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Some Thoughts on the Spread and Future of Critical Race Theory Cult

May 31, 2021 42 comments

By now, all of you must have heard about something called ‘Critical Race Theory’ (henceforth referred to as CRT) mentioned in some context or the other. Perhaps, it was came up in the context of a corporate mandated ‘woke’ seminar or you saw CRT mentioned in a news piece about how some state governments wanting to ban it being taught in schools. Now you will get to hear my thoughts on CRT, specifically the speed of its spread and its future. But before we go there, let us clear about a few things- starting with what CRT is and what it isn’t.

1] The people pushing CRT are not driven by any concern for ensuring racial equality or even ‘equity’. In that respect they are no different from “environmentalists” who like to pretend that they are driven by concern for the “environment”. While human beings are capable of caring about something concrete like another person, animal, plant or even a rock- they are incapable of caring about things that are abstract. Ergo, anybody who tells you that they care about an abstract concept such as racism, environment or family values is either lying or delusional. Pretending to care for abstract concepts is one of the hallmarks of a religion.

CRT, just like environmentalism, is a post-modern secular religion.. in fact, it is closer to a secular cult, for reasons which I will go into later. Which brings us the next question- what need does willing membership of this cult fulfill? I believe that it fulfills three separate needs. For its originators, CRT is about making money and becoming famous. For its pushers, the ideology is just another way to pretend that they have real and important jobs- and thus ensure steady employment. For willing believers, it is a class signifier which allows them to feel superior to all those other “undeserving” people around them.

2] Now that we know what CRT is really about, let us talk about my thoughts about this cult. As many of you know, I have no love for CONServative and LIEbral whites or anyone else who believes in ideologies- irrespective of their race or skin color. I have said it many times before, and will say it again, anybody who seriously thinks that any ideology is an accurate mental model of the world is either dumb or lying- most likely the former. Having said that, I am kinda amused that so many white people in this country are willing to just bend over and attend all those mandated “diversity” and other CRT seminars at work just so that they can keep their pathetic jobs. Talk about spinelessness!

Then again, the degree of spinelessness and hyper-conformism among most people (especially whites) in this country is obvious to anyone with more than half-a-brain. Just look at these lemmings follow and actively justify stupid ideas such as “cloth face masks block infection by airborne viruses”. A smaller percentage are even willing to actively parrot bullshit such as “2-3 year old children can make decisions about their real gender”, “Hispanic people in this country are a monolithic group and like to referred to as Latinx” or “having long-term mental illness is normal”. Then again, a really high percentage of this group have a rather tenuous connection with physical reality- as I have mentioned in a number of recent posts.

At one level, I feel that many white people deserve to be subjected to this CRT cult bullshit- largely because it is the logical conclusion to their willingness to go along with increasingly bizarre ideas with decreasing connection with reality. Think about it.. are the beliefs espoused by CRT really that crazy if you are actively willing to go along with other cultish bullshit such as the explosion of trans and queer-identifying children, normalizing mental illness and fragility or coming up exotic sounding designations for other groups even if they actively hate them? Then again, there isn’t much of a margin between somebody in the midst of an acute mania episode claiming to have solved global strife and disrobing to run down the street.

3] But what explains the fast spread of screwed-up ideologies such as CRT and other related drivel through corporations and other large institutions. There are those who want to believe that is part of some nefarious conspiracy orchestrated by certain billionaires with characteristic surnames. Perhaps.. but a far more likely explanation is that most people in this country are spineless hyper-conformists who will go enthusiastically go along with any bad or horrible idea as long as they get they think it will get them their paychecks and a possible promotion. Face it.. this is no different from how most Germans enthusiastically went along with the Nazis as long as they thought they were going to win. Remember that Nazis went from a party which could not even win 3% of vote to the only party in 1930-era Germany within 5 years.

