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Documentary about HIV Origins and Similarity to COVID-19 Situation

June 20, 2021 5 comments

Here is an older documentary about how HIV in human beings most likely originated from a campaign of experimental polio vaccination in Africa during the 1950s. I am sure that some of you might have already heard about this theory, since it has been around in the public domain since the early 1990s. To make a long story short, a series of poor decisions made by Hilary Koprowski while developing and testing his live-virus oral vaccine in erstwhile Belgian Congo. While the original article exposing him was retracted by Rolling Stones because the journalist misidentified the species of monkey whose cells were used for propagating the polio virus, later investigation by others have revealed that chimpanzee-derived cells and tissue were almost certainly used in production of that ill-fated vaccine.

So whenever somebody says that hastily developed vaccines (especially if they are based on new technology for that era) will cause no problems down the line, they are taking out of their ass. Let me remind you that even the original inactivated virus Salk polio vaccine had issues before they got the manufacturing process right. And this is not a solitary example as vaccines for many other diseases, which are now extremely safe, had predecessors which were quite problematic. There is a huge difference between well-tested and widely available vaccines such as DPT, MMR etc and something that is experimental- even today. This is why I am more OK with vaccines based on established technology such as protein subunit based (Novavax) and even adenoviral-vector based COVID-19 vaccines than mRNA based ones- especially if you are in the low-risk age groups. Maybe we will find out that mRNA vaccines have an excellent long-term safety profile, but I would prefer to let others take the risk.

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