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Why Western Corporations are Susceptible to SJW-ism Type Bullshit

In the past few years, hardly a day goes by without some corporation or institution publicly announcing (often with great fanfare) its newest initiative to encourage “diversity”, support “LGBTQ+” or running some program to educate its employees about “Critical Race Theory”. While many of you think that this is “normal” and “everybody is doing it”- the reality is quite different. See.. there is a big world outside the anglosphere (which incidentally accounts for most of global economy and industrial capacity) where almost no corporation, business or institution even pretends to care about this SJW-ism bullshit. But have you ever wondered why corporations and institutions in China, Japan, India, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia etc or the entirety of South and Central America does not give a flying fuck about this bullshit.

Let me start by asking you a simple question- where is the vast majority of stuff you use in your everyday life made? The simple answer is that almost every product, from computers and smartphones to the chemicals used to make everything from drugs,plastics, agricultural chemicals etc, is made outside the anglosphere. Here is an even funnier fact- the almost total deindustrialization of anglosphere countries occurred fairly recently. While New Zealand and Australia never developed a real industrial base, others such as Canada, UK and USA used to a pretty extensive base as late as the 1980s. In fact, even as late as 1992 the USA had, by far, the largest industrial base on this planet. So what happened and more importantly, what is the connection of deindustrialization with rise of SJW-ism bullshit?

Let me ask you another question- If most corporations in the anglosphere don’t make their money by making stuff- how do they do they keep making all those “record” profits? Well.. they are many reasons. Firstly, the wealth of corporations is dependent on the stock market and other types of financial “engineering”. If that does not work, their governments just print trillions of dollars to bail them out. But the default business model of anglosphere corporations and, increasingly, institutions in past four decades has been largely based on parasitizing the rest of society to extract money and wealth resulting in progressive impoverishment of the later. To be fair, this is also seen in west European countries during past two decades. In other words, their whole existence is predicated on them being able to successfully continue parasitizing the majority of people in the nations where they exist.

All of this is a fancy way of saying that large corporations and institutions in anglosphere (and increasingly western Europe) are highly financialized and parasitic entities which provide the illusion of normality, routine and progress while sucking their host dry. However, entities and institutions that do make anything real or provide useful services have a tendency to slowly lose touch with physical reality. As some of you know, I have in the past few months, written multiple articles about how people in west are increasingly losing touch with physical reality. But why are financialized corporations and institutions so susceptible to SJW-ism bullshit? Well.. let me turn that question around ask you- why are corporations such as Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Airbus, Samsung, Hyundai, Reliance, ONGC, any large Chinese corporate entity etc so resistant to SJWism? What is their secret?

The secret for their resistance to SJWism, as it turns out, is those corporations cannot function if their management chose to live in a make-believe world. Do you think Toyota and Honda continue to make excellent automobiles if their management chose to live in an imaginary world? Could Samsung or TSMC keep manufacturing the best microprocessors and computer memory in the world? Could Airbus keep making the best airliners? Could corporations such as Reliance, ONGC, Sinopec etc keep running their petrochemical businesses? It is not surprising that the corporations in USA most resistant to SJWism are also the same ones which actually produce or make real stuff or provide real services. However this is no longer the case for most large corporations in this country. Tell me something.. What real product does Amazon make? What about FakeBook? Are any of the services provided by Google indispensable given that every important aspect of our current world existed before Google was even formed.

But it is not just Silly Valley. Tell me something.. what real product or indispensable service do large banks and other financial institutions provide? What about hedge funds? What about corporations used to make real stuff before being financialized such as GE or IBM. The only really indispensable product still made by american auto manufacturers is the Ford F-150. And this brings us to the next issue- what sort of person will be hired and thrive in corporations and institutions which do not make real stuff or provide essential services. Well.. the same type who flourishes in any bureaucracy- a beetle-man (or beetle-women). Read 1984 if you don’t understand the beetle-man reference. The very short version is that beetle-men are bureaucrats who know how to keep their head down, effortlessly change their ideology based on prevailing fashions and invent useless work and meetings to keep themselves employed.

Most corporations and institutions in anglosphere are now full of beetle-men and women, careerists and other other assorted human parasites. They have no interest in any real reform of the status quo as such a change would destroy the purported reason for their existence. They therefore try to be relevant and cover their parasitic lifestyle by backing bullshit SJW ideas such as “diversity”, LGBTQ+” and “Critical Race Theory”. That is also why previously relevant institutions such as schools, universities and (increasingly) the medical profession etc are playing the same tune. SJW-ism is not part of some grand strategy- rather, it is what happens when previously healthy institutions whose existence used to be a net benefit to society become financialized and parasitic. That is why SJW-ism is restricted to corporations and institutions in the decaying anglosphere and (to some extent) western Europe. Think of it as a symptom of the disease, rather than the underlying illness.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. bonzo
    July 19, 2021 at 12:45 am

    USA is still an industrial giant with more capacity than ever and most products consumed in the USA are still made in the USA. USA doesn’t import bulk carpet or pipes or toilets from China, for example. In general, USA doesn’t import things that can be made by highly automated factories that don’t create toxic waste. Also USA is still among the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, partly thanks to Toyota and Honda, which discovered that rural south of the USA is actually a fairly cheap manufacturing location, all things considered.