Ironically, Russians who opposed Stalin put up far more of a fight than Germans in 1930s did against Nazis. My point is that the vast majority of people in this country are too selfish, greedy, atomized and short-sighted to oppose noxious ideologies such as CRT. In fact, those who aspire to join the rank of elites will actively support any ideology which they imagine will help them achieve that end. In fact, if you told them that castrating their own kids would raise their own social standing, they would not only do so but find ways to actively justify it. On second thoughts.. aren’t they already doing that? To make a long story short, there is no mysterious reason behind the spread of CRT and other noxious secular cults in a rapidly declining empire without a shared sense of purpose and destiny.

4] So.. does CRT have a future in this country? How long will the majority of people go along with this simultaneously hilarious and noxious bullshit? Well.. if I had to make a prediction- barring some unforeseen circumstances, CRT is going to be around for far longer than most of you think. Here is why.. CRT has now become a way for some people to make money and far more to justify their continued employment. It is now like legalized loan sharking, the bail bond industry, prisons in rural counties and many other similar “industries” which parasitize the people who actually make stuff and do real work in this country. And then there is the reason why so many aspiring elites pay lip service to CRT and similar ideologies.

As mentioned near the beginning of this post, a lot of these aspiring cocksuckers pay lips-service to CRT because it provides them another excuse to look down upon all those other “undeserving and unwashed” people. I expect this to continue until we reach the point when CRT starts to personally hurt the financial and career prospects of them or their progeny. Will that change eventually? Of course. Will it occur soon, say.. within next 2-3 years? Hard to say with absolute certainty- but likely not, though I would like to be wrong about this one.

What do you think? Comments?

How India Managed to Botch its Response to Second COVID-19 Wave

May 28, 2021 14 comments

A few weeks ago, you might have heard endless articles about the COVID-19 situation in India was horrible and “medical system had collapsed”. At that time, I wrote a post about almost nothing you read or heard from English Language Media (ELM) in India or Main-Stream Media (MSM) in West was factual or reflective of ground reality. Readers might be interested to know that, since then, the situation in most parts of India has improved quite considerably. As I had predicted, oxygen shortages have pretty much disappeared and availability of other important medications has also improved. However it is also very clear that the Indian government (at all levels- from central down to local) did botch its response to the second wave of COVID-19.

So.. let us now talk about why they botched it up so badly and also why their screw-ups did not ultimately hurt the national response to the second wave- starting with the later.

1] The biggest reason why multiple iterations of incompetent governments and bureaucracy have not been able to destroy India comes down to the fact that vast majority of people in that country simply ignore or bypass whatever brain-dead plans, rules and regulations those two groups come up with. While some white-worshiping brown morons in West might see that as “wrong” or “corrupt”, the simple reality is that ignoring or actively flouting bad, stupid or actively dangerous rules and regulations is a sign of intelligence. It also tells you that the elite in India, unlike their Chinese counterparts, have no interest in the betterment of people living in that country. Oh ya.. they also have little to no contact with reality.

2] Which brings us the first way in which the Indian government and bureaucracy screwed up their response to second wave- namely, by ignoring the input of their medical professionals. As I mentioned in one or two of my previous posts on this topic, it was common knowledge (based on large serological surveys) that the first wave of COVID-19 in India had exposed about 20-25% of the population to that virus. That translates into 75-80% still having no exposure to COVID-19. In other words, a larger second wave was inevitable. It was really a question of when, not if, that would occur.

3] Based on how things went during the first wave , it was also clear that shortages of oxygen for treating hospitalized (but non-ICU) would be an issue during a second wave- especially in smaller cities where such medical facilities are often less than adequate. It was also known that the richer segments of urban India and much of rural India had largely escaped infection during first wave. The point I am trying to make is that any non-retarded person could have correctly figured out where and how hard the second wave would strike. But the government (at all levels) and bureaucracy simply ignored the likely consequences of data produced by their own professionals- perhaps, because they had the ‘wrong’ skin color.

