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NSFW Links: Oct 31, 2021

October 31, 2021 2 comments

These links are NSFW. Will post something more intellectual tomorrow.

Colored Drawings of Spanked Cuties: Sep 1, 2021 – Colored drawings of spanked cuties.

3D Spanking Toons: Oct 1, 2021 – Rendered toons of fictional cuties getting spanked.

Amateur Beach Cuties: Oct 11, 2021 – Thick amateur cuties on the beach.


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Thoughts on Recent FDA Approval of COVID-19 Vaccine for Children

October 28, 2021 5 comments

As some of you might have heard, the committee of FDA which makes recommendations for approval of vaccines recently voted 17-1 to ok an EUA approval of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine for children between 5-11. This decision is almost certainly going to be upheld and an “official” FDA approval is now almost certain. With that in mind, let me tell you why this is such a bad idea- on multiple levels and with some bad downstream consequences which liberal morons are too ideologically blinded to imagine, let alone see.

1] We know from careful examination of data from multiple countries over past one and half years, that the risk of death for children between 5-14 from COVID-19 is exceptionally low. Even the most conservative assessments suggest (across multiple countries) that the rate is less than 1 in 100,000 diagnosed cases. If we also consider that most cases in children are asymptomatic or only mildly symptomatic, the real risk of death from COVID-19 in children is probably closer in 1 in 300,000 to 1 in 500,000. To date, the vast majority of children who had supposedly died from COVID-19 turned out to have it as an incidental diagnosis, rather than a major (let alone major cause of death).

2] The majority of children who were hospitalized due to COVID-19 had serious underlying chronic or terminal diseases- ranging from various cancers, poorly controlled Type I diabetes, other serious chronic diseases and morbid obesity. In other words, the risk of hospitalization and other bad outcomes in children can be predicted with a high degree of accuracy. This will become later on, for reasons you shall soon see. Even the risk of MISC-C after COVID-19 in children is not higher than after many other common childhood viral infections. In case you didn’t get it, MISC-C is just a fancy name for Kawasaki’s disease occurring after COVID-19 in children. My point is that the risk is very low, pathology is well understood and treatment is extremely effective if initiated before things get bad.

3] Furthermore, by the FDA’s own admission over 40% of kids in that age group have already caught and recovered from COVID-19. This percentage is not dissimilar to those seen in other countries and is completely congruent with the approximate percentage of adults who have done so too. As we know from multiple large studies (over 30 by last count), post-infection immunity to COVID-19 is strong and significantly superior to that acquired after vaccination. Which brings us to the first problem with any vaccination mandates for this group. About half the kids in this age group will gain no measurable benefit from vaccination, but will be as likely (or more likely) to suffer from adverse effects.

4] The “study” by Pfizer which led to vaccine approval had a sample size of less than 3,000 kids and lasted for only two months. It does not help that they have misrepresented and tried to hide adverse effects in previous COVID-19 vaccine trials. In other words, even if all the data approved by Pfizer is truthful and accurate, the size of study is not large enough to look at adverse effects such as the now well-known risk of myocarditis and pericarditis in young males. To make matters more interesting, available data suggests that the risk of cardiac inflammation increases with decreasing age. The question is whether this trend will continue and cause some real problems for both vaccine recipients and the institutions pushing them.

5] Then there is the question of whether there will be more “unforeseen” adverse effects in children- with an incidence of between 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 10,000. Children, you see, are not miniature adults and it would not be surprising if we end up finding hitherto unknown severe and low-incidence side effects. But why does it matter? Well.. the risk of death due to COVID-19 in the overall 85+ population is a few percent, so a severe adverse effect with a rate of as high as 1 in 1,000 is acceptable. However that is not the case when the risk of death is lower than 1 in 100k. If, god forbid, the vaccine ends up killing or crippling even 1 in 10,000 kids- it would severely damage public belief in the rest of childhood vaccines.

