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Multi-Party ‘Democracies’ are Fundamentally Flawed and Unworkable

As regular readers know, I have a history of writing about controversial ideas. Consider this as the latest one in that direction. Before we move on to the topic of this post, let me tell you a bit about how I first had this idea. It, years ago, when I tried to understand the reason behind why certain states in India have done so much better than others, even when those in former group had higher levels of systemic corruption than the later. Then after a pause of years, it resurfaced while I was watching vlogs about people living in Japan. More specifically, it came from an odd difference between Japan vs west European countries including Germany.

If you have watched even episodes of Japanology, Japanology plus and other personal vlogs about living in Japan, you start seeing something peculiar in the background. See.. unlike even west European countries (to say nothing about USA) everything in that country is well-maintained, works very well and is orderly. But even more impressive is the fact that average quality of life for people in that country is incredibly good. It goes from high quality and inexpensive food, well-maintained vending machines, excellent convenience stores to well-maintained apartments of various sizes which are affordable to people with even entry-level jobs, public transit that works incredibly well, a medical system which is both very good and affordable. In short, the system in that country is made to work for the majority.

But it doesn’t stop there. In spite of having the highest median age of any major developed country, they can build infrastructure projects on time and budget with minimal inconvenience to people. They were, for example, able to repair all the damage caused by the great Tōhoku earthquake of 2011 far more quickly than western countries faced with smaller disasters. All of this got me thinking- why is Japan as a nation able to keep making things work nicely and get big things done even though it has technically been in a recession for over twenty years. There are those who might chalk this to Japanese exceptionalism or some other moronic stereotype invented why the west. But as it turns out, Japan is far from the exception.

Jut look at how fast East-Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam etc have come from a few decades ago. China has been the world’s largest economy (in real terms) for almost a decade now, South Korea has also done exceptionally well, same with Taiwan. Even the quality of life in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia etc has improved a lot over past few decades. More impressively, the improvement in quality of life for average people in those countries is far more widespread than western countries since 1980. Heck.. even the government of DPRK has more interest in improving the life of people in that country than current western governments have in doing the same for their own.

So what is the common thread running through these successful East-Asian countries? Well.. a person from west might say it is race- however this belief is a consequence of their own ignorance about that part of the world. A far better explanation comes down to the fact that these countries, even the ones which are nominally democracies, are effectively single-party systems. And yes.. the way the Chinese system functions in real-life is far closer to a one-party democracy than a despotic totalitarian system. Here is why.. unlike traditional despotic systems- incompetent people are either not allowed to rise to positions of authority or removed from them once their incompetence becomes obvious. In case you wondering.. this is what voting in democracies is supposed to achieve.

And then there is the issue of corporate capture of governments. See.. unlike multi-party ‘democracies’, countries that are effectively single-party systems are basically immune to capture by corporate interests. That is why countries such as Japan and China can pursue policies to maintain low rents and prices for housing, build good infrastructure on time and budget, ensure maximal levels of employment for their populations etc. This is also why Japan can prioritize the ability of their people to buy high quality and relatively inexpensive food, maintain long-term employment at decent jobs, maintain infrastructure etc even if it means accepting lower rates of profit for corporations. Ironically USA was rather close to a one-party system (in form, if not name) between 1933 and 1973- now widely seen as its golden age.

In summary, one-party systems with some democratic feedback turn out to be far superior to multi-party democracies in real life. A large part of their superiority comes down to the fact that single-party systems with democratic feedback allow long-term thinking and planning to occur. Moreover they are far more resistant to corporate capture and all of the subsequent negative effects than multi-party ‘democracies’. In fact, I would go so far as to say that multi-party ‘democracies’ are only accountable to large corporations and plutocrats. And ya.. almost every single Indian state which has done well compared to the median was effectively a single-party system for decades. Competent governance by people with long-term goals matters far more than levels of systemic corruption.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Post Alley Crackpot
    April 8, 2021 at 1:25 am

    “… Japan can prioritize the ability of their people to buy high quality and relatively inexpensive food …”

    If a country chooses to prioritise fictions for the purpose of social stability, that may work for a while, even decades, but do keep in mind that Japan never dug itself out of the crater created by the price bubble that popped in the 1990s.

    How do you think that was envisioned as one of the probabilities?

    They have been doing it for three decades and everything works. Now tell me, do you think USA in its current form will be around twenty years from now?

    “Competent governance by people with long-term goals matters far more than levels of systemic corruption.”

    The competent governance is the punishment for the systemic corruption.

    Without so much systemic corruption, would you need so much competent governance, by quality or quantity?

    “What do you think?”

    He who escalates best escalates last.

    Don’t worry about getting in the first punch, worry about getting in the best punch.

    So how do you punch a democracy so hard it doesn’t get back up?

    “I have a history of writing about controversial ideas.”