4] Instead they listened to white people from the West who had “credentials” from “famous universities”. They did so in spite of the fact that these same white “experts” had been unable to control COVID-19 in their own countries. They did so despite the very obvious fact that all the NPI measures (social distancing, face masks, lockdowns etc) had not worked in western countries. The Indian system (political leadership and bureaucracy) kept pushing for drugs of dubious efficacy such as Remdesivir while often ignoring ones such as Ivermectin that seem to reduce hospitalizations in high-risk groups. Nor did they seriously explore other drugs such as Doxycycline, Colchicine or Indomethacin. Luckily, most Indians ignored their government.

5] The Indian political leadershit (at all levels) ignored the negative consequences of (even partial) lockdowns in a country with so many people dependent on day-to-day jobs for survival. They made no serious attempts to adequately compensate poor people for the loss of income from these stupid partial lockdowns. They ignored the way cities and towns in India are laid out and how and how that makes the bullshit scam of ‘social distancing’ impossible. They ignored the fact that outdoor transmission of that virus is far less frequent than indoor transmission. They pretended that non-specialized face masks were effective at blocking transmission. Luckily, once again, most Indians ignored their government.

6] The Indian government (at all levels) and bureaucracy ignored the reality of how many medical facilities and personnel they had. That is why they made a series of brain-dead decisions such as using hospital beds to treat people who required supplemental oxygen but were otherwise likely to recover. It would have been far easier to give such patients a couple of oxygen cylinders + medicines + oximeters and send them home or to some nearby non-hospital facility so that the hospital beds could be used for those who really needed specialized medical attention. You know.. basic triage. This would have prevented hospitals in small cities and large towns from being temporarily overwhelmed.

7] The government and bureaucracy also did nothing to give people a real picture of their relative risk of morbidity and mortality from COVID-19. This is especially relevant in India, where the median age of population is lower than the West. As you know, the risk of death or even hospitalization from that illness is much lower in people under 50-60 than in those above 70-80. The vast majority of population in India is below 50 and not especially obese. For this group the risk of death is less than 1 in a few thousand. For those under 20, the risk of death is even lower- approaching 1 in 100k. However the Indian government (at all levels) never systematically explained this to people or used it to formulate policies. Instead they imitated the West and pretended that the virus was also dangerous to younger age-groups.

In summary, the Indian government ( at all levels) and bureaucracy fucked up at multiple levels making something that was almost inevitable much worse than it should have been. Luckily, the virus has spread far enough in India to start running out of new hosts- which is why the number cases in many parts of that country has fallen by over 50% in past three weeks. In summary, almost all bad decisions made by Indian government and bureaucracy were due to deliberately ignoring their own professionals and data while blindly imitating mistakes of western countries + no willingness to honestly consider the real-life infrastructure constraints and logistical issues inherent to implementing their decisions.

What do you think? Comments?

Why SAT and Other ‘Competitive’ Exam Scores are Fairly Worthless

May 21, 2021 19 comments

Readers might have recently heard about some “famous” universities in this country deciding to stop considering SAT scores when making decisions about admissions. You might have also heard about how this change is discriminatory towards East-Asian students who apply to those universities. A few “intellectuals” are even claiming that this will somehow lead to a reduction in the quality of graduates from those universities. As you soon see, I have a lot to say about this and it might not be what many of you might have guessed.

With that out of way, let me start by telling you the harsh but obvious truth. Admission to “elite” universities have never been about competence or ability- because you cannot reliably measure either with fake “tests” with little connection to reality. Instead, admission to such universities is nothing more than the modern version of attestations supporting noble birth. In case you are wondering, such certificates and proclamations were often issued by high church authorities in the middle ages to provide legitimacy to people from humble backgrounds who scammed, bought, murdered or slept their way into power.

But why were such attestations of noble birth necessary in the first place? Well.. the middle ages, like most times in human history, were a shitty time to be alive. Consequently almost everybody was constantly grasping for more money, property and power. But those who were already in power wanted to prevent successful usurpers from replacing them. They therefore invented the myth, supported by the church, that only those of “noble blood” (lineage) could hold certain offices and positions. While this scam worked well most of time, the established order often collapsed and replacements were often not related to previous bunch of nobles.