6] Let us talk honestly about the real reason why most people are OK with existing childhood vaccinations. The thing is.. most childhood vaccines are incredibly safe in addition to being very effective at preventing disease and transmission. We are talking about death and disability rates of less than 1 in 100k and less than 1 in 20-25k respectively. Even the ones with a higher risk of serious side effects (cellular pertussis component of DPT) than others are quite safe as long as the doctors don’t ignore the initial safety signal. Now imagine how that will change if the COVID-19 vaccine ends up seriously maiming as few as a 1 in 3,000 to 1 in 6,000 children. The “pro-vaccination” idiots will achieve what those who oppose vaccination have dreamed of achieving for decades.

7] Let us not forget that all of this is occurring in the midst of a rapid and terminal decline in institutional trust in this country. Over the last few years, even many physicians have become openly critical of agencies such as the FDA and CDC. The last thing we want at this stage is the FDA to make a heavily politicized bad decision which will damage its residual credibility. To make matters more interesting, if that is possible, the shameful behavior of unionized teachers in public schools during pandemic has done a lot of damage to their public image- even if they are pretending otherwise. To make a long story short, this decision has repercussions which extend far beyond and above COVID-19.

8] It is also important to point out that currently available vaccine for COVID-19 do not prevent infection, transmission or upper respiratory symptoms. At best, they reduce risk of hospitalization by about 60-70% and ICU utilization or death by about 80%, though once again the risk of total vaccine failure is much higher in those above 75-80. Imagine what happens to institutional credibility when millions more parents experience first-hand that the vaccine does not protect from infection, transmission and upper respiratory symptoms. While there is certainly a place for vaccinating a minority of kids who are at higher risk of more serious symptoms, the same cannot be said for across the slate mandates.

What do you think? Comments?

The Diminishing Contact of Western Liberals with Physical Reality: 3

October 24, 2021 57 comments

In the previous post of this series, I made the point that so-called “intellectuals” are far more susceptible to groupthink and other mindless fads which demonstrate their mental limitations than people who work with their hands. Then again, the “intellectual” class of all societies throughout history (from priests and brahmins of yore to managers and bureaucrats of today) have always been parasites whose lifestyle was supported by grifting off productive members of society.. you know the people who actually perform the real work. This problem has been greatly exacerbated in past 40 years, especially in the west, as the number of these clueless parasites had greatly increased. To make things worse, almost all of the previously productive and innovative institutions in those societies are now full of these parasites, to the general detriment of the functionality and reputation of those institutions.

Now let us talk about MikeCA- specifically his fixation with “Russian conspiracies” against this country. Based on some of his earlier comments on this blog and others, it is reasonable to assume that the person in question is indeed a recently retired programmer with a long career in Silly Valley. So how does a person who is definitely not brain-damaged or retarded believe that everything which contradicts his self-selected “liberal” world-view is the result of “foreign misinformation” and “Russian conspiracies”. And more importantly, why would he want to keep believing in those fairly tales even after Biden assumed office in 2021? To make matters more interesting, MikeCA is not alone in wanting to desperately believe in that bullshit. Recently, even a minor liberal TV “celebrity” such as Bill Maher was desperately trying to convince himself that “Putin” and “Russia” were definitely behind Trump’s win in 2016.

But back to MikeCA.. how does somebody with above-average intelligence and ability to think rationally (at least in his field) believe in what can be charitably described as adult fairy tales? Why does the skepticism he can demonstrate in his field of expertise not extend to areas even a bit beyond them. To understand what is going on, you have to understand where people such as MikeCA fit on the ideological spectrum. I can bet you a lot of money that he started out as a Reagan Democrat or even a Republican. But so what? Didn’t many of people of a certain age vote for Regan and Bush before voting for Clinton and Obama? Well.. yes, but those who took that specific path and also live in costal states have certain other interesting characteristics. The vast majority of those who went that ideological journey in coastal states are what one might describe as member of the Professional-Managerial Class (PMC) or adjacent professions. Here is a book which explains that phenomena in some detail.

