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Deus Ex (2000) Was One of the Most Prophetic Games Ever Released

July 24, 2021 6 comments

Some of you might be old enough to have played the original ‘Deus Ex‘ when it was released in 2000. While the graphics look clearly dated, it has probably one of the best storyline and game design ever put in a commercially successful and widely known game. While a synopsis of the plot does provide a very rough idea of what the game was about, no synopsis can ever do justice to the detailed world and characters depicted in that game. While the game is set in 2052, it is incredible how many of the issues which are part of its storyline– from conspiracy theories and secret societies to omnipresent electronic surveillance, mega corporations and rich hucksters selling “AI” as a solution to humanities problem in an impoverished and highly unequal world– have become relevant in 2021.

Its only real fault, along with most dystopian fiction, is the portrayal of “elites” as competent and organized. As many of you have seen over past 15-17 months, the “elite” are actually quite incompetent and lack the ability for detailed long-term planning. This is not surprising as the only way to become an “elite” in any large society throughout human history has been to get lucky- either by being born to right parents, winning the right battles, knowing the right people by accident and generally being lucky. It is therefore no wonder that almost every single “elite” who has ever existed has been nothing more than a lucky parasite without any real special skills or abilities. If “elites” were actually competent, a lot of history would have never occurred. Will write more about this in another post.

Anyway, enjoy this clip which contains some of the best NPC interactions and cut scenes from that game. You will be surprised how relevant it is in 2021, especially in 2021.

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Who Did it Better? Dr. Evil or Jeff Bezos

July 21, 2021 5 comments

Here is a very brief pictorial comparison of the latest insipid suborbital stunt by Jeff Bezos with the translunar-capable rocket of Dr. Evil from the ‘Austin Power’ movie series. Please note that Dr. Evil’s rocket has balls, unlike Bezos. Isn’t it funny when a comedy movie villain is a much more sympathetic character than some real-life billionaire.

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Reminder that Humans have Flown into Earth Orbit for Over 60 Years

July 20, 2021 4 comments

I am sure that many of you have seen sycophantic presstitutes showering undeserved praise of bargain basement Lex Luthor aka Jeff Bezos taking a pathetic suborbital hop into “space”. For those of you too young, or stupid, to remember- humans have been flying (or rocketing) into Earth’s orbit and beyond for over 60 years. Yes.. a child born on same day as the first crewed orbital flight (April 12, 1961) would be two years shy of earliest age they could start collecting social security retirement benefits in USA. Think about that!

Alternatively, the first human spaceflight which resulted in a successful landing on Moon and return to earth took off on July 16, 1969- just over 52 years ago. Also, Apollo 10 (previous mission) which was a test run for Apollo 11 and almost landed on moon took off on May 18, 1969. Similarly, humans were able to soft-land an unmanned probe on the Moon in 1966 and put a rover on the moon in 1970. All of this occurred before the first commercially available CPU (Intel 4-bit 4004) was launched in 1971 and PDP-11 in early 1970. Alternatively, the very first iterations of Unix were tested in 1969-1970 on a PDP-11 and ‘C’ was released in 1972.

Clip # 1: Vostok 1 Launch on April 12, 1961

Clip # 2: Apollo 11 Launch on Jul. 16, 1969

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Why Western Corporations are Susceptible to SJW-ism Type Bullshit

July 18, 2021 9 comments

In the past few years, hardly a day goes by without some corporation or institution publicly announcing (often with great fanfare) its newest initiative to encourage “diversity”, support “LGBTQ+” or running some program to educate its employees about “Critical Race Theory”. While many of you think that this is “normal” and “everybody is doing it”- the reality is quite different. See.. there is a big world outside the anglosphere (which incidentally accounts for most of global economy and industrial capacity) where almost no corporation, business or institution even pretends to care about this SJW-ism bullshit. But have you ever wondered why corporations and institutions in China, Japan, India, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia etc or the entirety of South and Central America does not give a flying fuck about this bullshit.

Let me start by asking you a simple question- where is the vast majority of stuff you use in your everyday life made? The simple answer is that almost every product, from computers and smartphones to the chemicals used to make everything from drugs,plastics, agricultural chemicals etc, is made outside the anglosphere. Here is an even funnier fact- the almost total deindustrialization of anglosphere countries occurred fairly recently. While New Zealand and Australia never developed a real industrial base, others such as Canada, UK and USA used to a pretty extensive base as late as the 1980s. In fact, even as late as 1992 the USA had, by far, the largest industrial base on this planet. So what happened and more importantly, what is the connection of deindustrialization with rise of SJW-ism bullshit?