The church and lesser “nobles” came up with a workaround for this recurring problem whereby a fake ‘noble’ lineage was often created to justify the claims to power for new clan in power. Sometimes they were able to vaguely connect the new clan’s lineage to the old one, other times they just made up some bullshit which would not sound too ridiculous. Over time this process was also used to legitimize the future claims for biological children of “nobles”, especially if there were widespread rumors about their real paternity. Now here is another funny fact.. even a cursory reading of history (European, Asian etc) show a total lack of correlation between having ‘noble” ancestry and being a successful and long-lasting baron, duke, king, emperor etc.

While we don’t have people of “noble” ancestry ruling the vast majority of countries today, a very similar system is used to justify who occupies similar rent seeking positions in modern society. In the Anglosphere, this takes the form of being “accepted” and “educated” at “elite” universities. But why? Well.. because the justification for occupying a position of power has changed from having “noble” ancestry to deserving it due to possessing “merit”. See.. it is kinda hard to openly say in our age that being rich and powerful has everything to do with blind luck of birth or what many would consider to be criminal behavior.

Enter the secular equivalent of medieval clergy, aka the universities, who promise to justify the claims to power for anybody who has reached that station by some combination of luck and criminal behavior. And this is why the progeny of really rich people can always get into any “elite” university they want, unless they are actually retarded. East-Asians who dutifully ace SAT and other exams are being either stupid or deliberately thick if they imagine that jumping through those hoops (like a well-trained dog) will land them a spot in an “elite” university. These institutions are all about reproducing existing the existing power status structure and maintaining status quo. As things stand right now, East-Asians don’t have that sort of power in North America and rest of Anglosphere.

And let us be realistic about something else. SAT and other “competitive” exams do not measure real-life ability or competence. Instead, they measure how desperate somebody with a little-more-than-average intelligence is to perform fellatio on those who currently wield power. There.. I said it! These tests measure how good somebody is at being a submissive prison bitch who can give good head. But wait.. some of you might say.. don’t those test measure reasoning ability, verbal skills and other mental abilities which predict “intelligence”. Well.. not really! At best, they demonstrate that successful test-takers are not brain damaged.

But.. but.. some of you might protest.. don’t those tests have all those elaborate questions which measure reasoning and verbal ability. My reply is as follows: those tests measure the ability of test-takers to read the questions in one particular way to provide a certain type of answer. Confused? OK.. tell me why have average and median test scores increased over past four decades? Have the tests become easier? Have the test-takers become smarter? Or are they getting more direct and indirect coaching about acing such tests? Since humans haven’t evolved a lot in past four decades, we have to conclude that either the tests have become easier or test-takers are being coached better to jump through those hoops.

But wait, there is more. Have you noticed that past four decades have also been a time of severe technological stagnation in the West. Isn’t it odd that an era when increasing number of students getting record high scores is also the era of technological stagnation. Isn’t it ironic that all these “smart” people who claim to want make this world a better place have achieved the opposite results. Why do so many of the breathless press releases touting recent advances in science and tech from “elite” universities almost never translate into anything usable. Why, for example, has life expectancy at birth stagnated in Western countries for past 2-3 decades? Why is our space launch technology still stuck in the early 1970s? I could go on.. but you get my point.

All of this “meritocracy” has caused more stagnation, increasing regression and an overall lack of everything it was supposed to provide. Consequently, we now have a couple of generations of shitty and incompetent people whose only claim to power is that they went to certain “schools” and universities” or have the “right” credentials. To make matters worse, increasing the number or percentage of desperate losers.. I mean, people with high SAT and other exam scores.. in “elite” universities will only make this shitty situation even worse. In summary, the only people who obsess over “meritocracy” are those who have neither the luck and money nor any real competence and ability. They don’t matter, so let us treat them accordingly.

What do you think? Comments?

How Did the Price of a Median House in North America Exceed 500k?