And you can’t really blame them for going in that ideological direction. The period between 1984-2008 was amazing for these people, as they were the only group (other than the “elite”) whose relative income and wealth kept on increasing relative to rest of people in this country. There was no shortage of those jobs and careers, their houses and holiday homes kept on appreciating in value, their investments kept booming, their kids still had a decent chance of getting into “prestigious” universities. You could hire Mexican immigrants for a pittance to do all of the hard and unpleasant work, travel to exotic locations in luxury (especially after 1991). It must have been amazing to be a member of upper-middle class in this country during that period. And then it came to an end after 2008. Of course, inertia kept the party going for a few years more, but by 2013 it was obvious to the smarter members of that group that it was over. But how does that explain MikeCA behaving like a “liberal” reactionary?

To understand that, we have to accept that more people than just parasitic PMCs believed in a certain flavor of neoliberalism. Which brings us to the next question- why am I using “liberal” reactionary to define MikeCA? What do people like him want to preserve? The simple answer is that they want to go back to the 1990s when everything was great for them and the world looked full of endless possibilities. But don’t I also express sentiments about the 1990s being the last great decade for western countries? Yes, I do but with a major difference. See.. I understand that the 1990s and early 2000s were possible because of a unique constellation of factors (cold war over, economic growth in most Asian countries starting, introduction of last generation of truly innovative technologies etc). I understand that it cannot be replicated, though it could have been prolonged for a few more years if Bush hadn’t invaded Iraq in 2003.

The type of beliefs exhibited by self-anointed “liberals” of the PMC or PMC-adjacent (MikeCA) type can be best understood as a reaction to the loss of a fairly straightforward and easy life trajectory enjoyed by them through most of their adult life. In that respect they are not different from all those white blue-collar workers who went Republican after the late-1970s and especially after NAFTA was approved. However unlike members of that group, “liberal” reactionaries have to maintain the pretense of cultural and moral superiority to justify their membership to others of their class. You might have noticed that, over the years, MikeCA more than once mentioned about the solar rooftop panels. I can bet you that he also thinks hybrids automobiles are amazing though they offer very little advantage over conventional cars on the highways and are far harder and expensive to repair. You can bet that he also wears ineffectual face-masks outdoors to blend in with the other members of his class.

It comes down to a combination of posturing and belief. Consider this.. do you really think MikeCA gave a fuck about “Putin” and “Russian interference” as late as the early evening of November 8, 2016? Nope.. because every “smart” person knew that Hillary Clinton was going to win on November 8- and then she lost. Once most people in his social circle tried to blame the outcome on the devil.. I mean “Putin”.. he went along, because people of that class are unusually conformist. This is also why members of the PMC- and PMC-adjacent classes will happily go along with outrageous scams such as critical race theory training sessions, drag-queen story time for little kids, the explosion of trans “rights” and pretty much anything which does not immediately hurt their wallets. But how does this imply that they are losing contact with reality? Let me ask you another question- how many of the rest (and absolute majority) in this country want to all along with such stupid virtue signaling- which is now increasingly hurting them economically (environmentalism)?

Will write more about the degree of groupthink and lack of ideological diversity in opinions exhibited by liberals in the next part.

What do you think? Comments?

The Diminishing Contact of Western Liberals with Physical Reality: 2

October 17, 2021 20 comments

In the previous part of this series, I wrote about how liberals, but especially the professional managerial class, have lost almost all touch with physical reality over the past two decades. While large-scale immigration from central America to fill manual labor jobs, outsourcing of manufacturing jobs to other parts of the world and residual system inertia caused by existing infrastructure have helped these morons avoid contact with reality for some time, there is much more to this story. Have you ever wondered why garbage.. I mean liberals.. increasingly believes bullshit with no connection to reality? How, for example, did we reach a point where they can openly pretend that sexual differences in human beings do not exist or how “gender is a social construct”? Or how does garbage come up with the brain fart such as believing that people of South and Central American descent want to be to called “LatinX”?

