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On the Scam of Pushing Inclusivity, Diversity and SJW-ism in History

August 11, 2021 11 comments

A few years ago, I accidently came across an interesting YouTube channel run by an Italian guy about daily life, customs and weapons from the Roman era to late-Medieval, with special emphasis on Italy. While most of his videos are about fairly niche stuff, a few cover topics of much broader interest. One of his recent videos is about how the bullshit attempts to distort history by fulfilling inclusivity and diversity quotas for documentaries, period dramas etc is a very bad idea. Another one tries to compile and analyze available data to guess what a real historical Jesus might have looked like- spoiler, he almost certainly looked like an Iraqi Jew.

With that out of the way, here are two recent and interesting clips from his channel.

Clip #1: Why Inclusivity and History are a Bad Match!

Clip # 2: What Did Jesus REALLY Look Like? Ethnicity, Hair, Skin, Eyes, Body Type.

What do you think? Comments?