May 16, 2021 13 comments

While browsing through cable channels when bored, I often stumble upon shows and channels which would have otherwise escaped my attention. One of them is HGTV. Most of you might know what I am talking about, but in case you don’t- it is a channel almost totally devoted to buying, selling and renovating houses or condos (mostly in North America). While occasionally watching shows on that channel, I started to notice some rather peculiar things about housing in North America. One of them was especially peculiar.. see, with exception of cities in Texas, Nevada and some states in South-Eastern USA, the median house appears to cost over 500k and median condo is over 300k. Initially I thought that this was due to the selection of houses and condos depicted on that channel, however a little bit of online research revealed that the houses depicted in many HGTV shows were (at most) just a little bit more expensive than the median half-decent house (or condo) in those cities- especially if they were also located in the ‘right’ neighborhood or school district.

And this got me thinking.. how did we reach the point where a median house in most cities and metro areas cost over 500k? Also, how did the median 2-bedroom condo start costing over 300k in those same areas? This is not a trivial question because we have been through a housing bubble between 2002-2008, which burst in 2009, causing a few million people to lose their houses and leaving many more owing more to banks than those houses were worth. To make things even more mysterious, the people who should be buying houses (those between late 40s-late 20s) have huge student loans to repay, insecure and poorly paying jobs and a much smaller percentage of national wealth than their parent’s generation. In other words, the generations who should be buying all those houses are too indebted, plain broke, unmarried and childless to buy up all those older houses from their current owners- let alone pay for newer and often more expensive houses and condos. So what is going on?

But you know what makes this even more bizarre.. rents in most North American cities are also rather high. Which brings me to a series of interesting comparisons with housing in other parts of the world. Let us start with Japan and South Korea. As most of you know- both have lots of people (~ 126 M, ~ 52 M) even though they don’t have much land, especially of the type suitable for building cities. And yet.. the median person or family in those countries can easily afford to buy or rent the median dwelling. Now some of you might say- the apartments in Japan and South Korea are very small compared to their equivalents in USA and Canada. Well, as it turns out.. the median apartments in those countries are only about 20% smaller than their equivalents in equivalent North American cities. Just because young white English-language tutors cannot afford normal apartments in those countries when they first move there doesn’t mean that everybody there live in shoeboxes.

What makes this comparison even more interesting is that the average person in their mid-20s with an entry-level job in both countries can afford to rent a nice 1-bedroom apartment, pay for everything from food and utilities to medical insurance and still manage to save 15-20% of their paycheck (after all the normal deductions). Curiously, doing the above for possible for the equivalent person in almost every single city in USA and Canada (possible exception of NYC and LA) until about twenty years ago. Something pretty fundamental has changed in North America (and UK + a couple of West European countries) during past two decades. Some of you might think that affordable and decent quality housing is an East-Asian thing- but I will provide more examples to show you that this is not the case.

Let us now move on to Germany. Once again, we see a fairly dense developed country where rents (and prices) for housing are still affordable for the median person. Yes.. I am aware that certain parts of a couple of German cities (Frankfurt, Munich) can be quite pricey, but the comparison between affordability of housing in German and American cities still strands. Did I mention that the unemployment rate is lower in that country than USA or Canada? The same holds for many West-European countries such as France, Italy and Spain. Even traditionally expensive countries in that region such as Switzerland, Netherlands and Sweden are not especially unaffordable if you have a median job in those countries. My point is that rent and mortgage costs for housing in most metros in North America (other than certain parts of USA) consume a far higher percentage of the median post-deduction paycheck than almost any other developed country- and it often does that by a pretty large margin.

To make matters worse, most young people in this county have many other non-optional and recurring expenses such as student loan repayments, private medical insurance, automobile loan repayments etc which are either non-existent or avoidable in other developed countries. All of which brings me to the central question of this post- who or what is propping up the exorbitant prices (and rents) of houses and condos in most metro areas of North America? While this observation is most applicable to USA, many metros in Canada (such as Greater Toronto Area, Greater Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton) also display the same disconnect of housing prices and rents to median income of their residents. I find the Canadian numbers especially odd as most cities there have shittier weather than equivalent American cities.