To better understand what I am going to talk about next, let me start with a simple question: Are liberals, especially those “educated” at “elite universities”, capable of independent and rational thought? Many of you might think that the very fact that those people got into those “exclusive” institutions suggests that they are not stupid. Well.. let us assume that they are not brain damaged, but the original question still stands- can they think on their own? Let me explain it with an example. See.. in the 15th-17th century, many tens of thousands of women were tried and executed for witchcraft in Western Europe.

Notably these witch trials were often conducted under the leadership of the most learned men in that village or town. Do you see what I am getting at? Or here is a more recent example. Until the end of WW2, Eugenics was a very respectable and widespread idea among elites and scientists in Western countries. However after that war, the entire field of Eugenics was discredited to the point where even its most ardent public proponents pretended that they never really supported that idea. Heck.. the guy who “invented” lobotomy got a Noble prize for his “discovery”- but today almost nobody in the establishment wants to talk about it.

The point I am trying to make its that mindless groupthink among so-called “intellectuals” and “elites” is far more common than in the rest of population. Let me remind you that a lot of German professionals who pretended to dislike Nazis before they came to power changed their tune after 1933 and once again after 1945. The same can be said of the “professional” and “intellectual” class of many other countries who went through tumultuous times. But if this sort of bullshit is part of human history, why did it not reach the extreme levels of absurdity we see in 2021. For two reasons- firstly, the number of percentages of people with desk and bureaucratic jobs was pretty miniscule (even in Western countries) until the 1970s.

Having jobs which do not require extensive contact with people outside your curated social bubble is a prerequisite for believing in bullshit. Secondly, in pre-1980s western societies the structure of institutions (from corporations and universities to government departments) was such that it encouraged internal promotions over horizontal jobs changes. So the average person who had a management job in a car company had risen through the ranks and knew something about the products made by that company and knew the people below them at a personal level. Today, managers who “worked” into a corporation making potato chips get hired into another corporation making generic drugs and then move on to another “job” at some startup hawking fashion brands on InstaThot.

Even though who supposedly stayed in their fields have almost never been with a corporation through all stages of product development and launch. And this fuckery is not just restricted to a few fields. Have a look at the resume of middle- and upper- management in everything from hospitals to even government agencies. You will see the same pattern of people who are good at faking knowledge and spouting meaningless word-salads getting repeatedly promoted to the point where aspirants for such jobs now mimic and adopt these behaviors. But what does any of this have to with the rapidly diminishing contact of western liberals with physical reality? As it turn out.. a whole fucking lot!

Let me ask you another question: If a person got through decades in their life by spouting meaningless bullshit, empty virtue display and manners, fellating powerful people above them and using legal chicanery to screw over others- what makes you think they will change or even want to change? Do you actually believe that western universities recruit by merit or demonstrated ability? Do you think corporations do that? Do you think other large institutions and even most government agencies do that? Nope.. they all hire the same kind of ambitious bullshitter with no real knowledge of whatever they claim to be “experts” in and with a strong aptitude for overwrought acting. Basically the current crop of western “elites” are D-list actors who managed to get into “elite” universities by acting smart and having rich or connected parents who then helped them get plum internships or positions which then helped them climb the institutional ladder. But hasn’t it been always like that..

Yes, but with a major difference. In the past, the world was a much more unstable place than today and those who were promoted beyond their abilities either got killed, ruined, bankrupt or discredited pretty quickly. If you don’t believe me- have a look at how many military leaders in all participating nations in WW1 lost their jobs before it ended. Contact with harsh physical reality has a amazing ability to separate the competent from the incompetent. Even the Cold war kept the West from promoting too many D-rate actors into positions of power or encouraging others to mimic these morons. Ironically, it was period of relative peace in West after 1991 which allowed this garbage to dominate institutions in both private and public sector. And this brings us the bigger question: are liberals capable of rational or independent thought? The answer is.. NO, they are not capable of rational or independent thought.

