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Why SAT and Other ‘Competitive’ Exam Scores are Fairly Worthless

Readers might have recently heard about some “famous” universities in this country deciding to stop considering SAT scores when making decisions about admissions. You might have also heard about how this change is discriminatory towards East-Asian students who apply to those universities. A few “intellectuals” are even claiming that this will somehow lead to a reduction in the quality of graduates from those universities. As you soon see, I have a lot to say about this and it might not be what many of you might have guessed.

With that out of way, let me start by telling you the harsh but obvious truth. Admission to “elite” universities have never been about competence or ability- because you cannot reliably measure either with fake “tests” with little connection to reality. Instead, admission to such universities is nothing more than the modern version of attestations supporting noble birth. In case you are wondering, such certificates and proclamations were often issued by high church authorities in the middle ages to provide legitimacy to people from humble backgrounds who scammed, bought, murdered or slept their way into power.

But why were such attestations of noble birth necessary in the first place? Well.. the middle ages, like most times in human history, were a shitty time to be alive. Consequently almost everybody was constantly grasping for more money, property and power. But those who were already in power wanted to prevent successful usurpers from replacing them. They therefore invented the myth, supported by the church, that only those of “noble blood” (lineage) could hold certain offices and positions. While this scam worked well most of time, the established order often collapsed and replacements were often not related to previous bunch of nobles.

The church and lesser “nobles” came up with a workaround for this recurring problem whereby a fake ‘noble’ lineage was often created to justify the claims to power for new clan in power. Sometimes they were able to vaguely connect the new clan’s lineage to the old one, other times they just made up some bullshit which would not sound too ridiculous. Over time this process was also used to legitimize the future claims for biological children of “nobles”, especially if there were widespread rumors about their real paternity. Now here is another funny fact.. even a cursory reading of history (European, Asian etc) show a total lack of correlation between having ‘noble” ancestry and being a successful and long-lasting baron, duke, king, emperor etc.

While we don’t have people of “noble” ancestry ruling the vast majority of countries today, a very similar system is used to justify who occupies similar rent seeking positions in modern society. In the Anglosphere, this takes the form of being “accepted” and “educated” at “elite” universities. But why? Well.. because the justification for occupying a position of power has changed from having “noble” ancestry to deserving it due to possessing “merit”. See.. it is kinda hard to openly say in our age that being rich and powerful has everything to do with blind luck of birth or what many would consider to be criminal behavior.

Enter the secular equivalent of medieval clergy, aka the universities, who promise to justify the claims to power for anybody who has reached that station by some combination of luck and criminal behavior. And this is why the progeny of really rich people can always get into any “elite” university they want, unless they are actually retarded. East-Asians who dutifully ace SAT and other exams are being either stupid or deliberately thick if they imagine that jumping through those hoops (like a well-trained dog) will land them a spot in an “elite” university. These institutions are all about reproducing existing the existing power status structure and maintaining status quo. As things stand right now, East-Asians don’t have that sort of power in North America and rest of Anglosphere.

And let us be realistic about something else. SAT and other “competitive” exams do not measure real-life ability or competence. Instead, they measure how desperate somebody with a little-more-than-average intelligence is to perform fellatio on those who currently wield power. There.. I said it! These tests measure how good somebody is at being a submissive prison bitch who can give good head. But wait.. some of you might say.. don’t those test measure reasoning ability, verbal skills and other mental abilities which predict “intelligence”. Well.. not really! At best, they demonstrate that successful test-takers are not brain damaged.

But.. but.. some of you might protest.. don’t those tests have all those elaborate questions which measure reasoning and verbal ability. My reply is as follows: those tests measure the ability of test-takers to read the questions in one particular way to provide a certain type of answer. Confused? OK.. tell me why have average and median test scores increased over past four decades? Have the tests become easier? Have the test-takers become smarter? Or are they getting more direct and indirect coaching about acing such tests? Since humans haven’t evolved a lot in past four decades, we have to conclude that either the tests have become easier or test-takers are being coached better to jump through those hoops.

But wait, there is more. Have you noticed that past four decades have also been a time of severe technological stagnation in the West. Isn’t it odd that an era when increasing number of students getting record high scores is also the era of technological stagnation. Isn’t it ironic that all these “smart” people who claim to want make this world a better place have achieved the opposite results. Why do so many of the breathless press releases touting recent advances in science and tech from “elite” universities almost never translate into anything usable. Why, for example, has life expectancy at birth stagnated in Western countries for past 2-3 decades? Why is our space launch technology still stuck in the early 1970s? I could go on.. but you get my point.