What do you think? Comments?

Younger Generations in West Losing Touch with Physical Reality: 2

May 12, 2021 21 comments

In the previous post of this series, I wrote about how the West (but especially its younger generations) have lost touch with physical reality. In that post, I made the point that people below a certain age are unusually eager to believe in technological progress, even though we live in an era where major technological progress hasn’t occurred in every single major area for at least two decades. And that is not an exaggeration, since even widely touted areas of progress such as technology behind highly-integrated smartphones have been around for over two decades. The only thing which has really changed about them is they cost less (largely due to manufacturing being outsourced to Asia) and there have been some incremental improvements in their performance. Curiously enough, these improvements have not really improved the speed of response or general usability of smartphones for a full decade.

People today are even more eager to believe in the promise of technological progress than they were in the 1950s-1990s, when the last wave of such progress occurred. That is why, for example, people want to believe that SpaceX will magically and totally revolutionize the space launch industry, electric cars will magically displace ICE-powered cars or why they believe that silly valley startups will magically revolutionize ‘insert random utility or industry’. You might have noticed that I kept using the word ‘magically’ in previous sentence, and yes.. it was not accidental. These people are displaying magical thinking of the sort seen among true believers in religions and cults. So what is the difference between magical and rational thinking?

Here is an example: what would you you use to treat.. say.. a upper respiratory infection most likely caused by some bacteria? Most of you might immediately say- antibiotics! OK, but which ones? Also why would you not use certain antibiotics? The thing is.. the few species of bacteria most commonly associated with community acquired upper-respiratory infections are sensitive to most available antibiotics. In other words, you could use a third-generation cephalsporin as Cefpodoxime, Cefdinir or Cefuroxime- and it would work very well. But you can almost always get away with using older ones such as Cephalexin, Amoxicillin / Clavulanic acid, Cefprozil or Azithromycin. But what is the connection of this apparent aside to the topic of magical thinking? Well.. because in past two decades many ideology driven doctors have started pushing the dangerous idea that we should not treat sore throats which look very likely to be caused by bacteria (at least partially) with antibiotics.

So why is this an example of magical thinking? See.. while many cases of sore throat are caused by viruses, there is often some secondary bacterial involvement. To make matters worse, the clinical presentation caused by Group A streptococci (most problematic bacterial species for sore throats) is often not typical. To put it bluntly, even if 90% of patients get little to no benefit from taking a antibiotic for sore throats, it will have a disproportionately large therapeutic effect for the minority who would otherwise get much worse or even end up in the hospital. Given that most commonly used antibiotics are extremely safe, it does not make sense to hold them back since the risk of harm from not giving them is thousands of times higher than the risk of prescribing them. This is also why you would user older and more well-known antibiotics than newer ones, even if the later are slightly better than older ones for this condition. But what does this have to do with topic of this post?

One of the key features of people losing touch with reality is that they become unable (or unwilling) to see the bigger picture. So let us talk about some ivy-league morons first came up with the dumb idea that treating sore throats with antibiotics was a bad idea. It all began when metrics-driven styles of management wanted doctors to find quick solutions for combating antibiotic resistance. See.. the biggest real contributors to antibiotic resistance is the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in industrial meat farming and hospitals full of very old and sick patients. However doing anything about these two main causes of antibiotic resistance requires a fundamental rethink of how we do those things. It is much easier to pretend that treating community acquired upper-respiratory infections is a major cause of bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Trying to solve the wrong and insignificant problem is another feature of magical thinking.