But why not? Well.. think of it this way- why would a group of people selected for their ability to act, repeated fashionable “consensus” behavior and spout meaningless word-salads be capable or rational and independent thought? It is like asking if a class of brain damaged kids contains geniuses. I mean.. it is not completely impossible, but let us be honest- it is rather unlikely. What makes this problem much worse than in previous eras is the relative peace of past 30 years have allowed this garbage to increasingly colonize many hitherto functional institutions. Furthermore, aspirational elites (in their head at least) mimic this highly dysfunctional behavior because they see it as their ticket to success. This is why stupid fads which start in “ivy league universities” spread so quickly and infect far more obscure universities. Now you know why all those stupid policies spread across universities.

I will leave you with a clip that shows the amazing amount of groupthink and lack of ideological diversity in opinions exhibited by liberals and people who desperately want to be seen as liberals. Note how the majority of comments she talks about fall into 3-4 template style replies. In the next part I will go further into how the general inability of liberals to think rationally and independently has already doomed their future.

What do you think? Comments?

The Diminishing Contact of Western Liberals with Physical Reality: 1

October 12, 2021 9 comments

As many regulars readers know, I have written more than a few posts about how ‘liberals’ in western countries have now lost almost all touch with physical reality. Recently, I wrote about how social media is causing serious and long-term damage to liberalism. This series will pick up from that post and use the stuff which liberals post on social media to show their level of extreme detachment from reality. I first noticed this trend almost two decades ago, but it had not reached the extreme levels we have seen over the past 5 years. Some of you might say.. but was there social media before FakeBook, Twatter, InstaThot, TikTok etc? Well.. UseNet groups have been around for a long time and the precursors for FakeBook, Twatter etc were well and alive even 20 years ago. The world of today is fundamentally not different from 1999.

Having said that.. there has been an acceleration of some trends- from chicks sending their nude selfies, people lying on the internet to get attention and the rapidly diminishing contact of western liberals with physical reality. While I do have still have nude digital selfies sent by chicks I used to chat with in late 1990s, let us focus on the less interesting but consequential trend which have accelerated over past two decades. While I could give you many examples to illustrate this shift, let me start by using a very contemporary example. Over the past year and half, I have noticed a peculiar change in online venues frequented by garbage.. I mean liberals. In that past, western liberals used to hide (or at least try to hide) their contempt for people who worked with their hands. The COVID-19 pandemic, or more precisely the botched response to it, has pushed it out in the open for everyone to see.

I first came across this particular manifestation in April-May of 2020 when numerous users of various reddit forums (which I troll) started complaining about all those construction workers who did not wear face masks or follow “COVID-19” guidelines. What struck me was how these keyboard jockeys who have never worked an honest job in their real life were dismissive and contemptuous towards people whose jobs are actually necessary for human civilization to function. Think about it.. would we miss garbage who spend their lives on Reddit, Tumblr, Twatter etc if they all died on one day. Apart from the stench caused by their unattended decaying corpses, their deaths would be inconsequential. Can you say the same thing about people who build and repair houses, install electrical wires, plumbing, HVAC etc? What about people who drive trucks, delivery vans, stock store shelves and harvest their food?

My point is that the vast majority of jobs which can be done remotely or over zoom are.. for the lack of a better word.. fake jobs. Nobody needs them and they are parasitic in nature. But what about all those computers and IT jobs? Well.. the 737, 747 and SR-71 were designed by engineers using slide rules, as were rocket launcher such as Soyuz, Proton and Saturn-5. Even the computers used for developing the most advanced deployed nuclear warheads today had less computational power than the CPUs found in the malfunctioning printer at your office. Multinational corporations, airlines, large-scale cargo shipping and credit cards also worked just fine in an era when the average CPU was a 8-/ 16- bit thing running at a few MHz. Affordable cell phones have been around for over two decades. And this is just the beginning.

