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Some Thoughts on the Spread and Future of Critical Race Theory Cult

May 31, 2021 42 comments

By now, all of you must have heard about something called ‘Critical Race Theory’ (henceforth referred to as CRT) mentioned in some context or the other. Perhaps, it was came up in the context of a corporate mandated ‘woke’ seminar or you saw CRT mentioned in a news piece about how some state governments wanting to ban it being taught in schools. Now you will get to hear my thoughts on CRT, specifically the speed of its spread and its future. But before we go there, let us clear about a few things- starting with what CRT is and what it isn’t.

1] The people pushing CRT are not driven by any concern for ensuring racial equality or even ‘equity’. In that respect they are no different from “environmentalists” who like to pretend that they are driven by concern for the “environment”. While human beings are capable of caring about something concrete like another person, animal, plant or even a rock- they are incapable of caring about things that are abstract. Ergo, anybody who tells you that they care about an abstract concept such as racism, environment or family values is either lying or delusional. Pretending to care for abstract concepts is one of the hallmarks of a religion.

CRT, just like environmentalism, is a post-modern secular religion.. in fact, it is closer to a secular cult, for reasons which I will go into later. Which brings us the next question- what need does willing membership of this cult fulfill? I believe that it fulfills three separate needs. For its originators, CRT is about making money and becoming famous. For its pushers, the ideology is just another way to pretend that they have real and important jobs- and thus ensure steady employment. For willing believers, it is a class signifier which allows them to feel superior to all those other “undeserving” people around them.

2] Now that we know what CRT is really about, let us talk about my thoughts about this cult. As many of you know, I have no love for CONServative and LIEbral whites or anyone else who believes in ideologies- irrespective of their race or skin color. I have said it many times before, and will say it again, anybody who seriously thinks that any ideology is an accurate mental model of the world is either dumb or lying- most likely the former. Having said that, I am kinda amused that so many white people in this country are willing to just bend over and attend all those mandated “diversity” and other CRT seminars at work just so that they can keep their pathetic jobs. Talk about spinelessness!

Then again, the degree of spinelessness and hyper-conformism among most people (especially whites) in this country is obvious to anyone with more than half-a-brain. Just look at these lemmings follow and actively justify stupid ideas such as “cloth face masks block infection by airborne viruses”. A smaller percentage are even willing to actively parrot bullshit such as “2-3 year old children can make decisions about their real gender”, “Hispanic people in this country are a monolithic group and like to referred to as Latinx” or “having long-term mental illness is normal”. Then again, a really high percentage of this group have a rather tenuous connection with physical reality- as I have mentioned in a number of recent posts.

At one level, I feel that many white people deserve to be subjected to this CRT cult bullshit- largely because it is the logical conclusion to their willingness to go along with increasingly bizarre ideas with decreasing connection with reality. Think about it.. are the beliefs espoused by CRT really that crazy if you are actively willing to go along with other cultish bullshit such as the explosion of trans and queer-identifying children, normalizing mental illness and fragility or coming up exotic sounding designations for other groups even if they actively hate them? Then again, there isn’t much of a margin between somebody in the midst of an acute mania episode claiming to have solved global strife and disrobing to run down the street.

3] But what explains the fast spread of screwed-up ideologies such as CRT and other related drivel through corporations and other large institutions. There are those who want to believe that is part of some nefarious conspiracy orchestrated by certain billionaires with characteristic surnames. Perhaps.. but a far more likely explanation is that most people in this country are spineless hyper-conformists who will go enthusiastically go along with any bad or horrible idea as long as they get they think it will get them their paychecks and a possible promotion. Face it.. this is no different from how most Germans enthusiastically went along with the Nazis as long as they thought they were going to win. Remember that Nazis went from a party which could not even win 3% of vote to the only party in 1930-era Germany within 5 years.

Ironically, Russians who opposed Stalin put up far more of a fight than Germans in 1930s did against Nazis. My point is that the vast majority of people in this country are too selfish, greedy, atomized and short-sighted to oppose noxious ideologies such as CRT. In fact, those who aspire to join the rank of elites will actively support any ideology which they imagine will help them achieve that end. In fact, if you told them that castrating their own kids would raise their own social standing, they would not only do so but find ways to actively justify it. On second thoughts.. aren’t they already doing that? To make a long story short, there is no mysterious reason behind the spread of CRT and other noxious secular cults in a rapidly declining empire without a shared sense of purpose and destiny.

4] So.. does CRT have a future in this country? How long will the majority of people go along with this simultaneously hilarious and noxious bullshit? Well.. if I had to make a prediction- barring some unforeseen circumstances, CRT is going to be around for far longer than most of you think. Here is why.. CRT has now become a way for some people to make money and far more to justify their continued employment. It is now like legalized loan sharking, the bail bond industry, prisons in rural counties and many other similar “industries” which parasitize the people who actually make stuff and do real work in this country. And then there is the reason why so many aspiring elites pay lip service to CRT and similar ideologies.

As mentioned near the beginning of this post, a lot of these aspiring cocksuckers pay lips-service to CRT because it provides them another excuse to look down upon all those other “undeserving and unwashed” people. I expect this to continue until we reach the point when CRT starts to personally hurt the financial and career prospects of them or their progeny. Will that change eventually? Of course. Will it occur soon, say.. within next 2-3 years? Hard to say with absolute certainty- but likely not, though I would like to be wrong about this one.

What do you think? Comments?