    Let’s go, let’s punch democracy so hard it doesn’t get back up.

    Don’t escalate first, escalate best.

  2. Ubermensch
    April 8, 2021 at 6:08 am

    It is clear to me from reading this blog, that the Author is very biased when it comes to race or ethnicity based explanations for any sociological phenomenon.

    Japan has an extremely homogenous population, which leads to high trust and to a stable society. And Asians have higher IQ on average than other races.

    But I’m aware the author is in denial when it comes to IQ even though it is the most predictive psychological metric that exists.

    Explain why median housing in west-European countries is of much better quality and less expensive than what is available in Anglosphere. Same goes for quality of food etc.

  3. just when you think this blog can't go down any lower...
    April 8, 2021 at 10:00 am



    There is a two party system in the good ole us 0f a and against Mike CaCa’s protestation, it was sold out by both parties…

    Simple question?

    How come an apt in the ‘hood might be $1250 whilst one in a boujee area is $1600? Of course the better area costs a bit more, but how come you can’t get a smaller but nice place in the boujee area for say $1300? (alright maybe if you look around and have a hook up you might, but…)

    What’s the difference between the ‘hood and the boujee area? You would say crime wouldn’t you. But if you carefully looked at stats that might not be so obvious. A much simpler answer is more things work in the boujuee area. Gates open when you put in the code. Staircases aren’t in disrepair. Elevators don’t chronically have out of order signs. Sidewalks aren’t crumbling.

    If one was of a conspiratorial mindset, one would say society was ordered in such a way as to give one group easier access to things like decent housing, healthcare and other things which would improve the quality of life and keep gaslighting another group that they are lazy and “unable to pull themselves up by the bootstraps” when they have a much tougher time accessing things like health care, ui bennys, healthy food options, walkability in their ‘hood…

    If one continued down this dark path which would trigger Mike CaCa along with the HBD evangelists that this crud blog attracts…

    Someone might say “systematic something o other.” To which the HBD evangelists would cry nooo, nooo, nooo IQ, IQ,IQ —IMULSE KKKontrol….

    And your honorary aryan, Pee Spray would go on a rant about “catering to low status men” when in fact low status men see things first hand that you have your head too far up your ass to see.

    Go make a comment about my mental health or lack thereof in bold letters…

    For once, I am in almost complete agreement about what you wrote in this reply. This is also why the media quality and affordability of housing in many west-European countries is much better than in USA, Canada, UK etc. It is even more obvious once you see that even the cheap and tiny apartments favored by english-language instructors in Japan and South Korea do not lack in functionality, safety or ease of access to amenities.

    • P Ray
      April 9, 2021 at 10:18 am

      Hi “just when you think this blog can’t go down any lower…” /stonerwithaboner /whichever schizophrenic handle you want to put on it …

      I suspect you will remain an unqualified and intoxicated reprobate, with nothing to show for your years of life, and the genetic inheritance involving impulsivity, ignorance and ineffectuality.

      It takes a long time to move up the social ladder, and since the majority of women are looking for a man higher up, the chances of you going far arrives only if you can dupe somebody already arrived with your baby-speak, or involve yourself where lying is the only way to get ahead without qualifications. This is where the “American exceptionalism/ white privilege” comes in. Until you get found out of course.

      That means it is almost certain you will go the narcissistic route. Some guy named “Joran Andreas Petrus van der Sloot”, his negative life trajectory is your future.

      You talk about intellectual dishonesty, when you don’t have the/any qualifications to back up your assertions, and can only rely on insults and derailing. Again, “American exceptionalism/ white privilege” to the rescue.

      With that said, I say with no little glee that the unraveling of the US with people like you on the receiving end of much reduced futures – or increased probability of violent enounters, is a source of much pleasure.

      Low status is one thing, but you are a uniquely ill-bred individual. I am certain you are endowed with a low cunning to be able to say the right things at the right times, to get an advantage … but I am certain for the long term you are someone who cannot be relied on.

      • Chuck Crudd
        April 9, 2021 at 5:27 pm

        Oh lala, you are a full on HBD proponent! I suspected as much but now i know it.

        “the genetic inheritance involving impulsivity, ignorance and ineffectuality.”

        I would love to read some Steve Sailor with you!


        It’s private but if you show my yours, I’ll show you mine. Please don’t laugh, it’s not what you expect from a huwite man!

        “With that said, I say with no little glee that the unraveling of the US with people like you on the receiving end of much reduced futures – or increased probability of violent enounters, is a source of much pleasure.”

        Yes, yes, yes…

        If we shame that hideous mulatoe, he will do the work we are too lazy and unable;e to do…

        “I am certain you are endowed with a low cunning to be able to say the right things at the right times, to get an advantage … but I am certain for the long term you are someone who cannot be relied on.”