Did you that huge multi-national corporations worked just fine without all those parasites in human resources and all those other parasitic administrative jobs who were involved in ensuring compliance with an ever-increasing jungle of bureaucratic rules. And it is not just corporations and government departments as every modern western institution from hospitals and universities to “charities” and other equally bullshit organizations have become full of these parasites, at least since the 1990s. But there is a big difference between the attitude displayed by such liberal parasites in the late-1990s and 2021. In that era, garbage had enough contact with physical reality to acknowledge their parasitic existence would not be possible without people who actually worked with their hands.

However something has clearly changed between the late-1990s and now that these PMC (professional managerial class) parasites have lost the self-awareness to understand their role and importance in keeping civilization working. Perhaps this has something to do with large-scale outsourcing which removed many real jobs out of USA.. maybe it has something to do with having essentially disposable Mexican immigrants to do manual labor in this country. In any case, these parasites seem to believe that they are the “chosen people” and everybody else who does real work is an idiot whose job will shortly be displaced by computerization or outsourcing. Curiously, they lack the ability to articulate how a society of the type they believe as inevitable will function. Then again.. parasites are not known for their ability to think strategically. Curiously, there is a strong overlap between garbage and people who worship charlatans like Elon Musk and other techno-utopians.

In the next part, I will go into my personal hypothesis for why garbage increasingly believes bullshit with no connection to reality and, more importantly, why they also ignore physical reality at levels that are darkly comic. Yes.. we will go into the reason why liberals are so willing to believe the latest nonsense about gender, why they love to show support for drag queen story hour and many examples of their hilarious disconnect with reality.

What do you think? Comments?

Stable Societies Cannot Exist Without Stable Families and Livelihoods

October 7, 2021 3 comments

One of the few good things about YouTube, other than looking at videos about specialized and niche topics, is the ability to re-view old movies and TV shows. One of the hidden gems in this genre is a Channel 4 BBC show, known as ‘Time Team‘, which ran from 1994-2014, or two decades. A very quick description of that show is as follows: At the start of each episode, the host (Tony Robinson) explains the reasons for the team’s visit to the site in question. Each one is usually suggested by a member of the viewing public. Time Team then uncover as much as they can of archaeology and history of the site in three days. During the excavations, Tony encourages all of the archaeologists to explain their decisions, discoveries and conclusions in a manner comprehensible to the archaeologically uninitiated.

As you might have already guessed, the vast majority of episodes are about archeology in UK and cover a very wide time range from various parts of the Paleolithic, Bronze age, Iron age, Roman occupation, Saxon occupation, Dark Ages, Norman occupation, Plantagenet and Tudor era, Regency to the Victorian era. After watching almost all episodes in past couple of years, I noticed something an interesting pattern. You see.. it is very common to find many sites with evidence of almost continuous human habitation from the late Paleolithic age, through Bronze and Iron age, Roman era and onwards to the present. In fact, almost every single site which contains Roman remains is often built on or near previous settlements from the Bronze and Iron age. And there is something else about these sites which is interesting.

There is no accurate way to measure multi-generational continuity in site before Roman era in UK (AD 43), however it becomes much easier after that because of a wealth of easily dated coins, daily objects such as standardized earthenware, standardized graveyards, fashions in design patterns for mosaics, written records etc. One consequence of this shift in archeological findings is that it is possible to actually follow the general pattern of occupation of many sites over a few generations. This is my way of saying that, even if we don’t know the names of the people, we can make educated guesses about their lifestyle and kinship. And this brings me to how a discussion about a British TV show on archeology is connected with the title of this post.

