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Social Media is Causing Serious and Long-Term Damage to Liberalism

September 12, 2021 12 comments

You might have read some of my more recent posts about how elites and a significant minority of younger generations in west have little to no contact with, or understanding of, physical reality. It is also noteworthy that the dominant worldview of current western elites and more vocal part of the younger generations is, at its core, a version of liberalism. We can certainly argue about whether it is representative of “real” liberalism or “classical” liberalism- but those arguments are meaningless in real life. Every ideology is always defined by its most common implementation. For example- It is hard to argue that state communism of the type practiced by USSR was somehow not “real” communism, just like the type of structural changes seen in American economy after late 1970s cannot be dismissed as not being “real” capitalism.

My point is that while it is certainly possible to talk about why a given ideology morphed over the decades, we cannot deny that it most popular current implementation is somehow not the “real” thing. So we cannot pretend that the attitudes and behaviors of most people who claim to be liberals are not “real” liberalism. So why does this matter, especially today? Well.. for starters, have a look at the mindset, attitudes and behaviors exhibited by those who represent liberalism. What do they represent anyway? Based on what you read, but especially from their own mouths, it seems that they represent a worldview based in belief in their own supposed intellectual and moral superiority. Which is funny, when these same people use words such as menstruators to describe women. Though no fan of women myself, even I find the way these supposedly “woke” dumbfucks refer to women a little.. crude and demeaning.

Call me old fashioned.. but referring to a vagina as a “front hole”, grooming little kids from dysfunctional families to become “trans”, encouraging teenaged tomboyish girls to undergo double mastectomies and inject themselves with Testosterone is somehow not the product of anything approaching a normal mind. But what makes all of this especially problematic and very likely to cause a serious backlash is the fact that the liberals pushing this stuff are very active on social media- often with the support and encouragement of those corporations. To make matters worse, this iteration of liberalism has a bit too much support from institutions who should now better than destroy their credibility by wading into politics and social clashes. The result is that today it is hard to not associate liberalism with the most deranged rants and actions of loudmouths pushing something which repels a large part of the population. Libs of TikTok documents some of the most deranged rants of these people.

It does not help that while liberals are busy trying to push identity-based politics, they have deliberately ignored real socio-economic problems faced by the majority of people. Liberals have stopped giving anything beyond occasional lip-service at election time to issues such as housing costs, single-payer healthcare, rising costs of useless degrees from universities and much much more. They also don’t care about the jobs of people employed in many industries such as oil and gas extraction, auto manufacture, airplane manufacture, industries dependent on tourism and anything else which does not fit their narrow and farcically delusional view of how the world should work. These idiots cannot even perform basic calculations to understand how much of that unreliable “green energy” would be required to run their “environmentally-friendly” dystopia. Then again, proficiency and real-life experience in Science and Engineering is remarkably absent among Liberals. Once again, what makes it especially bad for liberalism is that dummies with these brain-dead ideas are especially prominent on social media.

To add to all of this, we now have liberal commentary about the COVID-19 pandemic. If you had hoped that only a faction of liberals were delusional, this pandemic has destroyed that illusion and now we can say with a high degree of confidence that liberalism (at it currently exists) is a dangerous cult full of brain-dead idiots. We have seen famous gay liberals clamor for “vaccine passports”- ignoring the rather interesting application of that logic to HIV- which still mainly afflicts that group. We have also seen famous gay liberals celebrate the death of alleged “Trump followers” who succumbed to COVID-19. They apparently forgot how the majority saw them in the 1980s. I also find it funny that they think the pendulum cannot swing back in that regard. Then again, living in the real world or thinking through the logical outcome of your ideas is apparently not compatible with liberalism.

The pandemic has also brought out a ton of previously hidden neurotic and delusional liberal thinking to the forefront. Take face mask mandates for example.. how can these idiots believe that normal face masks and surgical masks which had never shown usable efficacy at blocking transmission of every airborne virus they were tested against somehow magically work against this one. As things stand right now, we know that the real world efficacy of facemasks in stopping COVID-19 transmission in adults (more than one study) is somewhere between 0 and 11%- which is in line what we know to be the case for other respiratory viruses. It is also clear that mask mandates make do difference in the amplitude of COVID-19 case waves when you compare adjacent countries and states having different rules concerning masks. Yet, time and again, liberals vociferously claim (especially on social media) that they work while mindlessly chanting that they “follow the science”.

Or take the issue of whether drugs such as Ivermectin, Fluvoxamine, Indomethacin etc can reduce the risk of hospitalization and deaths in COVID-19 patients. Liberals, who have never actually done a day of honest work in a lab or clinic, somehow magically know that none of these drugs work and anybody who believes they do are taking “horse dewormer”. Of course these are the same retards who refused to believe the lab leak hypothesis until it suddenly became OK after Biden was elected in Jan 2021. Once again, what makes their stupidity dangerous for their own future is that now everybody can see how dumb and out of touch these parasites really are. Or look at how these same idiots are pushing for “domestic vaccine passports”, claiming that COVID-19 vaccines prevent infection and transmission (they don’t) and placing undue burden on children and young adults in schools and universities. This is in spite of strong real-life evidence to the contrary of each position.

The way I see.. the majority of people will increasingly not identify with liberalism and ignore liberals. However it would not be surprising if they took the next rational step and all of this because social media has exposed the inner workings of the contemporary liberal “mind” for all to see. It is quite a piece of work.. isn’t it.

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