Now you know why corporations (and mostly white liberals without any useful skills) push bullshit ideologies such as “Critical Race Theory”, “Wokeness”, “Equity not Equality” and a whole lot of nice-sounding bullshit which does nothing to address the underlying causes of problems they purport to solve. But why so so many in younger generation go along with that bullshit. Well.. some do it to avoid confrontation while others for maintaining their relative social position. However, too many wholly or partially believe this bullshit. Yes, I am making the case that a significant minority to slight majority in younger generation actually believe in all that bullshit! But how can I make such a statement- where is the evidence? OK.. tell me how charlatans such as Robin DiAngelo, Ibram X. Kendi and many others manage to sell so many books. Is anybody putting a gun to the heads of those who buy their books and regurgitate the trash contained within those books?

How else can you explain how “Critical Race Theory” based programs and ideas has been adopted so enthusiastically by HR departments in addition to schools and universities across the country? Do you really think that all these people are getting their marching orders from a few people at top? Have you ever considered the possibility that many of its enthusiastic promoters actually believe in that bullshit? Since we are almost at a thousand words, I will stop this post here. In next part I will show you how this form of magical thinking is behind many contemporary movements such as modern anti-natalism, environmentalism, “green energy”, “recycle everything” and other related bullshit ideas- or how magical thinking behind support for Bernie Sanders during 2016 and 2020 presidential primaries. Here is a hint- it has nothing to do with his support for socialism.

What do you think? Comments?

NSFW Links: May 5, 2021

May 5, 2021 2 comments

These links are NSFW. Will post something more intellectual tomorrow.

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Amateur Deepthroat BJs: Apr 15, 2021 – Amateur cuties giving deep BJs.

Assorted Spanking Toons: Apr 21, 2021 – Assorted toon cuties getting spanked.


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Preliminary Thoughts on the Current COVID-19 Situation in India

May 1, 2021 17 comments

Many readers might have recently heard something along the lines of how “the second wave of COVID-19 in India has caused the healthcare system in that country to collapse” or some other example of wishful thinking by aging western ‘liberal’ whites trying to desperately get a hardon by lapping up any news about possible mass death of non-whites in “those” countries. Of course, aging and demographically doomed white liberals lack the balls to say that it out aloud. With that in mind, let me help you understand about how things actually work in India and why western media is always especially misinformed about news from countries outside their own. What I am going to write here also applies to how western media reports on many other Asian countries, including China (even in 2021).

1] You might have noticed that almost every single source quoted by western MSM when reporting about India is either a English language media outlet or a journalist who works in those outlets. But why is this relevant? To understand what I am talking about, let us revisit a bit of history. The first generation of elites in post-independence India were almost exclusively educated in pre-independence missionary run schools, went to British universities and were uncritical worshipers of anybody who had a lighter skin color than them. In other words, they had a massive racial-inferiority complex. So how did they compensate for their shitty self-image? Well.. by constantly criticizing and belittling other Indians in the hope of gaining a few crumbs of approval from white people- typical massey sahib behavior.

The English language media in India was an extension of this pathetic belief system, with other self-hating and missionary-educated Indians being its main audience. Western news outlets were, at best, a distant second. Notably, they had no interest in engaging the vast majority of Indians- even those who are were literate in English. In the first two (or three) decades after independence, this bunch of missionary-educated self-hating media types had some real power, but by the 1980s- they had lost almost all of it. Their unwillingness to change the way the saw the world also ensured that neither Indians educated in secular English schools or those who predominately used Indian languages would see them as anything but sadly comic white ass-kissers.

But what is the relevance of this explanation to the topic of post? Well.. as it turn out, after 1991 these news outlets and journalists found a much-reduced second life as publishers of western propaganda and interfering in local politics by coordinating with western NGOs. Of course, they had no real influence on the vast majority (over 97%) of Indians- including those in power, but it didn’t matter as they were increasingly financed from.. external sources. In the context of COVID-19 pandemic, these “news” outlets have done nothing but belittling and berating Indians while exaggerating the toll of illness in that country. This might not be obvious to most of you, since you cannot compare how news about the same incident is presented in Indian English-Language Media (ELM) vs outlets in local languages. But I can!