        I am absolutely sure that this animal does not posses the raw IQ to understand that he is being given a band deal and that co-operating in a low trust society is not to his benefit. I am absolutely sure it is just band genetics which have lead him to optimal decisions in a sub optimal society. We need to say complex things to confuse him and make him work against his own self interest. I like how you used privilege the way a feminist does and not how the dictionary defines it. Maybe we can let you in the white only bathhouse as an honorary aryan. We did that for Rosh V but we all got itches on our hemerroid holes for days afterwords.

        P.S., I have a favor to ask the benevolent Advocates Diaboli since we goes way back to 2009. Please check my IP address and confirm I am the real GL Piggy, y’kew I sent over those nudes for artistic reasons. AD, please confirm that this is not a parody that shows how P Ray is acting in bad faith. We are so high on the HBD scale and we can’t let that mulatoe win!

      • just when you think this blog can't go down any lower...
        April 11, 2021 at 9:27 am

      • P Ray
        April 13, 2021 at 3:04 am

        Lel, all you have to show are middle fingers.

        You talk about “impressing women with your looks” and then say “I am a low status man”

        Talk about stupid, the acronym is “Looks-Money-Status” … and the idea is … you don’t need the following two if you have looks.

        But as usual, pot has disordered your mind.

        And if you really are glpiggy / Chuck Ross … you can just remove the password to your site.

        But of course, one thing many people have figured out so far for a majority of examples …
        “feminism” is … white women’s empowerment

        “men’s rights” is … white men’s empowerment

  4. doldrom
    April 8, 2021 at 11:10 pm

    The heart of any functioning democracy is open debate.
    In democracies such as the UK/Canada/USA, one party usually has a (functional) majority. In fact, in systems where you can in theory attain 100% representation by gleaning 51% of the vote across the board, there is a strong tendency that a single party controls the government completely.

    In Europe, where there is usually proportional representation, there is less concentration of parties. However, to form a government, all the parties need to enter into secret negotiations (which take months, or years in the case of Belgium). Whatever the result is of these negotiations, all public policy emanates from this accord, because any deviation will blow up the coalition and the government.

    In practice, in both cases, there is no meaningful debate of policy. Policy is in the hands of some private entity called a party, and policy tends to be completely doctrinaire and ideological (or corrupt and based on behind the scenes influence and lobbying). Electioneering is based on completely irrelevant promises and reinforcement of ideological positions, which evaporate the moment elections are over.

    There is almost no concern with results driven policy, getting things done.

  5. just saying
    April 9, 2021 at 9:39 pm

  6. MikeCA
    April 10, 2021 at 1:28 pm

    There is something to say for this. The US government was most effective from 1932 until the mid 60s when it was mostly under Democratic control aside from the Eisenhower presidency. Eisenhower was a centrist and got along well with Democrats. After the mid 60s civil rights and voting rights laws, the conservative Southern Democrats moved to the Republican party and we have had largely divided government ever since that has not been very effective.

    Currently the Republican party is under a lot of stress. The old conservative wing of the party is being pushed aside by the faux populist Trump wing. Democrats have passed the stimulus bill and are now trying to work up the courage to pass an infrastructure bill with big tax increases for corporations and the wealthy. If Democrats can pass that with 100% Republican opposition it kind of lays bare the fraud that the Republican party is a populist party of the working class.

    One thing to keep in mind is some want-to-be authoritarians, like Trump and Bolsonaro, are incompetent at dealing with real world problems, like the pandemic. China, South Korea, Vietnam, ect. had experience with previous respiratory virus outbreaks and were willing to take drastic action. While some of the governments were authoritarian, they were competent authoritarians.

    • Just another low status dude
      April 10, 2021 at 2:14 pm

      Mike CaCa,

      I presume you will not bother to reply to my comment as you only respond to those you consider high enough status.

      Whilst AD has correctly diagnosed the problems in Western culture, he has failed to see that they are likely caused by religious belief in things like the “protestant work ethic” and puritanism. Mixed alongside systematic something or other which will go unmentioned because it triggers the HBD weirdoes that inhabit this blog and you have the perfecto sh!tstorm to let parasitic capitalism run amok.

      AD suggests that “one party rule” would solve many problems of the west. I doubt that is likely. But *your* party sold out this country every bit as much as the Republicant’s. (See I also make up clever names…) Maybe you should acknowledge that a neo-liberal such as Hillary Rodham KKKlinton was just as or more detestable as an obese, racist real estate con artist like Fat Donald to the average low status man. But you won’t do that.

      Have you kept up with the unionization vote regarding Amazon? When you “pulled yourself up by the bootstraps” and worked at a factory whilst getting edumacated, you were paid a fair living wage and had access to better healthcare. How come your party never cared about my working conditions or livelihood? You can turn that against me like a right winger and say it is y lack of work ethic. But why should I care when the game has been rigged against me?

  7. just when you think this blog can't go down any lower...
    April 11, 2021 at 9:14 am

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