Let me ask you another question- If most corporations in the anglosphere don’t make their money by making stuff- how do they do they keep making all those “record” profits? Well.. they are many reasons. Firstly, the wealth of corporations is dependent on the stock market and other types of financial “engineering”. If that does not work, their governments just print trillions of dollars to bail them out. But the default business model of anglosphere corporations and, increasingly, institutions in past four decades has been largely based on parasitizing the rest of society to extract money and wealth resulting in progressive impoverishment of the later. To be fair, this is also seen in west European countries during past two decades. In other words, their whole existence is predicated on them being able to successfully continue parasitizing the majority of people in the nations where they exist.

All of this is a fancy way of saying that large corporations and institutions in anglosphere (and increasingly western Europe) are highly financialized and parasitic entities which provide the illusion of normality, routine and progress while sucking their host dry. However, entities and institutions that do make anything real or provide useful services have a tendency to slowly lose touch with physical reality. As some of you know, I have in the past few months, written multiple articles about how people in west are increasingly losing touch with physical reality. But why are financialized corporations and institutions so susceptible to SJW-ism bullshit? Well.. let me turn that question around ask you- why are corporations such as Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Airbus, Samsung, Hyundai, Reliance, ONGC, any large Chinese corporate entity etc so resistant to SJWism? What is their secret?

The secret for their resistance to SJWism, as it turns out, is those corporations cannot function if their management chose to live in a make-believe world. Do you think Toyota and Honda continue to make excellent automobiles if their management chose to live in an imaginary world? Could Samsung or TSMC keep manufacturing the best microprocessors and computer memory in the world? Could Airbus keep making the best airliners? Could corporations such as Reliance, ONGC, Sinopec etc keep running their petrochemical businesses? It is not surprising that the corporations in USA most resistant to SJWism are also the same ones which actually produce or make real stuff or provide real services. However this is no longer the case for most large corporations in this country. Tell me something.. What real product does Amazon make? What about FakeBook? Are any of the services provided by Google indispensable given that every important aspect of our current world existed before Google was even formed.

But it is not just Silly Valley. Tell me something.. what real product or indispensable service do large banks and other financial institutions provide? What about hedge funds? What about corporations used to make real stuff before being financialized such as GE or IBM. The only really indispensable product still made by american auto manufacturers is the Ford F-150. And this brings us to the next issue- what sort of person will be hired and thrive in corporations and institutions which do not make real stuff or provide essential services. Well.. the same type who flourishes in any bureaucracy- a beetle-man (or beetle-women). Read 1984 if you don’t understand the beetle-man reference. The very short version is that beetle-men are bureaucrats who know how to keep their head down, effortlessly change their ideology based on prevailing fashions and invent useless work and meetings to keep themselves employed.

Most corporations and institutions in anglosphere are now full of beetle-men and women, careerists and other other assorted human parasites. They have no interest in any real reform of the status quo as such a change would destroy the purported reason for their existence. They therefore try to be relevant and cover their parasitic lifestyle by backing bullshit SJW ideas such as “diversity”, LGBTQ+” and “Critical Race Theory”. That is also why previously relevant institutions such as schools, universities and (increasingly) the medical profession etc are playing the same tune. SJW-ism is not part of some grand strategy- rather, it is what happens when previously healthy institutions whose existence used to be a net benefit to society become financialized and parasitic. That is why SJW-ism is restricted to corporations and institutions in the decaying anglosphere and (to some extent) western Europe. Think of it as a symptom of the disease, rather than the underlying illness.

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Biden and DNC Want to Censor Text Messages For ‘Misinformation’

July 14, 2021 2 comments

So.. I wanted to write an article about Biden and DNC trying to pressure telecom carriers into censoring text messages about COVID-19 vaccination for ‘misinformation’- but somebody got there first. Here is a clip from the YT Channel ‘Talking Points‘ on which they discuss why this idea is so bad and will set a very dangerous precedent. Then again, ivy-league “educated” LIEbral idiots are not known for their ability for critical thought and reasoning.

Should be able to finish and post another real post on why western corporations are so willing to go along with “wokeism” by tomorrow.

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Some Thoughts on Potential Etiology of the ‘Long COVID’ Phenomena

July 7, 2021 12 comments

So.. here is another post which I considered writing months ago, but was too lazy and bored to finish at that time. It is no secret that ‘Branch Covidians’ aka COVID Doomers keep talking about how everybody who got and recovered from COVID-19 will somehow get a nebulous chronic disease condition known as “Long COVID”. Of course, it turns out that even the most ardent believers in “Long COVID” lack a proper definition of this alleged condition. Then again, these are almost always the same idiots who kept shouting that the Orange Buffoon was an “existential threat to democracy” rather than an incompetent moron whose only real skills lay at trolling LIEbral idiots and entertaining others with his buffoonery.