In spite of how unstable the political situation was at the core of Roman Empire (rebellions, wars, plagues, assassinations etc), the life of most people outside the few hot zones in that era was remarkably stable and relatively prosperous. For example- it was very common for the local leaders of Romanized Celts in UK to have big fancy villas with hot baths, underfloor heating, glass windows, beautiful mosaic floors and lots of imported luxury items from all over the empire. More importantly, the same families lived in these big villas, which were often expanded over the decades, for over a couple of centuries. And this is not unique to UK, as similar archeological evidence can be found in France and Spain- frequently on an even bigger scale. Even the more prosperous farmers in these places adopted many Roman ideas about comfort and luxury. But why does this matter to us today?

Consider this.. the roman way of life in UK survived for multiple centuries, and even improved and evolved over all that time despite the empire being politically unstable. Now compare it to cities, towns and infrastructure in USA which has gone down the toilet over past 40 years in most parts of the country- in spite of a very ‘stable’ government. How do you explain that? The more autistic among you might say something about this instability being the cost of technological progress and declining costs of cell phones and computers etc. But does that really explain it? The biggest leaps in technology occurred between early 1800s and 1960s. The last four decades have, if anything, been an era of technological stagnation. And what is the use of cheap cell phones and computers if most people are living paycheck to paycheck making them very susceptible to disruptions in employment and global logistic chains.

During the time it was present in UK (43 AD – 410 AD), the Roman Empire survived multiple dynasty changes, tons of emperor assassinations, at least two very destructive pandemics, a large number of adverse weather events and much more. And yet.. life went on, villas were built and expanded, yeoman farmers built bigger and better houses, trade within the empire went on, roads and public buildings were built and maintained. So why was the Roman empire far more resilient than the American empire? Here is my theory- it has a lot to do with the personal and social environment in which it existed, more specifically stable families and kingroups in combination with a system that guaranteed fairly stable livelihoods for most people in the empire, ensured that popular support for the system was high enough for it to successfully overcome multiple and often severe adverse events.

People will stay and fight together if they feel part of a system which appreciates and rewards them for their loyalty and sacrifice. On the other hand, atomized social systems which are based on the farcical ideas of autists and encourage intra-group competition or treachery will start falling apart when faced with anything beyond mild adversity. It also helped that the Roman empire and many other older long-lasting empires were far more decentralized and tolerant than their modern hyper-conformist counterparts. Did I mention that the elites of older long-lasting empires had far more contact with physical reality than the present crop of “clever” idiots pumped out of incestuous ivy league universities. But why talk only about the past.. here is a current example- Japan.

Have you ever wondered why Japan, a developed country with an aging and gradually declining population, still manages to build ambitious civil engineering projects on time, keep its dense cities clean and well-maintained, continue making high quality consumer and industrial goods despite experiencing very little “economic” growth for almost three decades now. How come the quality of life for the average Japanese has actually increased over those three decades? The simple answer is that Japan, in contrast to many western countries, still has stable families and livelihoods- at least for the majority of the population. Consequently there is far more social cohesion and sense of purpose. Even the rural areas of Japan which have experienced population loss from migration of young people to cities are kept in far better shape than their equivalents in USA and other western countries.

The point I am trying to make is that societies which offer stable families, kingroups, living environments and livelihoods will always be far more resilient than those based around social atomization, empty intellectual fads and endless rounds of competition among its people. Japan, in spite of its current demographic issues, will be still be around in 50 years- barring some extraordinary catastrophe. The same cannot be said about USA and most other western countries- including ones such as Germany and Sweden.

What do you think? Comments?

Universities in USA and Anglosphere Have Dismal Future Prospects: 2

October 4, 2021 5 comments

In the previous part of this series, I wrote about how many factors ranging from long-term demographic trends, cost-benefit analysis by prospective students and fundamental problems with business and organizational models of universities in USA and rest of anglosphere have created a rather dim future for these institutions. To matters more interesting, over the past two decades most universities in the anglosphere have managed to scored many extra self-goals. While the bizarre and self-destructive behavior of universities in aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic (link 1, link 2) is currently in the news, the underlying rot goes much deeper.

