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Universities in USA and Anglosphere Have Dismal Future Prospects: 2

October 4, 2021 5 comments

In the previous part of this series, I wrote about how many factors ranging from long-term demographic trends, cost-benefit analysis by prospective students and fundamental problems with business and organizational models of universities in USA and rest of anglosphere have created a rather dim future for these institutions. To matters more interesting, over the past two decades most universities in the anglosphere have managed to scored many extra self-goals. While the bizarre and self-destructive behavior of universities in aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic (link 1, link 2) is currently in the news, the underlying rot goes much deeper.

To understand what I am getting at, let us talk about why universities offer degrees in bullshit and made-up topics such as psychology, media studies, women’s studies, gender studies etc. The more conspiratorial among you might think that this is the result of some grand plan by the “elites” or shadowy international financiers. Perhaps.. but a much more likely explanation is that the products in question still sell. Don’t believe me? Just have a look at the “academic qualifications” of the sub-humans working in various bureaucratic and administrative positions of corporations and governmental agencies. As some of you might know, this job sector has been one of the fastest growing and most well remunerated within the past two decades.

It is hard to deny that the past 2-3 decades have created tons of well-paying jobs for the parasitic PMC and administrative class, while simultaneously reducing the number of people employed in those institutions, organizations and corporations who actually do useful work. While there are many overlapping reasons for why these parasitic jobs flourished within past two decades in west, that is a much bigger topic than can be discussed in this post. Let us, therefore, focus on the consequences of replacing useful jobs with parasitic jobs over a longer timespan. One very obvious one is that most things and products are now made in Asia, especially China with only a small number of specialized stuff still made in Europe.

Countries such as USA and rest of Anglosphere make little other than expensive and largely ineffectual weapon systems and a few legacy high-tech products (CPUs, Airliners etc). Their economies are largely based on resource extraction, consumer spending and financialism. The only reason they can still do the last one is that there is enough residual inertia in global trade for that to work for some time. Dying empires can often seem more vibrant than they are in reality. But what does any of this have to do with dismal future prospects for universities in USA and rest of anglosphere? And how does this connect with the recent explosion of useless degrees which offer students a chance to enter parasitic careers?

The future of most degree programs in these universities is dependent on two things: 1] other countries adopting the same self-destructive socio-economic patterns as anglosphere and 2] said universities continue to be seen as prestigious. We already know that many countries in Asia, especially east Asia, have decided to sidestep or reject the anglosphere economic model. More recently, even the prestige of an education in these universities has experienced a steep decline in countries such as China- which was supposed to provide the students and income to prop up these decrepit institutions once the local supply of students dried out. A lot of the younger generation in China and other Asian countries don’t not look up to the West, unlike their predecessors. Which brings us to SJW-ism and HR-ism.

Superficially the language of SJW-ism and corporate-speak might seem unrelated, because one claims to speak for “equity” and “justice” while the other supposedly defends the “status quo”. However a closer look immediately reveals the large overlap between people who claim to be SJWs and those in corporate HR and other administrative departments. And this is not accidental, because both -isms are about grifting and defrauding others to make a comfy livelihood. Notice that both are products of the same useless degree programs which have flourished during the past 2-3 decades. To put it another way, the general direction of higher education in USA and anglosphere is to create even more parasitic grifters.

But there is a fundamental problem with both types of grift because they.. well.. have to destroy productive assets and capacity to flourish. Something about too many chiefs, not enough Indians. The problem with that situation is that the underlying system can only take so much until it starts unravelling. While that process is slow at first, it does accelerate pretty quickly and we are starting to see this occur in real time with all the shortages and logistics problems in aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic. Which brings us to the feedback loop. The thing is.. universities such as those in USA and rest of Anglosphere cannot be supported for long unless there is a rapidly expanding and semi-prosperous population willing to pay a lot of money for their overpriced crap. Note that most universities in Western Europe, Asia etc operate on a different “business” model and can weather such fluctuations much better than their counterparts in Anglosphere.

To summarize, the very strong association of anglosphere universities with SJW-ism, corporate speak and other ideologies which repulse their future potential customers compounds the already dire situation in which these failed institutions find themselves. The overreaction to COVID-19 pandemic which is exposing their stupidity and driving away even more customers.. I mean ‘students’.. is just another nail in their coffin.

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