With that out of way, let us talk about the potential etiology of a bunch of disparate symptom clusters that are popularly referred to as “Long COVID” by LIEbral idiots.

1] Let us start by talking about prolonged symptoms of unwellness in people who ended up in the ICU or hospital due to COVID-19. Here is a fun fact.. a pretty high percentage of those below 60 who ended up in the hospital or ICU had chronic diseases, serious obesity or had received systemic treatments for some form of cancer. But wait.. there is more! See.. even a healthy person who ends up in an ICU for over a coupe of days will experiences some degree of chronic unwellness ranging from the purely mental (anxiety, PTSD-lite, depression) to physical symptoms (fibromylagia type symptoms, neuropathy like symptoms, migraine-type headaches etc) for upto 1-3 months after leaving the hospital.

To make matters worse, the excessive use of ventilators on hospitalized patients in first few months of pandemic is associated with even higher rates of residual symptoms of chronic unwellness as well as real physical damage to organs such as the lungs. And yes.. even non-COVID patients who end up on ventilators for as little as a couple of days experience some degree of lung damage due to the use of those machines. Having said that, the vast majority (over 95%) of these people will be back to normal by the 6-month mark. Unfortunately, there is always a small percentage (typically 5%-10%) of those who end up on ventilators who will have residual symptoms past the 6-month mark.

2] Here is another poorly known but important fact about systemic infections.. about 10-20% of those who recover from any systemic infection will experience some residual symptoms that feel like fibromyalgia-lite for about 1-3 months after clinically verified recovery. This is especially common in aftermath of intra-cellular bacterial infections (systemic salmonellasis, various ricketssial infections etc) and viral infections. That is why you keep hearing about people who still feel a bit ‘off’ even a month or tow after recovering from influenza. That is also why about 20% of people have residual respiratory symptoms (dry cough etc) even after they recover from the viral infection which caused it in the first place.

The vast majority of these symptoms will resolve by themselves by 2-month mark. There is always the option of using a short course of steroid inhalers and non-sedating antihistamines to treat bothersome respiratory symptoms or NSAIDS such as Ibuprofen of Indomethacin to treat more systemic issues. The point I am trying to make is these minor post-infection symptoms will resolve themselves in 1-2 months or they can be easily treated with fairly safe drugs. There is always a very small possibility (less than 1%) of even successfully treated infections triggering a latent auto-immune condition, but as I said before- that is pretty rare.

3] It is however my opinion that the majority of those claiming to suffer from “Long COVID” have psychosomatic issues. Diseases, even those displaying fairly vague or broad symptoms, tend to have a fairly well-denied core of symptoms and pathology. For example- lupus, which famously presents with a wide variety of symptoms, has a fairly defined set of core symptoms and pathological changes. This is why you can diagnose and stage even a notoriously slippery diseases such as Lupus. Now contrast this to the state of affairs seen in patients claiming to have ‘Long COVID’. Let us, for a minute, ignore that over half of them do not have the right set of antibodies to indicate previous infection with COVID-19.

With over 10% of the american population definitely infected (and recovered from) COVID-19, one might have seen tens if not hundreds of thousands of people with such conditions and consistent lab findings to back their contention. But we haven’t seen anything along those lines. Did I mention that the likely figure of those infected with COVID-19 in this country is closer to 30-40% once you realize the fact that most infections (especially in younger age groups) are almost totally asymptomatic. And yet we have no consistent pattern of evidence for such a non-specific pathology. It is also odd that the median “long COVID survivor” is far more likely to a white female and between 30-50 yrs of age- a group also over-represented among those prescribed anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.

I have a feeling that this particular post is going to attract a lot of comments and attention.

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How to Identify Half-Truths, Bullshit and Fraud Pushed as ‘Science’: 2

July 3, 2021 29 comments

In the previous post of this series, I wrote about some of the more common markers of half-truths, bullshit and outright fraud being pushed as “science” or “truth”. These range from people justifying their beliefs by invoking sad shit such as credentialism, the requirement of “special” knowledge, frequent acts of virtue display, alleged “scientific consensus”, invoking “peer reviewed” bullshit etc. Now I try to explain some of these in a bit more detail using a few contemporary examples- starting with the very obvious.

1] As many of you know, until the past couple of months ago, nobody who held a position in any “respectable” university or institution wanted to go on record as a supporter of ‘lab leak’ theory for origin of COVID-19. And let us be honest, the idea that COVID-19 leaked from a lab in Wuhan (specifically in one of the two institutions which studied coronaviruses in that city) was openly proposed as early as January 2020. In fact, we now know from Fauci’s FOIAed emails that he and his close professional acquaintances exchanged multiple emails and had a couple of confidential meetings to discuss that exact possibility in early months of 2020.

