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The Many Reasons Why Any Vaccine Mandate is a Very Stupid Idea

August 7, 2021 28 comments

In some ways, this post is a continuation of a previous one but with a very specific detour that does not fit in with serial nature of that one. As regular readers know, in the past year I have written multiple posts about why the alleged “elites” and parts of younger generation in West have slowly lost touch with material reality over past two decades. While the list of reasons is long, varied and often specific to the group that has gone nuts, the net result is often same. Furthermore, there are some universal symptoms of people losing touch with physical reality- especially when it comes to dealing with people outside their carefully curated social bubble.

Matt Taibbi has recently written a few posts (link 1, link 2 and link 3) about how ‘liberals’ are increasingly unable to understand the motivations of people who don’t inhabit their incestuous social bubbles. While some of you might not realize it, we are currently witnessing an example of this phenomenon in action- in the form of liberals clamoring for vaccine mandates and trying to shame the “vaccine hesitant”. Let us be clear about something first.. nothing even vaguely similar to what liberals imagine as “vaccine hesitancy” exists in real life. Instead you have people who have varying degrees of distrust in the establishment and institutions who are pushing COVID-19 vaccines. And for good reason!

Almost every single institution in the West even remotely connected with responding to the COVID-19 pandemic fucked up in the beginning and then kept on fucking up. We still do not know whether anyone of the Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) had any effect on spread of that infection. Every bit of evidence we have so far suggests that most of these highly touted “measures” and “protocols” had zero effect on COVID-19 transmission. This is most easily seen by comparing population-normalized graphs for cases, hospitalizations and deaths in adjacent countries or states which adopted vastly differing NPIs. In fact, the many waves of COVID-19 throughout the world fit best with seasonality and latitude, which is how many other respiratory and gastrointestinal viruses behave.

Now let us talk about why vaccine mandates are a very stupid idea..

1] As mentioned previously, the many establishments and institutions pushing for mandatory vaccinations have spent the past 16-18 months repeatedly torching their public credibility. Whether it is flip-flopping on ineffectual facemasks and NPIs, lying about the origins of COVID-19 to deliberately trying to suppress information about potential treatments- they have lost so much credibility in the eyes of a significant minority of population that anything they touch will be automatically suspect. To make matters more interesting, those who have lost most trust in these institutions are also the ones who are most likely to own guns or otherwise use lethal violence successfully- especially in USA. We also cannot forget how such attempts at coercion will play in the current highly politically-polarized atmosphere in this country.

2] Which brings us the class component of the unwillingness to get vaccinated. Michael Tracey recently wrote an article about this very issue in which he discusses an observation by one his reader that the willingness to get vaccinated has a strong component of mental investment in the status quo. It does not help that the narrative pushed by media about who is not getting vaccinated is based in their own fantasies with no connection with reality. Black and Hispanic Americans are far less likely to have gotten vaccinated for COVID-19 than White and Asian-Americans. Also compare that to the above 90% rate of vaccination in older white voters (in most pasts of the country) who who voted for Trump. Did I mention that most Black, Hispanic and younger white people have already been exposed to COVID-19 and almost certainly have natural post-infection immunity which is likely superior to that obtained after vaccination.

3] Let us now talk about whose lives has suffered the greatest loss of quality since all those ineffectual “lockdowns” and COVID-19 “protocols” began over a year ago. Here is a hint.. numerically speaking, most of them are not old and white- at least in USA. Those affected are almost all below 50-55 and either Black, Hispanic, White (esp below 40) and either in low-paying jobs or small business owners. Let me remind you that these has been an over 30% year-to-year increase in deaths due to drug overdose and the numbers of those far exceed those due to COVID-19. For example, the state I currently live in has about 20 times more deaths due to drug overdose than COVID-19 in the below-50 age group over the past 12 months. The year-to-year increase in overdose deaths alone was almost 5 times that due to COVID-19. Liberal idiots who think that vaccine passports, further restrictions and “lockdowns” will not cause a nasty blowback are being delusional.

4] During the first 6-8 months, most people (even those whose lives suffered a lot) generally went along with this bullshit because they thought there was light at the end of this tunnel. This feeling increased a bit once vaccines became available and the most vulnerable received them. However all of this goodwill and willingness to go along with stupid and sometimes contradictory dictates by public health morons has rapidly evaporated over past few months. The sentiment among those who suffered most from “lockdowns” and other bullshit have had enough of this nonsense. It is perfectly reasonable to assume that vaccine passports and other coercive bullshit will now be increasingly met by something other than compliance, from the groups who are most capable of such responses.

5] It also does not help that we know that people who are “fully vaccinated” with currently available vaccines can get symptomatic illness and spread it to others. We can certainly talk about reductions in the rate of hospitalization and death, but let us not pretend that public health morons were not shilling for the unproven efficacy of these vaccines at preventing infection and reducing spread. Talk about repeatedly scoring self goals. But it gets worse.. now Pfizer and Moderna are pushing the idea of a third dose of their over-hyped mRNA vaccines to combat the “delta” or “insert your name of choice here” strain- in spite of a lack of properly done studies to support that contention. I am waiting for them to push for a 4th, 5th or even 6th dose- and they are monomaniacally greedy enough to do so.

6] I have noticed that many liberals are in favor of cutting benefits to the “unvaccinated” and otherwise restricting their access to social goods. There are two major problems with this, neither of which those morons can apparently see. Firstly, setting such a precedent will backfire on them, once their party of choice is no longer in power or in effective control of the country. Let me remind you that the majority of guns in this country and the training of use lethal force is largely with those opposed to vaccine mandates. All of your laws, rules and regulations mean shit if you cannot enforce them- just ask anybody from Mexico, Brazil etc. It does not help that the people pushing vaccine passports etc are also pushing teaching critical race theory, laws to “protect the environment” which will impoverish tens of millions and other assorted bullshit that is unpopular in this country- for reasons beyond the purely ideological.

The second problem is even more serious than the first. Let us say you can somehow manage to pull the vaccine passport shit off in all parts of this country- for at least a short time. What happens next? Do you really think that such a system won’t be used to push other and even more unpopular ideological agendas. But it is the second and third order reactions to pushing other agendas which is most worrisome, since it is almost guaranteed to either make this country come part forever or become functionally ungovernable- like Mexico or Brazil. Did I mention that there is is ‘back’ button for such a turn of events? Once the process starts and reaches a certain critical point (either due to reason 1 or 2), there will be no USA- at least as people understand it today.

If you don’t believe that a good part of this country is cynical and politically polarized enough for those outcomes, let me remind you that a game show host such as Trump won in 2016 and lost by less than 46k votes (in a few states, under less than clear conditions) after winning a record of over 74 million votes even though he fucked up his first term in office.

What do you think? Comments?