2] Consequently a lot of what is presented by Indian ELM about news stories in that country is exaggerated and (increasingly) bullshit or outright lies. Did you know, for example, that they were also pushing the idea that casualties were 10-100x higher than official numbers during first wave? Turns out, they were not- but these “news” outlets never apologized for their persistent “mistakes”. So how high were the ‘real’ causalities compared to official numbers during first COVID-19 wave in India. The best guesses, made from talking to a lot of people + going through local language media, suggest a number about 1.5x (50%) higher than the official estimates. But more importantly, the first wave left about 20% of India (over 50% in major cities) immune to that virus. And yes.. those figures are based on multiple serological studies performed at the beginning of this year.

About 150-200k people died in exchange for 250-300 million infections. The mathematically inclined among you might have noticed that this translates into a death rate of a bit less than 1 in 1,000. Which brings us to the ongoing second wave. While the first wave affected mostly poor people living in slums, chawls and crowded apartments in big and medium sized cities, this one is affecting the more well-off in cities as well as smaller towns and everyone in rest of country. So how will it play out? Well.. we know that poor people in India (even the elderly) have an unusually low risk of developing serious complications or dying from COVID-19. I expect that trend to continue. The urban middle-class and upper-middle class are a different story. Too many in this demographic have obesity and diabetes from eating high-carb food (among other reasons).

I therefore expect more excess mortality among this group (per capita) compared to, say, poor people who perform physical labor for a living. However this group accounts for a small percentage of the population on that country. Moreover, we already know that the second wave, though more intense than the first one, seems to be a significantly shorter duration. FYI- this conclusion is based on how the second wave is playing out in the most affected state aka Maharashtra- where its has already peaked. If you still want predictions about final death numbers, I am guessing that it will be about 500-600k (same as USA but in a country with over 4 times more people). I also predict that this will occur before even 50% of population is vaccinated. It is an unfortunate loss of life, but totally acceptable for vast majority of people in that country. Very few are going to miss that 1 in 2,000 or even 1 in 1,000 person (urban areas) who passed away due to COVID-19- especially if he or she was old.

3] Now let us talk about all that hyperbole about the “medical system in India collapsing due to COVID-19”. First of all, India does not have a medical system as people in west (including USA) understand that concept. There is basically zero centralized coordination of patient history, standards of treatment or even payment. The medical system in that country is really hundreds of thousands of small clinics, large clinics and hospitals of varying sizes and resources offering medical care according to the ability of patients to pay for them. Of course, you can still get excellent medical care if you have even a half-decent amount of money. But back to all that bullshit talk about the “system collapsing”.. see, there isn’t a system to collapse, just smaller and bigger nodes which will be temporarily overwhelmed.

To be clear, I am not saying that certain hospitals in some Indian cities are not overwhelmed at this moment- but you know what, they will get back to normal- either when enough sick patients die or they find new resources to take care of patients- likely both. This might sound heartless- but let us be real about something.. most governments in that country (federal and state level) have never displayed any real interest in properly funding essential public utilities such as clean drinking water, proper sewage treatment, electricity production and distribution, decent schools or enough hospitals and clinics. So don’t blame me for pointing out the logical consequences of consistently bad decisions made by elected governments over many decades in that country. It is what it is..

Now let us talk about availability of Oxygen. As it turns out, India makes a lot of liquid and compressed oxygen for industrial purposes. While the big plants for extracting it from air are concentrated in certain parts of country, moving the product to other parts by rail or road is trivial. Also, hospitals usually consume only about 1-2% of total industrial oxygen production in India. In other words, the current shortage of oxygen in some cities has everything to do with bad logistics, price gouging and poor decision-making by purchase departments in hospitals. I expect this problem to sort itself out in next 2-3 weeks. But there is one more thing I want to talk about..

While all of this is going on, the vast majority of people in that country (over 95%) don’t really care about COVID-19- because they know it is fairly harmless for them. They have much more pressing issues in their lives than a disease than almost exclusively kills a few old or fat people. They have survived far worse and have a very different view on relative risks than some aging baby boomer in an affluent west coast suburb.

What do you think? Comments?