All of this “meritocracy” has caused more stagnation, increasing regression and an overall lack of everything it was supposed to provide. Consequently, we now have a couple of generations of shitty and incompetent people whose only claim to power is that they went to certain “schools” and universities” or have the “right” credentials. To make matters worse, increasing the number or percentage of desperate losers.. I mean, people with high SAT and other exam scores.. in “elite” universities will only make this shitty situation even worse. In summary, the only people who obsess over “meritocracy” are those who have neither the luck and money nor any real competence and ability. They don’t matter, so let us treat them accordingly.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Chuck Rudd
    May 22, 2021 at 11:09 am

    I got great SAT scores, got much edjumacashin, then got a job a high school drop out should get. It must be because of affirmative action that I am so opressedessed, couldn’t be much work ethic.

    Read some Steve Sailor bruh!

    HBD for the win you with me Mike CA?

  2. Steve
    May 22, 2021 at 3:17 pm

    I think the SAT’s are still a fairly effective proxy for IQ. That said, I would argue they are being phased out due to outright cheating, especially from Chinese applicants, and the fact that there are thousands of undesirables (read middle and lower class gentile whites and asians) that routinely and legitimately outscore their “betters” in the ruling class who gain Ivy admission while they do not. My take on this is that the elimination of standardized testing from Ivy admission criteria is nothing more than a way getting around the increasingly bad optics of this disparity. In previous years, the requirement of “well-roundedness” was the way of handling the issue, but concerted efforts by upper-middle class strivers have rendered that excuse to be nearly useless. Thus, removing any semblance of objectivity from the process is the way forward.

  3. Pee Spray
    May 23, 2021 at 10:55 am

    • Ape Mind
      May 24, 2021 at 2:32 am

      Stoner with a Boner, the most popular drag queen in San Diego, is busy again with his sockpuppet accounts:

    • RYU
      May 24, 2021 at 4:40 pm

      ah, yes, as a white nationalist I study deeply.
      Have you heard of the Aesops fables?

      Did you hear about the bear and the rabbit in the woods?

      Both at a stream taking a dump?

      The bear asks the rabbit,

      “Eh, buddy, you got problems with sh!t sticking to yer fur?”

      “Nope.” The rabbit quickly replies.

      “Good.” Says the bear.

      He uses the rabbit to wipe his @$$ and tosses him into the river.

      I guess these solar bears ate the rabbits before wiping. Sheesh, the one in the end looks like he is everything but brown faced. I guess thats what goys gotta do to make it big in Hollyweirdo these daze!

  4. Jack
    May 23, 2021 at 11:32 am

    Quite possibly the worst piece I ever seen written. Did you fail at the SATs? Are you sour about it?

    Stagnating innovation has nothing to do with the SATs. The fact that STEM has become a useful career path has diminished. Why? The whole graduate school scam where you’re just there to serve the interests of your professor who’s exploiting you for cheap labor. Next in the pathetic Indians/Chinese we import on H-1B visas who lack really innovative capabilities (creating an app does not count). Mass immigration has basically created an American class of 2nd generation offspring who do what their tiger parents tell them to do and they just become subservient slaves to the corporate sector. These aren’t the generation who are going to go out there and take great big risks and change the world. Their goal is to get quick jobs and make huge money. That’s it.

    If you think SAT isn’t a good predictor for merit, gee, I wonder why so many celebrities tried to pay off people to either take the SAT for their spoiled kids, or paid off the test protector to change the answers. I wonder why they want through all that trouble for the SAT cheating if SAT was a worthless thing.

    The SAT will always remain as the best predictor of college success. By removing it, it has benefitted the rich who always wanted to do a way with it because it was the only major thing hindering the prospects of their rich spoiled children from getting into the top universities. Now, they can pay off people to write the college essay for their kids, and pay for all those expensive violin lessons and community service travel trips to the Congo to gain advantage over those poor Asians whose only advantage was the SAT.

    Great job with such an idiotic piece!

  5. RYU
    May 24, 2021 at 4:36 pm

    Do you believe in aliens? Not the illegal ones, hehe, but the ones from space?