    Most USA manufacturing corporations try to keep a low profile, which is why people are under this delusion that USA is no longer a manufacturing superpower. Other than some lite affirmative action (seek out smart Hispanics and other minorities and make sure they get into management, to avoid a caste system where only whites in management), wokism in industrial corporations is just to cover their ass against bad publicity.

  2. bonzo
    July 19, 2021 at 1:05 am

    In opening Yahoo and being treated another barrage of stories about trannies, transphobia, transitioning process, etc, I couldn’t help but think back to shortly after the 9/11 terrorist incident, eery silence in the streets immediately after, as if everyone was eagerly waiting for a war announcement, then standing in a bookstore (people still read paper books then) where some young guy was yelling at his friend to join the Army as an officer, so much better than enlisted man soldier, and foaming at the mouth about how liberals were finished and then talking excitedly about going off to fight the upcoming war with Afghanistan.

    Now, 20 years later, we just recently fled Afghanistan in disgrace and USA has slipped mightily in so many ways since then, and will continue slipping in the future, when it eventually gets humiliated by China in a war over Taiwan and the south China Sea.

    Maybe wokeism is a natural reaction to the incredibly incompetent and irresponsible behavior of the right wingers, and people subconsciously think that forcing military types to eat wokeist shit before going out to lose a war with China might cause them to think twice before starting stupid wars in the future. Obviously, its not the grunts who made the stupid decisions, but the grunts enabled and cheered those who did make the decisions, so they have to pay.

    Some respite from wokeism and culture wars will occur when USA (and European) living standards drop by 50%, as they will eventually for so many reasons.

    • doldrom
      July 19, 2021 at 12:05 pm

      » Maybe wokeism is a natural reaction to the incredibly incompetent and irresponsible behavior of the right wingers «

      This seems an incredibly obtuse explanation.
      Wokeism will likely resolve into a pogrom against their favored victim groups.

      The energy vibe in cancel culture, CRT, and wokeism is all about hate and violence, no matter how much they accuse others of it. Humor is out of the question. The energy will outlast any of the epiphenomenal thought and rhetoric it is dressed in.

      • bonzo
        July 20, 2021 at 2:43 am

        >>Wokeism will likely resolve into a pogrom against their favored victim groups.

        This is what keeps me awake nights worrying about the future. The poor trannies. It’s always about men wanting to control women’s bodies. Now these men even want to decide who is a woman. Who gives men the right to inspect a woman to see if she has a penis or not? Why can’t men just leave women alone.

        Another idea. If gender is a construct, is age also a construct? They always said, you’re as young as you feel. Well my passport says 60, but I feel like a 13 yo girl, which means I should have the right to return to middle school and use the girl’s locker room and have lesbian sex with the other 13 yo girls (using my extra large clitoris, which used to be called a penis back before I transitioned), right? Wouldn’t dare try this stunt here in Ukraine, lest I get my ass kicked, but may be when I get back to the USA.

  3. übermensch
    July 19, 2021 at 12:15 pm

    There is a much simpler answer, but of course AD missed it…

    Companies can act “woke” but still treat their workers like sh!t. They can still exploit workers and destroy unions but parrot the idea that there are 365.342 gendars.

    I wrote about a few years ago..


    It’s similar to how a grifter like Jack Donovan was able to penetrate (pun intended) the manure sphere. Racists white guys can pretend they are progressive whilst they read Steve Sailer. Oh, we let f*ggots drink with us. Sometimes we wake up with a sore b*thole. We are progressive and HBD is real science.

    If you look ate wokeism as away to quietly pursue power whilst exposing the cultural zeitgeist of the day it all makes more sense. How many of AD’s beloved escorts and lonely fans gurls espouse wokeism. I bet their bank account is larger than AD’s. But now AD is gonna say the pursuit of money is uncouth, hahahahaha….

  4. doldrom
    July 19, 2021 at 12:17 pm

    »But it is not just Silly Valley. Tell me something.. what real product or indispensable service do large banks and other financial institutions provide? What about hedge funds?«

    They manufacture debt. Not to the Martians but to the creditor class.
    To find out the trajectory we’re on, just imagine that one person owns all the land and all the capital and all the housing and controls everything, except the perceptions and discourse of the rest, which are only partially amenable to influence.

    SJW victim ideology and the aimed destruction of the past and current institutions is simply a psychological projection of one’s own victimization and hopelessness about a failed society & culture.

  5. übermensch
    July 19, 2021 at 1:04 pm

  6. Pissbottle Supremacist
    July 20, 2021 at 1:31 pm

    • übermensch
      July 20, 2021 at 3:58 pm

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