So why were alleged “experts” such as Fauci, Baric, Daszak and their other co-conspirators etc so willing to dismiss that possibility in public until a couple of months ago? What made them change their tune? Well.. there were many reasons, but the election of Dementia Joe was the least important one. A much bigger reason was that the Chinese were unable, even after a year, to either find or generate a virus which could have been the wild-precursor to COVID-19. Compare to that SARS in 2003, where they were able to find the intermediate host and wild-type precursor virus within a few months of searching at a far lower intensity.

To put it bluntly, the western supporters and funders of GOF research on coronaviruses in China could no longer pretend that the COVID-19 pandemic was an unfortunate but natural outbreak. But what do their attempts at obfuscation for over a year tell us about how “science” works in real life? Well.. it turns out that “science” is as messy, biased and fraud-ridden as any other human enterprise including politics. And this should not be surprising as all those “scientists” doing “science” are human beings, with most being pettier than the average person. The idea that science is some noble enterprise involved in search for truth is something only a naive or retarded person can believe.

2] Moving on the topic of COVID-19 vaccines, more specifically their side-effects, you might have noticed that many “scientists” and “doctors” (especially those in official positions of power) are busy pretending that they don’t exist. Now any pharmacologist or physician, who is not dumb or lying, will tell you that every single drug has adverse effects. And there is a good reason for that. See.. any chemical or biologically active protein you put in the body has a pharmacological effect which can be desirable (aka therapeutic effect) or undesirable (aka toxicity). To make matters more interesting, the undesirable effect of a drug in one disease can be be desirable in another disease.

My point is that even the safest and most selective drug will cause adverse effects in a small percentage of people it is administered to- and this is before we start talking about placebos. The real question before using any drug is whether benefits exceeds potential risk- specifically for that patient. In many cases the choice is very obvious, for example- treating a strep throat or UTI with antibiotics makes a lot of sense since the risk of severe side-effects is very low, while the risk from not treating those infections promptly is quite substantial. On the end of spectrum, selecting a drug regime for treating various cancers is requires the careful balancing of various factors from staging of cancer, its sub-type, previous treatment, patient tolerance to side-effects of various drugs and much more.

The vast majority of vaccines approved for human use are very safe and we know that is the case from extensive clinical trials and ongoing experience. However, even then, we do not inject everybody with every available vaccine because it is understood that the incidence of some diseases (human rabies, botulism, yellow fever outside endemic areas) is too low to justify mass vaccination. Now compare this to what has happened with COVID-19 vaccines. Firstly, the “experts” are pretending that mRNA vaccines are very safe even through we have never previously used them at a large-scale in humans OR animals. Need I remind you that mRNA-based drugs did not go anywhere for over 20 years because they caused tons of side-effects in animal studies and small clinical trials.

While one or two doses of a mRNA vaccine are unlikely to be as problematic as multiple weekly doses of a mRNA-based drug, we cannot pretend that this is well understood technology. If you look at lots of official and large amounts of anecdotal data, it is hard to ignore that mRNA vaccines are associated with rather high rate of occurrences (for a vaccine) of certain adverse effects. These include Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (often alongside other clotting disorders), Myocarditis and Pericarditis, Peripheral Neuropathy, Lymphadenopathy etc. What makes these adverse effects interesting is that they are almost always seen within a week of the vaccine- especially the 2nd dose.

There is also a very interesting age pattern for these adverse effects- with Myocarditis and Pericarditis being almost exclusive to those below 30 and male, Persistent Lymphadenopathy almost always occurring in women between 30 and 60, symptoms of peripheral Neuropathy occurring predominantly in older individuals etc. So why are so many pretending that these serious adverse effects are not occurring and trying hard to cover up the real numbers. We can certainly talk about relative risks of mortality and morbidity from COVID-19 vs mRNA vaccines- but let us not pretends that they later don’t exist.

Too many people know those vaccines have serious side-effects in some people and denying them is just going to destroy whatever residual trust those people had in these so-called “experts”. And it gets worse than that.. the recent attempts to vaccinate all 12-17 years with these vaccines is a bad idea because we know from even preliminary data that the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis requiring hospitalization in this age group is higher than the rate of hospitalization due to COVID-19- especially in most kids who are not morbidly obese or otherwise seriously ill.

And I am not the only one saying that.. (link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5 and link 6). FYI, these opinions are increasingly common and now expressed in public circles and on social media by many physicians including cardiologists. Will talk more about this topic in next part of series.

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