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Deus Ex (2000) Was One of the Most Prophetic Games Ever Released

July 24, 2021 6 comments

Some of you might be old enough to have played the original ‘Deus Ex‘ when it was released in 2000. While the graphics look clearly dated, it has probably one of the best storyline and game design ever put in a commercially successful and widely known game. While a synopsis of the plot does provide a very rough idea of what the game was about, no synopsis can ever do justice to the detailed world and characters depicted in that game. While the game is set in 2052, it is incredible how many of the issues which are part of its storyline– from conspiracy theories and secret societies to omnipresent electronic surveillance, mega corporations and rich hucksters selling “AI” as a solution to humanities problem in an impoverished and highly unequal world– have become relevant in 2021.

Its only real fault, along with most dystopian fiction, is the portrayal of “elites” as competent and organized. As many of you have seen over past 15-17 months, the “elite” are actually quite incompetent and lack the ability for detailed long-term planning. This is not surprising as the only way to become an “elite” in any large society throughout human history has been to get lucky- either by being born to right parents, winning the right battles, knowing the right people by accident and generally being lucky. It is therefore no wonder that almost every single “elite” who has ever existed has been nothing more than a lucky parasite without any real special skills or abilities. If “elites” were actually competent, a lot of history would have never occurred. Will write more about this in another post.

Anyway, enjoy this clip which contains some of the best NPC interactions and cut scenes from that game. You will be surprised how relevant it is in 2021, especially in 2021.

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