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Reminder that Humans have Flown into Earth Orbit for Over 60 Years

July 20, 2021 4 comments

I am sure that many of you have seen sycophantic presstitutes showering undeserved praise of bargain basement Lex Luthor aka Jeff Bezos taking a pathetic suborbital hop into “space”. For those of you too young, or stupid, to remember- humans have been flying (or rocketing) into Earth’s orbit and beyond for over 60 years. Yes.. a child born on same day as the first crewed orbital flight (April 12, 1961) would be two years shy of earliest age they could start collecting social security retirement benefits in USA. Think about that!

Alternatively, the first human spaceflight which resulted in a successful landing on Moon and return to earth took off on July 16, 1969- just over 52 years ago. Also, Apollo 10 (previous mission) which was a test run for Apollo 11 and almost landed on moon took off on May 18, 1969. Similarly, humans were able to soft-land an unmanned probe on the Moon in 1966 and put a rover on the moon in 1970. All of this occurred before the first commercially available CPU (Intel 4-bit 4004) was launched in 1971 and PDP-11 in early 1970. Alternatively, the very first iterations of Unix were tested in 1969-1970 on a PDP-11 and ‘C’ was released in 1972.

Clip # 1: Vostok 1 Launch on April 12, 1961

Clip # 2: Apollo 11 Launch on Jul. 16, 1969

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