ones.

    • bonzo
      March 23, 2021 at 10:36 pm

      No, the future is Mexico/Brazil and those are not puritanical societies. Wokeness is just a distraction device to keep people from noticing that wealth is increasingly concentrated. Wokeness will continue until everyone is bored by it, and that means several more years, since “everyone” includes people who are slow to catch up with trends. Look how long it took for the government to finally act against people bringing pet horses, kangaroos, etc as emotional support animals on airplanes. Trannies are not boring in themselves, so it’s going to take a very long time before people are so truly bored by trannies that the elite has to replace them with another distraction. Republicans, in particular, are anxious to milk the trannies playing girls sports story for years to come, and that means they will try to avoid any resolution of the issue.

    • doldrom
      March 25, 2021 at 7:02 am

      The basic model here is that you get a soul + a body, but the Creator sometimes makes a mistake and creates mixed batches. The crazy part of this is not so much to think that the Creator makes mistakes (in fact, ancient Sumer and Babylon were full of aetiologies to explain the lame, the blind, and the handicapped as the result of competition among the gods to see whether the one could create such a failed creature that the other would be unable to find any use for them).
      No. The crazy thing is that the soul/body paradigm that had been abandoned along with metaphysics, is making a glorious come-back. Freud thought that human beings were in principle polymorphically perverse, that is, libido was a force in everyone, but the object of their lust was fluid and largely guided by social experiences. Before homosexuality became an illness in Victorian times, people thought of it as behavior that anybody was susceptible to, but was forbidden, like many other things (somebody else’s wife, noble women, children, animals, killing people who piss you off, etc.)
      Of course there are people who are less than happy with the role they have been given in life, but that has always been true, and most people adjust as they get older, and this applies to many aspects of life other than sexual roles. The splintering of so-called gender identity into infinite possibilities will eventually annihilate itself when everyone has their own. The same is true of sexual orientation: the addition of enough orientations to explain people’s behavior and their corresponding counterparts (kids who love pedophiles, etc.) eventually takes out the foundation under the whole notion of fixed “orientations”.

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