To understand what I am getting at, let us talk about why universities offer degrees in bullshit and made-up topics such as psychology, media studies, women’s studies, gender studies etc. The more conspiratorial among you might think that this is the result of some grand plan by the “elites” or shadowy international financiers. Perhaps.. but a much more likely explanation is that the products in question still sell. Don’t believe me? Just have a look at the “academic qualifications” of the sub-humans working in various bureaucratic and administrative positions of corporations and governmental agencies. As some of you might know, this job sector has been one of the fastest growing and most well remunerated within the past two decades.

It is hard to deny that the past 2-3 decades have created tons of well-paying jobs for the parasitic PMC and administrative class, while simultaneously reducing the number of people employed in those institutions, organizations and corporations who actually do useful work. While there are many overlapping reasons for why these parasitic jobs flourished within past two decades in west, that is a much bigger topic than can be discussed in this post. Let us, therefore, focus on the consequences of replacing useful jobs with parasitic jobs over a longer timespan. One very obvious one is that most things and products are now made in Asia, especially China with only a small number of specialized stuff still made in Europe.

Countries such as USA and rest of Anglosphere make little other than expensive and largely ineffectual weapon systems and a few legacy high-tech products (CPUs, Airliners etc). Their economies are largely based on resource extraction, consumer spending and financialism. The only reason they can still do the last one is that there is enough residual inertia in global trade for that to work for some time. Dying empires can often seem more vibrant than they are in reality. But what does any of this have to do with dismal future prospects for universities in USA and rest of anglosphere? And how does this connect with the recent explosion of useless degrees which offer students a chance to enter parasitic careers?

The future of most degree programs in these universities is dependent on two things: 1] other countries adopting the same self-destructive socio-economic patterns as anglosphere and 2] said universities continue to be seen as prestigious. We already know that many countries in Asia, especially east Asia, have decided to sidestep or reject the anglosphere economic model. More recently, even the prestige of an education in these universities has experienced a steep decline in countries such as China- which was supposed to provide the students and income to prop up these decrepit institutions once the local supply of students dried out. A lot of the younger generation in China and other Asian countries don’t not look up to the West, unlike their predecessors. Which brings us to SJW-ism and HR-ism.

Superficially the language of SJW-ism and corporate-speak might seem unrelated, because one claims to speak for “equity” and “justice” while the other supposedly defends the “status quo”. However a closer look immediately reveals the large overlap between people who claim to be SJWs and those in corporate HR and other administrative departments. And this is not accidental, because both -isms are about grifting and defrauding others to make a comfy livelihood. Notice that both are products of the same useless degree programs which have flourished during the past 2-3 decades. To put it another way, the general direction of higher education in USA and anglosphere is to create even more parasitic grifters.

But there is a fundamental problem with both types of grift because they.. well.. have to destroy productive assets and capacity to flourish. Something about too many chiefs, not enough Indians. The problem with that situation is that the underlying system can only take so much until it starts unravelling. While that process is slow at first, it does accelerate pretty quickly and we are starting to see this occur in real time with all the shortages and logistics problems in aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic. Which brings us to the feedback loop. The thing is.. universities such as those in USA and rest of Anglosphere cannot be supported for long unless there is a rapidly expanding and semi-prosperous population willing to pay a lot of money for their overpriced crap. Note that most universities in Western Europe, Asia etc operate on a different “business” model and can weather such fluctuations much better than their counterparts in Anglosphere.

To summarize, the very strong association of anglosphere universities with SJW-ism, corporate speak and other ideologies which repulse their future potential customers compounds the already dire situation in which these failed institutions find themselves. The overreaction to COVID-19 pandemic which is exposing their stupidity and driving away even more customers.. I mean ‘students’.. is just another nail in their coffin.

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