    I am moving on from nationalism to witchcraft, err, spacecraft as I want to be probed rectally, the wolves of vineland only goys so far if ya get my driftwood.

  6. Ubermensch
    May 25, 2021 at 2:23 am

    I think you probably failed (or got a low score) on a SAT or IQ test and now try to rationalize it.

    Do you think all people have equal intelligence? Do you think intelligence matters? If not, why do humans rule the world and not chimps? Do you believe in just world fallacy? Genetics?

    IQ (and SAT is a very close proxy to it) predicts a lot of things: criminality (negative), social status, health, relationship success, and more.

    So to say it’s an invalid concept, is very unscientific

    • wnws
      May 25, 2021 at 6:50 pm

      AD has a PhD from an American university so it’s very unlikely he scored low… And anyway, IQ is not “scientific”, you cannot measure it like a physical quantity (like say, electronic activity in the brain).

      View at Medium.com

      • Chuck Rudd
        May 25, 2021 at 7:14 pm

        oh hai wnws,

        does that stand for white nationalist/white supremacist?

        if so, you need to read your Sailor.

        it is because AD has high IQ but low T that he makes a useful worker drone science guy who produces nothing original.

        I have just the reich amount of intelligence and T to be dangerous but a good balance so I have impulse KKKontrol.

        Of course IQ tests and SATs are a good predictor of success. I got cucked outta my success because affirmative action and the juice!

      • Ubermensch
        May 26, 2021 at 2:23 am

        “IQ is not “scientific”, you cannot measure it like a physical quantity (like say, electronic activity in the brain).”

        IQ correlates (negative) with reaction time and positive with head size. So high IQ basically means you brain is bigger and faster.

        So, you are talking nonsense.

        Of course it’s not perfect.

        But intelligence = ability to solve complex problems, fast

        IQ test = complex problem

        there you go

      • Ape Mind
        May 26, 2021 at 2:57 am

        Nassim Nicholas Taleb has been doubling-down on some objectively false and demonstrably ignorant remarks he made about intelligence testing (IQ tests). Both Nassim Taleb and Advocatus Diaboli a.k.a. Kumar Sukhdeep-Dikshit PhD have Narcissistic Personality Disorder and are enraged by the idea that anyone else might more intelligent, elite, prestigious, and successful than they are; and are double enraged by the idea that this might be due to innate (hereditary, and unchangeable) qualities. Their prejudices are blocking their comprehension; it allows them to deny what is (anyway) obvious from common sense and personal experience.

      • Ubermensch
        May 26, 2021 at 4:22 am

        “AD has a PhD from an American university”

        unless he has a degree in math or physics, this only tells us about him that he was willing to suck enough dick and work hard enough to get it.
        A PHD in anything that isn’t a quantitative science is not worth much.

      • Bathhouse Nationalist
        May 26, 2021 at 9:32 am

        “Both Nassim Taleb and Advocatus Diaboli a.k.a. Kumar Sukhdeep-Dikshit PhD have Narcissistic Personality Disorder and are enraged by the idea that anyone else might more intelligent, elite, prestigious, and successful than they are; and are double enraged by the idea that this might be due to innate (hereditary, and unchangeable) qualities. Their prejudices are blocking their comprehension; it allows them to deny what is (anyway) obvious from common sense and personal experience.”

        dumb, racist Ape Mind (aka RYU-the loosest mangina in the west)

        AD’s name is not Kumar but Arjun.

        “unless he has a degree in math or physics, this only tells us about him that he was willing to suck enough dick and work hard enough to get it.”

        wait, so, uh, Chuck Rudd and RYU weren’t able to suck dick well enough to get a PHD?

        No way, I thought it was “affirmative action” why Chuckie (dick) Cheese only had a masters and worked as a waitress at Hooters whilst RYU, an HS dropout had “chemistry notes” at the White Nationalist Stink Tank blog.
        –I Stink and I No Thangs–

  7. P Spray
    May 25, 2021 at 3:45 pm

    said I don’t have to pay the $200 if I take her SAT’s.

    • Ape Mind
      May 25, 2021 at 7:16 pm


      As a huwite man and a drag queen in San Francisco, I object!

      You will never be an honorary aryan until you love the huwite man as only Jack Donovan can!

  8. Ape Mind
  9. Plaque Doctor
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